Trying to Get a Temporary Tattoo Laser Removed

Publicerades den 5 apr 2021
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0:00 Legend
0:02 Determined Telemarketer - Bucket
1:16 Sprained ankle
1:32 New wheelchair
1:55 Rough tough wheelchair rider

2:08 Racing for pink slips
3:02 80th birthday celebration

4:15 Trying to Get a Temporary Tattoo Laser Removed
6:54 Fun april fools jokes
7:25 Sit down segways
8:15 School called
8:59 Applying temp tat

9:51 Sympathy friendship
10:18 Wheelchair kickball
11:13 Ride home
11:27 Unmatched skills


  • 0:02 Determined Telemarketer - Bucket 1:16 Sprained ankle 1:32 New wheelchair 1:55 Rough tough wheelchair rider 2:08 Racing for pink slips 3:02 80th birthday celebration 4:15 Trying to Get a Temporary Tattoo Laser Removed 6:54 Fun april fools jokes 7:25 Sit down segways 8:15 School called 8:59 Applying temp tat 9:51 Sympathy friendship 10:18 Wheelchair kickball 11:13 Ride home 11:27 Unmatched skills

    • Thx bro 😎

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    • Thank you for doing this!!!

    • Go to a barbers and get a haircut then go sit back down in the same barbers and ask when it's your turn again ask for a different haircut

    • @Calum Kingery maybe if you do it at a bumper car place

  • Video Idea - go to walmart and try and buy items that aren't for sale, like ladders, baskets, shopping carts, employee outfits, etc

  • After watching this video, how many guys will go get a real tattoo and get it removed by this girl ?

  • The extended warranty skits are SO GOOD! 🤣🤣

  • Something please give me think for their hoverboard

  • you should make the car thingy go really fast

  • Carla is freaking smoking hot. If you see her again can u ask her if she wants to move to America?

  • can u make a vidio with the little kid?

  • I loled so hard when I read the title. 😭

  • aah , the best of mellenial humor

  • Hey Ross my name is Ross

  • Tie a get well balloon to a dead raccoon on the side of the road 😂

  • I want one of them segway hoverbords

  • Isnt it Corona time? Im Germany we are all locked up and you guys are high fivn grannos. LOL.

  • corona is just gOnE from Florida appparently.

    • @The Gaming Ghoul yep, reckless endangerment of others as well.

    • @A Fellow Human recklessness

    • @The Gaming Ghoul exactly, but at the beach, idk, there were hundreds of people? I didn't see one mask.

    • no, he's just reckless

  • he has good impressions

  • Carla cute tho

  • 7:25 when he said I think it will work better if you go back words me . Me laughing so hard because the guy had no control at all and he was freaking out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I was laughing so hard LOL also the guy who hits the FENCE 😂 😂😂😂 LOL hehehe

  • 14 year old girl "Where are the good people in the world?" Yall are the good people

  • "Make sure your tag me" ayyyyyyyyy hahaha

  • All the jokes and prank they made and the "uncircumcised talent" line made me laugh my ass off the most hahahah

  • You guys should slam on the brakes right in front of a group of people two people get out looking like body guards open up the back lay the ramp out and you fly out on the scooter they load back up and squeal out of there.

  • I'd think that narly sunburn hurt more than the tattoo removal. Dudes looks like an ahi ahi

  • why didn't they give that car away to the old lady !!!!??? it was her birthday also i mean she loved it and neede it

  • 6:23 haha worries about makeup, so adorable

  • Yea you guys got a great vibe, like florida jackass, without the brutality lol.

  • We all know cole doesn’t have his cdl’s

  • 10:44 too soon for Paul Walker jokes? because of the hair of course

  • 11:10 would’ve been ever better then it already is if he slid while riding the scooter 🤣

  • Eli’s social media 🤣

  • 4:15

  • Ross please read this... I hate this at the store all the time so could you “check if stores money is real when they give you change back “ pleaseeee it kills me

  • Ross order through drive through then go in to get it😂😂

  • The old lady in the chair was having a blast 😂😂😂

  • You should put something over it so it doesn’t wipe away

  • you guys have the best sense of humor all of your videos are absolutely hilarious

  • 6:40 The pain...

