Veteran accuses Dem Rep of 'sowing seeds of hatred' after national guard comments

Publicerades den 18 jan 2021
Rep. Steve Cohen, D-TN, said Trump supporters in the National Guard might 'do something' at inauguration on a CNN appearance, US Army Veteran Jeremy Hunt reacts. #FoxNews
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  • I am a retired member of the United States Armed Forces. You sir are a disgrace to this country and should be removed from office immediately for your disgraceful suggestion.

  • All human we make mistakes we love we cry we laugh we are the world protecting service

  • Worry about the racist slurs that fall out of Joe’s mouth

  • I just wanted to say that Steve Cohen is a low level txxt. He's like a bad girlfriend who is rather repulsive and cannot shut her mouth. Yuck.

  • In 2020 alone, Jeff Bezos has added $85 BILLION to his wealth, Elon Musk is $74 BILLION richer and Apple has added almost $1 TRILLION to its market cap. While a majority of the population have lost their small businesses, are in poverty and can’t pay rent due to lockdowns. It’s going to get MUCH WORSE with a left-wing government, WAKE UP!! 😴🤬

  • Sure the democrats want to defund the police, but when they feel threatened the call in the National Guard. Not only that, they don't trust them because the might have voted republican. Unbelievable. Does the Democratic Party want their own army sworn to protect them?

  • Steve Cohen deserves to be arrested for impersonating a human being.

  • Tennessee has a Congressman who need to be ‘retired’. Military personnel take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

  • That congressman should be removed immediately

  • People in Tennessee must be morons to elect this fool to represent them!!!!

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Biden can go bite it, and once our views and thoughts are trying to be controlled by the government. It turns into dictatorship. That is what is happening. It’s hatred for the changes you idiots. This democracy is trying to be a dictatorship

  • Liar


  • You will not ne reelected in the state of Tennessee again you are an idiot

  • Representative Cohen is an embarrassment. The only thing greasyer then him was that bucket of chicken he ate during one of the hearings.

  • And this is a Congressman? Well, the aniblack politics and racism triggered mass protests and conflicts. Does anybody understand what openly ANTIWHITE diatribes may cause?

  • Cohen needs to resign asap.

  • Imagine an Army comprised exclusively of leftists.... I'll wait... Take a minute, and really try to picture it in your brain bone. HAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAhehehHaHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHh- (cough) HAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!! (icantstop) HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAHAHAAHAaaa... Okay now I'm sad. How did that just happen?

  • The Democrats have been pushing hatred for 5 years now. Publicly in front of us hatred. And then they blame the Republicans and Trump for their hatred and what they've done. We the people need to take back our government we the people need to fix the broken press system. They've been taken over and turned into propaganda by both sides you want to fix the problems with eliminate lifetime politicians

  • I am truly embarassed for us

  • As a TN citizen COHEN is an embarrassment to our state and our country Whoever voted for him needs to have their heads examined GET RID OF COHEN

  • They don't take and oath to a person or just the president they take an oath to the Constitution if the President starts acting tyrannical it's their Duty to take him out

  • If you're scare of your citizens and soldiers then what did you do to invoke the wraith of the American people? ---rhetorical question

  • I don't understand how that they were not censored on this. Breaking news and live news from all newscasters Should have better standards

  • Don’t forget Pelosi wanted crew served machine guns, then they got scared and wanted the guards ammo and mags taken from them.

  • This is just a disgusting smear on our veterans. We just demonized the police for a year and now all of a sudden they are heroes. I guess we are going to demonize the national guard as we need them? They have a lot more loyalty to this nation then that whole bunch of politicians combined.

  • It's incredibly stupid comments like this that should scare every American knowing that the Dems now control all branches.

  • Steve Cohen showing WHY most Tennesseans laugh at him...

  • nonAQ [SR] Spelled reversed.

  • QAn0n

  • Q@non

  • Anybody who thinks Jewish people outside of the Middle East aren't white is an idiot. You're not minorities or oppressed. Period.

  • A Democrat loyalty test for our military is very scary. They are a true nonpartisan organization.

  • Got news for ya. Them boys are patriots. Obviously. Duh. This whole Biden democratic thing looks acts and smells like a circus. Sorry no offense to the real circus

  • What a stupid crazy old man. Hw should be kicked out of Congress.

  • Fox News is more dangerous than Opioids! That is called mind washing. Please broke away from is cult !💩👎🖕🏽🤥😤

    • Cult did you just realize what cohen just said

  • I’m telling you they hate Americans makes me wonder why half the country voted democratic so stupid

  • They want to demonize Republicans calling us terrorists and racist. Well we can fight back. Boycott all business and companies that supported and funded the Democrats. Don't spend another dollar with them. Attack their finances. Boycott2021. 74millon disenfranchised voters could crush these enablers. Let's do it people shut them down.

  • Sick !!!!!!

  • Blah blah blah attack the right. Blah blah cnn blah blah..oh yeah we want unity

  • It must be a prerequisite to be a Democrat they must be racist

  • I agree the new Joe Biden ministration is a threat to the American citizens and we hold them responsible for any type violence in this country

  • The next four years are going to be NON STOP POLITICAL Propaganda and hatred of anything conservative.

  • Saying only 20% of white males voted for Biden is the exact same thing as saying Trump won the election. Shame on you Fox News you should be canceled!


