Ripping Up the Highway - Fails of the Week | FailArmy

Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
This week's best fails are coming in hot, so hot they melted off one of the tires in our first clip. Come for alarming automotive accidents, stay for construction fails, critter home invasions and plenty more. Stay safe this weekend! 🤣 #failarmy​ #fails​ #funny​ #compilations
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  • Best one in a while. We should put pigs in every robocall center.

    • Every call center has pigs in them, they are called scammers

    • So i think that is not only on Brazil that shit happens. Telemarketing is a problem here. We keep our phone unplugged in my home!!!

    • I concur.

    • @Zachary Magnus on K99

    • @Itz Cicely not literally, this one ran in. Still funny.

  • 2:42 well shit

  • Why did that fucking pilot not land in open water? Could've easily killed someone.

  • What was so 18+ in this video that I had to “verify my age” with google for?

  • 2:34 Patrick Swayze stepped in - *EvErY gIrLs DrEaM*

  • Did that Racoon just say wats up?

  • SUBZ for steaks

  • 2:12 you know you've played too much gta when you were expecting him to go flying...

  • 6:46 how you announce to the world without words that you vote leftist and think CNN is real news.

  • 1:57 when the "IRS" or the "Microsoft support" center calls.. yeah.. if there's an Indian accent.. hang up

  • I hate when people ask obvious answer questions

  • 6:26 That's not funny

  • 3:58 man this one isn't funny that's the scariest thing I have ever seen

  • 0:36 Yo leave my guy alone! He’s just chillin

  • Why is every clip so loud in these kind of clips. I have my volume on the lowest and still loud...

  • Videos are going awfully gay

  • That guy with nose hairs was the biggest fail in this video. Not funny at all just annoying

  • The camera vehicle driving in the snow was more of a win then a fail.

  • You have to stop adding sound effects.. holy shit, those stinks up your videos..

  • 4:31- Got bad news for you girl, it grows back again!

  • It think some of these peoples brains just shorted out for a quick second

  • 4:51 i mean she made the drop in, respect.

  • Pretty sure the guy at 3:34 legit thought he could walk on water.

  • 2:50 Why? just....why?

  • Hot dang that avenger vid is great.

  • Failed opportunity to use the Back to the Future theme.

  • I like when the girl screams, the cats come running to help.

  • The raccoon video actually happened to me

  • 1:59 now I know why it takes so long for sirius radio customer service to answer...

  • That semi though.....why so fast?

  • 06:33 I love how the cats came running as soon as the lil girl screamed.

  • Those wax things aren't working cause the skin is too loose, pull the skin back then rip at 'er.

  • “So I just got my perm done.” This is a sentence that should never be spoken by a man.

  • My first question is "why did you get your hair permed at all?"

  • D A T P E R M

  • the raccon was like wassup he nodded his head

  • i love the clip withe the pig

  • The fuckjng raccoon was great

  • Men don't get perms lmfao

  • That baby had a mullet lmfao

  • 2:00 Indian call center. You have a virus

  • Am I the only one getting annoyed but the added sound effects?

  • Did she call the guy at 5:05 "Burger"?

  • Boring

  • 3:58 Zombie Highway in real life!!

  • perm LMAO

  • 1:13 these anti period shaming campaigns are really getting out of hand

  • Did anyone else hear the Benny Hill Theme song when that pig ran in the call center?

  • Fails of the week... shows videos from 5 years ago🤷‍♂️

  • That's a lot of money to pay that

  • What is the name of music in your opening @FailArmy?

  • Racoon be like: Wassup

  • That wild boar was tired of them calling about his extended car warranty

  • 3:57 reminds me of a apocalypse or something like that. Awesome!

  • tge piggy session was tremendous

  • No pigs were harmed in the making of this video

  • morons keep waxing their nose hairs

  • Hahaha the pig was great

  • Perm?? Who does that these days and its that a guy? Why's he crying? Grow a pair lmao

  • Q

  • The title for this video should have been “Wax on Wax off” or “Waxing stupid” or some kinda wax pun cuz there was a whole lotta nope in it.

  • help center 🤣

  • That’s a Ford fuckin RANGER!!!

  • 6:20 piece of 💩

  • 1:33 it’s a, communist?

  • hold up yall still do those videos man its been years since i last saw one of those :)

  • whats the real reason people have kids, gives them something to torture so they can enjoy the finer things in life

  • 1:55 lmao bruh I can't stop laughing

  • 1:59 I hope thats the place customer service always sends me to.

  • 2:00 This must be why customer service over the phone is so awful.

  • I just had a racoon come in my house a couple of nights ago. I heard it hiss as I was watching tv, so I thought it was a cat n even when I first seen it I was meowing, thinking it was a cat b4 I realized it was a racoon. I guess I have to keep my doors shut at night

  • Can't. Watch. Waxing...

  • Some of these weren't funny. People really goat hurt.

  • Buddy i am back bro

  • Woman logic: Lets just try and Screaaaaaaaaaam at this trapped wild animal and see if it makes the situation better. ....?

  • 3:05 those nostril hair removal things are one of the worst things you could do. You nose is full of bacteria and you're pulling out hairs leaving open pores. Not good. Trim but don't pluck people.

  • @ 1:22 I see these gender reveal stunts have reached a new level. And , it's a girl.

  • 2:47 and 4:28 - It's not recommended to wax remove all of your hairs according to google or you can wind up with infections. It's bad enough for someone to pluck them out instead of using a hair trimmer.

  • Can you please enable clipping for your videos?

  • 3:58 WTF, was that truck driver sleeping? When I don't see sh** I just go slow as a snail. Like COMON...

  • Why did the plane do this?

  • I don’t need to see so many hair removal clips. Not fun for anyone

  • 0:37 Racoon is like "Yo what's up bro!"

  • The waxing under the arms .....WHYYYYYYYY😲🦄😲😲🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Warum müssen alle Frauen bei egal was Rum schreien als wenn jemand sie umbringen will das ist sowas von nervig

  • @ 6:42 Same thing happened to me....BITCH!

  • 4:37 why would you record smth like this

  • 3:51 baby with 70's hair cut !

  • 2:33 This woman is beautifull

  • Failarmy videos lately had become a long compilation of videos of people struggling with snow. And people waxing their gruesome noses.

  • 3:00 why would anyone want to pull all their nose hairs out? They're the dust filter that prevents crap getting into your sinuses and lungs....

  • Failarmy. Sponsored by Sonic.

  • 2:10 : u have computer virus :background: ahhh pig

  • Poor raccoon, just give him a few hot dogs he'll leave.

  • So I lost all trust in my father when I was 6 Doc.

  • One of the dumbest things is getting rid of nose hair. That's part of the body's filter system. I get if you have some sticking out. Grab the tweezers. But, to get rid of all of them?! Foolish.

  • 3:52 the kids hair is like Elvis. That’s awesome. 👍😀

  • Raccoons are awesome.

  • I love how stupid people are.

  • Could you imagine seeing a TBF Avenger water landing at your local beach? I never get to see anything like that. I hope they recover the plane. There can't be too many of them left.