  • extended warranty

  • Sofa in the van in England is MADD illegal but looks sick

  • Love it when the boys momentarily regroup at the Van and it goes along the lines of “And then they said this” and they all laugh hahaha 👌🏽

  • Bro please do more of Kole with the extended warranty. That bucket lift was genius XD

  • you should get a real tattoo and then immediately go get it removed

  • Can someone explain the current face mask situation in the us I don't get it

  • Please, Please, Please keep doing the extended warranty joke. Its the joke the keeps giving

  • the tattoo girl is so damn beautiful

  • Yal should do more of the car warranty joke

  • Do a video Push one of your friends in to the water on Wheelchair to see what people will do


  • DARE ******,**Do the warranty joke at car dealerships. *******,,***, DARE

  • Is this pre covid ?


  • wonder how many covid cases originated here

  • The new safe jackass

  • Okay did she not see the camera?

  • Low key always look forward to the wholesomeness in these videos and this one didn’t fail to deliver

  • 8:55 kole has some long legs

  • corona no wonder you have problems with it when i look at your beaches

  • Didn't understand the title but still clickeddd

  • 4:15 I love vending machines. So much, I bought one for myself to hold prizes :D

  • That determined telemarketer prank is one of the most original and funny things I've ever seen!

  • got a like after that first clip had me dying

  • A HA HA HA HE SAID, Zumba tryna reach out to you bout your warranty lololol

  • 2:03 ay shouts out to the homie who was ready to catch his mans if he fell 💯

  • I fell in love with the tattoo remover girl

  • 7:14 this is why men die earlier 🤣🤣

  • seriously love the "Dedicated Telemarketer" they're so fucking random and are so universal its hilarious. i dont think it will ever get old. the one where he swam to the boats was AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS he deserved better reaction from the people out there do it at a movie theater an interstate truckstop and make people think you've been tracking them for miles

  • She was so sweet removing the fake tattoo

  • People can always count on Ross and the crew to make people’s day better

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  • Please get a tattoo of that exact same batman logo in the same spot, but go back to her again. LMAO

  • man just the video title makes me laugh.

  • When they made that old lady’s birthday better it really got to me 🥺

  • Them sitting backwards on the hoverboards 😂😂

  • I never, ever, get tired of the extended warranty joke.

  • trying?

  • Go to a palm reader with your hand covered in mud

  • 0:51 though he was going to say "do have a moment to talk about our lord and savor Jesus Christ" 😭😭

  • The first part was gold 😭

  • Can we PLEASE get a cRoss country tour vlog? Please? I’m not allowed in FL, super long story. But that would be amazing.

  • Imagine being famous with 0 clickbait

  • The car warranty thing is hilarious everytime 🤣🤣

  • 7:45 I laughed for 5 minutes. This dude said “let’s play chicken” it’s such a small thing but it killed me

    • I think you got the wrong time lol

  • The girl with the 80th birthday he was so wholesome right there cool asf

  • Go to a fancy hotel and call the front desk and tell them you can't find the poop knife. Ask them to send one up and see what happens.

  • You probably made that ladies day, who's birthday it was. That was the most wholesome thing ever dude! Way to have fun and prank people without being a total dickhead.

  • @4:03 That lady in the black one piece walking behind them🥵🤤😍🤗

  • laser tattoo removal is a bitchhhh

  • How'd that lady not get the joke

  • When did they start hanging out with Ronnie from the jersey shore.....

  • She’s such a sweetheart

  • What video are they talking about when cole is talking about his daughters principal calling?

  • I would at least listen to what benefits an extended warranty offers.

  • “Hey i saw you yesterday” That guy: *intense flashbacks*

  • Going to a tattoo shop to get a fake tattoo that you brought in is hella funny in itself 😂😂😂

  • her giggles

  • "Let's play chicken" was the best part 😂😂😂

  • Why was the beach so full? Has everyone got vaccinations in there already, or are the people in this place just really - how can I put it politely? - simple? 😅

  • yo, have the scooter in the middle of walmart, and pop a tire, then have a fake tripple A guy show up and change the wheel

  • these videos are funny but there’s no mask in sight :’)

  • I need more “fixing things that arent broken” pranks