We Wore A Hole In Our Head!!!!

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
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  • "Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness." "The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer." "A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handy man with a sense of humus."

  • Guauuu wonderful and great jobs

  • Great video. Prayers for Nicole and Chet.

  • 14:53, just like old times, hey Dougo, ha?

  • May West really gets around, ha!

  • Will there be any issues with water that gets trapped underneath and cause the bottom of the header to rust more? Or is it stainless steel under it?

  • John Deere do not aprove this! they are in the lobby against right to repair

  • wanted to say ive recently became disabled. watching your family farm videos is very real and relaxing. your relationship you and your father is how i remember my time with my dad on our farm outsiide Eugene oregon. in this COVIN NIGHTMARE TIMES YOUR CHANNEL REALLY HELPS US SHARE IN YOUR FARM. THANK YOU. P.S. HOWS LIL NICKY DOING WITH HER HEALTH ISSUES. SHES BEEN IN MY PRAYERS.

  • “Me fail english, that’s UMPOSSIBLE.” - Ralph Wiggum, Simpsons, circa 1997 (or thereabouts). 😂

  • Does that fancy hi-tech hitch come w complimentary tube of lube?

  • Interesting video Chet and team. This plastic will save the metal and increase life of metal. Why as Dougo said do Deer not do this?? Its to simple or to easy!

  • "You and I have talked about that"

  • Hey Chet, Eric and Dugo...tip of the week, the front of that combine head is dangerous...we all agree but the big thing is more the damage it does to clothes...pisses me off so I got a section of retire 3” fire hose, slit it open with angle grinder, glued several (Home Depot magnets) to inside edge and put over the cutter bar...no more ripped shirts, jackets and pants or sweatshirts.

  • I just got back from Md. and found mellow yellow up there and had to try it with and without orange juice just because Chet has to have it! lol

  • what kind of foam gun do you guys use and what kind of foam

  • This video was rivetting lol

  • I thought the millennial farmer was a John Deere guy? I'm confused as to why he would be upset to hear green paint was superior? Lol

  • why would you run a 15k head on a 800k combine lol.. seems like a draper header would be worth more then a new combine

  • How many acres do yall farm?

  • What an upgrade sweet great group of guys and gals thanks for the video

  • Chet, the reason that JD doesn't use a liner like that is that it maybe their policy not to install a feature that they don't own the patent on. Sounds like the legal department is preventing this. JD can allow the installation so as to not void the warranty, but at the same time hold the installation license hold responsible for the cost of any warranty work done of an approved aftermarket product.

  • the hitch costs so much because it is green!

  • I load boundries from JD to 20/20 all the time - if you have any issues or questions feel free to reach out.

  • Chet how come you all don't have the Crary wind system on that head?

  • poly lining is a great idea but I wore about the metal still rusting out.


  • What are the daily mechanisms? You see what you say to me. Shani Hi, you are farmers, Sho Hanna Company. We are not in Iraq. Greetings.🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Get a plowfor the 70 for the old man

  • Never thought of using vas to push those hoses on before. Thanks for the idea. There must be a solution that uses strong hose clamps and a jack to push these things on.

  • How is it possible that they don't know who Michael Jordan is? That's like not knowing who George Washington is.

  • How long until the beans or grain wears the heads off all those rivets?

  • Swede finally met the engineers ... Did he straighten them out :)

  • Does the big swede use copenhagen?

  • Toby makes for the best shop mascot

  • Or call it Rex (RX)

  • Me fail English? That's unpossible SuperNintendo Chalmers.

  • That is pretty Cool Stuff. Thank you.👍

  • I wish I had 4 guys to help me the last liner kit I put in. It's a considerable amount of work alone.

  • Love the blue of the ladies' top!

  • Chet, have y’all ever thought about using the conveyor system for a bean head? I’ve notice some farmers use it instead of auger, on the head.

    • Their other bean head is the draper type that you are referring to.

  • Maywes Eric looks like he just left a strong man competition. Im large but that dudes got grizzly paws

  • Great show, thanks. 😃👏👏👏❤️

  • Hey what's up guys

  • Assuming the rivets are aluminum, it should be interesting to see how they stand up to the abrasion.

  • Maybe a better name for the video would have been 2 old dogs on the sofa....Sorry Doug

  • Could MAYWES not pre-punch the rivet holes at eight-inch or identical spacings or even pre-cast the stripper bar holes in the poly?