  • Very well put they use them however they sow distrust on them

  • If this were true then Biden and his supporters would already be dead !

  • IMPEACH 46

  • Why?

  • What a disgusting Hateful, Racist, Moron. How the good people of Tennessee can elect such a hateful Racist Moron is beyond my comprehension. Because of this insult every Governor should immediately recall all their troops.

  • Steve is a poisonous snake.

  • Demand he resign! Memphis Office The Clifford Davis/Odell Horton Federal Building 167 North Main Street, Suite 369 Memphis, TN 38103 Phone: (901) 544-4131 Fax: (901) 544-4329 Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CT

  • The reporters/commentators need to confront this false narrative false equivalency crap right as it’s happening. A simple so are you saying everyone/anyone that didn’t vote for Biden as an enemy to the state? So there are no individuals in this country; well if you didn’t vote Biden you ain’t black. How racist, decisive, hateful are the Dems.

  • Democrats and Joe Biden hate military

  • Let us all say a prayer for Donald Trump, join with me and real aloud , Psalm 109:8. God Bless America.

  • I cannot believe I live in a country where people's stupidity is more important than our safety where corruption can just take over from foreign adversaries messing around in our election system it happened go search it up on yandex Iran China Uk Italy Germany.

  • Too late now. Democrats scaring themselves.

  • This democratic politician is a racist bigot horse manure eating turd ! He should be facing charges for the slanderous statements coming out of his mouth. People are reacting to people like this! This is a prime example of why this country is like it is ! He should be fired from his position immediately!

  • Tennessee voted for Trump and yet somehow this lunkhead is from that same state?.

  • Funny how all these white supremists accusations always comes out of the mouths of old white liberals? They are white too unless they haven’t looked in a mirror lately. Someone needs to ask these idiots will they always label all republicans as racists or just Trump

  • Well send the National Guard home. Hand that congressman a M 4 let him go stand out in the cold and protect the capital

  • Theres more inside open ur eyes people its not over 🌎 coming to a war omung are selfs

  • Maybe some of the Biden supporters will join the National Guard.

  • A fungus yep another none service rep sucking air.

  • 80 million voted for Biden & they dont even trust the troops. What a joke.

  • We all need to work together ❤

  • Fox, your not my station for news again ...traitors

  • Democrat loon!!

  • Ha! The national guard is anything but pro Trump. They've been intentionally stocking the military with socialist idealists for years now

  • This democRAT hit the trifecta, gender, race, and political affiliation. He should be charged as a traitor and receive a traitors fate.This is the embodiment of how we can’t have a civil discussion with the people.

  • Keep spreading hatred. He owes the u.s. citizens an apology for this or he should be removed from his office.

  • Disgusting!!

  • Oh shut up

  • This guy is instigating violence

  • lol!! What a idiot.

  • The Democrat Party is The Communist Confederate Party.

  • Biden needs to be more concerned about his left wing democratic party taking him out ......

  • The Bigoted Left!

  • Treacherous, Wicked Democrats!

  • Less than 24 hours from now we get rid of the leched lesion in chief for good, triggering the disassociation and removal of 74m plus ignorant racist Trump supporters from participating in the national conversation. They chose to f*** with the US Constitution - now let them live with the consequences. Ba bye👋👋👋👋🖕

    • Said the liberal racist - how appropriate

  • Today I am proud to be an American......21 salutes to President Biden.

  • The Democrats had this planed all along steal the election then let the Military take over the country the military are not going anywhere in 4 years they will still be here

  • This Dem is repulsive who votes for someone like that

  • This dumb clown is an embarrassment to this country!

  • This is a clown. Military had racist since the beginning. World War 1 soldiers lynched in uniform. Segregated black solders in World War 2. So on and on.

  • Democratii satanisti dupa ce au furat voturile americanilor se camufleaza la inaugurare cu 25000 de soldati si arme si sarma ghimpata care sa ii apere de fraudarea alegerilor ,rusine sa le fie si armata sa aresteze toti tradatorii SUA ,cu ei la puscarie!

  • Steve Cohen is a bad stain on Tennessee. Check out David Kustoff instead.

  • You just told on yourself. 25% voted for Biden and the rest voted for Trump. That means Chicken Man, Trump won the election. I heard Biden hired his own Security, what happened to the Secret Service. They must do not want to protect you or Biden don't trust them. Biden is going to live in hell.

  • The Democrats are paranoid of what’s going to happen this is the effect of lying, corruption, and not your serving your people the right way, you become scared what will come back to you.

  • Everyone should Report this congressman - demand his resignation

  • This guy needs to go - sickening

  • Anyone else dont care about this guy and his BS? 🤦

  • What a waste of military resources, and dark times are coming. If Biden is truly the elected President what up with all the Praetorian Guards?!🤔 We could have used their help during the BURNING, LOOTING, MURDERS and the attacks on police and federal buildings during the BLM and Antifa riots all over many cities across our country.

  • Stole the election. Lol what a joke u ppl are. 🤦🤷

  • He just told us that Biden lost the election only 20 percent voted for Biden 75 for Trump

  • Yes they have.

  • The chicken man is speaking out against all white men , these troops are his show of power and fear of the people

  • I'm sure that's how the FBI vetted 25k people in a day or two. Who did you vote for? Biden, you can stay. Trump, you must leave immediately and report to the firing squad.

  • steve cohen needs to be voted out what disrespect toward our troops