Andrew Jacked Turns Pro!!! + Nick Claps Back at Blessing + NYP Preview + Vacuums in the WWE?

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
#AndrewJacked #LarryWheels #Bodybuilding
0:00 Intro
0:08 Andrew Jacked Earns Pro Card
3:57 Leonidas Arkona 105kg Strict Curl
5:17 Braun Strowman Vacuum Pose
6:05 Hassan Mustafa 6 Weeks Out
6:35 Blessing Abs Update
7:00 Nick Walker Fires Back at Blessing

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  • TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Andrew Jacked Earns Pro Card 3:57 Leonidas Arkona 105kg Strict Curl 5:17 Braun Strowman Vacuum Pose 6:05 Hassan Mustafa 6 Weeks Out 6:35 Blessing Abs Update 7:00 Nick Walker Fires Back at Blessing

    • @Dexter Douglas I mean if he edited it wouldn’t he have made his legs bigger?

    • Brauns pic looks photoshopped... is that just me?? Anyone?? Nick?

    • yo i didnt know blessing was irish

    • Ty nick power guy

  • Anyone else see some onset gino in Andrew's left peck left peck

  • I think most think neither Blessing nor Nick will win but they are excited to see who beats who out of the two!

  • It’s the hassan vs nick show

  • His physique reminds me of flex wheeler's physique.

  • Braun Strowman what an ugly Bodybuilder is🤣🤣🤣

  • What happened to Andrew’s channel there’s no content

  • Why would you prefer a thong..?

  • Hassan mostafa is a more complete bodybuilder i think it will be a easy show for him

  • Can clearly see Leonidas lifted his butt off the wall during that curl

  • I beg to differ. The sequin sparkle thongs we see on stage now is really the wierd trunks. The trunks Andrew is wearing are more appealing on stage, IMAO.

  • I def want to see Andrew at the Olympia

  • Where did Andrew Jacked's SEnewss channel go? SEnewss shows it was terminated.

  • Blessing has Great potential. I think Nick Walker has done the best he could with his phisique. But he is so blocky and short with no flow i cannot see how, if others guy are in the same condition, he can beat anyone of the top

  • Andrew Jacked, if shredded could be a top Olympian imo

  • If Hassan nails his conditioning I don't think anyone will beat him

  • When Mr Stroman joined wwe he looked like a borderline freak of nature. Now he looks borderline NATTY sad.

  • Come onnnnnnnn that’s no vacuum

  • That organ between his legs is under so much discomfort with that kind of short. Although I prefer this to under pants

  • Blessings call outs and insults are cringe af

  • Denis....💪🏻🏋️‍♂️

  • Im making the call, niether blessing or nick win lmfao

  • Wtf that's not a vacuum. 🤣

  • Hassan will eat them alive.

  • Get these hands 👏👏👏

  • It’s the Justin and hassan Show!

  • Its Jasim Al Ali. But damn good physique for an amateur.

  • I want iron bibby to go for the wr strict curl I think he has what it takes I also want to see what he could bench with alot of training hes got 700 pound for sure

  • I think Andrew would do really well on an olympia stage, maybe a little more mass and obviously better conditioning.

  • Braun

  • Body suit

  • I am from Germany and I can tell you that leonidas is not the GERMAN WORLD record holder as you said😂

  • Andrew didn't look as good as I hoped. Soft and symmetry not as crazy as I thought

  • TBH...if hassan comes out like he was in the physique update or even better....neither nick or blessing can touch him...he has insane symmetry...great muscle bellies and his quads are even bigger and more detailed than nicks...One thing is sure is gonna be an exciting show!!

  • I think Hassan or Justin may win; but if you are asking whose physique I like best @NickstrengthandPower, for some reason I favor Blessing’s.

  • I rivalry where neither one is going to win. I think Hassan will quietly end that.

  • Good evening, Between Blessing and Nick ?? Blessing as a bodybuilder body type and Nick is huge yes but WTF is he abusing so many veins very little separations he looks more like a bull than a bodybuilder. I'm sorry but sonebody had to say it.

  • Come on Nick enough for the bullshit strowman is the next mr. Olympia

  • My vote goes to Hassan Mustafa

  • Andrew Would not make the cut on the Olympic stage tell the truth Nick come on don't sugarcoat it at the stage he's in right now maybe in another few years did the hell out of here

  • Thats not a vacuum

  • 6:15Pualo costa got on the juice tell me that was a good call

  • They won't win. I like both of their builds, but they're gonna keep losing to the other guys

  • 1)Hassan2)Blessing3)Nick lol

  • Brian has made incredible transformation. He should do some training sessions with Tom Platz to bring those wheels up.

