Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
In this episode, I help Rosa, a therapy dog, who becomes aggressive in front of other dogs.
I was called by Ellen to help prevent animal control from coming to take Rosa away.
Remember it is important to use the leash to connect, stop, and guide your dog to prevent unwanted behaviors!
Always keep calm, confident, and assertive energy!
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  • You are a wonderful, inspiring and very sensitive person Cesar. Love from France !

  • I Want To See New Episodes Not the Old Ones 😕😕😕

  • Please finalize the videos...go to the end of results . Thanks

  • Cesar is amazing he has such a talent to fix these dogies up wow just amazing

  • Can a dog be disciplined at any time of their life? I mean it it's probably easier when they are a puppy right?

  • This man is amazing!!!

  • 9:12, Cesars uncomfortable giggle. She was better. Not.

  • Put that girl on the leash

  • Huge fan from india

  • Best person

  • Cesar bring your service to Miami fl I am pretty sure lots of people would appreciate

  • It's never the dog, it's always the human. 100% true, even when dogs are capable of making their own decisions. Meanwhile, inanimate guns are evil, it's never the INDIVIDUAL, let's demonize and crucify ALL gun owners. Liberals and their hypocrisy. This kind of 'logic' is the hallmark of authoritarians and tyrants.

  • You can feel Linda's energy of mild nervousness/confidence thru the screen. Rosa is responding to THAT and the tension on the leash. Linda is a strong energy that needs to really chill, like- zen out/meditate. Then she will understand the level if calm she needs to be for Rosa to understand.

  • Rosa Rooosa Roooosaaaaa🎶🎶

  • Always good instruction

  • 👌💪

  • Well the dog feel the feelings of the owner and when the dog feels this means alert that dog probably tries to attack so the dog says if the other dog is the attacker I will attack firs to rid the other with no command.

  • Love your work Cesar.

  • Your a legend, you’ve saved so many dogs!

  • WOW very kool great info. AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot keep up the great work

  • Great! Thank you.

  • This is the last guy I let have anything to do with my dog . He's the one that said dogs don't like to be hugged . Funny I've so many dogs being hugged and they all seem to love being hugged .

    • From the top toward over is what he means. Like to be loved coming sideways or from under. Domination when go over. See dogs try to climb on top of each other for dominant pack position.

  • Cesar Millan walks on water in the animal kingdom.

  • You are such a patient an awesome trainer. Very stable and loving, when teaching humans what to do!!

  • A Mossberg 500 12 gauge pump shotgun works well too.

  • I m a big fans of Cesar!!! He is amazing!!!

  • 🇹🇭🐶❤️😍

  • how to calm agressive dog? well go on walks from puppy state and dont be stupid socialze the dog to people and other dogs and other animals and you avoid to even calming it down! there ya go youre welcome!

  • Wow, what a difference between Cesar and Linda in how the dog reacts. Cesar you are amazing. Worlds best role model. God bless you. May you have great continued success in all you do.

  • Get a harness for starters.

  • You are the best of the best training dogs 🙏🙏

  • Super love him!

  • You are the king of all "yours" best friends!!!

  • “Ok, ok, ok” she ain’t listening

  • I love the work that you do, Cesar. However, I do not care for the 911 made for television format; it is too scripted, too repetetive and involves a lot of unnecessary drama. I know that most people won't agree with me, otherwise you wouldn't have 1.5 million subscribers. It is just an exression of my personal tastes. Cheers.

  • So how did it go with Linda. She she follow through and come to your ranch and get more relaxed ?

  • The most effectie way to calm down an aggressive dog is a Blue Steel 44

  • The title should read “How to calm an aggressive dog...with one shot”

  • Why he hiding in the bushes 😂😂😂

  • That sucks having to use the neighbor's dog as bait . Rosa's collar looks like she can slip right out of it and get loose, that's scary for a small doggy owner.

  • Anybody: Cesar I need help Cesar behind the tree:👀 👀

  • What would be the best way to stop my dogs from charging to my fence when someone walks by barking and acting aggressively?

  • Holy shit look at all the fake ass comments in this video. PR team is running overtime trying to restore this crook's image.

  • I really like the way that you train the people how to be the pack leader and be consistent. I have two Shepard's and if I wasn't the pack leader it would be really bad. The first time they met the new shepard attacked the one I already had. But I calmly broke it up. I worked with them and now they are best buds.

