The New Porsche 911 GT3's Engine Is A Masterpiece

Publicerades den 24 feb 2021
The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3's 4.0L Naturally Aspirated Boxer Six-Cylinder Engine
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The new Porsche 911 GT3 engine revs to 9,000 RPM. The 4.0L boxer six-cylinder is naturally aspirated, producing 502 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque. The engine is packed with clever features including individual throttle bodies, two resonance valves, rigid valve train, DLC-coated rocker arms, large-bore cylinders, and a dry sump oil system with seven pickup locations, ensuring proper oil flow under track conditions. The 4.0L has seen numerous updates since its introduction in the 2011 GT3 RS 4.0, and has been used in subsequent 911 GT3 variants since.
The 2022 GT3 has also lapped the Nurburgring in just under seven minutes! Thanks to weight reduction through material selection such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic, titanium engine components, and special glass, the curb weight is kept low. Handling is improved with a new front and rear suspension, completely redesigned from the standard 911. Grip is maximized with Michelin Cup 2 R tires, and significantly increased downforce over the previous GT3.
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  • And that's why real car guys drives porsches and influencers drives lambos etc...

  • Sounds incredible.

  • It's really bizarre to me how many people in the US apparently can't drive a manual, where I come from (Germany) most people ( I think) can and do drive manuals.

  • Please make a video on how 911 Turbo S (992 version) achieves 0-60 in 2.2s. How does it rank higher than all the hypercars and electric/hybrid cars with only a twin turbo flat 6 outputing just 600 HP. I searched everywhere and cannot find a detailed, systematic explanation on this.

  • you are no looser my freind

  • auto zone has a sale on gt3 engines for 1999.00 nocore limited time ..... where does this guy teach school anyone ?

  • Saw that exact car on the 210 freeway today. Absolutely beautiful. It must have been a press car I didn’t think anyone had one yet.

  • that blue gives it 500+ hp

  • Got to drive one once up in Deleware. Came over the hill at 165 and thanks to some good down shifting and excellent brakes I was able to defeat the State Trooper sitting on the next hill top from getting a lock on me... :D Frikkin awesome ride!

  • But the new 911 GT3 is uglier than previous generations... really don’t see the point of good engine if the car doesn’t look good

  • The 911 gt3 has a hella efficient NA engine , that's why it has such a good BMEP. Thee Germans are good in their business, love ur car tech.

  • What is the compression ratio?

  • Grat video and definitely great car. Your MX5 is lot of fun specially when you start chasing Gt3's down the track like I like to do with my MX5 . Much more fun than opposite scenario.

  • DLC on a production car, says it all.

  • and they're sold with manual :O I need one

  • The radical can’t compare....AT ALL, very very cool car though

  • It truly is a masterpiece and it seems even better amongst today's downsized bumblebees.

  • I had a 1200€ diesel manual. I'm glad you call me a snob now. To prove your point: automatics are for ...

    • Is driving stick really that special? Everyone does it here in Sweden...

    • To clarify: you have two kinds of drivers. Those who can stick shift, and ...

  • This is definitely not the s*** I was expecting at 0400 in the morning, on this channel specifically that is.

  • I would trade a kidney an a ball for a gt3

  • Im no engineer, so forgive my ignorance. If an engine is pulling air in doesn't that mean the air is less than atmospheric pressure. You need negative pressure to suck air, right? Am I splitting hairs here? Nevermind, you explained it. My bad

  • Dude can you do a vid on it’s suspension?

  • It's the fastest underpowered car. Yay.

  • Pennzoil ultra platinum obviously better.

  • Wow. And then my mind went to "can you imagine how much that will cost to fix off warranty" 50k for an engine or more...... I sort of miss simple...

  • actually, it lapped faster than the 918. You quoted the full 20832m configuration time, while the 918 did the 20600m time.

  • Porsche the one that started the boxer engine right? Then 14 a compression that's muscle car status my next question is are they turbocharged the engine is doing enough work by itself along with that you turbocharged twin turbo

  • Too many ads.

