Jake Paul: The only person worse than his brother Logan Paul

Publicerades den 25 okt 2020
Imagine being Jake Paul unironically
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Logan Paul VS Jake Paul 2-part series
Other part: senewss.info/slow/bLjRaJtij9uxf9g/video
0:00 - Intro
2:45 - Disney dismissal
7:08 - The Mindlessness of Jake Paul
12:36 - Tying the knot (loosely)
18:55 - The influencer factory
24:42 - Facing the music
30:56 - Selling a lie
36:17 - The FBI raid
40:59 - Sibling rivalry
48:22 - Where is he now?
Jake Paul: The only person worse than his brother Logan Paul


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    • Jake Paul is Donald Trump, if Donald Trump was born 23 years ago.

    • And now, in the spirit of 2020, we need to follow this up with how Jake Paul tko’d Nate. 💀💀

    • The therapist in Shane's documentary: Hey so I'm not actually versed in the sociopathy field, I'm a therapist who specializes in eating disorders so I can't actually diagnose Jake with anything Shane: How bout I do anyway? Edit: I'm not at all trying to vouch for her or anything, she's a terrible therapist who signed onto this project knowing full well she had no expertise in the field. I just find it incredibly funny that she was fully willing to admit she had no idea what the fuck she was doing and Shane left that line in anyway.

    • oh shit

    • power move

  • Your content. Spectacular. Your presentation. Amazing. Your personality. Everything.

  • But people like going to circuses, right?

  • A circus and a living hell are way different. Don’t compare it to a circus.

  • Sometimes I do not understand why he does the things he does. Same, Paul. Same. @ you

  • What if there's a story behind why he's like this he might have had trauma 🤔

  • 21 Savage wrote “straight outta London”.... not Jake Paul lol

  • The Jake Paul docu-series was actually the thing that started knocking down my opinion of Shane Dawson, because in one of the videos, he brings a psychologist to Jakes house and doesn't tell him that he's being psycho-analyzed which I found really, really un-ethical and sleazy. Even if it was staged, which it probably was.

  • "Hi welcome back to me talking about whatever I want." *subscribed*

  • History repeats itself during the great deppression while people where out of work starving and dieing the rich partied non-stop its literally the same shit while people suffer they party. While people die they flog there wealth like its nothing. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

  • But it wasn’t the og team 10, the Dobre twins and a few others got out before the chaotic behavior started. Before it’s everyday bro.....

  • Self-reflection not such a strong point with this sanctimonious git? The Pauls are simply distorted caricatured reflections of their generation and it's vapid, soulless corporate culture. What's your excuse for being an insufferable KIAC? What percentage of their content compared to yours is positive, uplifting, and good natured over talking smack behind peoples backs / being a snidey self-righteous killjoy?

  • *Hello, and welcome back to me talking about whatever I want.* Best intro, 10/10

  • I just realized the boring twins from the dobre channel were the boring twins on team 10 whaaat??

  • I was just thinking who does he look like, then i realized how much he looks like Lil Uzi Vert. 😂

  • How the fuck did I miss this?!!

  • jake paul looked so weird to me for some reason, i just now realized it's the beard. he seriously reminds me of those guys who message everyone on their facebook friends list just trying to sell their w33d

  • The arrogant golf postsurgically found because separated unquestionably guarantee till a snotty cheese. , terrible produce

  • Haters gonna hate

  • u giving drew a shout out got me soft i love that ppl I love love each other


  • _You forgot to mention this in your video about how Jake abused his ex girlfriend_

  • “This beef is faker then his marriage” Damn

  • You should 1000% do a graphic design review, I would absolutely watch that

  • I think Eminem would 🤮 if he heard that crap. Or 😂. Or 🤮 & 😂 at the same time.

  • How does one vote for you for award?

  • he knocked out that one guy so he got some respect from me

  • This content and QUALITY is amazing

  • I recently found your channel... I’m glad to be here

  • I would love for Eminem to give his opinion on jakes "music" Where are you Em?? Can you just squish this little mosquito already?