  • Ceaser I need help with my dogs and getting them used to my new puppy’s everytime I put them next to each other the puppy always jumps and plays real rough and the dogs don’t like that so they start growling and the dog bit the puppy but the dog didn’t make the puppy bleed and then my parents are tying the dogs and then they just keep giving them treats but there not even looking at the puppy and the dog don’t do anything it’s always the puppy’s who starts jumping and stuff like that and my parents don’t believe anything I tell them it’s not the dogs it the puppy’s and am like just let the dog tell them and then she like if they grab the puppy’s there going to kill him and stuff like that can you help me

  • We should never leave our animals, who are family, behind with abusers. The abuser always abuses the dog/cat/etc. in order to take out aggression. Hopefully these people take their animals away 💔

  • Cesar 🙌

  • Rosa is a Judge Judy episode in the making... To quote the singer Prince, "No child is bad from the beginning. They only imitate their atmosphere..."

  • Hey cesar my name is Collin I have a 2 year old rescue who is very aggressive to my other dogs he is also aggressive to humans just the other day he bit my brother. We have been looking for somebody to train him but we cant find anyone willing to help train this impossible dog, please if you see this respond because I would be heart broken If my puppy has to get put down. Sincerely,Collin

  • My dogs just like this. I have tried everything. I got my dog from people who trained her to attack ither dogs and cyotes to keep their livestock safe. She will also chase birds in the sky, deer, cattle really anything that moves. They got rid of her after killing ducks. Now it's to the point where I have to walk her in allys because she's just to horrible when seeing other dogs.

    • I can't even take her in a vehicle because she tries to jump out the window at them. She has also attacked many other dogs as well. I'm so happy no one choose to sue me

  • Cesar, you are amazing.....

  • Why is she so aggressive

  • Cool césar milan

  • 9:41 to 9:47 lmao... How Rosa is chilling down to lying in the floor immidiately near Caesar 🤣🤣🤣🤣 more proof needed?

  • hey Cesar I love your videos, the way you trained dogs, the way you explain how the dog's mind work. but i would like to know how you will approach a dog attack like a pitbull or any other dog coming straight to you to bite you?? it will be interesting to see what you will do. normally people will run as fast as possible .

  • Dog needs some therapy lol

  • I feel its only being a bully. I bet it won't do so to a pit bull

  • The deepest cultural issue is the lack of biblical virtue: "Let man have dominion over the beasts."

  • prong collar will do it

  • These are just made to be entertaining, first thing you do call animal control

  • Thank you for bringing Cesar out, back to the people.....not his ranch. This is the Cesar we cannot get enough of. Yesss loved seeing this. Love you Cesar. Keep showing us the right way. Texas gramma here.

  • "how to calm an aggressive dog" obviously you beat it until it's submisive, if it's too agressive you can use a baseball bat. edit:😲 5:43 so you don't need the bat?!?! jk! I love my dog and cat

  • Always the handler 🤦🏽‍♀️😭

  • Is she protecting her owner? Being in environment where people are stressed and maybe under threat she may be carrying that tension with her.

  • Cesar Milan 👈🏼illegal alien

  • How can I get help from this show 🙈

  • How many dogs (and people!) has this man helped? May God bless you, Cesar Millan!

  • So glad she's at least open to changing and learning !! Rosa was fine with other dogs when she got her!! For Cesar to b able to instantly control her that close to other dogs clearly shows it was all her owner!!People create all these behavioral issues...dogs aren't born this way!!

  • somebody has to make a meme of cesar peeking through the bushes.

  • When I was maybe 8yrs old, a gypsy cob dealer agreed to teach me how to ride if I helped him to back and school horses he bought for next to nothing then brought on and sold at auction. No tack or gear to speak of so for a few years I only rode bareback. Remember him teaching me the art of *"When you feel the horse tense up or notice anything different in his posture or movement. adjust your own, take a deep breath and loosen up. It'll nearly always be your anxiety causing his so always look to your own behaviour and correct that first"* Never fails and it's something I am eternally grateful for having learned at an early age. Even now I'll find problems with a really tricky challenging horse, human or dog getting on my nerves a bit and have to make myself snap out of an impatient tone and go to nice soft “Radio 4 ..The Shipping Forecast” voice and they follow suit. People won't necessarily know or understand the impact they have on pets unless they're willing to reach out and learn but it's not easy. Take my hat off to anyone that knows they're in above their head, urgently needs help and gets it before they are willing to give up on their dogs. Shows huge personal strength and immense character.

