Alabama WR Jaylen Waddle expected to be game-time decision vs. Ohio State | SportsCenter

Publicerades den 11 jan 2021
Jesse Palmer joins SportsCenter to discuss the keys to Ohio State Buckeyes QB Justin Fields defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide and Joey Galloway weighs in on the Crimson Tide wide receiver Jaylen Waddle being a game-time decision ahead of the title matchup.
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  • What is Jesse Palmer talking about? He's complimenting Justin Fields for throwing to receivers in tight coverage when he has wide-open receivers within the camera's field of view. That's exactly what you DO NOT want your QB to do.

  • joey galloway wring again????

  • Bama covid staff 1 - NCAAF 0.

  • Late hit egregious 6' from back judge in biggest game--every player watching could see that's a game-changing play.

  • i like this game and this is going to be great

  • waddle just lining up would benefit bama he could play the whole game with no catches and impact the game

    • it’d change osu’s whole defensive approach

  • GO BUCKEYES from Switzerland. I miss all my American peeps. Cannot wait to be back in the Shoe next year. Lets get this ship and move on util 2021 college football season. Hopefully COVID over by next fall and we can get a more normal season next fall.

  • Go bucks!!!!!

  • This game will go down as one of the best championship games of all time. I have Alabama 49, Ohio State 45. Buckle your seat belts because the offenses are going to be taking off tonight

  • Waddle and Smith, Ohio State has no chance.

    • @island dreaming Bama 52 OSU 24 LOOK LIKE THE DEFENSE HELD UNDER FORTY.

  • Waddle a bad man

  • I got one thing to say.. O H


  • I hope the Buckeyes are watching this espn and bama special promotions so sick of them calling saban the greatest coach ever is bs hes only winning because hes had the top athletes every year for 12 years straight its nothing to do with his coaching it's his talent he gets from the help of espn always mentioning him and bama every episode they mention saban thats why the top recruits choose bama every year because the help and then they have the nice weather also to benefit them college football is bs and a joke

    • @Nik Ivory well put

    • Ohio State is recruiting 5 star talent all over the country including the south and playing against conference opponents with nowhere NEAR the talent they have. Sounds like you're complaining about the same advantages Ohio State has. It's just not translating to nearly as many titles as bama has won the last ten years lol

    • Tell ohio state to recruit better stop hating

    • Ok, but his play call, clock management, game strategy, play creation is top tier. Cant say that hes the best coach in cfb history. But I will say he is top 3.

    • You realize Ohio state usually has one of the top classes year in and out right? What about the 2008-2009 season? They had some good recruits but no the best in the country

  • They are using him to free up devota

  • I don’t expect him to play, and even if he does i really don’t think he have an impact except for being a decoy, maybe running some ghost routes!!!

  • Alabama can probably win without him and it wouldn’t necessarily be the best move to play, but if he does for his team and shocks he deserves the game MVP

  • Trevor threw for 400 yards against OSU, I think Jones will to.

    • @Kano lmao

    • I agree and with waddle I’ll say 500

  • I need beer money Venmo please! @Samuel-Mathews-1 last 4 of number is 5535

  • Roll tide roll Jaylen Waddle is a beast and if he plays I think he’s getting 174

    • Bama doesnt need Waddle to win but he is good. Bama needs their defence to stop osu's run game.

  • So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • GoBucks!!! Bring it on home!!!

  • Badd news for the team loaded with zeros o h I o

  • LMAO. He ain't playing. Mental warfare is all this is.

  • Personally for his future, I don't want Waddle to play in case he gets injured again. I want him to rest so he can succeed in the NFL.

    • @ZC The King exactly if he wants to play, let him, he's been medically cleared, my guess is he will want to play he's got that winning mentality drive in him, you just know he's going to want to have a big part in BAMA winning the Natty ROLL TIDE ROLL

    • Stop with this scared of injury bullcrap! There is always a risk if he wants to play let him play!

    • @aaron short yeah if he does suit up, it'll be more for mental intimidation.

    • I agree but somewhat mixed emotions on that, can you imagine the osu defensive coordinator seeing Waddle step on the field, trying to decide how to cover smitty and waddle, not to mention billingsly, metchie, forrestal, and worry about the run game with Najee Harris and robinson ROLL TIDE ROLL

  • Ohio State all day trey sermon is gonna cook #8 all day

    • @Gregory Harris sadly

    • *eh hem* Roll Tide Sermon must’ve been microwave cooking cuz he was done quick!

    • Ohio st will win

    • Ill be sure to check back with you later tonight......RTRTRTRTRTR

  • This is going to be a good game

    • Yea good for bama roll tide.. destroyed ohio state

    • 1 hour intill the game start good luck to everyone's team

    • Love the username

    • Agreed

  • Ohio State is about to get crushed by 20+ RTR BABY

    • @Jeremiah Thank you for the prayers my brother. I was shocked when he got hit and was out like that. Fields was just not his best either, but none of that takes away from how Bama played. You guys played really well and lots of talent! Hopefully we will see you again next year, same place. Take care and good health to you.

    • @Mike told ya. Praying for Sermon though we got lucky he went out so early. Bama defense hits hard (and apologies for the Battle hit I don't like seeing guys get their head hurt, although that was a big hit)

    • @Antonio howard Still watching. And Makin bank...ha ha ha.......

    • Mike where you at mike ?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Jeremiah Ha ha. Ok, I like the way you debate my friend. :-) Well, good luck to you tonight and let's enjoy the game in these most difficult of times in our country. Take it easy.....

  • As Much as I would like to see Waddle Play really get the feeling he doesn't. But with him on the Field he make Offense Better even at 75%

  • Big boy bama

  • Firs5

  • For