Fall of the Lich King Ending Remastered (World of Warcraft Cinematic)

Publicerades den 24 feb 2020
Wrath of the Lich King was the first expansion we fully experienced and the last chance to connect to our roots from the original Warcraft 3 game.
This is where we met most of our friends, felt the thrill of raiding and competitive pvp and followed the story of Arthas to its bitter end.
It has now been over a decade and as our time in wow slowly comes to an end, this remains our fondest memory. We feel there is no better way to remember and appreciate
half a life spent in WoW, than with the cinematic that ended our favorite expansion.
Pivotal - Animation, Camera
MasterVertex - Lighting, simulation, VFX, rigging
Both - Character remodelling, compositing, texture editing
Huge shoutout to Dedrich for making the hard-to-do fluids in this animation. Link to his channel below.
Finally, special thanks to Kayes(Grave). She's pushed us together as a team at the start of the project. Without her, Dedrich would not have been here to make the simulations. She's also been vital to spot critical mistakes in the first drafts of our redesign of Arthas.
Follow me on Twitter to follow up on what I'm currently working on, as well as see other random stuff i may say sometimes:
This is a passion project that has taken us more than 5 months to do, as we wanted to upscale and remodel all the characters in the video and try out technologies none of us have ever attempted.
Blood, sweat and tears have gone into this project, with more than 1000+ hours put into it.
We would really appreciate if you would like the video and consider subscribing as well.
No shout out to Autodesk Maya. This thing spent more time crashing than running and siphoned more life energy from us than Frostmourne ever could.


  • So sad i see arthas and uther

  • Sleep..my king

  • Does it show that Arthas still had some goodness in him? That he truly regretted killing his father and the others?

  • Ah one of the last expansion that Blizzard still had full control over their on IP. Fuck Activsion for ruining another company, I hope other companies learn lessons from what has happened to Bungie(at least these guys got over from under them) and Blizzard and never jump in bed with Activision.

  • No matter how many times I watch it, it still brings tears to my eyes.

  • Arthas is the Anakin Skywalker of WoW and I'm all for it

  • Bolvar: Go, leave this place, and never return! Blizzard: But money...

  • Не забывайте. Король лич грядёт. Нам нужно дождаться.

  • *there must always be, a lich king...* Sylvannas: WHOOPS, NO HAT!

  • "Tell them only that the Lich King is dead and World of Warcraft died with him."

  • -Father! Is it over? -No my son. Pilav will be here again tomorrow for his 1% invincible mount chance. -I see only KEKWs in the twitch chat.. before me **dies**

  • Even though he left clear instruction, I'm back here every week.

  • he see only... shadowlands... for him

  • incredible!

  • Tyrion Fordring... Wielder of the ASHBRINGER The champion of Light who defeated the the lich king. One of the mightiest heroes of Azeroth killed off by a trash monster in Legion.... tell me blizzard.... where is the justice in that?

  • Who is fire man? ::::|

  • Just came here to refresh myself after the retcon travesty that is Shadowlands.

  • Damn, I got the chills watching this. No expansion since has ever come close to the epicness of WotLK. Rest In Peace Arthas.

  • Arthas coming back from Maw to kill Jailor for redemption. Mark my words lads 👈

  • I still cry when I watch this. Really great job with the remastering! The expressions are so much clearer now. Unbeliveble beatiful and tragic story, the story of Arthas Menethil. I remember muting ventrilo and skipping the loot sequence because I would rather watch this than get my epics.

  • So in Shadowlands is the land of the dead what if all the characters will be there I hope Arthas Return in Shadowlands

  • After BFA I think Blizzard is getting way better with their storyline in Shadowlands

  • No one tell Bolvar what would happen with the Crown. WotLK classic when?

  • This is astonishing

  • We need a Lich King of Angmar

  • Arthas 2009: "I see only darkness before me". Blizz 2020: *Throws Arthas in The Maw*

  • i like the original better, though worse graphics wise, this version doesnt have the part where the light leaves arthas' eyes as he dies

  • "At long last, no king rules forever, my son." This is like Terenas is actually telling us (players), that WotLK has been last good expansion due to ongoing changes in Blizzard at the time.

  • Still so salty how they massacred ma Boi ( Tirion Fordring)

  • Badassss !!!!

  • держите руский ком. видяха очешуенная ) я фанат лк. кто где играет ? )

  • He saw only darkness indeed...cuz Activision bought blizzard and only hell followed.

  • It makes me emotional seeing the blue glow in his eyes dissapear as he recovers what little humanity he had left before he died

  • The only gripe I have with this is that the Maw runes in the ground around Arthas don't light up as he dies, it's one of the biggest details in the original cutscene. Other than that, it's perfect work.

  • This was so well done

  • @3:30 when the icy hot kicks in

  • I will never forget that 1st kill on LK and being the first on my realm to watch this. Oh, such nostalgia!

  • Man WotLK is by far the best expansion....

  • -It is over? -Nope, I still didn't get my invincible

  • I love this because it makes the cinematic look like the graphics of Modern Wow. (Leigon, BFA, Shadowlands)

  • Even in remastered version the Crown doesn't suit him at all.

  • The end of WoW

    • you know that sl and legion are one of the strongest addons? lol

  • Jailer of the Dammed ?

