When Clients Don't Want To Pay What You're Worth Do This Instead

Publicerades den 21 apr 2021
#shorts #business #pricing
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  • Chris pitching technique is out of this world will follow closely till am as confident as he is

  • ?? =/ :) ♡♡♡♡♡

  • I don't trust this guy AT ALL

  • It’s the fact that it was actually a banger for me.

  • Can’t have your cake and eat it too. This guy should just tell the investor that he wants him to invest in his idea for charity, because he doesn’t think 50 percent is fair. What a messed up guy.

  • Okay, good luck keeping track of this

  • Lol,and people believe this!

  • Lets assume u make $1000 without his help by yourself a month with his help u make $10000 a month. If you split u make $5000 and u r still worried he will make $5000 too, u r not seeing u r making more as well

  • Taking risks brings the benefit of the profit. We aren't taught this

  • Pay me what I’m worth or don’t pay me at all

  • If he believes in himself and can do it himself go ahead and spend the $1000. If I were him I’d go for the 50-50 split

  • What's the guys overhead per client tho? 100$-50-30... Do the math. People going into business usually in debt. This Guy has a sound argument as why he should get paid more, but if he was really that good, and wanted work, both clients easy agree on rational numbers compared to what is at stake, like 250,000 business loan, or whatever it is. What I see here is both greed and pride, nothing stays green.

  • What’s with all the beaded necklaces?

  • Why are they debating on this? 😐 Give the dude what he asks if his content didn't live up to what he said in a written contract you'll get a refund 😐

  • I love the way this loops back round in itself for ever🤣

  • How are you cheap and greedy? He's offering Free with back end profit or Fee and no profit share and the whole time you're attempting to nickel and dime him? Ugh. I'm glad that the Talent is Super Smooth. What's his name? I'm ready patronize the obvious Business Man over the cheap Clown any day.

  • Half of something is better than nothing.

  • I'd move on as soon as he tried 5hat bullshit and find someone else

  • Your a genius. I wish more people are prepared, quick, rational and LOGIC like you! Keep up your phenomenal work. Showing love from MTL✌️

  • No risk to you, except 50% of all potential in store sales... lol, it's not a risk when he states he wants to screw you, I guess

  • Man, I can’t stand people who don’t like people to succeed for their work just because of greed.

  • 50% this guys is high on crack

  • Give him his $$ up front. Can’t have it both ways

  • I’d counter 70/30 and meet somewhere in the middle

  • Getting a fair cut for your work is one thing, but exploiting your client for 50% of all revenue is unethical and greedy. Your hoping your client will be dumb enough to take the bait by generating a false sense of urgency and pretending you’re the only one who can do the job. You aren’t. I promise.


  • That’s how you sell a pen 🖊

  • Awesome do you subscriber

  • 50% of revenue is too much though. Lol I would understand 50% of the profits at least. I guess it depends on the product or service they’re providing.

  • 50% in that situation sounds like a lot to him but it’s 50% that he wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. And who’s to say those 100 clients don’t come back or refer friends. Now those additional customers fall under his whole profit.

  • This guy is really good. This my second vid by him.

    • @The Futur I will be watching! New subbie!

    • We have full length videos.

  • Wtf is this strawman on top of strawman

  • Pure greed

  • 50% is extremely unreasonable though. He could say 1% (1 dollar) and the point would still hold up

  • Daaaaaammmmn that ending was like a burn

  • This works. Not just with music. But in other areas as well. Or just this type of mindset when even bidding a job.

  • I have the same problem, so I simply do nothing creative for anyone anymore. People want everything for nothing at all.

  • Dude without him you wouldn't make a banger money maybe if you concerned about that you need to go scrape up $1,000 pay him a thousand for the video and then collect the revenue if you concern about somebody else making more money than you he's bringing you money

  • Ripped from indy mogul

  • He said of any new client. So if he averages say 50 clients a week, than he should use that as his threshold. Any new client after 50. After that it’s fair to say he’s worth the 50% for every new client after that. Or pay the man the $1000...and see what happens.

  • 🔥🔥 I screamed this was perfect

  • Nothing Wrong With Knowing Your Worth.

  • 1000 dollars to exit a video is a bit much also asking for 50 percent is a bit much(there also is no context so🤷‍♀️)

  • This guy's a rip off

  • Mad clever.

  • *Harvard “you want a degree?” Aww man sorry i just got one lmao”

  • Spend money to make money.

