Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists In Movies | How Real Is It?

Publicerades den 27 apr 2021
Former bank robber Cain Vincent Dyer looks at 11 bank-robbery scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism.
Dyer breaks down "Heat" (1995), "The Place Beyond the Pines" (2012), "The Dark Knight" (2008), "Cherry" (2021), "Den of Thieves" (2018), "Dog Day Afternoon" (1975), "Baby Driver" (2017), "Out of Sight" (1998), "Money Heist" (2017), "The Town" (2010), and "Inside Man" (2006).
Dyer served in the United States Marine Corps. He turned to bank robbery after threats to his family by a Mexican cartel. He was nicknamed the "kangaroo bandit," having been captured on CCTV stuffing cash into a backpack worn on his chest. He says he robbed over 100 banks across California between 1999 and 2001. He eventually turned himself in and served nine years in prison after pleading guilty to six robberies. He now works as a life coach and motivational speaker, helping newly released prisoners reintegrate into society. He's also a partner in two production companies.
Anyone who has been affected by violent crime can contact the National Center for Victims of Crime on 1 (202) 467-8700 or
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Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists in Movies | How Real Is It?


  • Please do “the getaway”. The newer version with Alec Baldwin and Michael madsen

  • 😳 wow! Very informative and interesting!

  • Former bank robber ,,,only in god damn Marcia

  • Isn't Clooney too pretty? Women will remember him.

  • "Serial flasher John Dick breaks down realism in 9 films" "This one is sort of accurate, but most flashers wouldn't surprise someone with their genitals in that way. Overall fairly realistic".

  • If he was successful how come he's not in jail

  • I would've like to have seen Hell or High Water on here

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  • he's basically teaching us hot to rob a bank

  • U.S the only country in the world where they would marketeer a former "bank robber"

  • Wished they would have shown a scene from Set It Off

  • 200 in 2 years? Hmm seems kinda sus

  • Place beyond the pines is a goat movie

  • Let’s also keep in mind this idiot got caught who just walked into a bank with a gun and asked for money. He has never experienced anything like this. First of all he went to a small state bank. Second. He didn’t get anywhere close to what the movies are explaining. Third it’s a movie. Bank robbery’s usually only go down one way in the real life guy walks into bank asks for money. Leaves. Clearly they are not going to do that in a movie. This videos logic behind this small town bank robber who robbed A BANK has no right.

  • 14:24 amog us xD

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  • How was Point Break not a part of this video? never even heard of half of these movies

  • This criminal should still be in prison.

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  • I legit thought that Charles Barkley in the thumbnail😂🤣

  • As long as he knows that in theAs long as he knows that in the movie Heat that Robert De Niro and his whole crew would have been gone before the police even thought about getting to that bank don't they know how big Los Angeles is and how bad the traffic is those guys would have never been caught. That response time is stupid there's no way in hell they would have got through LA traffic all the way downtown to the bank from the police station at their desk.

  • The biggest flex is that he turned himself in, they never caught him

  • When I worked as a bank teller there was a certain pair of $100 bills we kept in our drawer that was the 'bait money'. The serial numbers were recorded and these 2 bills were kept under a special clip. If you pulled those bills out of the clip while your drawer was in the teller station it triggered the silent alarm.

  • This makes me wonder do they go to jail after this?!?!! Or is it like this guy where they turned them selves in

  • Should have done the Only Fools and Horses episode where The Shadow robs the supermarket too.

  • This is one paysay 2 shit

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  • This video is very deep if you’ve watched the video about his career as a bank robber

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  • How’s the man get out after committing so many bank robberies?

  • former bank robber? So he's a failed bank robber? Why are we listening to him? Why are we paying someone who probably put guns on innocent peoples face?

  • I feel like this dude never robbed a bank, more like an ATM

  • It’s horrible how bad people can ruin a perfectly good mans life turning it completely upside down taking everything he knows and loves for 9 years 😔

  • Imagine being robbed by this guy and watching this vid years later on how he breaks it down. Lol

  • Whiskis movie? 🤔

  • All the bank robbers taking notes right now. Watch it Wells Fargo

  • Why do you give a bad guy a plattform even money probably.....he probably could have killed someone or worse......end him.

  • on the money heist one, he guessed right, the show is set in spain

  • Of course he says he was a non violent multiple felon. Just your neighborly bank robber.

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  • All you gotta do is call Lester to remove your stars, it’s that simple.

  • If you watch Heat they didnt have to worry about cameras because the night before they cut in and tricked out the alarm system computer to turn off the cameras before they even walked in

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  • First mistake he puts his hands on his face at the door . DNA

  • Lenny Kravitz wrote a song called "Bank Robber Man" about an incident where he was mistaken for a bank robber by the police. He was in police custody for a while, but later released the same day. Maybe the cops mistook him for this guy here.

  • Just let them have the money biden will print more

  • Arrest his as5

  • Someone should tell this guy that there are more numbers on a 1-10 scale than 1, 7, and 10.

  • In it wasn't clear Cherry is based on this guy.

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  • wait what

  • 0:15 what a proud achievement 👏👏

  • "After i turned myself in for committing 100 robberies, I decided to open a business" Uhh... prison??? Lol That's one HELL of a plea deal. Almost criminal in of itself. Must have ratted out all his friends

  • Now bank robbers are experts I've noticed over the last few months these videos are just getting more stupid

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  • THE Patrick Conley (or was it Conely?) Of whity Bulger fame?

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  • how much time did he do ?? don’t get how you commit a crime over 100 times and you get to see the freedom to do youtube content but drugs can get you locked away up to life … make it make sense

  • I'm sure anyone can relate to this video

  • This man wasn’t even caught after a hundred bank robberies and decided to turn himself in that really shows character and that he’s a good guy

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