Can The Corvair Handle Moab's Easter Jeep Safari?

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
So we built a Corvair resuce rig and we took it to Moab's Easter Jeep Safari 2021 to see how it would handle some extreme terrain.
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Can The Corvair Handle Moab's Easter Jeep Safari?
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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!


  • We are getting a few questions about the freedom winch line. Here is some more info.

    • we gota call

    • @Remington Theodore Cool! Took about 10 minutes but it actually worked!

    • Not sure if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instapwn. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

    • The wheelin wagon the only SUV

    • That's really impressive. First real roll out and nothing is wrong, nothing has to fix on this Corvair. Big compliment guys

  • After listening to that exhaust note I need to go back and watch the build and take notes on the muffler. The wagon worked great and sounds amazing!

  • The new vehicle is really cool.

  • No way man, let Ruddie drive, common boss, Ruddy can do it too & he helped bigtime building the yellow banana.

  • Who you make a call to if you vehicle gets stuck out here?

  • Great video

  • My friends: So what are you going to replace your Jeep with? Me: I think I’m going to get a Corvair.

  • Such a beautiful car. Amazing.

  • What is your power plant . And what mufflers are you using. That sounds nasty !!!!!!!!....matt in banana 2.0 of course

  • Name the Corvair "Ralph". Matt may get the reference.

  • man, I've been hooked on this channel for the last few weeks and I love everybody on it. They have such great chemistry together and they do such awesome work with pulling people out of sticky situations and their fab skills are on point too. The best part is that they are all so modest about everything and seem so chill. Usually when you catch a channel about anything off road or shop related stuff it's all in your face, loud music, we're the baddest, OC choppers type horseshit. These guys are just fun and relaxing to watch as they do their thing. Cheers to Matt and his squad, yall seem like good people!

  • For a special build tow rig it sure does a great job rock crawling, it has some great breakover angles both front and rear.

  • Goonie Bird is a good name for the Corvair! 😃

  • Sounds like u need a crawler gear in the covair. Seemed a little stressed on a few technical obstacles.. awesome build tho man thanks for picking a wagon we need all the help we can to make wagons great again

  • Love the hot tube. Easy stezy

  • Good job guys , and the Corvair is the better looking of all the rest in that trail ! .

  • 8:42 Chicken Biskit 😂😂😂

  • " iron Horse" for the canadian work horse...

  • .."Hard-Core".. "the Mule"..

  • What an awesome rig!

  • Drone footage awesome, great vid ;-)

  • I was worried about the absence of rocker armor, but it looks like it didn't even make contact. Nice wheeling!

  • yall need one of those wreckers

  • Well done, beautiful build. Love the suspension setup, 👌

  • Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I died laughing at the way Rudy looked back when he smoked the corner on that rock

  • The Corvair is badass. Nice wheelin' Add a NWF Black box, ORD Magnum, or NP241 doubler to your 205. Better gear options and no long wait for an Atlas. 1:1, 1.96:1, 2.72:1, 5.3:1

  • You guys make a crazy machine. Congrat.

  • Very cool thanks guys and gals.

  • Name for the Corvair: how bout a simple name like "Recorvair", like Recover cause that's what it does? Or just call it Randy! 🙂

  • how do i get the new winch line that bleepin jeep gave you

  • Got a good name for the Corvair - The Cordare - anything Jeep can do, it’ll have a go & conquer 😉✌🏼

  • Really enjoyed watching this build from the ground up and it looks like it was a huge success straight out of the box !

  • That should be on a t shirt, photo of the car and the words, "corvair don't care!" 😂😂

  • Matt, I thoroughly impressed by the build and capability of your Corvair wagon. That thing is freakin' awesome. You and Rudy and your team should be very proud of your Awesome Vair build.

  • Still unsafe at any speed?

  • This needs to be on Ultimate Adventure!

  • That corvair goes thru the shit man! Good building job

  • Chicken in a biskit NOM NOM NOM

  • That's got an insane angle of approach. departure is great too but, as seen by the tailpipe, not quite as good.

    • That was no big deal... think of it as a "Final QA" inspection and cut off about 2 inches. OK, now it's all good!! ;^)

  • Mickys Hot Tub. Matt: I dont think I want to do this. (Thinking, this is my baby. I dont want to hurt it) Rudy: Yeah you are doing it (Thinking, I built this thing and lets see what it will do.)

  • That corvair does sound good!

  • The Corvair is a beast 😎👍

  • Rock climbing maniacs I'm jealous that I can't do that anymore

  • How long it would take to walk to the awesome overlook?

  • There is no BEST rig. Short/long wheel base. Large ledges/rocks/waterfalls. So much is TIRES.Thanks.

  • that exhaust from that corvair is beautiful

  • Great build! it a chev?

  • That was a seriously cool video ! That Hot tub hole was insane. I Was seriously surprised how Well that wagon Did Being its wheel base is so long. You guys did a Awesome Job on that driveline ! & Perfect sized tires for that trip & obstacles.

