Jake Paul - 23 (Official Music Video) Starring Logan Paul

Publicerades den 10 sep 2020
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Directed by: Jake Paul
DP/Edit: Logan Meis
Steadi: Aser Santos Jr.
1st AC: Chris Pinto
2nd AC: Donald Turner
G&E: Special Purpose Lighting & Grip
Producers: Nolan Riddle & Marcos Guerrero
DP: Logan Meis
Had to do maybach
I can’t do a regular Benz
I like the seats that recline
Know I’m dog
Yes I’m fuckin her and her friend
I like em two at a time
And She wanna slide she pull out her insta and shit
She go if she fuck up the vibe
How am I 23 sittin on 23 I feel like Jordan
I’m back in my prime (2x)
This years in the makin shit why would I lie
Dreamed of the whip now I don’t even drive
I got a chauffeur
She told me I’m drivin her crazy
She hate what I’m doin online
10 in a week and I’m just not suprised
I had to take that one home to the guys
I got the feds watchin
Haters watchin
News watchin that’s a whole lotta eyes
I went and Flooded my wrist
For the fuck of this shit
While these rappers just run out of time
I’m here forever
This lives televised
Ain’t no way they could take none from any of mine
That boy a vette
And he still on the rise
Rolls or the Bentley shit I can’t decide
I got the paparazzi at the front of my door
I can’t leave shit I need a disguise
Had to do maybach
I can’t do a regular Benz
I like the seats that recline
Know I’m dog
Yes I’m fuckin her and her friend
I like em two at a time
And She wanna slide she pull out her insta and shit
She go if she fuck up the vibe
How am I 23 sittin on 23 I feel like Jordan
I’m back in my prime (2x)


  • Someone else edits for him

  • 1:31 loving the moves

  • good

  • Mans rlly made his brother an extra lmao that’s fckd up

  • Cool 😎

  • this is worse than i could have possibly imagined

  • All of jakes fans are here

  • hey you yeaaaa you *the one who just disliked the video before even watching it yea thats you*

  • Your a very nice rapper you should be a superstar

  • Ksi songs keep getting worse Jake look at Spotify then talk

  • he is literally copying drake and jack harlows flow

    • @Quentin Leslie wym how you just listen to the songs and compare

    • Bruh no he ain’t. Listen to Sheff G “No suburban pt 2”. He definitely stole the flow from Sheff G lmao.

    • what? how you accuse of copying evrything

  • in jakes defense this is actually pretty good, flow beat and bars. Now he's nowhere near JJ and he never will but fair enough

    • @Jeri Kääriäinen yk Jake stole the flow from Sheff G right? and bruh KSI’s voice is good for drill, which is kinda what he’s trynna do. Jake’s voice jus sounds mad awkward rapping 💀.

    • @Mystical Riot hold up my bad

    • @Iunno Yh that doesn’t really help his case anymore

    • Jake stole the flow from Sheff G tho?

    • ksi is putting more effort to his rap atm thats why. if jake put nearly as much effort in his rapping scene he would overtake ksi. and IMO neither of them have a good voice for rapping but jake clearly has way more potential

  • Song hits hard when u slam ur phone 23 times and 2 At a time

  • I like how he says that KSI’s songs keep getting worse when this is literally Fresh Outa London v2

  • 23.

  • Just reported this video fore child abuse so someone who works at SEnewss has to watch the whole thing

  • I’m evil 🤬

  • Why just why

  • Jake a smoker

  • I actually like this song on mute

  • Mad he said feds 😂

  • Why would the feds b watching this man


  • Me : want to hear miley cyrus 23 song Me : searching (23) SEnewss : i know what you want (jake paul 23) Me : (@_@)

  • I’m a KSI fan but this bangs

  • Man can’t live in peace😂

  • He shouldn’t be allowed to compare himself to Jordan, at all. Like stick to what you are good at, like telling 5 year olds what swear words are.

  • I’m so sick of hearing “How am I 23” “I like them 2 at a time” “I like the seats that recline”

    • @Rick Dewar and

    • @Mixup 221 then 2 thirds of the song is a hook lmao

    • Have you never heard of a hook?

  • Fresh out of London better edition He still didn’t write it

  • No no no

  • 21

  • this song sounds like sum idk what tho lol

  • uhhh

  • ☣️

  • Fire song jake

  • Is it me or Jake Paul's vids are gettin really bad since he started to make these types of vids

  • Matthew 3:2....

  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon....

  • This is horrible.

  • Any other rapper could’ve made this a banger :/

  • bar for bar huh

  • clown

  • If cringe was a person

  • Hey this guy seems annoying he should start an internet drama

  • jake start youtube plsss

  • jake paul is the best youtuber jake paul is my favorite youtuber jake paul is a god and a legend

  • Skip to 2:06 thank me later

  • Jake haters y’all gonna be surprised when Jake knocks out ksi😂

  • I dare him to nigga just once tho

  • This it wat happens when a white mom buys her kid southpole and grills

  • green substance

  • cringe af

  • This is what I call a real rap

  • daoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • "JaKe PaUl MaDe AnoThEr HiT sOnG" Also jake paul: " It'S eVeRyDaY DaY BrO!"

  • Any one realise this is a rip of off fresh outta London. half of this song is lyp sinced

  • My sisters Nissan micra seats recline Does that make me rich?

  • I love this song

  • Am I the only one who enjoys Jake❤️

  • I only came here to dislike

  • I'm a fan I'm gonna to died in 10 days

  • Hot damn this is good.

  • It’s funny all the haters are just giving him views 😂😂😂

  • We all know you didn't write this

  • why yall hating tho, if this was someone else yal would be saying this is fire asf

    • cause he didnt write it himself lmao and jake paul a clown🤡

  • The fact that this video has likes proves how f up the world is

  • just stop making music😐

  • Dudes:UNPHASED Dudetes:YASSSSSSS absolute legendary chads:binging through the delightful and humorous comment section

  • This is so good I love your songs

  • Jake is a bully


  • Two words Ghost writer

  • lol i was ligit vibin to thiss for a sec

  • i think nate robinson still dead


  • Disney have A lot to answer for

  • Me watching him say the same stuff for 2 minutes straight

    • I lIkE tHe SeAtS tHaT rEcLiNe 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23

  • My TikTok is cooljunior0

  • Jake check my TikTok I’m made a distract of ksi

  • Guys press spacebar if your on pc it makes the song better

  • Id jus say that this aint that bad

  • you have to admit this beat is a killer

  • this is terrible

  • “Trash”

  • This song is good if you put your volume to 0

  • this is rude to micheal jordan smh

  • Ngl this kinda fire🔥

  • nah

  • This song hits so different

  • This music video is better enjoyed when blind

  • Anyone here to dislike and report

  • i subcribedi wot sum mrck

  • This would’ve been better if it wasn’t jake Paul in the song

  • YO THIS IS SUCK A COOL SONG!!!! Its like jake is a real rapper

  • this song hits different when you dislike it fr

  • Why hateing

  • This hits different when you deaf

  • this song goes hard

  • Sheff G flow

  • This hits different on mute