Did GOP Congressman Madison Cawthorn Lie About His Past Life? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Publicerades den 3 mar 2021
In the latest edition of The Daily Social Distancing Show Trevor Noah covers the allegations that GOP congressman Madison Cawthorn has lied several times about his past to help boost his public image.
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  • Politicians Laying? No really... That's not a story. That's a fact.

  • Aoc : I never lie. Me: sure, democrats 🙄 never lie

    • seriously - When did AOC lie about being left to die by a friend and even her parents outed him, when id AOC lie about being accepted in the Navy, when did AOC lie about which university she attended ? Come on - name AOC lies - you Trumper are just shameless with your lies

  • Wassup my NeverTrumper!

  • 666 👍🏼s

  • Yes

  • He’s so thick to lie then got caught then lie again 😡 D grades .. WoW !

  • a lying, cheating nazi seems like the sweet republican spot to me

  • Madison is a real Trump party member. He is a copy of Trump: no honor, a liar, and useless: the perfect Republican member of Trump's party.

    • what's wrong with that ? you only allow the dead to be Biden's supporters, and don't allow the living to be Trump supporters ? even they got my pet's name to Biden's ballot, but that doesn't represent his will.

  • a republican liying? isn't that a requirement?

  • "... Has been on my bucket list for a while" FBI!!! THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!!!

  • so Elizabeth Warren can get mocked over a miniscule heritage percentage but proven lies get a pass?

    • @Darkfx It's alright for him because he's all white. It's a Chris Rock quote.

    • @Stacey Smith ...what? She isn't white now?

    • "It's all right, when it's all white"

  • This guy is Republican presidential (nominee) material!

  • For the umlaut, you just have to press Alt-Right (Alt + 249 on the numeric keyboard on your right).­

    • Doesn't that just give the umlaut, not on a letter? I mostly use a system where holding down a letter key brings up the alternate forms with diacritics etc, but on PC I use insert character or (if the system has a hinky word processor but uses windows) the codes at sites.psu.edu/symbolcodes/windows/codealt/

  • Where are the umlauts?!

  • Sleeper agent for the 3rd Reiche

  • Guy's leafing through vacation pamphlets and goes "YES! HITLER'S VACATION HOUSE!"

  • The thing about the umlauts is so true! I installed German keyboard few years ago and it's so messed up that still when I switch to German language, I have to type few letters until I find ü :)))))

  • What?!? A Republican has been outed as a liar?!? I’m shocked. 😐

    • no, Dems like the one who tell the lies in their favour. Joke Biden is such a liar they favoured.

  • 100% lies, looks like he fits in perfectly with the Republican Party.

    • Democrats have entered the chat.

    • I am wondering why you Biden supporters never question Joe Biden's lies, especially about his son Hunter , about the vaccine, about everything he lied about ?

  • A chad chadding, also, water is wet.

  • Trevor Noah is a citizen of the world. He knows how to type an umlaut.

    • You'd think so, especially with a Swiss dad! They aren't that hard to find anyway. Option-U gets you umlauts on Mac, and you can long press U on a phone's soft keyboard to access all kinds of accents.

  • Once I noticed Trevor's moustache, it's all I see.

  • Not even shocking

  • Gee a lying republican,I’m shocked!

    • @Winter Sundaer but the republican hillbillies and their voters are a cancer in spreading and believing false information or purposeful misinformation

    • @John Stamos not just lie , too. Dems were born to be liars.

    • I mean we know democrats lie too

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • And he’s probably going to get re-elected... The guy that got 150/300 classmates to call him an abuser. The guy that celebrated hitlers birthday. The guy that was partially responsible for the insurrection and had no proof for his claims.

  • That's our word! They can't use that word!

  • Has he used the cancel culture excuse yet? 😂

  • Not American so don't really understand the process but how do people run for congress with no apparent scrutiny? This guy is a liar, MTG is a nut but all these stories don't come out until after they win?

    • They beat out other right wing republicans in very republican areas. Then they waltz into office. Or roll.

    • You get votes.. not a vetting process. It’s the same with everything. Even their border control with all those officers murdering Mexicans.

    • It's because in America there's no law or organizations that is responsible for erasing fake information or news. They believed in a concept of the so called FREE SPEECH, too much freedom is the main problem in America.

    • Basically the US prides itself on individuality, so many people are political party fanatics that pretend they believe all politicians are corrupt lying cheats. aka too many gullible idiots think they're like a very smart person.

  • I really hoped he would be different but now its official no self respecting person is a republican not after these 5 years

  • 0:14 bed.ind.in

  • This reminds me of an old old story...it's one where Trevor Noah told us all he was funny. After all of these SEnewss two-a-day uploads being used as evidence, it's OBVIOUS that has been embellished at best and completely fabricated at worst. Trevor Noah has NEVER been funny.

    • and yet you watch him !!! another Trumper caught lying - ALL I CAN SAY IS GET LOST

    • Maybe you'd prefer this. It's the video where Madison is the lead singer. You'll soon get the idea. senewss.info/slow/lNa5mdd2q5mYl8Q/video

    • @EtotheFnD i do check carlson etc, and check them against reliable overseas sources. Noah's humour is the "tell the truth with an acid phrasing" type, not to everyone's taste, but a long established, well recognised form.

    • @EtotheFnD like I said, you need a new hobby...

    • @OriginalPiMan oh come on, i have gained all of these beautiful side conversations

  • first

  • Hi