Surface Laptop 4s vs M1 MacBook Air: You'll Be Shocked!

Publicerades den 27 apr 2021
We WEREN"T expecting This once we hit the Real-World Tests.. AMD vs Intel Surface Laptop 4 vs M1 MacBook Air
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In this video, we compare the M1 MacBook Pro to Two Microsofts Surface laptop 4's the 16GB AMD surface laptop 4 vs 8GB Intel Surface laptop 4.
We test everything from Geekbench and Cinebench R23 Benchmarks for CPU and GPU Metal and Open CL performance, Gaming performance with GFXbench, Lightroom Classic photo editing, Davinci Resolve 17 4K video editing, with Performance when unplugged and on battery power, web browsing performance with Speedometer 2.0, single-core, Multi-core, Fan noise, CPU temps and overheating/thermal throttling, smoothness & More!

Timestamps ⬇️
Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Air - 00:00
Exterior Differences - 00:59
Comparing Ports - 01:25
Keyboard and Trackpads - 03:12
Speaker Comparison - 03:45
Webcam and Mic Comparison - 05:18
Displays Compared - 05:43
Web Browsing Speed Test - 07:02
Geekbench 5 CPU - 08:29
Geekbench 5 CPU on Battery - 10:08
Geekbench 5 GPU - 11:32
Geekbench 5 GPU on Battery - 12:28
Cinebench R23 & Thermals - 13:17
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing - 16:33
Davinci Resolve Video Editing - 18:41
Which Laptop Should YOU Buy? - 21:15
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    • 08:18 how do u make such infographics?

    • I would Buy Surface Book pro

    • @Jakub Piatkowski no it's faster

    • shows an area 51m r2 and elecxtroniks amd dektop cpu laptop to testout vs the apple m2 soon. laughs at Nvidia and AMD fanboys.

    • @ItsSparKYT Actually I have dali's headphones but theyre still trash compared to my speakers. I mean they arent bad but speakers are on a whole new level. Get yourself real audio system before you flex with your "extra bass" jbl or galaxy buds

  • He is so so so so Apple boy.

  • Coming from a die hard AMD fan and experience of owning one monster AMD PC, I thought the AMD would obliterate the hell out of the M1 but oh god they really did it well this time, Nice one Apple

  • tbh id rather macbook air

  • Is something wrong with your comparison? Both the AMD and Intel processors are quad-core compared to the M1 which is an 8-core processor, am I wrong?

  • what are the cpus? exact model? exact memory modules? board manufacturer? exact model of hard drive. without these, they are not comparable tests unless you are only going for price point of these specific laptops. i would have used an asus gaming laptop to compare (or even msi).

  • The 4K video editing test could be done by Adobe Premiere Pro CC , because Davinci resolve is not so Reliable in Windows or Linux versions and runs better in Mac's also the new version of resolve 17 supports M1 silicon.

  • Apple is cheaper than a pc and has better performance ... what parallel universe is that ?

  • MacOS is design more on productivity it's natural it's fast in editing .. if Macbook is using a Windows OS .. then we can say who is the best.

  • Have you noticed tht you sold more Macbooks than even Apple Ads themselfs🤦‍♂️

  • Windows should use arm based cpus as soon as possible. Intel and AMD are way behind ARM based cpus

  • MacBook is best I never give it away

  • Even if you buy a Surface,you'll still get Blue Screens every year

  • Mac speaker sounds muffle....

  • The Surface Laptop’s mics made your voice sound more processed a little while the MacBook Air’s mics made your voice sound more natural. Just my opinion as a listened to the difference using a pair of AirPods Max which pick up everything sound wise. I’ll try it again watching the comparison using my iPad Pro and MacBook Pro to be fair.

    • I’m just talking bro and love Apple products. Don’t hate. I didn’t mention how many Apple products I actually have. I have been using some of Apple’s products since my days as a Combat Photographer in the military for their superior graphics. #AsYouWereSir @Loui Andersen

    • Can u flex more?