  • Do you mail the client the script they have to follow in advance or do you hand it to them at the meeting? This was less believable than the new Mortal Kombat.

  • Yall need to check put Rob dyrdek and what he did to DC shoes. ROBBED THEM

  • That’s dope

  • People are saying Chris, who is this Chris guy and what does he do for a living?

  • 60-40, Sounds like a deal

  • I love the fact that he's quietly bullying this guy into paying him 1000 or more lol. So confident.

  • Dammmm curve ball but it is always important to pay attention before spending what you think is worth your time and effort

  • Who tf is this asian guy who thinks he is god or smt

  • It's about owning.

  • okay?

  • Everyone swears they're a business professional in these comments

  • This is so cringy lol men are so boring

  • Beggars cant be choosers

  • The client is basically saying “I’d like to get all of the profit and pay you as low as possible fir it”

  • This is the GREATEST negotiation if ever seen. A true ART OF THE DEAL. 💯

  • He’d rather not make any money then go half no risks. He’s definitely in that seminar for a reason. He has a poor mentality

  • What’s his name on ig ?

  • Who is this guy

  • I used this ame tactics lost year when client says cant pay the amount i asked. So in the end i took the risk and made 3 times what they wanted to pay me...they were not happy...lols....amazing as always. .keep up the good work

  • These videos are 🔥

  • This is incredibly genius 💰❤️

  • Dude is scared to lose 50 percent of the money from new customers because it's gonna be a banger video. Bro. If the video isn't a banger you aren't getting a single new customer. Your getting 50 percent of nothing.

  • This is true in every business... everywhere... and dude nailed Xactly how to handle it. True professional level b2b sales & negotiation has been my entire career and contrary to popular belief it’s not slimy, it’s not shady, it’s not cringe... It’s a dying art form that adds value to all parties involved and it takes skill, practice, confidence and experience... I’m glad to see it’s still got a pulse with a younger generation.

  • He's so selfish!! I wouldn't make anything for his cheap ass!! Work 4 someone who knows ur worth!!

  • Damn... drop the mic. Okay, point taken, haha.

  • Oh damn😂

  • So much value in such a short video!

  • Find someone else they will do it better and cheaper and fast.

  • I think shorts have at least doubled the hours I spend on SEnewss 😂.

  • The problem is that you have no way of verifying he isn’t lying about the numbers and screwing you.

    • there is. it's called accountants and forensic accounting. but if you don't trust this person, don't do business with them.

  • Makaveli mindset will make you the most successful person on earth

  • Love the content!

  • All real business men/women operate in this capacity, at the ones I'm tune with. And we never have a problem with our clients.

  • Anyone trying to make money in 2021 and you not trying to spend 1000 bucks.... go ahead and just quit go play video games and just stop trying to make money because you don't even want to know the return on rentals and that's endgame

  • Then there will be catch like: only for the first 6 months u get the persentage profit.

  • Never EVER choose a royalty split. Ever.

  • the bearded guy is greedy as f. stay away from those types of business men.

  • Why is it hard to say yes for? Owner would make less doing his own thing

  • What “risk” is he taking?... I seriously don’t see it What he risks losing a few hours on the editing of a video?

  • I would of said $1000 up front or 50% till he gets $1200 then no more cut

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Dudes an idiot. Its cheaper to pay the grand than 50%. By not doing the grand he's screwing himself out of money.

  • He’s not losing fifty, he’s getting fifty. Man’s already acting like he owns those new customers.

  • That guy is a joke!! No money up front and the cheap steak is worried about 50% wow Lol for free what a clown

  • “I take all the risk” as if that is the only business he has a stake in. He’s being ridiculous.

  • 50% can kill your business in taxes and lots of other variables. Since hundreds of years contracts are made with this example if you make until a certain amount you get a fix sum and after that something like 1-10% depending on business and amount... best example is Alec Guiness and Star Wars and how they ripped him off after verbal promises

  • Really smart

  • I would’ve taken the percentage. If he’s getting a 50% cut he can contribute to the business in some way. He will do most of the work with his loyal fans and I’ll sit lazy doing nothing

  • straight G

  • Brilliant, I have used some of Chris’ ideas, even I was surprised that my clients were willing to pay my price. My price is between 3 and 10 times more than what the local market asks.

  • You have to pay for the labor and skills dude...don't be cheap!

  • The IQ I gained from Chris instantly vanished when I read the comments section

  • Those type of clients don't succeed in life anyways. Have been with those hooligans and none of them strived.