K Series Kouki gets a suspension FIX.

Publicerades den 28 apr 2021

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Jimmy Oakes
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  • Shamefully raises hand. Did mine upside down once. Never again.

  • Will there be another video for the passenger side? Kinda like a another lift video -- BustinBallz/

  • How is Jimmy not at 1M subs?

  • No jig to ensure your new control arms are dead straight?

  • Thought you were k swapping the Silvia?

  • Anyone else find that “BING BING BING BONG” ball joint pop as satisfying as I did...?

  • I just need to know what’s good with you turkeys everything I open SEnewss. Missed y’a bud

  • i have an S14 and recently discovered LCas are a pain in the ass to get your hands on

  • Ants a dope addition to the team lol good sht homie, if you don’t know about cars you’ll deff learn something during those short explanations

  • How Jimmy got Blitz? Adam owns them all tho?

  • Thicker than refrigerated peanut butter

  • T3 is actually a great company that supports a lot of older JDM cars

  • 👍🏽👍🏽

  • "crazy front camber..."

  • buy a press < buying two more lifts

  • What kinda man paints there fingernails wow

  • I got to ask why not grind down the welds and paint it then?

  • always Great to see a upload from Jimmy and the gang

  • Ant needs brakes....

  • Looks good!!!

  • Adam LZ and jimmy out here with the Blitz 03 game. Adam just flexed on everyone with his 24+ sets of them

  • your camera sounds like a coffee machine. Somethings broke

  • Lower control arms are techno toy tuning extended for those inquiring minds.

  • ebay spec rotors are aids

  • More Nissonda!

  • take a shot every time jimmy says boom

  • a grinder and paint make a welder what he ain't

  • I was actually keen on the green

  • red and green, tb to the Jetta with the Kelly green plastidipped wheels lmao

    • as seen in one of lzs first webisodes

  • Dj an ant doing naughty things is too funny

  • those wheels are ugly lol (not sarcasm)

  • Blitz's 03's are dumb Adam: Ooof

  • Bare w me here.. “Jimmy O-EM( +)garage white tees?

  • Green and red just like the OG Volkswagen

  • Surprised you don’t know about T3. (TechnoToyTuning)

  • Tell Adam to stop hoarding them and the market might change... Theyre like blood diamonds lol

  • Can you get a yellow car already it’s a movement

  • Why can't you buy new S14 ones? I don't get it.

  • So was that 300zx brake lines, or modified to fit from s14 to zx? I have everything for my brake mod except pads and lines to do it on my s14. Only difference is i got the 330 r33 gtr rotors

  • I did it all for the kouki, the kouki

  • Those control arms look like crocs

  • Do the rear with working ebrake

  • A grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain’t 😂 love it

  • Ayee if yall ever get bored or something I have an e36 vert in need of a ls swap 🤣🤣🤣Love the videos keep it up

  • Pressing the new ball joint in like that can dent the joints cup and cause premature failure.

  • Lmao that was me 2 weeks ago realizing I just installed my brakes upside down.

  • Bro please get a new camera or mic lol, the noise from the right side is insane. Love your videos though buddy!

  • Wish I could get my hands on a set but so impossible to find

  • Im lost in the projects lol

  • Rockauto is always my go to for lower control arms

  • lmfao jimmy oppo pump n dump

  • WHATCHU MEAN JIMMY TECHNO TOY RACING LCAS ARE SICK match them with some modded knuckles and mad angle

  • Christmas vibes! 👍

  • Shoulda just cut n shut the arms that were on der

  • Still miss the Wilwoods

  • Wedding in Florida? LZ secret wedding confirmed!

  • You might as well call the car cookie because that’s what I keep hearing

  • *”If you have blitz 03s you are dumb”* *Adam rn:* 👁👄👁

  • A little paint make it what it aint


  • Red calipers +5hp

  • The red and green remind me of the Volkswagen from forever ago

  • I feel you dj I don’t trust presses either, to much pressure.

  • t3 is actually a good company

  • Disc on the wrong side?

  • You were in florida for a wedding but did you go see LZ?

  • Jimmy talking about how cheap nissan control arms are...an I’m ova here pricing out bmw control arms for triple the $$$ 😥

  • Just imagine of those were white or chrome

  • Should pull your pants up when you use a grinder

  • The #KockiMoto

  • Put a load on the suspension before you snug those bolts up my guy

  • I don’t see the hype in blitz 03

  • Jimmy oakes- new project car - never get finish!

  • eared nothing but the flute

  • Switching between metric and imperial measurements 😂 can tell you work on Jdm cars too much

  • Did Adam get married 😳

  • Less wire speed on the welds. Favour the thicker strip of the metal and whip it to the thinner metal when doing those. I always recommend doin a test chunk of scrap the same thickness before going straight to the part. Dial settings there so your not grinding off and doing it again.

  • That skid factory reference was classic !

  • Give us a "Guuuuuudbye" shirt or we riot jimmy

  • I didnt know Brian was on Grinder. You do you man!

  • So, may be a dumb question, but could you not just drill a new inner mounting hole for the lower control arms and save yourself a lot of work?

  • I kept wondering why it was a problem to be over built... then ya made perfect sense.

  • Damn. Feels like yesterday that I watched the video of you extending the low arms on the coupe.

  • Reminds me of the time I stole beats headphones from Best Buy back in 7th grade 💀💀💀

  • So you don't need the brake pads? Only caliper, rotor, and lines.

  • Wait did he just say he went to Florida for a Wedding??????

  • Those are techno toy tuning lca's. 25 mm longer I believe. I ran them on my s14. Solid pieces

  • Grinder and pain make you the welder you ain't

  • That beauty @4:34 😍

  • yo that lower control arm is Techno Toy Tuning, T3. That is one of the best lower control arms you can get lol, they are the Premier company for anything Vintage Datsun Nissan performance parts. Do not get rid of the control arms, use them on the S15 or sell them to one of the S14 drifting homies.

  • Jimmy and Taylor ray are two of the most informative/knowledgeable non mechanic mechanics we all have the pleasure of watching. Thanks for the quality videos Jim!

  • what does ant do all day, just curious no ant slander here

  • james never use gloves with a bench grinder, if your glove gets caught in it the glove will act like a finger trap and the glove will make your fingers go bye bye

  • Not going to lie im glad you changed your mind on the honda powered s15. Throw that shit in to a basic ass s14 the s15 deserves better

  • Blitz o3’s are going up because Adam LZ has 100 of them

  • Jimmy could put windshield wipers on a car and it would “transform the car” / “look amazing” / “absolutely in love with it”

  • Techno Toy Tuning are THE parts to have in the datsun world haha seeing you take them off was insane, but I totally understand why! Nice work Jimmy!

  • S14 LCAs are only about 7-8mm longer than s13, the increase the overall track width 15mm, so the 15mm each sides probably gonna be better than original s14 LCAs anyway

  • Comments for a cool video now let's see more.

  • Damn wedding in Florida congrats Adam