  • Name the car Betty

  • 14:30 hot tub. Motor sounds happy. 22-2500 stall sounds like its doing its job keeping you "on the pipe", an 1800 may cause too much bog down low. I ran an 800 stall on my 79 k20 SBC th400 twin stick 205 and had all 4 spinning by 1200 motor was on the pipe by 750 /600 idle, built for bottom end tq .

  • Sheboygan? Did I hear Sheboygan at 13:22? That's in Wisconsin.

  • Chicken in a biskit.. yummy..

  • 3.8 with 5.13s will be 👌

  • awesome rig, track, video, channel all together! whats tyre size?

  • you had perfect wheel base for Mikey..... My TJ couple decades ago (2000?) was bit to short and wanted to flip backward (and other TJ's did just that if you bumped it just wrong). NICEE video. Hope the time to shoot her didn't distract from your enjoyment...... been there done that...... know it can distract.

  • INSANE FOOTAGE, well done!

  • Drove through Mickeys hot tub like it were a parade route

  • Loved watching this. But there is a lot of heck no's for me on these trails, lol. Everytime you guys were on the edge of the cliffs my stomach dropped. As a mama, I was screaming "y'all get away from there!"

  • nice job matt. great truck

  • I was down there for the Jeep Safari.. in my semi. Delivering garage doors.. let me tell you it's a serious pain in the ass to maneuver a semi when there's 80,000 Jeeps in every intersection. LOL 🤣 I tend to pick much less crowded areas at much less crowded times when I go out and play. But it was nice to see everybody out having fun! 😎😊

  • Great first 4 wheeling adventure !!!! Cool collector car/ crawler/ recovery vehicle !!!!! Gotta be the only one of its kind !! Glad you shared the experience with Bleepin' Jeep crew, Matt & Matt, & their killer crews !!!

  • A Name vor the Corvair could be GoThere!

  • Where was lizzy?

  • Rudy's next assignment involves humpback whales and transparent aluminum...

  • That's it! I'm going to trick out a Vista Cruiser Wagon

  • Why is there videos that are private and certain people can't see them

  • really nice video. well driven and well filmed.

  • The Corvair would look better with different wheels they look awful

  • Great video... What was that soft shackle you added to the end of you winch rope?


  • From Facebook market place here in Summit County Colorado: 1961 Chevrolet Corvair · Coupe · Driven 1,000 miles I have several Corvair bodies and parts for sale With titles Colorado cars so the rust is not terrible These are factory Corvair’s from Chevron Chevrolet in Kremmling Colorado cars are located in Kremmling, CO 80459 make offers Be happy to send you send pics. NOTE, this is not my listing, but I can go look.

  • Don't sound like any Corvair I ever heard??

  • That rig did great!! I really mean it.....with some. Lower gears you would have killed it!! Good job crew!! Well done.

  • Matt are you going to put rock bars on it?

  • Everybody keeps saying she when they talk about the Corvair maybe you should call her Hanna Banana

  • Fine job. You can be so proud of your Corveep! Definitely bragging rights!

  • Wow, the rare Corvair did amazing! You could name it after Rudy's hat and call it Roadkill LOL

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  • Help me understand why you guys go out and trash such beautiful land?

  • Good to know I'm not the only "man child" as my wife calls me that eats "chicken in a biscuits"

    • 38 years old, with 4 kids. I'll grab a box of as my youngest daughters call them "chicky bisckies" and all 4 are hovering around. Minutes later mama is mad, chicky bisckies are all gone.

  • What rims are those on the corvair?

  • Awesome job first time I seen it I think better then the other one

  • Brilliant

  • Where are all the Yotas at?

  • The Pineapple!

  • I've been looking forward to seeing your Corvair perform and it did not disappoint. Congratulations on an awesome build you guys. You should be proud! Thanks for bringing us along for the Moab trip.

  • The "Corvair Nader Raider" is what they need to call it. That would be in reference to Ralph Nader who had the Corvair band for dangerous driving flaws that never existed. My parents had two. Best🇨🇦 ski 🎿 machine ever.

  • if the cherokee is the banana, call the corvair the banana split

  • The Banana-gon is pretty bad ass! What the hell was that green one? It sounded weird, I know it was propane, but still?

    • Banana Wagon? Split Banana? Wheelin & Peelin? I dunno!

  • Awesome. Impressed with the red Jeep. Especially if it was stock

  • Cali the Corvair! I'm picturing the classic surf rack and vinyl trim🤤

  • name it the yellow banana

  • Matt, I recommend for to install yellow under-glow lights for expedition trips like those. Not only will look cool, but will help spot you out that help is on the way when going out on recovery calls. Tell me what you think..

  • 211 thumbs down??? Explain to us all how you came up with that decision all 211 of you.

  • good job guys, gnarly rig

  • I love watching your build.I know you like your rig and want it to stay nice. however I see you have lots of clearance, but your wheel base is so long I'm only a few minutes into your vid and I'm hoping you build your self some rock sliders to keep ur body nice and pretty. Id love to se how you make them. ill finish watching and see if you end scraping the rocker at all lol.

  • Man I love the Comancheap! The Corvair is bad ass too though =)

  • Corvanna was brave on that trail. :´)

  • How about ... "The MORRvair"