  • Lol saying that Tana is EXTREMELY SMART was the funniest shit I've heard hahahahahaha

  • Dude watching your videos have made me so much more vain.

  • I think Shane does his series about these people the way he discusses himself. He looks for trauma or "reasons" for the issues these people have now. He definitely always frames it and they're better than they really are by the end. Maybe he's trying to project 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • now this is a jake paul documentary.

  • How the hell is Jake not cancelled?? Like obviously he is, but I’m talking about shane Dawson levelled cancelled

  • The FBI raid wasn’t really his fault

  • You trade entertainment for professionalism

  • i give you permission to murder me

  • woah can we talk about how much cooler the intros have gotten?

  • now do the hype house

  • ok 37 mins in I realized his right arm is slightly bigger... maybe its the lighting idk hah xD

  • He has a different aesthetic for ads. Anyone notice that? Very interesting

  • This video is amazing. My only complaint is that D'angelo's glasses are almost distractingly clean

  • Thx for shouting out drew love his vids and also yours the quality is amazing and I really enjoyed it

  • whos here after the boxing match lol

  • Wait so he made his own Trump university.... why am I not suprised...

  • Honestly, I feel bad for the Martinez twins. They were fed promises of money for their families, and once they got to team 10, they were bullied by Jake for....being immigrants I guess? I hope their doing good

  • okay but pls do the graphic design review

  • huh. why does it feel so weird that I subscribe to youtubers almost ten years younger than me? honestly though I wish I was as smart and creative in my early twenties you go kids, you're amazing


  • 18:37 Jake Paul has logged in 😁

  • i think both logan and jake were spoiled white men who always got whatever they wanted and never got in trouble and they both got ahead of themselves. logan did the absolutely disgusting inexcusable action of filming a dead body (just like tana), but he has changed since because it did ground him. jake still never learned. i don’t like either of them but jake is definitely the worst paul brother. if i had to i could watch logan, especially the podcast, but i can’t stomach jakes content.

    • I have seen a couple of logans podcast vids and their pretty good and i would watch again, but i cant stand Jake paul.

  • dont let this distract you from the fact that mr krabs tried to sell spongebob for 62 cents

  • If this is supposed to be a journalistic piece on Jake then it’s an opinion piece not a fact piece. Some of it is true but it’s mainly just hating. Shows it’s about Jake just to talk shit and use Jake’s name for views. Kinda said but this is how the works is. Anytime anyone reports on anyone now is to call out nothing but the bad and push a cancel agenda. I don’t need to see any other video this kid made to tell you all he does is hate on people for views. So idk what’s worse Jake’s antics or this kids hate. Hating on people shouldn’t be a job but people are confused thinking that this kids is just “woke” and consume the hate he puts out. If you enjoy content like this then you need to self evaluate and figure out yourself and why you enjoy hating other people. It’s not healthy I promise

  • What is the purpose of comparing siblings?

  • How he manages to be so wealthy but doesn't actually do anything puzzles me.

  • did you see Paul get that awesome knock out the other night? epic!

  • Jake Paul and his types are the youtube equivalent of Charlie Sheen. They're HORRIBLE in real life (and their content tends to suck ass).

  • Can you do a video about someone who was wildin' in the beginning of their career, but it actually doing better now? or something in the lines of someone turning from a terrible person to a good person

    • this honestly probably applies to a lot of celebrities lol we just don’t hear about all of it bc that’s how rebranding works. i think the most famous instance like this that people don’t talk about anymore is robert downey jr. he went from being a disgraced drug addict to one of the most famous actors...ever. however, it was easier to rebrand yourself 10 years ago when people weren’t shining a light on every single bad thing you’ve ever done like they do now.

  • And how can shane be the only person who can save jakes career when shane cant even save his own career..


  • Logan ain’t even that bad ngl

  • Everyone likes Logan again, he's the man. Jake is terrible though

  • 20:24 "slapped by legal" ah, a man of culture I see..

  • i never watched this. This is new. I didn't get it in my feed.

