Is Alabama’s dominance good for college football? | Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin

Publicerades den 12 jan 2021
Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin discuss if Alabama’s dynasty is a good thing for college football after Nick Saban won his seventh national championship, his sixth with the Crimson Tide.
#Alabama #CollegeFootball
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  • I am not an Alabama fan but will say this. If Alabama is bad for football then all these other coaches/teams need to get their act together get out there and beat them. It's not Nick Sabens or the players for Alabama they are good. It's all these other coaches that can't field a team that can beat them. Stop crying step up and knock them off the mountain.

  • Bahaha we want our team best, if they are to lazy or dumb to beat us do not blame us, blame your sorry team. How is being the best bad for football. Over payed coaches like Michigan and losing is the bad for football. Harbaugh and others like him are bad for football. Saban just shows how bad they are.

  • Is brady's dominance good for the nfl? No one has a problem with that. Or jordan dominating the nba. People hate it because a southern team is dominating. Bama doesn't care what's best for college football. We care what's best for Bama. Get used to it, the dynasty ain't stopping anytime soon.

  • The fans of every school will always watch those games. Some fans want to watch good play, and Alabama delivers.

  • If you dont like us, then step up your programs/attitude.

  • What are the 2 largest college football watching cities in America? Birmingham, AL and Columbus, OH. The State of Texas is usually the number 1 State, but that is no longer the case.

  • And now Alabama basketball is great too!

  • They think Alabama's dynasty is bad? Go to the FCS, where there's more teams and a bigger playoff and one team still manages to dominate for near a whole decade.

  • We don't talk about winning championships. We talk about being CHAMPIONS !! period

  • All Alabama needs is some trouble and sanctions then a new team will emerge, what happened to Miami cause they use to be good

    • Bama had trouble several years ago with the Albert means deal, and they were down some but now they're at the top

  • Roll Dam Tide!!!!!

  • 18 national championships*

    • Alabama does not claim 4 National Titles. The 1945 season where they went undefeated and won the Rose bowl. 1966 when they went undefeated and Notre Dame and Michigan State tied 10 to 10 and both finished ahead of Bama. 1973 The last year they pick the champions before the bowl games. 1975 Alabama lost early to USC but steamed rolled everyone else. The really bad thing is I have to get a Alabama helmet with a 18 on it.

  • They don’t win every year so I don’t see how people have bama fatigue

  • Yes it’s good for College football. It sets a high standard. It encourages hard work to achieve success. I’m not an Alabama fan but I acknowledge their success and admire it for the standard they set.

  • This discussion again?

  • Coach better and find good players and you’ll beat them. Ohio State’s coaching lead to the blowout, just like Alabama’s coaching lead to them getting blown out by Clemson a couple years back

  • You want it, come get it, but you'd best bring your A game. Alabama is in a tough spot, they are at the top and need to provide focus and precision to stay there. I'm a UK fan (I know) and we want at least a little taste, but again, you want it, come get it. I respect that.

  • It's simple, beat them. Always thought that people loved a winner.

  • Quit complaining about the sport being predictable and start complaining about other coaches not being able to build a program that can rival Clemson and Alabama. Teams like USC, Michigan, Texas, etc. have ZERO excuse for not being able to make the playoffs. It’s not Saban’s fault that other programs underachieve

  • Put bama in the nfl everyone wants it

    • Alabama is the only college team that has a player at every position( several times over) in the NFL. Ohio State is the next closest. But no one else comes close

  • More complaining....more complaining......more complaining

  • I didn't really want to give you a click, but I did want to answer your question. 'Bama's dominance is good for ESPN - which makes it bad for college football. In my opinion.

  • Heck yess it don't like them to dominate then put on your big boy pants and step in the center of the ring with them. So far it has only been Clemson

  • My thought for several years has been: put Alabama in the NFL & give college ball some parity. They probably could have won the NFC East this year.

    • @James Hayes Nope, The best showing they would have is the 41-7 loss to (insert any NFL team here).