  • my friend all of this not have any meaning intel GPU and Amd GPU are so fake in real ! You cant surf the internet on them ! you need a GPU nividia !

  • The fact that Apple's first mac chip is better than any intel chip tell us how bad intel chip are

  • I did that web browsing thing and I got 22.7

  • MacBook speaker has a better sounds cause it’s louder and sharper.

  • Are there massive compatibility pains on the m1? Like if I need to move an excel doc from work to my m1 does that even work?

  • I'm a laptop noob so sorry if I sound stupid but can i ask why the surface laptop was plugged in the whole time? And how is being unplugged a big deal for the M1 Mac?

    • If a laptop is plugged in it runs way faster since it doesnt have to worry about battery so this entire video they had to handicap the macbook by unplugging it while the other two were plugged in so yeah.

  • The Macbook webcam is much better than M$. Better DR, nicer colours and texture. M$ makes you look like a pasty, too much noise reduction But still 720p lol

  • All those overpriced apple accessories and services from the past years were used as R&D for the M1 lol

  • Macbook is best ! always

  • q paja mecho

  • What percentage was Macbook air M1battery at after all the testing

    • My macbook gives me 13 hours on heavy use and 20 hours on just browsing the internet and watching videos on battery mode.

  • there is only with alcantara amd laptop !!!

  • I mean, check on the Microsoft desktop laptop site and you will see that there is no amd laptop made of aluminum, then which computer is the one that appears in your video? How is this possible? There is definitely a problem with this issue. Amazon may have brought you a different laptop (for example Surface 3). Check it and fix it!!!!

  • Apple's M1 is the product that we should expect for a system that it specifically built for their own product. I'm still confused at why the fuck exynoss could not reach that level yet, probably because they still use android instead of custom made software like apple? Anyway this is really cool, the only thing i'm waiting for is just steam for mac lmao

  • I'm not a professional but I know a lot and something goes wrong with the information you say in your video and especially with microsoft laptos! I realy like your videos but pls check it !

    • Obviously there is a problem, it compares two quad-core processors to an Apple 8-core processor.

  • Why would you tell us only how many pounds it weighs? Most of the world use kilogram and have no clue what that means. Please use both measurements in the future.

    • Can you not just google it or use simple maths

  • Bro, you will be surprised my laptop file transfer speed is at 25mbps 🤣🤣. And you are complaining about 350mbps.

  • Geez and that was just the Air Version. Can’t wait for the M2 Macbooks.

  • Looks like apple finally, finally overtook them. Good on them for switching to their own chips

  • M1 is a true marvel. Apple has smoked the industry giants once again.

  • could you try it again with Bootcamp on Mac Air so all are using Windows

  • AMD this, amd that and amd surface is the shittiest :))

  • M1 is ass

  • I was just watching the Matebook vs Macbook Air video. Thanks for keeping the song.

  • There wouldn't be a problem if the 15 inch AMD Ryzen 7 16GB Surface Laptop 4 would cost $1,000. Ultimately, price is what makes a device great or not. The performance difference to the M1 MacBooks would be more than justifiable, but like this, paying even a slightly higher price than a comparable 13 inch MacBook is kind of insane. This is clearly a business aimed product, where some folks are unfortunately stuck in the Windows ecosystem and these, as laughable as they are, are actually the best Windows laptops on the market right now, in this category. It's no wonder they keep Windows locked down on ARM chips, the Surface line would end if they made Windows available on ARM, as I am sure Apple is more than happy to allow Boot Camp just fine. I mean, you still buy one of their computers, and I am sure that real world performance of Windows on M1 silicon is better than any x86 machine. Indeed, the best Windows laptop on the market could be an M1 MacBook. Even with a 20% drop, the MacBook would be a top choice for people that need to use Windows if it run Windows. So, bottom line, Microsoft, discount these Surface devices by 50% and then you'll easily win in the consumer market. In the current state of affairs, only people that really need Windows on bare metal should look on these when the M1 chips exist.