  • Mello yello and orange juice is awsome

  • Now the Larson family might understand why some of us John Deere tractor lovers buy red Case IH combines. John Deere combines are over rated and over priced.

  • Don't know what material the rivets are made out of but I hope they aren't going to rust out and create a loose head prematurely.

  • Will the new poly trap moisture under it ( dew, humidity, rain, washes, etc) cause the steel head to rust out faster?

  • Question? How long will the rivets last before you need to invest in a rivet gun?

  • Call it what it is @DougLarson PRICE GAUGING! You’d think the farm equipment sellers worked for the Federal Gov’t, both love to overcharge & screw over our farmers.

  • Looks like a great setup but my only concern would be how much dirt will build up between the new plastic floor and the old metal floor and when it gets wet and stays damp in there will it rust out the whole original metal floor? Would drilling some 3/8 inch water drain holes every few inches at the low point just in the original metal floor for the length of the header help keep it dry in there ?

  • The install was only for 1 combine ? Will you do the other one or it does not need it ?

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  • Erik number 2 looks like a linebacker

  • 0:10 mellow yellow and oj is mt dew

  • 👍👍

  • How many seasons will the poly shields last?

  • If that's a 1/2 inch that explains alot .... then it cuts away really fast. Why's that Chet ??? Haha haha 😄😆🤣

  • Chet, mellow yellow and orange juice is good together!!!!

  • I'm telling Zach what Eric said

  • I have to supervise the dog. Lol!

  • Mellow Yellow and orange juice is awesome... I've done that for years.

  • Will the old hole underneath fill with soil and push the liner up?

  • Happy Easter Larson Farms. Great video, glad you fixed the whole in your head. Praying day and night for Nicole, saw her for a split second on Instagram. Godspeed Nicole.

  • Mello Yello, orange juice, vodka?.

  • Chet, you are just so lucky to have Engineer Erik there every day to help you solve problems... And Dougo to supervise...and Mom to bring food! Prayers for Nikki...

  • You should have painted that metal under it it’s going to rot out just saying

  • Educational and hilarious @ the same time as always. God bless and Happy Easter to all the Larson Farm family. 🗽👍🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Jordan is a big time gambler when he plays friendly golf with Tiger I understand they will bet as much as $200,000 a round. Your to young to remember but at one time during Jordan’s career he quit playing basketball and went to play professional baseball. That was during the big Pete Rose investigation that ending his career because he had a gambling problem. Jordan played baseball to avoid possibility of investigation into his betting habits. I also think Jordan’s fathers murder may have something do to with money he may have owed to the wrong people.

  • interesting

  • I don't know how much they cost, but you can get air compressor pop rivet guns. Used them back in the day doing heavy industry.

  • Nice presentation

  • What material are the rivets made from hope its 316 SST

  • Should have painted that rusted plate you covered with plastic

  • Oh and yes zack has a crary shirt

  • Do you have those larson farms carhartt hoodies on your website?

  • Zack can tell you guys where to get a bigger fuel tank and he got one it can up to 1,040 gallon of diesel and 1,030 on def just go ask him tomorrow at like noon

  • Moisture trap... should send ya some pics. A person really needs to remove them every season.

  • What kinda knives do you have? Lookin for a new one last one broke.

  • That poly will sure make the crop flow better

  • Which channel started the oh I thought they would never leave Chet or cole from cole the corn star

  • CHET, Speaking of weeds... Do you suppose John Deere is working on a marijuana harvester? !

  • Good bless our farmers. Have some cousins farming downstate Illinois, much respect.

  • This was a great video!!👍👍

  • Happy Easter! Those liners trap moisture under them and will rust that head out in just a few years..

  • Can you guys put the 9rx in the grain cart it would look so much better

  • When I use to work at an implement distributor and repair shop some of the mechanics use to put pool noodles over the knife sections. Just cut them down the side and push on.

  • Man I like those poly plates that would save you a bunch in the long run

  • What kind of ratio we talking about... 50/50 OJ mellow yellow?

  • hey a couple tips we found of those hose barb fittings is a heat gun or/and using anti size. They both seem to work well!

  • Toby has taken over as shop foreman.

  • Sodder gun? Isn’t it a sol-der-ing iron?

  • What would it take for Chet to get a decent haircut?

  • They got a 9rx but don’t even have a Draper :/

  • Spring is here in the south.

  • Hey that's Zach's best buddy from Maywest

  • Morrttttt

  • Call the 9 rx the t Rex my daughter said that and I like it