Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

Publicerades den 19 nov 2020
In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
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Title: Come Close
Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
Title: Suicide
Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
Title: Makes Me Feel Better
Created by: Kevin Hastings


  • My biggest fear about CP2077 is that I might once again fall into the 'Skyrim' mentality of doing everything, since the Dohvahkiin could do literally everything. It's going to be an exercise in self-discipline.

  • This is better than gta 7 by cockstar

  • Oh boy i hope my i7 4790k will handle this game. So hyped for it but afraid i will burn down my house even downloading this.

  • oynayamayacakları halınde ızleyenller +1

  • 2:21 name of the rap in the background? pls

  • Seeya in 2077

  • the onlly bad thing for me is you can't play 3rd person? why though

  • Seems like ready player go movie vibe

  • But will we survive till 2077?

  • “immerse yourself” *not coming to next gen*

  • This game might accually come out at 2077

  • R.i.p to the people that think they are going to play this game on 16gb of Ram

    • 12gb is recomented, so I ain't see a problem right here

  • First person for a rpg game is a no go for me

    • naa its good that it's 1st person because you feel way more connected to the character and story

  • First thing everyone will do: 1) do the intro mission to be able to save the game and freeroam. 2) at this point you will leave your safehouse and explore a bit the surrounding areas, buy things, try what you can and what you can't do. 3) as soon as you get weapons you will start killing random civilians, policemen, try to escape and die. 4) Some will at this point just freeroam, to side missions, take it slowly and roleplay their game , others will just do missions.

  • I need to watch people play this game before I buy it. I’m not really interested in these sorts of games. I never really played gta 5 after I bought it so I don’t wanna regret buying this game when games I’m interested in like elden ring will be coming out in June

  • This game is basically GTA Vice City remastered.

  • We have the same voice announcer in Hitman II!

  • CDPR knows how to make a trailer

  • Let's get this game baby

  • My body is so ready for this game. So awesome

  • a spiritual successor to Deus Ex?

  • God knows im gonna stealth the shit out of this

  • why does this remind me of gta v and red dead redemption 2 with a tad bit of call of duty advanced warfare and hitman

  • is Keane reeves just reskinned handsome Jack now

  • Love it! But I think it'll be better as a movie 🙂😂

  • looks garbage

  • Всем привет!!сегодня наткнулся на видео. Человек так ждет релиза игры что сочинил сагу об этом пожалуйста подержите человека!! !

  • cyberjunk

  • They need to add multiplayer asap. Need to play with the team

  • pff fps game ? :I

  • Boo the grasses didn't move when the helicopter took off.

  • Really wanted to play this game. But can’t play in First Person, because of my motion sickness. I wish they had both options, first person and third person, like GTA V.

    • naa its good that it's 1st person because you feel way more connected to the character and story

  • game play

  • This game is like Johnny mnemonic that stared Keanu as a cyber enhanced humanoid who installed a chip in his head that everyone wanted & would do anything to get

  • Oh man, I wish it would be 3rd Person..

    • @Einsley Harriot I think it is not the fact that it's 1st or 3rd person that is important , but rather the actual implementation in the game and how it matches with other aspects.

    • i mean i played kingdom come and i love 1st person but this game definitely needs a 3rd person spefially with all that customizing during character creation.. what is even the point?

    • 😢👶

    • naa its good that it's 1st person because you feel way more connected to the character and story

  • czuję się taki szczęśliwy, że najbardziej wyczekiwana gra roku jest wydawana przez polskie studio

  • can someone tell me why there isnt multiplayerr or co-op? i think we need co-op for it to not get boring

  • Just pre order

  • Well , I got the game and played already, one time I flew right through under a truck with my car, glitched the fuck through

  • nice

  • GTA VI.....! Wait wrong channel

    • it's not like GTA, reviews already shown

  • That piece of art at the back of his jacket makes a good tattoo, i'm getting one!

  • Awesome game

  • GTA left the chat...

    • it's not like GTA, reviews already shown

  • I don’t like the graphic , idk why

  • awesome !!!!!!

  • Judge Dredd as a game

  • How am I supposed to progress in the game when it’s a whole titty bar...

  • Lmao they copied the Rockstar gameplay trailers word for word

    • it's not like GTA, reviews already shown

    • bar for bar

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    • Well none of that is remotely accurate. Go spam your fake stuff elsewhere

  • Game takes 7 years to come out Beats it in 7 days

    • If you skip all the side content

  • "nuke-ular" cancelled my preorder

  • I was that 84 year old in the background

  • Starting to look good :D Nice

  • Sometime in 2077: Anyone still playing?

  • I hope this game is as good as it's being made out to be

  • gta 6 ?

