The Hero Tik Tok Needs

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  • pls keep ur hair this length forever bc *chefs kiss*

  • 6:34 Bruce Wayne's origin story

  • I kinda want an edit of him walking away in black and white with the song "cool guys don't look at explosions" playing in the background

  • can't believe cody referenced the "tastes like piss" joke that was literally the backbone of my humor for way too long

  • why does that fake pregnant lady look a bit like alena lmao


  • dude they have the same hair

  • OMG this guy turkish and we call these people as a "kro". Hkşkfdfhklhfdghj

  • Reminds me of the Dhar Mann of Tik-Tok

  • This poor baby, he’s being thrown around so harshly and being forced to act in these violent videos. poor thing is so fucking confused

  • cody im sorry to break it to you like this, but you kinda look like that guy with no neck from 90 day fiance

  • Finish love island shit was hilarious

  • Just realised the poor child was crying after the first clip. Wth esmer u using children and harming them for ur content.....fucked up. Lol

  • cody: i would save a kitten from a tree the tree: 6ft tall*** cody: uhhhh nvm

  • alternative video title: Dhar Mann: The Early Years

  • if you just met me and you tell me you have a tik tok account, i automatically have less respect for you.

  • You showed a blue iPhone and then a gold one... how rich are you Cody??

  • phones hate him

  • life lesson.. join the Russian mafia. *adidas track suit*

  • can you please break a tik tok down like a sports play? like with circles and lines and shit? ok thanks

  • Thank, Cody for the breakdown. I had no idea what the fuck was happening, back to you!

  • Wassup with that niggas hair

  • How much do you want to spend on phones to smash? Handsome Man: Yes

  • Ok writing this as i watch it: -only about 3 minutes in and so far this guy has a very anti-phone message for a guy filming these on a phone -holy shit i thought he yeeted the phone at the kid -dude just got fuckin murdered in front of a guy. ~edgy ticktok alert~ ~fuckin gross

  • omg lol never expected a lame Turkish Tik Toker in your video lol and his name means "your brunette (guy/girl/due/whatever subject)" es-meh-ree-neez

  • Soooo i kinda feel obligated to tell you that his name is NOT esmer, esmer just means brunette in turkish and esmeriniz means your (plural) brunette anyway i wanted to share that piece of info

  • Kinda shit vid ngl

  • Hey Cody! Your hair looks nice.

  • 4:23 I thought he threw the phone at the kid

  • L.fao... maybe in more populated places more public neglegent parenting happens so much more exponentially rapid than we can comprehend. Thus the need to start a ticktok trend.

  • The air punch bending was what got me. He flopped onto the ground and continued to stalk the same mom for more tiktok videos

  • what happened to the other dude

  • these videos were actually hard to watch.

  • I thought this dude was about to smash the phone this toddler head

  • I love how the camera man just sits there like nothing is happening

  • 𝗖𝗲𝗼 of breaking phones

  • the crab sound as you’re walking filming a fake tiktok i can’t handle it

  • So, in the abduction one, she can’t call the cops because he broke her phone right before he gets stabbed. K

  • Imagine if this was not scripted

  • the slow mo swag of a responsible bad boy

  • Esnerinizzz, abducting children and destroying private property since 2016 or whenever the fuck TikTok was made

  • Imagine.....the kid being "saved" over and over again growing up. Thinking this is how to behave in public. Walking around, smashing phones on the pavement, rolling in front of cars, handing kids and babies to random guys.

  • 💀💀💀

  • How u findin these accounts 💀

  • He nearly hit the kid with the phone no?

  • your videos have gotten so bad

  • This dude Esmier or whatever hair keeps pissing me off for some reason

  • Hahaha...the comment...the city is probably littered with phones...hahahah!

  • That poor kid lol

  • Slow Mo $wag

  • Anytime I hear that type of music in a tik tok I immediately know it’s going to be another next level genius type of stupid.

  • Ayooo he is Turkish and this is the dark side of Turkish tiktok lmao

    • @Doğa Demirel cidden bu kadar Türk olmasını istiyor musun?

    • @blaurn z no he’s turkish. his username and all of his tiktok captions are in turkish.

    • no he is indian🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • 7:45 like she wouldn't notice they're soggy and smell like ammonia.

  • 6:15 too bad that wasn't real.

  • Is 1:30 N&A productions?

  • nooo you found Turkish Tiktok 😭😭😭 run away as fast as u can!

  • so proud of my race...

  • Two things: 1) I like that it’s the same phone in all of them. 2) I like how said phone doesn’t break but just kinda bounces.

  • 7:20 pretty sure that’s illegal

  • he looks like gabbie hannah

  • senewss.infoevtehzLFEHA?feature=share

  • They put a real kid in danger just to make that first video


  • i thought that was hellen keller in the thumbnail

  • these are so fucking cringe bro

  • This man could destroy a Nokia

  • Fps is too low to do slow no

  • Hearing Cody not curse almost the entire video is like making a sandwich without bread. It's essential for it to be classified as such.

  • A expect a lot of people to be confused and laugh at the fact that he's a hero and destroyed someone's property but if you watch any superhero movie ever destroying property for no reason is a cliche by this point

  • 4:24 I thought he was gonna hit the baby with the phone..... ...I wish that happened

  • Damn Cody really just said 'salt and pepper' instead of 'salt and vinegar' flavoured chips...

  • his name is esmer ahahahhaha where my peeps at??? he found the turkish people.. he is in for a treat

  • I figured out what he is trying to tech us; “Never watch my TikTok”!

  • I don't understand tik tok..

  • Thw first one is funny because the child passed the car🤣

  • 8:22 is going down as one of the best moments in this channels history

  • Wait, did he legit shatter his phone? 😂

  • "All the kids are alive and thriving. And not getting hit by cars" could be the new intro for Tales from Lake Wobegon

  • y is the audio stereo

  • Something traumatic happened to him as a kid on the side of the road.......

  • The real question is why does this dude keep following this mom and kid😂

  • i thought he said reflect the n word

  • At 5:48 the hero is also on his phone, who's gonna smash it?

  • Lol that music is so cringe

  • Dude looks like the actress who played the witch in the wizard of Oz. Margaret Hamilton.

  • Cody we need more cooking and DIY videos

  • Ngl I liked this. He’s not trying to say this really happened. It has good choreography. It made me laugh even if it was a little cringe. Spreads a good message (like watch your kids, especially by a road)

  • Looks like Kumar’s younger brother.


  • nice indian guy🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Exactly, yeah Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • i CACKLED when he got stabbed to death like why was that the ending to that tik tok

  • Nooooooo!!!! Don't make Indians look stupid more than what already people think!!!!

  • My favorite part of that first clip, is the kid had already cleared the path of the car, and he comes fucking flying in like one of the Hardy brothers, whipping little dude around. lmfao

  • 😭😭😭

  • now she cant even call the police coz the guy that got stabbed threw her phone like a bossman/////////

  • That baby did his own stunt wow

  • Itiiiyiy

  • anyone else just not recognize cody in his profile pic like who is that


  • I think these are old prank vids edited to be hero tiktoks, also, poor kids getting snatched and given brain damage