  • The interesting bit here is that, as much as AMD did come up on multicore and battery life, there are legitimate tradeoffs and reasons to get either one. The Intel one keeps nearly all of its performance on battery life while the AMD falls off, and does have better GPU and single threaded performance, which makes things like the web feel snappier. AMD for battery life or if you know you use more than 4C/8T. Intel for better "everyday snap" with the consistent performance unplugged, the single core performance, and the IGP. But they're both slightly red in the face because of M1.

  • I feel like it's a biased to Mac review. Like "screen is brighter... but, Mac have less reflection..."... "Surface sound is good, but Mac sounds better"... Camera: Surface looks and sounds better... but "let me know what do you think in the comments below"... Just admit when things are better in Surface. It's bigger, have touchscreen, monitor is brighter and more.

  • the AMD one is zen 2 (2019) others are newer. so you can't expect much on the old AMD.

  • i switched from macbook to surface pro, so I can lay on my bed playing my favorite games.

  • You forgot to mention the battery life for each machine? Can either of the Windows machines even run half as long as the MBA?

  • Sou you compared the cheapest MacBook to the most expensive amd surface? And the Mac still won?? Loool

  • AMD and Intel, with full armor and best weapons, while M1 MacBook Air is like, I am gonna beat you guys with my bare hands in full naked.

  • Apple just made history with that chip

  • mac book

  • 20:00 (WASTED) minutes later Mac M1 wins.

  • The M1 machines are very spiffy but the NAND write issue has me thoroughly spooked from getting one because an SSD crapping out in 2~4 years due to ram heavy loads... woudn't be much fun, knowing apple they'll probably try to weasel their way out of covering repair costs despite building an avoidable failure mode into the machine to eek an extra bit of performance out of the machines in question. You can get around it somewhat by buying one with more ram & nand cells but despite this it's apparent (at least on the surface) that these machines aren't built to last. Apple's boards in laptops aren't known to be the most reliable not that there are many laptops that can claim that title. (Outside of stuff like toughbooks which tend to be overbuilt but still manage to fail once in a blue moon). Maybe in ten years I'll look back at my SSD hypermiling and laugh that said the peace of mind that comes from not constantly dumping data on the suckers is worth more to me than the slight performance edge that comes from dumping/loading data that would ideally stay in RAM instead of taking a trip on the SSD.

  • stupid

  • Would it have made a big difference or any difference if the M1 air was plugged in?

  • I think the whole "Mac vs PC" is stupid af. I'm thrilled to see laptops of both taking strides recently!

  • This is not even a competition it's a massacre...

  • intel crying right now

  • Not shocked. Your clickbait title was wrong.

  • Why is gpu bench not run in arch 64? It’s literally telling to use it below the score

  • the surface has a replaceable ssd tho

  • I’m a apple fan but the MacBook speakers sounded tinny on my iPhone. I think I preferred the song playing on the Surface laptop.

  • Wow...M1 MBA knocks both out of the park!

  • apple 16 inch macbook pro with m1 is going to be nuts

  • There's nothing called Thunderbolt 4, did you mean USB 4?

  • Pretty much any benchmark with M1 involved makes other systems look way too sluggish and obsolete.

  • 16ram pro is rven faster.

  • Everything is ok until you remember that the M1 is arm and a lot of programs have to run through Rosetta or don't even run at all like VirtualBox... Also, you got a beautiful swap partition that that will bring dead to you SSD if you use some apps with Rosetta at the same time... And don't forget that you have a closed OS as everything made by Apple... I almost forgot that in the last update you can't side load .ipa anymore, so you have all that power for what?

  • Needed to do the Cinebench test on the AMD whilst unplugged. 😉 The fact the seven core M1 unplugged is thrashing both the AMD and Intel machines generally (even when Rosetta 2 emulated)… is madness. Apple have done a severely impressive job with their silicon. Can’t wait for more native support from apps and games, because that M1 over the months and years ahead will fly.

