7 Sidemen vs 1 Supersonic Legend ($10,000 Rocket League Challenge)

Publicerades den 28 apr 2021
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Today, play against the Sidemen in a 7 vs 1 Rocket League match. We play the games in this order: 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, 1v5, 1v6, and finally a 1v7. For the final 1v7 match, the winner takes home $10,000
Check out the Sidemen: senewss.info/my/DogdKl7t7NHzQ95aEwkdMw.html
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0:00 - intro
2:43 - 1 vs 1
3:39 - 1 vs 2
6:04 - 1 vs 3
8:31 - 1 vs 4
11:19 - 1 vs 5
14:03 - 1 vs 6
16:03 - 1 vs 7
Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com
#amustycow #RocketLeague
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  • Ksi wasn’t trying his best. He could do triple flip reset with a musty flick.

  • wait when did reading get cringe 😯

  • My cuz smoked u ashllxyy

  • Ksi is a menace to society lol

  • Musty every other second. Nice

  • 17:03 That's what she said! XDDDDD

  • 17:17 Ksi was giving me anxiety 😆

  • Ksi was giving me anxiety ngl 😂

  • KSI is soooooi bad

  • Dude ur being so nice

  • And people said "ud get clapped"

  • is that a lime octane or forest green octane?

  • for your next video with the sidemen you should do another 1v7 but in a custom map, like leths gladiator map.

  • i almost feel bad

  • Alternative title: a supersonic legend flexing his mechanics on 7 sidemens

  • musty sarcastic and i love it

    • @hen ko what

    • I think right when I started I was like gold...these guys..hmmmm

  • so we have ballchaser, but now we have musty chaser

  • did you actaully talk to them could they hear you it was like you talking to your self the whole time

  • 7 sidemen vs one musty sheeeeeesh

  • Do The whole nrg team vs the sideman

  • 12:23 nasty

  • 7:52 omg is right

  • “You should go pro you’re good at this game” Stares in musty 👁👄👁

  • yes first good musty vid in awhile

  • musty is cracked hes a god your the best

  • Ksi is a a hunter

  • you could tell he was nervous😂

  • fing mouthebreather bro

  • Bro musty isn't even a pro or good lmaoo

  • bro musty is like dream, they need around 5 or 6 people in order to beat them. thats how good musty and dream is

  • Da must LETS GO

  • I think right when I started I was like gold...these guys..hmmmm

  • 20:25 "aww please put it in" Eyo?

  • Oi Bruv ah you serious this is bonkers

  • Is it just me who wanted sidemen to win

  • The Collab we didn't even know we needed

  • Who’s until you lose KSI

  • Petition musty for 8th sideman? 🤔

  • At 17:39 u can see all the Sidemen were lagging, they all had horrible ping due to the server being in the US

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dude musty you are just so clean wit it like I took a break from rl and watching you makes me wanna play it agian

  • Last time i watched ur Chanel i was stil playing rl and now u got 2.5 mill how

  • Cool video!

  • Would have been cool to give it to charity

  • Legend has it that ksi is still chasing him to this day

  • How do you make the animations of the goal repetitions that look like an advertisement?


  • Anyone ever seen musty with no headphones

  • That was a gg fight though

  • 16:47 da musty

  • 100k likes 888 dislikes, this was the best time to watch the video

  • Ksi Could clap Henko

  • "Without realization, I knew 1v5 would be much harder" Even when you didn't realize it would be harder... you still knew it would be harder??

  • DaMusty Lets gooo

  • when i came in there was 1,777,777

  • Musty I may or may not have the best video idea. So you have all of them get coached by a fiver coach for a day then they do their placements and u guess their rank after:)

  • *Ksi will always be remembered for demos*

  • the collab nobody expected but all needed

  • Honestly I don't think that you should have play this on US servers. They already are waay worse, if they play on US servers they lag too :( Btw great video :D

  • I bet my cousin is better than you he plays like every day

  • Next video be like: _i sEvEN v 1'd tHE fAMOus K-pOP bAnD CALLed Bts_

  • Musty just scammed them all

  • 20:26 📸

  • Now musty goes and boxes them

  • Harry piping off tho

  • Ethen was lagging Rematch?.?

  • When KSI own goaled

  • He's is financially responsible mom he doesn't need ur help anymore

  • Need to do more videos with people who don't play so well cause hearing their reactions in the comms when you style on them really made this video great.

  • I had to watch both videos

  • Musty =overrated

  • alternative title. Musty bullies rich famous people

  • 0:00” *This is the thing if u need IRocket CreditsI* ” ▶ ️ 𝗥𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗧𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗦.𝗫𝗬𝗭 ”Am I right?”垃圾 。Lord

  • Try a concept of coaching the 7 sidemens

  • ksi: imma play defence also ksi 5 minutes later: C'MERE BRO PAHAHAHAH

  • wait what they had to pay you 10k if you won? thats kinda greasy

  • I hate how i watch this the whole time thinking, iF I WaS oN ThEir tEam MuSTy wOuLDnt StAnd A ChANcE! In reality i would be as helpless as they are xD

  • the title should had been: musty vs 7 famous bronzes

  • Why does he call half of them by their real names and half of them by their youtube names and nicknames

  • 12:56 Musty saying “oh my word” and trying to be british is just cringe

    • Ikr baby face would get bodied

    • i wanna see 7v1 irl football challenge now...

  • When ur not cool enough to call them by their real names

  • Stonks

  • 1:40 i call cap good sir🎩

  • 11:22 nobody: youtube subtitles: dickstar

  • Should’ve played it in rumble

  • I think it’s time to call skrub killa

  • Musty do u use airoll left and right?

  • No one : Musty : unfortunate

  • I can not believe it

  • Don’t let ur mom bring down ur video 🤭😨

  • Omg is that jstn 20:30

  • Mom: sonny Boi I don't have money Musty: mom I now what I'm doing

  • Ethan: You're really good musty, u should go pro Musty: uhhhh

  • I have been a subcriber since you you had 200k

  • Ok but let's check his monthly listeners

  • i wanna see 7v1 irl football challenge now...

  • What goal explosion does musty use ?

  • The way musty names all of the sidemen by there SEnewss names and then harry as harry😂😂

  • Sideman: u should go pro Musty: casually in NRG

  • Where did you get ur sign in the back bc im tryna upgrade my setup