  • The jolly tanzania pharmacologically pause because polish whitely open excluding a gifted tip. ceaseless, plausible sense

  • "There must always be a Lich King" So that was a fucking lie.

    • and there WAS a scourge outbreak because there wasnt a lich king so yeah. i was there on ptr. i was there when even the max levels were getting one shot on respawn.

    • I mean the sky shattered, I guess thats a pretty good reason to have a Lich King around

  • (•_•) _"...there must always be..."_ 1:17 ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) _"...a Lich King."_ *YEAAAAAAAAH!!!*

  • I feel so bad for killing arthas

  • The stupendous attack rarely explode because november effectively start down a royal dust. hot huge, grateful gratis copper

  • Bolvar's voice changed to the voice of the Jailer of the Maw (Shadowlands). The helmet held so much power, when it was broken by Sylvanas...it opened a portal to the Maw. The video is available by watching the Pre Shadowlands video.

  • Indescript burnt man sitting on the throne. "Bolvar!"

  • If there is only way they have a way to revive arthas back to warcraft

  • Imagine a Pivotol remaster of Tales of the Past 3 by Martin falch, that shit would make me die

  • Bolvar, Arthas and WoW died here. Press F to pay respect. Srsly tho, Arthas was the best ever Blizzard character(one of my ATG in any media) and Bolvar was pretty damn awesome himself

  • Tell them only the lich king is dead and world of warcraft died with him

    • hot damn

  • Arthas WAS warcraft....when he died, warcraft died truly....blizzard has been beating the dead horse ever since then....

  • Much better than Warcraft III: Reforged

  • nice work on the reflections. thank you for making this.

  • How he died exactly,who Arthas fought?

  • So glad when Arthas finally died. After all the pain and suffering he personally caused he does deserve to burn in hell.

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  • Gets boring after watching this 4 times every week. Invincible! WHERE ARE YOU!

  • I know its a tall order, but I'd _love_ to see you reimagine the battle of Light's hope as a cinematic. It would be amazing.

  • Why green? Arthas's eyes are supposed to be blue.

    • It actually really depends on the medium, not sure what the canon color is considered.

    • No his eyes are supposed to be green

  • Ahh yes, back when WoW had good writing....

  • WOW I love this! This deserves a million views

  • Say what you want to say but i think bolvar is such a badass

  • I am convinced Arthas should've been in Revendreth. Curse the broken part of Uther and his paragon.

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  • they must never know what was done here today every player of wow know what was done this day FAILURE

  • I never really understood how Arthas's father was such an expert in the scourge and helm of domination

    • @Sooz Sounds like a god awful theory

    • Some people theorised that it wasnt actually him but Yogg-Saron

    • Being trapped in Frostmourne as long as he has possibly taught him things. Besides the helm and sword both are much older than they both are

  • This Expansion Deserves Remastered

  • This could have been a good cinematic

  • if only he was... the jailer... of the damned.

  • Spanish version is better (real spanish, no latam shit). But still a very nice masterpiece.

  • It’s not even about animation. The story here is just so much better

  • Warcrafts peak in a nutshell, not just the MMO. The pay off we all waited for, which we got and then some. There must always be, a LICH KING!

  • So arthas was a good guy then? he saw the darkness and didnt send any more souls to the jailer

    • More likely Kel'Thuzad and Nerzhul are. In a way, Arthas was just their pawn.

  • Ok so war of warcraft shadow lands is coming out. What happens now that there is no lich king?

  • I never got the chance to play this but i still feel a strong attachment to the WoW story. Even if it has its major problems

  • here I am at 2 am in the morning getting chills from this amazing cinematic

  • Is it ok tho share this non wow users? wwas good video

  • 3:35 Caligo Caelum

  • This was the actual peak of warcraft.

  • Does anyone know if they gonna do a remastered version of the wrath of the litch king if they do I would come back to it

  • That long and hard fight to finally get to see this.. ah the memories.

  • Bolvar !

  • Glorious

  • Anyone know when he got a haircut? Like did he take off is helmet and temporarily stop being the lich king or did he cut around the helmet like a bowl cut?

  • Honestly just think Blizzard should hire this dude and remaster all cinematics. Or just pay this guy for them to use these in place of the old ones.

  • why am i crying in the club rn

  • If I could some how replace the in game video with this one I would. Just Arthas' face being fixed is worth it alone.

  • Imagine Arthas as Trump and the scourge as maga peeps

  • Arthas maybe died on the script but he will be still alive in our heart ;(

  • 3:42 Wait, how'd he get all the way down there again? Did he fall down off-screen?

  • Idea: blizzard should hire a professional art team to remaster all of the older expansion cutscenes to give the game a newer feel

  • "Tirion, you have another destiny!" die like a trash in legion expension for nothing, nice one Bolwar was not forgotten even for 5 years, nice two Crown just broken for few skeletons ivent somewhere in azeroth, nice three

  • Wonderful. Well done.

  • At first I didn’t understand why Arthas ask « Is it over ». Find out after I’v read the book. That line is said by the rest of good in Arthas, trapped for years after he became the LK.

  • armors a little bit to shiny THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT

  • Wow! This looks incredible! I thought it was Blizzard's remaster until I read the description. They need to hire your team to remaster their cinematics.

  • theres literally only one way up to the throne, thats through those stairs. I like how Bolvar snuck up on the the throne in front of Tirion, just to sound more dramatic.