  • It has the upgrade but just a little bit not louder

  • Macbook sounds better.

  • 15:54 MacBook Pro???

  • Soo which version of AMD & Intel processors are used in Surface Laptops ??? Thats main thing you should say 1st..... You didnt said regarding CPUs, Ryzen ?? Gen ?? Intel i3, or i5 or i7 or i9 ??? & is it H series or K series or U series ??

  • Surface sound much better....mac sound is harsh!To much hi, hi flat response

  • Really liking my M1 MacBook, but apple are way behind in design now. At least 5 years. Apple has a problem in that they clearly wanted to be the ones going to clean, sharp rectilinear design, but they've left it so long that the lozenge shaped, kids' computer is becoming their thing.

  • Da a gaming test too XD

  • Didn't understand why you're comparing these devices while it's so obvious that Apple's way superior! And I thought Apple is twice their price as always. But man! You say it's even cheaper! Are you kidding me! Why on earth would someone with a sane mind buys the Surface!

  • The Apple M1 is a revolution in chip design.

  • Intel is Israeli spyware. M1 is probably the same. AMD, unlikely to be Israeli spyware.

  • Mac all the way

  • M1 is the slowest and worst Apple Silicon chip Apple will ever ship - remember that folks. This is their low end chip designed to run without a fan 😂

  • 4:32 the grey one sounds like its behide a wall

  • Finally Apple gets as good as it was 15 Years ago

  • One of the best comparison. Thank you dude 🙏🏻

  • Waw m1 really killing it...

  • $999 legion 5 with 4800h and 1660ti will just smash m1 lol

    • Yeah it's a work laptop easy to carry around and browse through not made for gaming you idiot

  • at 12:46 you are not in high performance , you need to change that in energy settings not that bar

  • Well, i buy Mac M1 because the OS. I have windows laptop too. But love mac.

  • Dont buy the M1 buy macbook thats still uses Intel. Mine have sime slight hiccup that might not exist before in Macs

  • M1, wow!!!

  • M1, all the way

  • Difference is, the Ryzen in the surface 4 is commonly on laptops that cost 650-700$, Microsoft is the new oldschool Apple, useless and overpriced. M1 or AMD are a great deal!

  • This is my job. I work on these things. I am typing this on a MacBook Pro a1989 right now, so don't call me a Windows fanboy. Do you know that you can set Windows to not throttle the CPU? You have to go deeper than the desktop though. I feel like this test is data based on unfair benchmark runs. Microsoft Surface Laptops are terrible. They are not great representations of what a Ryzen and an 11th Gen intel can do.

  • mac sucks end of discution

  • a comparison with a Ryzen 4700U/ 4800U from Lenovo or Asus would be much more interesting... instead of that Microsoft midrange notebooks.. Apple made a really good CPU no question.. but the price tag is another story and for most of the users a notebook in the price range of 800-1000€ fulfills today all demands for browsing, working in office and that stuff.. I don't know why Apple isn't able to support without downloading drivers a dockingstation with 2 external screens in 2021! I was testing 3 different docking stations and none of them where working out of the box on USB-C. I love my ipad Air but switching to a macbook with that price tag no way..

  • Apple is just incredible

  • Fake he didint collect any data that anything was true,

  • Hey is it worth to buy the Mac Book Pro or should I go with the air?

  • I am a desktop man. I still hunt mastodons with large rocks and obsidian tipped spears. I was here only to see how AMD did.

  • I bought a Macbook Pro M1 last Saturday, but I wasn't impressed with it and I returned it. It's not that fast and you can't run old programs. A few ports and I hate dangles.

  • Since the M1 Mac was unplugged the whole time, would be interesting how much the battery dropped

  • The MacBook Air is absolutely the best laptop of all time yet.