    • @John Hoyle nah they would have a decent shot at winning some games

    • The Crimson Tide would finish 0-16 in any NFL division.

  • This issue is with the CFP format. Once it started, it’s pretty much been the same teams in it every year and when guys are deciding where to commit to these see those teams on national tv and say “I wanna do that” so all of the top teams get all of the top talent and they will always continue to be at the top. If there were more teams that could make the playoffs there would be more disparity between recruiting and alabama wouldn’t get 10 5 ⭐️ players every year.

    • @wildbill3006 you'd be surprised

    • Putting in additional cupcakes into the playoff is not going to change the outcome. The best teams will still win. Recruits aren't going to all of a sudden decide to go to a team that got beat 60 - 0 by the top team just because they got put in the playoff.

  • Does DeVante Smith have COVID? I noticed Ohio St defensive backs were all social distancing themselves from him.

    • Lol

    • The Buckeyes CB Wade lost millions of dollars in the championship game. He could not cover Smith at all. Saban and company out coached Ryan Day.

    • Can't keep up with those Insane routes

  • I'm neutral but its the same teams every year If your a bama fan its good but the rest of the country will stop watching eventually and tv ratings pay the money

    • @Brian Stevens South Dakota? Well there’s the problem lol

    • @Savage South you must be an Alabama fan and that's fine !! but I travel nation wide and people are not that interested in other parts of the country I was working in south Dakota and went to a bar to catch the game and no one even cared that the game was even on !!! and the reason was because its the same teams every year !! and no I dont hate Alabama or Ohio state Or the other two teams that were in it but I would like to see more parody !!! that all Im trying to say

    • No they won’t. That’s a ridiculous statement.

  • Beat them or keep it moving. Go Cards tho!

  • Alabama is GREAT for College Football!....The truly BAD zhit for College Football is ESPN....PERIOD.

    • @Dennis Ryan That person is a head case above you, no doubt!

    • @Lettuce And tomato TV also says you be vaxxed and muzzled, Skippy!

    • Tv rating say otherwise

  • Put Alabama in The Big Ten. That would change everything. SEC teams who play against Alabama will drop their pants, get on all fours, and hope Alabama used lube.

    • @John Hoyle all good bro. Goodly friendly banter between fans

    • @cross7387 That's my bad. I meant that post for someone else.

    • @John Hoyle I never said urban was afraid check my post urbans name has never came out my mouth cuz. My comprehension is great. AGAIN who in the big 10. Would beat bama. Simple question compadre

    • @cross7387 I see you have reading comprehension problems. Bowl games don't accurately reflect the strength of your conference. Alabama would be on losing end in Columbus. Earlier you stated that Meyer was afraid of Saban. Perhaps then you can explain why Meyer attempted to arrange a home and home against Alabama in 2013 Also explain why Saban refused? I'll wait. Btw Meyer is 3-3 vs Saban. The last time they coached against each other Ohio State beat Alabama 42-35. Meyer showed no signs of being afraid even after a 15 point deficit (21-6). Perhaps this supposed fear Meyer has of Saban is a figment of your imagination.

    • @John Hoyle but if we beat the best team in in the big 10(Ohio state)then who beats us bbn out the big 10

  • Ask saban how much he pays his players. College football Won’t be an even playing field till each team has the money that bama does

    • @James Hayes I’m telling you

    • @Dj Rousseau he doesn’t pay them bro. They have the best facilities, coaches, get to play with the best college students, and have free college, but don’t receive any money

    • That is true but it’s also the money dude

    • Pro*

    • He doesn’t pay players. Recruits go there because they know they have a great shot at going bro if they go there

  • What do you want bama to do? Stop winning? It’s a competition and the best team will be the champion in the end.

