The dock that makes the iPad an iMac

Publicerades den 28 apr 2021
We’ve seen the iPad evolve into something more computer-like over the years. But does it fit in the sort of place the Kensington StudioDock puts it in?
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  • It's for morons with too much money!!!

  • You know what Linus? I'll watch them, cause Jon's good and the update on their products is helpful to keep up with what their doing, ... but I cant bring myself to subscribe to anything Apple ... just makes me feel a little ... dirty. lol

  • It's for people with small desk space, and don't need for more then typing I guess, or use an iPad app for work... not laptop replacement tho

  • Love the shot at 5:37

  • “Editor: Person with Tiny Desk” LOL

  • For that price you could buy a bigger desk

  • I mean they are not wrong all devices run on computer hardware... its just the software thats stopping us moving forward

  • Linus should make an "Android address" channel. Largely the same but android. Hosted by riley bc only because he's my favorite

  • I do not have a clue about who this dock is for, but I do know who it is not for - me! My hope is that the new M1 iPad Pro will work nicely with a Thunderbolt dock from OWC, Razer Keyboard and mouse, and a large 4K display. If that does pan out, then I might choose it as my daily driver.

  • it honestly seems less like a useful product for someone to use either professionally or personally, and more of a hands free/weight free modification that really should have just came with the device itself originally as part of the package. kinda silly when you think about it, but cheap stand docks like this should have been standardized and come as standard to increase the ease of use of the device and improve its accessibility. you can hit more customers with more options for more situations than to charge a premium and penalize a non-vocal minority.

  • these men make Windows Task Manager don't believe me see : Dave's Garage 01.Secret History of Windows Task Manager - Part 1 - Origins

  • Everybody is honest that you asked at least

  • so ugly

  • Feels very unrewarding .....should fit right in with the rest of Apple products lol

  • First time watching this channel. Can't comment much about content because I haven't been a Mac user in 15 years. My main point would be that this doesn't feel like a LMG video. Maybe Linus should hire a heckler.

  • It's kinda a stupid product designed to make the idea of the ipad being a computer a good idea and finding a solution to a problem that could be solved for 1/3 the price.

  • Nothing is in the centre

  • Seems like Samsung Dex with extra steps and less functionality

  • Im waiting since 2013 for the ipad to become a real computer... it’s so frustrating seeing this baby steps year over year over year.. i really hope to see macOS or linux or even windows on an iPad! Architecture isn’t a problem anymore so apple pleas give us a better version of the surface!

  • the dislike count is obligated to stay at that number: 420

  • Well it would be for everyone, if the ipad could switch between iPadOS and full MacOS

    • PS. Not that crazy a thought now that the iPad has M1 chip

  • I thought linus didn't like apple why is he reviewing it. This is clearly biased

  • Love the style of this channel, it's so apple-y

  • please review the logitech combo touch for ipad pro 12.9 2021 when it comes out!

  • Haha

  • Hi, just curios and for the sake of the GEEKNESS...can you demo how to run macOS Big Sur on the 12.9 x 16GB x 1TB ipad Pro since it uses the M1 chip anyway? Would it beat MacBook Air for performance, battery life and also best mobility...

  • Yeaaaaah .... At that price just spend an hour in CAD, buy the proper sanding paper and order a few dongles off Amazon - Print your own and save a pretty penny.

  • I liked the dock till I saw the price. It’s like every accessory for the iPad is oh you want a Mac or laptop here spend Mac or laptop money 😐 over 300 dollars to dock the iPad and make it like a Mac and when you’re not using it but want a laptop here a 300 dollar keyboard case why can’t we get something like this dock for under 100 bucks or 150 for something similar quality these prices are outrageous. I love the iPad Pro but why do I need to sell a kidney to get a nice iPad setup 😒

  • "Who's it for?" People who make terrible decisions...

  • Nickelback kick chad out of the group??

  • 2:25 sounds like my review of your mom.

  • Also with covid some schools are providing Ipads or laptops. This would also be great for those students

  • This guys sounds very familiar

  • Short answer: no

  • If Linus really wanted an 'Apple channel' it would be x 1000 better than this rubbish effort. Allow me to explain what is actually going on here: Linus Sebastian's earrings, his squeaky voice, the socks and sandals, his nervous butter-fingers, his choice of spouse and his constant insistence on shoving his 'happily married' home-life in our faces and now this channel of internalised hatred are all but confirmation to me of just how deeply confused a man the really is. Do I really need to spell it out?

  • it's an expensive solution for testers who don't want to hold an iPad for hours.

  • Is this a joke, or is this actually the life of a Mac user?

  • can you use an ipad one as a screen for rassberry pi

  • Have another request for an Anthony hosted Linux channel! :D

  • Well that's a whole 4 minutes I'll never get back. What the actual Fffff.... did I just watch?

  • tiny baby hands

  • Its almost like samsung has some computer like software on phones.... Could be wrong...

  • Kill it with fire.

  • I give no shits about Mac but I want to support LMG so, I am here biiiiitcheeeeees

  • ngl, this seems to be one of the stupidest products I've ever seen and if you bought it you made a mistake and should feel bad.

  • If it had a really good mechanical keyboard with switch options it might make some sense.

  • I'm a little bit disappointed because you didn't use Niko's logo

  • First thought was Point of Sale, but they would probably use the cheapest iPad..