  • This is exactly why I dislike EVs, I am really afraid fun cars will disappear because everyone is hyper-fixated on EVs. I mean why is no one considering environmentally friendly fuels? EVs will never be able to offer the manual transmission, high revving engine experience. Do you think the future will be full of boring EVs, that you can't even drive, because it drives itself?

  • Elitist manual snobs in da house :d I daily an electric car because I'm a loser lol

  • That's cool in all, but you can just turbo charge anyway. 😉

  • Just the right amount of tension in your voice. Wish I knew half as much automotive engineering as you.

  • lol only 502 Hp

  • Nice topic, but listening to you is painful, better to let someone aisle talk, unpleasant and to high voice pitch and talking like a boring teacher..

  • Outstanding video

  • Good stuff! Thanks.

  • Every modern 911 can run a 24 hour race right off showroom floor with only a change of brake pads and tires - one reason they are so expensive. Another is the crazy engineering of models like this new GT3 that are absolutely drool worthy :) and the even crazier GT3RS still to come!

  • wow amazing ! thanks for this video

  • They get to masterpiece status and then a roadstar comes along and quietly destroys it.

  • It might be a masterpiece but if you blow it up you will need to sell a master piece to pay for it.

  • Why on earth has porsche not switched over to pneumatic valves yet??

  • 500 Porsche hp is the equivalent of 800 normal hp

  • The painstaking toad seasonally shade because peony maternally include mid a capable cellar. fearful fearless, jumbled rectangle

  • Why boxer 6 cylinder why not boxer 12 cylinder

  • One just can't help but to wonder what the Cayman would be like if they were to go all out and make it all it can be by giving it this engine (among other things).

  • 9k rpm nice

  • Where do they get these voices from? Why is it always the same annoying drone voice? Is there a school where these people go and learn how to speak like this?

  • Please make a video on synthetic fuels that Porsche is currently developing and trying to save ICE engines with it.

  • that blue interior is gehhhh toehhhhh

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  • Same here, growing up the 360 and F430 were my dream cars. Now they’re within budget, but now I want the GT3. I liked the looks of last gen GT3 more but newest is well engineered and if you’re going to buy one, might as well get the new one with the driving school/track time

  • Me: *absolutely clueless about everything you said* Also me: Wow that's very impressive.

  • Ferrari 458 did that long time ago, Enzo is laughing in the grave right now...

  • additionally you can open the intake valve prior to the exhaust valve closing and prior to the piston reaching the intake stroke due to the low pressure created in the exhaust tract - thus drawing intake charge prior to the actual intake stroke's piston drawing down. .

  • To complex. Go electric.

  • Love Porche's dedication to maximizing the existing fundamentals rather than moving to bigger displacement. Great explanation to simplify the "magic" at work.

  • censoring test

  • You sound like Morty !!

  • Ive got so much dumber over the last 5 years I somehow understoof everything you were talking about when I was a kid

  • "One of the fastest RPMs in production car engines" *laughs in AP1 S2K* Jk

  • The desirability of this car just doubled with a manual... mmmmmmanual. I have 11 cars/trucks ALL my dailys are auto ALL my play cars are manual. When im driving for pleasure I WANT to be engaged, simple in my mind.

  • I love the Porsche, even though I find it boring to look at (they look the same as they did 30 years ago) but you can't say Porsche engines sound as good as Ferrari v8s come on now

  • How much does it cost? 🤔

  • In my opinion the Subaru EJ20 turbocharged 2.0L boxer which goes up to 8000rpm, is a perfect engine.

  • Supercharged MX-5? Yes keep telling yourself it's just as good because it probably is on a fun scale! I have an M240i convertible and it's a hooligan but for some reason I'm salivating over the new improved Subaru brz coming later this year, some of us car guys are never satisfied 😕

  • Ah yeah, you did the Xtreme Experience too!? I got to drive a 488, a Huracan, and a 911. Personally it's tough to choose between the Ferrari and Porsche, but if I had the opportunity I'd go with a 911.

  • I've been trying to say for awhile now, since the Subaru BRZ came out, that the way forward is ITR's (Individual Throttle Bodies) in modern Naturally Aspirated engines. The lightweight, high torque, instant throttle response, is exactly what drivers want. Mate that to a 5 or 6 speed Manual Transmission, and you have the perfect driver's car.