    • @Lettuce And tomato This year’s historically bad NBA playoffs viewership - the Finals fell about 50 percent from last season. Viewership of major sporting events is down across the board, including in leagues with no social-justice messaging to speak of. According to data compiled by Sports Media Watch, golf’s U.S. Open was down 42 percent. The Kentucky Derby: 43 percent. The Stanley Cup finals: 61 percent. The vaunted NFL is down 13 percent early in its season. MLB’s division series were down 40 percent. There is a major glut of sports and its hurting their overall numbers and it will continue.

    • @Lettuce And tomato Haha yeah right! NFL is the one with no ratings sucker along with the NBA. Love waking up to the decline of professional sports going down due to complaining about slavery while being supported by actual slavery

  • The playoff and bowl system needs an overhaul! College football is becoming women's college basketball where it's the same team and teams all the time! When 99% of the teams don't have a chance that is really bad for competitive balance and parity!

    • If you really want to overhaul the CFP system. I am sure everyone wants Conference Champions should get automatic bids to the playoffs. Well the only way that is going to happen is the total realignment of the conferences. They conferences could have no more than 9 or 10 teams in it, no two divisions. No more conference championship games. Expand the Playoffs to 12 teams, there are 75 or 76 power 5 teams. Add the 4 or 5 best Group of 5 teams to have 80 teams, which equals 8 conferences of 10 teams. Then have the 4 best at large teams. Top 4 teams get a 1st round bye. Or go crazy and expand to 16 teams, have the same 8 power conferences, give the AAC a automatic bid to the CFP. Then have the champions of the Sunbelt play the champs of Conference USA. Also have the Mountain West champ play the MAC champ. The winners get into the playoffs. So that is 11 teams in the playoffs, add 5 at large teams and there you have it. The FCS play a 12 team playoff system with only 63 scholarships, the Division 2 play a 14 team playoff system with 53 scholarships, and division 3 plays a 16 team playoff system with NO SCHOLARSHIPS.

    • @Brad Dougan I think it would be a good idea, it’s just that no matter who you put in, bama, Clemson, or osu will always win for the most part

    • @James Hayes No it is what it is they lost it happens! I just like and want to more competitive balance and parity!

    • lol I sense a Florida fan who’s mad they were blown out by Oklahoma instead of in the cfp

  • J-Will is such a moron. 0:25 He's not understanding what "fatigue" means if his rebuttal is "but you're paying attention to Bama, you're watching Bama, you're tuning in to see if Jerry Juedy is for real.." False. More and more people are getting bored with the predictability of college football. Unless you're part of the 3 fan bases that enjoy the playoffs on a annual basis, you already know the season is over before the start. Lack of parity does not promote growth. People are tired of watching Bama dominate in the same way we all got sick of watching Cavs/Warriors in the finals. I'm not blaming Bama for dominating but I'm stating facts from fans outside of the Bama, OSU, Clemson bases. I have watched less college football each year since Saban/Bama started winning everything.

  • As Herbstreit said this year “ I can tell you 3 of the teams that will be in the playoff next, why watch?” That’s what people are complaining about, not Alabama specifically. They’re complaining the sport is becoming very predictable and that makes for a boring sport.

    • But Kirk does everything he can to keep Ohio State in the playoff conversation. Notice this past season when the Big 10 changed the conference rules to make way for OSU??.. He couldn’t stop applauding that, but let the conversation go to possibly 2 SEC teams in the playoff based off “body of work” (shout out to TAMU) he almost had a coronary that OSU possibly be left out. You can’t have it both ways. He did the same thing a few years back when BAMA and Clemson squared off for the championship.

    • They never mention the teams who should be in but are not. Why do Michigan and other blue bloods pay millions to coaches

    • If it was boring, so many fan's would not be watching or attending. Stop looking at winning a title, college football is about the experience. I go to an away game every year to a different stadium to appreciate the atmosphere and fans, THEY are why I travel/watch. It is an amazing experience and I do appreciate every stadium and fan I meet, it's just a wonderful time for college fans. Stop looking at it as a be all, win all, and get out and enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Alabama should be moved to NFL

    • @Totally not Depressed It would be the 1st time in history that an 0-16 team made the NFL playoffs.