    • it's not like GTA, reviews already shown


  • Doom Brutal is still better than all of this crap as a visceral fast game. You sold your souls.

    • This isn't trying to be anything like doom, but go ahead and ignore all facts so you can spew worthless hate

  • It's going to suck. Like all these "AAA" triple condom bs games

  • The first trailer was better

  • Can I shoot President Biden in this game?

    • sick man

  • This looks shit! Why are you releasing this crap?

  • 6 more days, can't wait anymore...Ah wait i have AC Valhalla it's a good game too..makes the waiting better^^

  • Hope I can blow up buildings in this game

    • Certainly not at will. This isn't a destruction sandbox, it's an RPG

  • I’m dropping acid while I play this

    • where u get your acid from?

  • year 2077, but someguys still using sword!

  • 5 days


  • I heard stories about this city. At December 10 i will be there.

  • Vegan gamers arise

  • i have a gtx 750ti can i run it?

    • However you can always buy the game from GOG and test it. The limit for refund is 30 days so that's plenty time to get an idea how the game runs. If you don't have other bottlenecks than GPU then the game might be playable with 720p resolution or less and some ini tweaks.

    • it's definitely not ideal- however, if you have a decent internet connection, i would recommend looking into geforce now or stadia, which would allow you to play from remote hardware streamed onto your pc.

    • Unlikely - unless you are willing to go potato mode. You need also decent CPU, at least 8Gb of RAM and preferably a SSD.

  • lan oyunun daha videosu bilgisayrda kasıyo nasıl oyniyim ben bu oyunu

  • It's either gonna go down in history as one of the greatest games ever or it's gonna be painfully average. Let's hope for the ladder.

  • Gamers : 1:25 CDPR : 1:28

  • Meh

  • 4:27 :)

  • 3rd person :(

    • 😢👶

  • Can this game compete GTA 5 ? I don't think so.

    • it's not like GTA, reviews already shown

    • Virtually any game can compete with GTA. This game is on a whole other level. Also, it's nothing like GTA


  • isn't that the voice of Diana from Hitman?

  • So like a handsome jack in your head kind of deal?

  • It’s cool how Johnny Silverhand was also in the 80s cyberpunk tabletop game

    • There is very little new lore if you pay really close attention

  • Looks like Mass Effect got an upgrade.

  • Boring game

    • your boring

    • Nice bait bro

  • Cant wait to get recommended this video in a few years

  • If you think Fortnite and CoD and the like are real and good games, do not bother with Cyberpunk 2077, its way above your league. PvP brain dead Zombies can not grasp story driven rpg type worlds.

  • Ready player one movie is coming to reality

    • Thank God this is absolutely nothing like anything that movie had to offer

  • The way the US government is, this is very close to reality. The rich spit on the poor and wont help them. Civil War time again it seems.

  • If i can do anything in this game, i will work my way to become a professional dad who uses money for the family.

  • With how 2020 is going this ain't a game, its a simulation preparing you for the near future

  • You better watch your six baby 🤘🔥

  • Who else want to play this game so you get good screenshots

  • It's gonna suck. 13yr olds will love it tho

    • @Dorian Knorr Well, it might have a Multiplayer-Mode that probably launches in 2021

    • @Dorian Knorr "I'm a man with responsilities" How many responsibilities do you think Elon Musk has? He's the CEO of the most valuable American automaker to ever exist with a market capitalization of $86 billion. But he still has time to play video games. Lol, one day you'll grow out of your boomer phase and stop making fun of other people's hobbies. Do you also look down on people who watch sports? Or watch movies? Playing video games is just that, a hobby. Get over it.

    • @Caesar huh that's some dork playing counterstrike? I don't play video games. I'm a man with responsilities lol one day you'll grow out of ur little playbox

    • @Dorian Knorr This is you:

    • Have fun with ur single player game. Lol sitting up at night imagining ur in some cool future world because ur life sucks couch potato getting fat eating leftover dominos pizza. I'll be over here sleeping comfortably and getting up for work in the morning. Keep waiting for your shit game.

  • Watch this game just end up being a heaping pile of shit hahaha I hope not but I’d be hysterical if that happened to be quite honest

  • It's gonna be such a let down. It's GTA in the future. It's not open world. There's a story line. Game devs don't know what ppl really want. It's gonna bomb hard

    • it's not like GTA, reviews already shown

    • @Joshua Bull have fun with your playbox 5 or whatever

    • That isn't even remotely true. Bet keep advertising how little you know about anything.

    • @Joshua Bull open world means there is no story- dip shit

    • It's funny you can't even comprehend what makes something a story, or open world

  • This game is gonna be 200 GB

  • Why is this displayed at 30 fps

  • I wasn't interested that much, but now I think I might buy it

  • It's been a long time since I've been this hyped about a game.