  • As a child I would listen to my father go on about Porsche engineering. Now in my 50's, I do the same to my kids. I hope the tradition keeps on. This video jogged my memory back. Thank you.

  • 3:41 got me thinking, it is crazy my car has 215 ft lbs of torque per liter. Of course I would love to have a GT3 because it is built for track. Also I am interested in the upcoming C8 Z06. The new C8 Z06 might need a video like this also.

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  • Great content, as always.

  • Well, it is a masterpiece, but I do not like the shock-blue color.

  • Who cares? Even a Tesla Model 3 performance would beat this. ICE engines are obsolete.

  • Imo under most applications the best design is the straight 6. Weather it be a big diesel or small displacement motor the straight 6 has proven itself for decades to be one of the best lubricated simpler longest lasting more dependable motors designed to date. I find it difficult to think of a car company that hasn't used one that's regarded as reliable sometime in its history. Lots of engines make power but a straight 6 makes more than a v with the same displacement, and not many of the V's are as bomb proof as the straight 6. Even after being abandoned my manufacturers it's on it's way back after almost 100 years after its introduction. Ps the pdk is better.. if you like handicapping yourself like the 70% of American porche buyers your welcome to do so. Ha. I'd understand if it cost more but.... it doesn't. Do u really want a slower car because it's fun?

  • It doesn’t take an engineer to figure out that the car with the longest gas pedal travel will always win. 🤔

  • i never liked them. As I grew older and realised changing things is no good, I respect what they have done. Instead of revolutionary new cars every few years, they just upgrade the same car making it better and better.... The only problem I have with porsche is- with so many better models, unless you can afford the best one you will always be looking to upgrade

  • Yes, Nordschleife is a relatively fast circuit but it's not Monza-style fast (where poweeeeeerrrrrr matters the most), it's Spa-style fast: lots of long sweeping turns put an emphasis on the car's stability and lateral grip, not on its power. The comparison with Radical proves it, the Radical is only slightly faster even though it has a much higher power-to-weight ratio. So it's the tyres and suspension that do the trick for this Porsche rather than its engine. The latter might very well be great, but it doesn't really matter in this case.

  • That is magnificently complicated. Gotta think there isn't much room for improvement. and with EV's now, why would you bother.

  • You should have compared to the LT4 engine. It only runs a conservative 9 psi yet puts down 580 rwhp on a dyno. The GT3 engine - as good as it is ‐ produces about 450 rwhp. The 1 L S1000RR engine puts down 195 rwhp, so it's wins the power per L contest easily

  • Thankyou EE, that was detailed to the e

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  • well for starters 4:50....nut then again at 9:09. When we thought the 911r was the last stick....

  • The 911 has become a fat tub-o-lard

  • Give this man a porsche.

  • Uauuuu it’s amazing

  • HOW can engineering channel still use imperial units and mixing them with metrics...

  • 3:35 These are peak torque values, right? Did you mention what rpm these torque values occur? Because even though you may have (barely a full lb-ft advantage in torque) per liter to the Ghost relative to the GT3, you know it reaches that number way early thanks to the boost (

  • This is why Porsche is Porsche. Astonishing!

  • 170k is quite a steal for this

  • 11:25 wrx 5 speed trans? lol

  • Mercedes-AMG GT Enters the chat...

  • This really is the pinocle of engine design.

  • 6 publicity announcements during this video in Spain...loosing some fans here?...maybe...

  • McLaren does no Ring lap times... .

  • Can't afford it , but if I could I would buy the manual.

  • Porsche - where "German engineering" still means something. What a car. This has become my new ideal car that I will never be able to afford.

  • Wouldn't it be easier, cheaper, and better to just use a Turbo- / Super-charger?

  • If u like low weight, manual box and high rpm's it will be interesting to see what u think about Murray's T50. 400kg less, 300rpm higher revs

  • If it's reliable then it's impressive...Any production cars use compressed nitrogen gas instead of valve springs,like on race cars?

  • The fastest car I've ever been in was a 2015 911 turbo. The owner wasn't afraid to flog it to 180mph+. His favorite brag was it almost had 100,000 miles on it. It probably had well over that before he traded it in.