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  • Shooting 'Lifestyle' is a great way to mix up product shots, working with brands and even portraits. One of my favourites ways to approach taking photos. What do you wanna hear about next? Comment below!

    • Love the bikes! I ride a DRZ 400 SM & a KTM 790 Duke

    • @Saad Ahmed it is 'You're the best!' Just saying.

    • Street photography pleaseeeeeee😭😭. Come on Pete just one video

    • This ones gonna sound a little odd but I’ve been curious about how you go about shooting your photos. I blame it on the POV photography vids I’ve been watching lately 😂

    • Tell me more about this bike of yours. Next vlog maybe? 👀

  • This actually works! Before he explained everything, I was watching the video (B roll) and thinking to myself, "huh, those are some nice shoes there". Not really noticing that they were the subject! This is the polar opposite of a hard pitch, of someone selling too hard. I like this. I'll use it

  • Where's "Skillshare Pete"?

  • thank you for your sharing 🙏

  • Hmmm very useful 👍

  • First time I smashed the like button, feels good 🤘

  • See everything Redbull is doing... This is the true meaning of lifestyle photography.

  • first of all such a good video secondly did he just say to GET OFF to a motorbike (3:57). The inner child in me had a little chuckle at that :P

  • Don't forget to mix brands like Alpinestars boots and Fox gloves. Then you can pitch the shoot to both brands and get paid twice!

  • thanks for all the inspiration!!! I re-activated my old youtube channel and finally uploaded my first (kinda cinematic) video 🥳😄 practicing my video skills and still need to learn A LOT, but you gotta start somewhere, don't you? 😅

  • I can't resist myself from watching his videos 😂 not possible

  • ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Such an incredible tips to put in practice and have a different perspective, thanks peter 🤙

  • Got a new bike, would love some more tips how I can make it feel more "awesome"

  • I was away for a bit…and came back to this!!! So much of an upgrade!! You just growing man!!

  • I can't, never, shoot wide. I really need to learn to shoot wide

  • i like bikes. more bikes please.

  • This is such a solid tip video. Simple things to keep in mind every time you go into a similar shoot. Especially when you're overwhelmed, it can be so easy to just snap a couple of product closeups and call it done, but this adds so much more STORY to the shots and in my experience, that's way more enticing to the viewer.

  • The opening sequence, did you film all that yourself? Thats crazy

  • Newest vid deleted?

  • Would you ever review any Fujifilm cameras? Canon Fuji comparison perhaps?

  • Ive put the camera down for a bit.... this is getting me jacked to get back out and take some bang bangs... Thx Petey

  • brilliant

  • It's awesome how Peter can teach Marketing and everybody understands!

  • HIMYM Fans getting it on 1:52. Hahaha

  • have been into photography for a while but have only been able to use my phone, and my new canon m50 is coming tm!!

  • Finally, Peter, we missed this kind of video so much, lately, the channel was so much about video and about, well, yourself. That we that have been following you for so much time for your photography felt a little bit left behind. This video was what I was waiting for.

  • So uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh What’s the name of the boots?

  • Hey Pete how you doin man, just have a suggestion video for you coz i dam love ur cinematic footage. Would u do a non comercial video of the new fully Electric Mercedes EQS , that car has lots of lighting ambient lighting and dam many features and screens @petermcninon

  • Yo Peter you got to do a video showing your watch collection man! Big fan from Singapore.

  • But the bike was red 😂 Did you shoot in flat color and then graded it to black??

  • Another Level Intro watching later one month 😍

  • Great to see some “tutorials style” tips and tricks video back... love the subtle styles like the product doesn’t have to be in focus 😃

  • two minutes Tuesday plz

  • Sorry, but Gabriel got a dirt bike not a motorcycle! :) :)

  • Fantastic video

  • It;s Buble' 😝

  • Best motorcycle boots I ever wore


  • Oh my god I Effing love that new intro!

