Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body Remix (Ft. Arrdee, E1, Bugzy , Fivio Foreign, ZT, Darkoo, Buni)

Publicerades den 22 apr 2021
#Body​ #TionWayne #RussMillions
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  • This shit go hard

  • I love this songgg😈🔫

  • Love this xxx

  • Jn

  • This is insane sounds like morgz

  • Hey aboila wanna mess with a geezer

  • This is sick

  • tiktok ruined this song ......

  • 0:41 is the best

  • this the hardest fivio verse i’ve heard 😵🔥

  • fiona

  • Listening this from Elsa ,Texas in the United States this shit fire


  • Florida loves it

  • Have you seen the stait of her body if I beat it I ain’t wearing a jonny

  • 0:40

  • What is that shit...? Go listen the remix with Capo plaza and Rondo♿💙💙💫

  • I know you came just for 0:41 So here it is thank you to me later

  • nah cz this slaps more than the original version 🤩

  • 0:48

  • It is lit🔥

  • Fire

  • Morgz carried

  • i'm here for tiktok-


  • 0:41 he sounds like morgs

  • Is no boddy gona talk abt morgz

  • Hi

  • 1:21 E1’s voice and accent is too gangster, can’t stop replaying his verse 🔥

  • Morgz bussing

  • It lives rentfree in my head

  • arrdee arrdee arrdee

  • Where’s smiffy boy


  • This is amazing

  • 0:40

  • me, an american, vibing with this song😎

  • This hits HARD

  • i have no idea what these words are but this shit FIREEEEE i did like 300 360°


  • sorry but this is just toooo funny bahhha i can’t the accent

  • Who ever rapped that part that says “Bun it like an earthquake, somethin like Haiti” is mad disrespectful for that shit. Wtf is wrong with y’all? Mad people died in that earthquake. Niggas like y’all are mad childish.

  • the accents just make this shit sound hard

  • y’all don’t understand how much i love arrdee’s verse

    • ArrDee don't give a F

  • [Intro: Mr WOT, Tion Wayne & Russ Millions] Crud Brap (Mm-mm), yo Muad Gotcha E-E-English girl named Fiona Big batty girl named Abiola (Mm-mm) Body-ody shaped like Cola (Bah) Back up, back up, bring it to the owner [Chorus: Tion Wayne & Russ Millions] Man, I'm still up on the roads, could've left (Bah, bah) Still chattin' to my bros on the tech' (Mm-mm) Fuck that, man, I don't give a F (Boom, boom) What, you wanna get smoked? Cigarette (Bah, bah, bah) English, English girl named Fiona, African girl, Adeola Body-ody shaped like Cola, back up, back up, ayy, come closer [Verse 1: Russ Millions] Vida loca (Bullet), high as a kite, never sober (Shaka) Python, hit him with a Cobra Free up my bro Casanova (Free him up) Badman persona, badman alone can control her ('Trol her) Sorry, sorry, your sis got bent over Push in my 'ood, take anaconda [Verse 2: ArrDee] Ay, have you seen the state of her body? (Mad) If I beat it, I ain't wearin' a johnny (Hah) Adeola wanna roll with a geezer (With a geez) Is it me or the lifestyle, sweetheart? Actually, I don't give a shit (Nah) I'm a rapper now, might as well live in it (Live in it) She smoke up in my hotel, billin' it (Billin' it) You can do what you like darlin', ArrDee don't give a F Still get brain when I smoke cigarettes White boy wasted, coke get her wet But my big brownin' love roll with the Zs I'm an English boy, but I'm so bloody lit Yo, Tizzy, my killy, I'm litty, I'm burst And her body come silly (Ayy) pull up to the AP (Ayy) (Ayy) 'cause we're gonna get busy, (Ayy) the king of my city for really [Chorus: Tion Wayne & Russ Millions] Man, I'm still up on the roads, could've left (Mm-mm) Still chattin' to my bros on the tech' (Bah, bah) Fuck that, man, I don't give a F (Brrr) What, you wanna get smoked? Cigarette English, English girl named Fiona, African girl, Adeola Body-ody shaped like Cola, back up back up, ayy, come closer [Verse 3: E1] Don't come too close Should I take Keisha or should I take Becky? Russ, Tion Wayne both said "I dunno" I swear Big A should be sponsored by Nike 'Cah he's got so much TEC when he's tryna score goals Ordnance Road, bro back that pole Mm-mm, if you know then you know (You know) E1, I'm bringin' it back Drop a gun lean 'cah no one's been slapped I'm in the backseat with a brownin' yat' With the biggest of backs and the shoulder tap (Leng) They give us the biggest of chats But live in the flesh, didn't see no hands (No hands) "Anyting green get bun" is a cap 'Cah no one in 3x3's been blammed (It's for fashion) [Verse 4: Bugzy Malone] Look, you don't wanna get left in a mess (Ah-ha, boom) Gun shot from the right and the left (Boom) Fifty G's won't pay for your life Get blazed like Cali with no cigarette (Yeah, yeah) E-English girl named Fiona (Huh?) Straight Hennessy with no Cola (Huh?) Know man since Bergkamp and Zola Hold onto the super soaker (Ai) Anything to be God, like may the clean hearted walk free It's ironic, 'cause he got wetted for spillin' his drink on me (Boom, boom, boom) Needs resuscitation just to help him breathe Man drown when it's an internal bleed But I don't care for your nickname, or your last name Anyone can get R.I.P.'d (Woo) [Chorus: Tion Wayne & Russ Millions]

  • This kinda hyped me up that I made a whole party with my ears 💀🤚🏼

  • Morgz killed this


  • dang morgz is fire on this song

  • Okay but 00:40

  • 0:40 it sounds like morgz

  • whos the one that is all over tiktok

  • ayo morgz in this song

  • 0:40 your looking for this?

  • nah this actually slaps

  • There was so many people featured in this song that everyone was given a limite of 30 seconds

  • Anyone here from morgz

  • Cheeeech

  • This song is addicting

  • there’s crack in this song i swear


  • This song lowkey go hard

  • 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Dint knew morgz was cold 🥶

  • Bruh that sounds like morgz

  • My johhny dont fit

  • More features than a reggaeton remix 🤣

  • some1 pls post the lyrics 🤙😩

  • Damnn sheeshhhhh

  • Yoo morgz?

  • I swear this song is laced with crack

  • No hate but london music is funny beat goes hard but what are they saying at 0:41

  • 😵‍💫🤤❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥



  • Idrk how I got here but this is fire

  • Britain’s 2xl

  • fivio went crazy idc

  • Why did I think that was morgz singing 😂

  • Arrdee literally sounds like Morgz😂

  • Pov: You came from spencers tiktok 😂


  • Bro who starts at 2:35?? Mans it’s dope with the flow I gotta know who he is

  • Feat. Everyone

  • This go hard.

  • Arrdee is the best feature of this song


  • I don’t even know what’s being said 98% of the time but this song is absolute crack

  • The other part sounds like morgs

  • 0:47 they way he said „sweatheart“😩

  • Sheeeeeee this is so good

  • Morgz ?!?!?

  • Morgz?

  • Bruh he sounds like morgz

  • 0:41 coldest part

  • This remix is leng

  • 1000 comment

  • 💯💯

  • 0:41 when my favorite part starts

    • samee

    • Exactly..

    • @Assasin DD no he isn’t lmao

    • Omg yessss totally I love it 😀😍💖

    • @Señor Chang cus he is