  • LTT Deiter Bohn

  • can’t I just buy a desktop?

  • "More computer like" USB-c is not computer like

  • I think it’s a really cool idea just as nice stand

  • Apple. The company for sheep.

  • I appreciate the courage to admit you use it in the bathroom

  • Am i the only person that assumes all people that look like hipsters are mac users? like skinny men with flannel shirts and mustaches just screams "i have the new mac laptop and it completes me!"

  • Or just buy a MacBook. Tablets are not computers why would you buy this instead of a laptop?

  • This Comment is inspired by EpoxVox: I would buy this to play mobile games on my ipad but only if the this dock was less than $180 and if I had an IPad LOL

  • I like the editor for this video btw

  • I can’t get over how fucking Canadian he looks!

  • Oh I see, you got a Linus shoutout.

  • If you have a tiny desk .. just buy a laptop bruh

  • And this is what I call a iPad Pro on a stick

  • Great review

  • Is it just me or is he sometimes out of focus? Looks some kind of blurry and those colors are not what I would expect from an LMG Video.

  • Another group: My artist little sister who likes the simplicity, smoothness, and appeal of Apple products, and already has the Apple watch, iPhone XR, AirPods, and iPad Pro. Anyone who *already* has expensive Apple products and is looking to do art on a pad isn't going to buy a whole PC setup to do art. Especially when buying this dock can sit well with a cheap lightweight/small desk (bamboo top and metal stands that don't LOOK cheap, but is). Another group this hints at, is, of course, poor people financing Apple products to look and feel better about themselves. Lastly, with increasing amounts of kids living at home into late adult-hood, this allows a small cheap desk setup that lets you save up to make your room into an apartment pad, minus the expensive rent and landlords that couldn't give a damn less about your personal situation.

  • So what is a computer?

  • Ipad + this one? Go buy macbook air m1

  • I really want to know if the iPad would recognise a camera signal through a hdmi input (elgato) to use it for streaming? 🥵

    • @Insight Auto Spa thats the big question

    • I wonder if the new one with the thunderbolt 4 will.

    • it most definitely does not

  • Oh the cringe when you know the definition of ‘computer’ is not just for desktops/laptops - your phone is a computer, your Apple Watch is a computer, your car has computers in it... cringe cringe cringe

  • Ugh, here comes the ios everything that we have slowly been witnessing.

  • If any of my friends get this I'm going to punch them in the face.

  • What was difficult about adding a link in an email? Baffled by this one.

  • Apple tell iPad users using the StudioDock will void their warranty! The iPadDock is reviewed in the Autumn, crafted from a solid aluminium and available in a rainbow of trendy colours.

  • why are apple product accessories so expensive? I am here from LTT and expected an angry rant about why this product is stupid, which is what we would get from Linus if he had the time to review half baked apple accessories. I guess this channel isn't really aimed at LTT's main viewer base. Is the tone of all the content here gonna be skewed to ignore obvious problems in products caused by the apple ecosystem or is this a one off?

  • Why don’t you ask the company that makes this product which are their target clients instead of guessing? It’s so annoying when you think you and your tech buddies know what people should buy

  • Cough cough LinusMacTips

  • As a long time iPad Pro user that I use everyday professionally I can see absolutely not use for this thing. The iPad (even the 12.9 that I have) isn’t big enough to use as your main desktop screen plus, and I can’t stress this enough, with your iPad docked like this you less the use of the pencil. My iPad stays on the desk, so I can write on it when I need to, and is connected to a big external monitor for keyboard and mouse use. Can wait for Apple to let us have a full screen image on an external monitor. Then the iPad would definitely become my main device.

  • Apple is so behind on this kind of features. Samsung dex works so well with different monitor aspect ratios.

  • Wait, apple has an accessory for $379??? Did they accidentally forget to add a zero?

  • Remove the n from an it doesn’t belong there

  • for 10bucks, i would say it would be ok... good idea, but 400bucks??

  • I feel like this is for someone that already owns an iPad and doesn’t want to buy another computer. You can use any Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but the hub might be nice.

  • Editor: person with tiny desk XD

  • 1:28 hdm(R)i ???

  • Apple ick

  • I don't even have an iPad

  • The new Pros has M1 same as the MacBooks , maybe in future we'll be actually use it as a computer

  • 1:27 HDMRI

  • It's hard to recommend this studio dock when the new iMac pros are coming out. Maybe for people who have the iPad and couldn't afford an iMac as well.

  • Neat accessory but ipad/s will never be a full-fledged computer, that'll just destroy the mac lineup. But man, for content consumption, ipad is king.

  • I'm sold I like you

  • Dollar General Linus

  • I think the os is very obstructing. You can’t do a backup over a pc (cloud services are slooow over here + rarely any connection at all) and move data from connected smartphone via cable (= data management 💩) (also why pay extra for a device if all data has to be accessed through a cloud. In my prime I had 4 cloud accounts for all the different companies monopolizing their services to their cloud... 🤮Now I use my iPad Pro 90% for Netflix)

  • This video would have made more sense to be made when the new iPad Pro M1 came out with all the extra power. Maybe do an update version of this with M1 version

  • Ill stick with my $5 foldable tablet stand since this is the same thing

  • $400 yayks!

  • Could spend the saved extra 100+$ to buy a grown up desk.

  • I like how they found a stereotypical apple user to host the show!