  • Thank you so much, Peter! 😍 one problem that I got from my previous client when I tried this type of lifestyle photography of their product, it ended up with complain lol "Too many distraction on the photo. We are confused which product is the main one" But thank you so much for all of your valuable tips, Peter! It means world for me

  • Goat 🐐🐐


  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Can you share some tips regarding the drink & beverages shoot? Not a product shoot but one where we can tell stories where everyone can feel the connection with that product. Or you can say a person-to-person link. Will be waiting for some tips. TIA

  • So you’re just not gonna drop the name of the boots?

  • Sup dude, would you like to collab for my new vlogging series? Sick motorcycle by the way. big fan

  • Love this one

  • Please follow me on Instagram @suhass24 to see some of my pictures

  • really good video!

  • 2 days later and skillshare deal still available. I thought Peter would of easily pulled 1k people. Guess skillshare isn't as wanted as expected 🤷

  • Hello Peter how are you doing sir...sent you a DM on Instagram plz check it out sir thanks and keep up the good work

  • Best SEnewssr hands down. Especially with lifestyle and tech recommendations. Keep it coming Peter!

  • This is why i watch u !

  • Thank you for ideas! I'm considering Lifestyle as it relates to family, but this opens so much more ideas. Instead of taking photos of my Dad, I get get pictures of my Dad on his motorcycle.

  • KING

  • Its pompe

  • Some nuggets in this one, Pete...And that intro!

  • 2:27 I’m not camping right now, but I’m sure pitching a tent.

  • 3:56 ''Step over the bike, get onto it, get off to it...'' Wait a second, wait a second... Get off to it?! *HMMMMMMMMMMMM...*

  • I am from Saudi Arabia and I don’t understand what you are saying but I thank you are the best video maker in the western world for me. Thank you peter mckinnon. For ALL information I learn for you experience thank you again

  • These are such great tips, love these kind of vids!

  • Would try out lifestyle photography while travelling. Great Video Peter. :)

  • YES! Loved this one, Pete!

  • There should be an award for the content of the millennium 🔥

  • Motovlog would be amazing

  • OG PM vid. perfect love it

  • "images found on Google" isn't a proper attribution Pete :/


  • i know the grilled cheese video is coming.

  • when the color grade of video matches the pictures :)

  • great tips

  • Can you do a video on best desktop for editing photography? Love the channel..learning so much from you..saving to buy the new backpack

  • He got himself a CRF250L? I would rather a 350 EXC-F.

  • You thought me photography ground up. Till now you're my mentor 😍

  • So, this video is a-boot a boot, right?

  • peter is like a vintage wine every time he gets old he gets better

  • "Sell me this pen"

  • That my friends, that's the first time I share a youtuber's video to my business partner about anything photo or video with the mention "WATCH THIS!" That's how good this content is. I actually learned something valuable tonight. Thank You Peter!

  • I noticed the audio sounded much clearer and crispier and more puchy then usual

  • Learning from the best! 🤩👍 1. Shoot wide 2. Show life with style 3. Feature but don’t feature 🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Thanks for sharing 🤩

  • whoaaaaa!!!!!!!! what a good intro!!!!!. thanks for this video. gave me some new perspective about photos for products !!! thanks from Buenos Aires

  • Every day i watch your videos thinking ima become as great as you, when i look at my work and open photoshop i just close my laptop because it’s not Peter quality. I want to give up !

  • Mmmhmm that intro 😝

  • Ha! Pete said aboot instead of about

  • Thank you.

  • tons of super valuable tips and info in this short video.. Pete, you are da man.

  • All good info for us beginners. Thanks, Peter.

  • Love the slide show slide clicking sound. Sweet detail. Not to mention the epic compilation of noise in the start.

  • Absolutely helpful 🤙🏻

  • Do a ramp jump peter

  • I dont know but I absolutely love the feeling of this video, It felt like a good ol Pete tut!

  • the best professor for a new photographer

  • Love the tips! Definitely keeping these in mind :D

  • I see Peter McKinnon, I click .

  • Superb content maker🌹

  • Sir you buying the cyber truck ??

  • Yup... your officially the highest quality youtuber ever!

  • Please help us by just spreading our nation's situation.