George And Will Watch Cool Cat (2015)

Publicerades den 4 maj 2021
Today WillNE and I sit down and watch Cool Cat Saves The Kids, the best film ever made.
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  • The sequal cool cat and momma cat run away from shane Dawson

  • I don't feel okay

  • 9:16 "And I bet you will, you fine lookin' kitty cat!" HAHHFNFJDGSGSHHDXGHDJHDHDJ immediately dropped my switch right then and there.

  • Butch has type 2 diabetes.

  • You should do a review of this guy. His name is Andy Johns. He sold my dad a car a few years ago and said he does wrestling in his free time. Then suddenly this absolute unit pops up on a promo video for my local honda garage.

  • Can u make a vid about Pe yputube channel’s they make things like amongus chase for pe

  • This is one of the funniest videos i have ever seen ngl

  • 12:27 The Kid just stands there waiting for him to just tell somebody to soon get arrested

  • Today is my birthday

  • 14:40 bruh dont just stand there, grab the gun and ₭łⱠⱠ the bully, simple

  • Derek Savage tried to scare a different youtuber into taking down his review of this movie because he didn't like what he had to say. He sent him a fake email pretending to be a law office. A law office that doesn't exist.

  • F

  • Next up: The entire Shrek series

  • 9:25

  • 13:11

  • haven't even finished and i LOVE the editing

  • Keep it as a series of crap cat films! Cats the musical, a talking cat!?, or the Garfield trilogy from the eboys secret Santa.

  • cool cat reminds me of the ryans world panda

  • Cool cat shags the kids

  • The worst part about this movie is that George doesn’t know what knight rider is

  • poggers

  • next they need to watch Cool Cat Finds a Gun

  • /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • ___hi weoe wot is 9 - 100 =

  • George make a video about morgz's documentary

  • That was the best

  • What about cat in the hat

  • Ok but are you streaming cool cat fights coronavirus on Friday? Will you be streaming the 4’th annual 4/20 awards? Will you be commenting on Fair Use? FAKE FAN OF THE CCCU

  • Why does Cool Cat Saves The Kids look like a 2007 youtube video?

    • It's not?... Wait what I thought it was 😭

  • 5:26

  • George's laugh 😂💕

  • Now watch the second one child

  • Fun fact: Cool cat is actually a an extreme political power and calls his followers the Kool Kat Klan

  • Let’s be honest if that bully was real in Britain then they would be dead by now

  • Plot twist: Cool cat shoots the bully with a gun

  • Jeez, Erik Estrada reached dizzy heights with CHIPS in the 70's and now he has clearly reached rock bottom, poor guy.


  • Antone noticed george has an nes in his room

  • Imagine walking down the street and seeing them filming an adult dressed as a cat hanging around with kids

  • well, cool cat you seem a little off

  • How to resolve bullying: Step 1. Crack the bullies skull Congrats, you ended bullying

  • i’m addicted to this video help me

  • Calling it now Cool cat's an scp

  • do a video on Scruzah. He now does 3 am vids and they are SO cringy!!!

  • (ಠ‿ಠ)

  • ahh so this is the thing that cat costume from dayshift at freddys comes from.

  • Fun Fact: Derek Savage used to model for Playgirl.

  • daddy derek

  • Why has George’s voice gone up over the years

  • Will when Cool Cat said “with friends like that, you better not have any enemies!” Well if your friends are such assholes, your enemies must be fucking serial killers...

  • Now its time to watch the amazing bulk

  • Pretty sure George is the British tiger king

  • I was always rooting for the bully but he lost so now I'm sad


  • I’m waiting on that Kanye east video


  • Can u please review pickmepete on tic tok because he is the most American person ever and I can't be fucking bothered with him

  • Watch the loraxx

  • 9:14 excuse me? Wat the hell

  • drink everytime they say cool cat

  • Neil breen

  • Yes I can end bullying with a furr suit

  • The way he stands up and shakes his hands is so weird

  • 3:22 HOL UP

  • What's next yellow Dino the pedo hunter

  • Anything with Eric Estrada in it has my seal of approval.

  • they should have taken the gun to kill the bully if he tries to bully them again

  • I want to see an R rated version of this movie where Cool Cat goes and kills all bully children and the film ends with Cool Cat being shot and then at the funeral mama Cat and Daddy Derek get assassinated by the Ultimate Bully Cool Cat then kicks the coffin and breaks through and sets up for a sequel where Cool Cat hunts down the ultimate bully to kill him Also the Ultimate Bully would be played by the blonde bully reprising his role


  • I would say make this a series but I think will is already at his breaking point

  • George has a soft spot for cat fursonas

  • Free will please

  • when I heard I got a text me its gonna be a rickroll

  • why does james sound so deep, but tried being trans for a day? still like the vid

  • if this channel turns into will and george watch strange kids movies nobody will complain

  • Omg these film reacting is soooo good please do more.

  • will does not know what cool cat is therefore will has likely never heard of I Hate Everything. Very disappointing discovery fellas

  • We not gonna acknowledge that there was Vivica A. Fox and George Lopez?

  • Don't sub to Willne... He is a foot fettish 🥩

  • Next up: George and James watch Sharknado

  • One day George is gonna get a knock on the door from TLC to be on my strange addiction about cats

  • 8:14 ksi road to Beastality

  • watch Neil breen

  • 16:15 you can hear a doorbell in the background

  • Watch the Thomas the tank movie next lad

  • 13:15 I love babies!

  • Just look up the parents guide for this imbd

  • LMAO

  • Remember TuckFrump? I just thought, you think they’ll even make BuckFiden???

  • WTF was that 😂

  • George... are... you... i-infected by t-t this?

  • I GOT A ARMED WEAPON The kids: Shit he's got a gun HE MIGHT TAKE MY LUNCH MONEY

  • Congrats on a billion views mate

  • The saying is: With friends like that who needs enemies

  • Derek is the true Cat-Man

  • *Look mommy! Theres an anti- bullying, Pedo- furry in a five dollar film production!* *Thats nice hunny.*

  • 0:36 that knock nearly made me have a stroke

  • I love how funny the bully is

  • Sandwiches

  • I have the attention span of a cloth, but I was actually able to sit through 17:10 minutes of this sh!t