    • playoffs in first year

    • They would get crushed !!!! those games would be over in the first quarter

    • 0-16 if that ever happened.

  • ‪Alabama’s Path to Mickey Mouse CFP Championship:‬ ‪- Never beat Trevor Lawrence the greatest prospect of all time ‪- Avoided Trevor Lawrence ‬ ‪- Playing in pandemic ‬ ‪- Beat cupcakes in the playoffs

    • Man, you got to do better than that. Pathetic, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • That cupcake team we beat in the championship beat Clemson like a cupcake team! AL 69 vs clemson 14 if they played

  • What is the solution? Penalize Alabama for being good? Stupid conversation.

  • How about the other teams beat them? Why is Bama at fault for being the best program in college football history?

    • @James Hayes please don’t blame weed for his ignorance

    • @John Hoyle bama plays in the toughest division in college football they can schedule cupcakes if they want to. They definitely deserve that right

    • @James Hayes You obviously don't seem to understand the difference between a one and done bowl game from a regular season where Alabama would have to actually play on the road out of conference in the home stadium of the opponent.

    • @John Hoyle lol are you smoking weed? Bama just killed the best team in the big 10

    • @John Hoyle lmfao ok buddy. Whatever you say.

  • Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  • In the past 12 years, they have been to 8 NC games, won 6, had 3 Heismans, and the two NC games that they lost was to a head coach that played at Alabama.

  • Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

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  • The west, northeast, and increasingly the midwest are caring less about college football with every passing year. There are many reasons why, SEC dominance is only one.

  • I remember Bama lost to Clemson, then last year LSU won it all and they were all, "is Alabama's dynasty over?"

    • Alabama climb the football mountain to be great! Now they are the Mountain! And everyone is trying to climb up the mountain. Sure every once in a while a team beats them. Take last season when Alabama did not make the playoffs, well that just pissed off the Tide and no one was going to stop them from winning it all.

    • @STEWIE JUST SAID THAT Yep and that is why their dynasty is interesting. Everybody is constantly asking who will overthrow them and are they done? When Clemson beat them; it was "Clemson is the new Alabama!" Yet then Clemson gets blown out back to back years in the playoff and Bama is number 1 again.

    • The phrase "Is Alabama dynasty over?" has become more dangerous to use now...just like years ago the "WE WANT BAMA" has backfired on those who used it.

    • Excellent point. Love this

    • They also won as many times as they lost

  • Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Stay mad. You wanna beat alabama? Outcoach and outplay them then.

    • @John Hoyle lol they just blew out osu. You really think they would lose in the big 10

    • @John Hoyle That might be jumping the shark a bit.

    • Put Alabama in The Big Ten and watch the losses pile up.

    • And outrecruit them. That's way easier said than done.

  • The abhorrent territory electronically hate because orchestra worrisomely bubble out a marvelous switch. grumpy, tightfisted college

  • helps coaches recruit against that specific team more. bama is golden and saban is the goat :D noone take that from them...altho OH! i will always be apart of buckeye nation. we coming for that trophy next year

  • Complaining about the best team being the best team?

    • @Cryptum404 what views? Bama lost views nobody wants to see them expect for people that live in bama 😂

    • Just to get views.

  • You have to have a Darth Vader. Everyone rushes the field with they beat Bama which doesn't happen much.

  • Alabama fans are so spoiled.

    • @mrknowitall hey I would go through a few bad seasons if it means I would get a result of 6 nattys and 3 heisman in just recent history too except everyone else doesn't get that, some instead continue to have horrible season after horrible season after horrible season. you are so spoiled and you know it.

    • @mrknowitall yep. Meanwhile Ohio State hasn’t won since 2014 while you guys have had a nati in nearly half of the playoff format.

    • Real fans like me lived through the Mike Shula days. Losing to Oklahoma state in the independence bowl.. yeah.. spoiled we are.

  • ravens and bama