  • wow, you just hating at this point

  • Please make a Graphic Design review video.... 😅

  • These videos are so damn well made

  • Dude you make really good videos. 👍👍

  • Dude this video is so well made I’m subscribing to

  • Your background so white is it green screen or is your house in black and white? Also that outfit slaps! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • I'm so glad I was to old to ever hear of Jake Paul until recently 😂 like wtf is a Bizardvark?

  • Yo he got slapped by legal is this a crossover video?

  • He went to "protest" at a BLM protest but then voted Trump. Do you really expect less?

  • Inspired by the title of this video i will only to kastyn, the only person worse than her sister emilee

  • My cat was sleeping and when the 23 song ad played she opened her eyes so wide and they were filled with so much terror.

  • What camera is he using? Or green screen? It’s flawless blur.

  • Really good video man very well put together and organized respect the grind man

  • I mean D,Angelo is one of my favorite SEnewss’s because he makes fair points and is about always right in my eyes and his commentary is amazing

  • never forget the iconic moment when he wanted to audition as Spider-Man but backed out cuz he couldn't read the script

  • if frylock was a person you are him

  • 💍?

  • The worst person is Shane

  • Wasn't expecting a voice that deep dayummm

  • Jake gives off the vibe that he used to eat glue as a kid

  • The worst thing jake paul has put out is his channel .

  • Idk logan kinda picked up his act now he more tolerable. JAke paul is just un-redeemable

  • Everybody in the comments keep hating on succesful people.. day by day they get richer, more succesful, make history and live incredible lives.. and people here still trying to hold on to "omg they r soo stupid" as they r sittin on couches bitterin their regrets away on other success hopin to see anybody fall jus to feel a little bit better about their miserable lives

  • Deangelo is the only thing that got me through the stupidity

  • Logan Paul messed up. He messed up bad. I hate him. But since 2017, he got better. He still fricking sucks. But he got better

  • WHAT!? I have never heard of the Tana dead body incident before😦

  • I find it unbelievable that makeup stars and other people like that just do random celebrities makeup, no social-distancing, and literally face to face. Keep in mind these are more than one person in a week. Such idiots! I mean someone might have COVID, Right that’s a load of people upset and unwell. I mean I guess it’s their loss! 😒😂

  • How about we just stop idolizing idiots? What happened to getting an education & a real job?

  • Notice me senpai

  • I want to watch your graphic design reviews

  • Who’s here after Nate got knocked out by Jake 🙋‍♂️

    • Wait, Jeffrees ex boyfriend Nate??😭😭

  • I had no clue who this was, so I went out to Google...That SEnewss "star" just knocked out some ex-NBA player in a boxing match. WHAT. 2020, how dare you make that sentence exist?

  • I like everything you said in this video, except for the part about the pandemic parties. We have a constitution for a reason. Sure, we should be ADVISED to do safe practices, but not FORCED to. No offense man, but you really have to do more research if you're just going to pass by the line of that one influencer having his power and water shutoff as though it was something that should happen anyways... This is literally the practice of shutting off BASIC HUMAN NEEDS AND RIGHTS to an American citizen. No mayor, governor, nor President (In this case Mayor), has the right to do such a thing. Please think more deeply into this topic because I can tell that you're incredibly smart, but just aren't yet informed on the matter is all.

    • @Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu Your comment is so beyond redemption that there is nothing you can say to save yourself from looking stupid from this point on. Read both of my comments again. Also, learn the importance of a Constitution.

    • @WindTheBrave It doesn't matter if he has the right, it's a stupid decision that will put countless individuals at risk.

    • Our first amendment gives us the right to peacefully gather, no matter what law says otherwise. This doesn't mean protest necessarily, it means gather in general. Jake Paul has the right (Can't believe I have to defend him) to have an assembly (or Party in this instance) with others, even during the pandemic. Of course, it's an incredibly stupid choice to make. However, he has that right.

  • I have no idea who any of the people are in any of your videos... I have no idea how I found you... But I love you!! Your tone and temper are pleasant to listen to while I art 😂😂 thank you for your time and effort you put into these vids 💗☺️

  • You look young, you look your age so now worries but if this was a podcast, not a video, you could easily convince me that you’re 32 not 22 because your mind is so mature.