Jake Paul vs Ryan Garcia is happening?

Publicerades den 23 sep 2020
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  • You gonna get your ass beat

  • RyAn. Will fuck jake up ngl he is a boxing legend

  • Dude Ryan shut up your so freaking anoying

  • F

  • pushy fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️

  • Jake will get beat

  • Question: who will be visiting jakes funeral?

  • Ryan is going to win

  • You a boxer??

  • 2:53 nice phone save bro

  • 2:51 plis f for the phone

  • 2:54 he was tryna make sure he caught his phone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jake vs Ryan Ryan would win all out

  • JP doesn't want to box people with great boxing skills....or fight great UFC fighters in the cage.

  • Ryan garcia vs Jake paul 2021 make it happen!!

  • 2:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • u scary u never fight hin 🤣

  • Bro ya'll stop hating on jake

  • Jake will make it in the first round with Ryan Garcia

  • Jake won’t sleep tonight because he knows that his funeral is soon rip jake Paul 2021

  • how to set up a fight : "I'M THE KING OF SOCIAL MEDIA"


  • 2:53 the phone lmao

  • this gives me ali and holmes vibes

  • Is Anyone gonna talk about 2:53 he catches his phone

  • Jake rhymes with gay

  • “Bro bro bro bro bro bro bro Bro bRo Bro brO”

  • Ryan Vs. Garcia

  • Can the fight happen already

  • Jake Paul will never fight Ryan Garcia. Jake Paul doesn’t fight legit Boxers.

  • 2:51 can we all just take a moment to appreciate the trust jake had in jon with his phone right there

  • Please fight Ryan. Please. Or any boxer for that matter.

  • 2:52 What a catch!!

  • Noooooi carry on with youtube

  • Who misses the old jack

    • Jack or jake 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nigga didn’t they just hangout 😂😑😑😑

  • Rn on snap it says ryan sent jake to the hospital💀💀

  • And one more thing and he said he was a king of social media when he was behind his brother the whole time in the shadows

  • Ghost writer confirmed hail king Ryan

  • If this fight happens Ryan Garcia is going to knock out jake

  • lmaooo him n ryan were playing

  • Jack would get knocked out by Ryan Garcia

  • Jesus this dude is so garbage

  • Do whatever the fuck u want I ain’t gone attend yo funerel

  • 2 seconds in: garcia knocks him out cold

  • Jake is trash

  • Jake is just insecure cause his dad always wanted a girl so name him Jade but then they found out he was a boy, Jake never got the love from his parents that he always wanted......poor kid now he thinks he's actually a real fight, i feel for this kid. When we grows up he will understand though.

  • Freestyle, more like sheetstyle Because that was definitely written down on a sheet of paper

  • Imagine being a jake paul fan 😂

  • short answer : no, jake will never fight a actual boxer

  • King of SEnewss 🤣🤣 his brother has more subs

  • jake: "I make music" viewers: "he makes noise"

  • lol jake paul wearing mascara

  • How did ur friend catch his phone-

  • Boy gonna get clapped by Askren LOL imagine

  • 210 doesn’t mean much when you are unskilled

  • Yo can’t do boxing 🥊

  • Corner suck

  • Damn thats crazy!, Oscar De La Hoya is Jake Pauls grandfather 👴

  • jake wouldn't be able even to touch Ryan...

  • jake has air on his brain!! he is an idiot lol

  • Jake, Ryan will beat u

  • 10:50 haha just the way he says it

  • tu no sabe enoja ryan

  • Fam of course you have more views because you do viedeos everyday

  • Hey Jake💗💗💗😱😱😱😎😎😎

  • Ryan will win 😂

  • Jake your so bad stop

  • This dude really challenges people that are a high tier boxer, making him think he’s the best at boxing, foolish

  • This fucking clown used a ghost rider jj has way better music hes made music with lil pump, craig david, lil baby, rick ross, now polo g

  • omg everyone including his fans has to accpet how much of a clown he is

  • ReAd my comment please jake🐐

  • Jake Paul will nock the fuck out of Ryan Garcia

  • Who else thinks that jake Paul is going to get his ass woped 🙋‍♂️

  • Here you go 13:45


  • 1:49 when jakes finally realized his ass can get beaten. 1:51 when jake also realized he is on camera.

  • how will lightweight move up to cruiserweight.

    • @ascended savage but Ryan's height has advantage though cause it's unusual for a lightweight to be 5'10 Ft. and Pacquiao is 5'6 only but 2 weight behind Ryan weight class.

    • Will never happen

  • like jake paul is gona win LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • jake paul after fight: ye ye ok buddy see you next time ryan garcia:there will be no next time

  • You cant call yourself a boxer whilst fighting celebs and non boxers

  • Jake would win.

  • No chance at all against Garcia!

  • Is it me or is Ryan Garcia is going to attend jakes funeral

  • Jake come on bro we all know how this will end up just stop and continue with you blogging

  • lets all agree he killed the rap tho 😂

  • Wen Ryan said ima whip your ass like ksi beat your brothers ass 😂😂

  • But bro jake knocked out Nate Robinson

  • his chain look stupid af

  • Sooo tydus

  • Ryan who. Jake yeahhh .

  • Jake is fighting people who can't fight fight a real boxer

  • Jake wants to challenge people that he knows he cant beat..

  • Jake Paul I’m your biggest fan and I subscribe to you

  • Yo man you have change a lot and wheres tydus

  • Hay hayt

  • Ryan whil nok you both out

  • Jake Ryan Garcia would knock you out in the first round

  • Did jake thought he would defeat ryan😂😂

  • He ain’t got time for noobs, He went for the LEGEND MCGREGOR