  • Dogs feed and mimic energy. Dogs behavior actually proves very strong evidence for the spiritual things.

  • Absolutely the greatest man to get things right!! He has such a special aura about him and such intuition. He automatically makes one feel calm and collected. An amazing human being! Cesar gets everybody calm!!! 🐕🐕🐕🐕🙏🙏

  • It's wonderful to see how Cesar changes the dog's behavior so quickly with his calm and confident energy, but I would like to see a video where the human that he is training has success and we get to see the change in the relationship with the dog.

  • Dizzy Biden voter from California good luck Rosa!!

  • I have trained dogs for 20 plus years, I have watched pretty much everything cesar does, I think I can read dogs almost as well as him, BUT, his ability to calm a dog and have a conversation with it and in such a short space of time is truly incredible. I am humbled and in awe of his skill and ability and hope that I can attain even 10% of what he does in the time he does it. Amazing!!!

    • I totally agree Steve ...Ive been training GSDS for 50 yrs..and Im in total awe of Cesar and what he does..To all the people who bash him and say his methods are abusive.... they dont know WTH they're talking about!!!! The man is amazing !!

  • I dislike the way TV shows are cut. For every ad break, and there are many, there's a repeat of previously viewed footage. You have to wait and wait to see the story advance.

  • I’m tense just watching. I can see how excited and tense Linda is each time she has the leash.

  • The reason the people aren't having sucess is because they are yelling commands that the dog doesn't understand, rather than trying to get her attention and increasing distance between her and the other dog. "ROSA STOP ROSA NO ROSA C'MERE ROSA LEAVE IT!!!!) is not going to help. The poor thing is insecure. This is one thing Cesar does well. He's not attacking the dog to prove his "dominance"

  • I don't like Linda. She shouldn't have a dog until she fixed her own problems.

  • So Cesar, when are you going to work with the dogs with buttons for communication? Im curious.. will you not do it due to the ego, or your need of alpha relations with them? Is it all about control, or can you have a give and take relationship? Likely very telling about who you are.

  • the other dog: 👁 👁 👄

  • Linda talks to the dog.

  • karen

  • Cesar is a Mexican legend 💯💯💯💯🙌✊🏿. He brings greatness to humanity 💯💯💯

  • I watch these clips as personal homework to become a better Boxer dog owner. My 2 year old is very good, but his excitement can be overwhelming for other dogs at times. I know he doesn't mean anything by it, but he plays too rough which causes issues for other dogs to feel threatened. Luckily he has some dog friends in the neighborhood he can play with, but I would like for him to be good with all dogs.

  • lol Rosa's owner is so clueless

  • Wat is dit gespeelt Belachelijk

  • I think she should listen to you more and do what she is told to help her dog it is on needles with her You're amazing Cesar👏🏻

    • She needs to visualize herself walking the dog quietly past the other dogs. She is tensing and sending tense and be ready thru the leash.

  • Did anyone see him kick the dog ? 651

  • Owner is enjoying getting attention as stupid that’s the problem. She thinks cute meanwhile dog get injury from her!

  • Every time, Cesar facing owner like her, he really wants to say “ stupid “ ! Why you get a dog????? If you don’t know about animals in general? At least LEARN before YOU cause problems to others!

  • I have the same issue with my boxer-pit. She goes nuts around other dogs or humans.

  • DMX the only dog he couldn't reach

  • So what i got is less talking to the dog?

  • First time watching this guy and I just love it

  • this lady is willing to learn,, very important part in all this

  • Wow! I didn’t know how wrong this was

  • All I can think about right now is Cesar calming down Eric Cartman. Tss!

  • The biggest problem is mot people are not the alpha in their relationship with their dog. And if you are not the alpha, the dog will be. I can do the exact same thing, calm an aggressive or hyper dog in just a few minutes, but then, I make sure they know who is the alpha, ME.

  • 🐶🐕‍🦺🦮🐩🐕