  • My sentiments exactly I’ve been saying that for weeks now watch that neither one of these to win the show but then it’s going to turn into while I beat you I beat you by three places I beat you by two points I beat you by this and it’s just gonna be a bunch of bullshit

  • Personally love the trunks!

  • Andrew did well but didn’t nail his condition

  • why didn't andrew choose to compete in the IFBB instead of that other thing noone cares about?

  • My $ is on Justin for the win! My goodness Andrew has top tier genetics!

  • No where near to the vacume

  • Hassan will win no problem then I hope Nick

  • He needs to be carefull if hes training with Larry Wheels or theres a torn pec or bicep coming his way!

  • Funny how both are competing for the first time and are behaving like they are defending the title.

  • Blessings abbs look fake

  • Andrew jacked but not answer ripped. Looks a couple weeks out tbh. Amazing shape and muscle bellies but he could’ve been a bit leaner.

  • Moustafas physique beats them all. Sry if i spelled his name wrong.. I love nick but mous wins for sure.

  • From what I understand he is also 6'3" which is also pretty amazing for the muscle he put on

  • Hassan M is a beast and diced! He will take the win!

  • was not a vaccuum.

  • 6:24 *blessing and nick are no longer the biggest and baddest names in the lineup* _they never were_

  • I dont understand how Nick and Blessing even have a rivalry yet lol they havent even competed against each other yet amd this is blessings pro debut haha

  • That vacuum pose looks doctored 🧐

  • Trunks were because it’s a Muslim country....

  • Definitely think the rivalry is good natured and they're both in on it and having fun with it. Doesn't seem mean spirited at all. Just some classic macho competitive ball busting and I'm here for it.

  • arabic countries made mandatory that kind of posing trunk for bodybuilding, arguing smaller ones are indecent...

  • Nick Walker needs to stop skipping brain day.

  • GODBLESS you all🙏👍

  • In Arab bodybuilding competitions they are not allowed bum revealing shorts. So they use those classic trunks

  • mustafa is looking thick

  • I'm not sure if winning is the main factor between Nick and Blessing right now. I'm thinking it's just who places higher will get the bragging rights...especially if one of them were to come in second and the other slips to forth or fifth place.

  • I knew it even Stroman has chicken legs! Guess all giants can't fill up their lower apartment!

  • Nick its Michal Krizanek, not Krizo...thats just a nickname.

  • BRAUN STROWMAN skipping leg day like 😁😂😂

  • Andrew is too big for classic. He is huge more bigger than alots of open pros. Hassan mustafa is winning it . Samir troudi is also looking sharp and grainy

  • No matter what pro card Andrew Jacked has, him versus Romy is still a good debate topic.

  • Nick walker doesn't do ab shots coz he knows his stomach is bloated as hell

  • Blessing has spent to much time with Kai, it will not turn out good with him if he becomes another troll.

  • Blessing will be lucky to crack top five. Physique is still in the oven, IMO. Mustafa and Justin will smoke him, as will Nick.

  • I bench what he is curling 😂😂

  • Hassan Mustafa is coming to Nick everyone’s Blessings at the New York Pro. Let’s gooooo 💥

  • Nick might be big but Hasan is way more aesthetic

  • This is his FIRST show. the look is amazing.

  • I always felt like it was who would place higher not who was going to win.

  • Just imagine. nick and blessing fighting and hassan takes the trophy 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • 👊🏽

  • We should normalise these trunks in bodybuilding it’s men’s bodybuilding not women’s

  • Trunks? Get over it.

  • 💪🏻Strong

  • Leonidas' butt lift off of the wall. not quite a strict curl therefore...

  • blessing and Nick was never ..just a fan hype attention thing

  • That...@nickstrengthandpower is not a vacuum🤦‍♂️

  • Sad it's elite pro..

  • The rivalry between blessing and nick is 100% fake lmao. They try to get more attention it’s so obvious. Because why would they have beef in the first place they literally never stood on stage together

  • Andrews conditioning was terrible but jesus christ that body is so ridiculous that the shape really barely matters lol

  • When I look at modern bodybuilders it makes me realize what a mastermind genius Dorian Yates is...

  • Bodybuilders used to be taller in the 50s and until the end of the 80's.


  • These should be the trunks of the future... Come on man.. a man in a string...

  • Why didn't he just go for a normal ifbb pro card?