Punishing Beginner Mistakes | Ponziani Opening

Publicerades den 2 sep 2020
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In this video I play a rapid chess game against fellow Twitch Streamer vengaard_live (www.twitch.tv/vengaard) who is a relatively new to chess- only been playing for ~3 months! In the game, I unleash the Ponziani Opening and proceed to show no mercy. I hope this game provides some instructional value when it comes to exploiting common beginner mistakes and using basic tactics to seize the advantage. Towards the end of the game (once I achieved a decisive material advantage) I put more of my focus towards answering various questions from the Twitch Chat. After the game, I provide some basic tips and advice and show how black could have improve the opening play against the Ponziani.
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  • “So This is his first big blunder” *me thinking it was a good move 1,5 minutes before he did it... feels bad

  • At 7:55 you could’ve moved the night to f7 and pinned both rooks and queen while also taking a pawn

  • Funny 00:28 Not playing the Stafford Gambit, good start!

  • The master missed a few moves....

  • 7:30 you shoulda forked with knight f7

  • :33 e5 Nc6 is the Nimzowitsch Defense. Please explain the gambit as I do not know the name "Safari Gambit" and do not see the piece to take. Here is the list of Gambits in the opening. 1 Albin Countergambit 2 Alekhine's Defence 3 Amar Opening 4 Benko Gambit 5 Benko Opening 6 Bird's Opening 7 Bishop's Opening 8 Blackmar-Diemer Gambit 9 Blumenfeld Gambit 10 Budapest Gambit 11 Caro-Kann Defence 12 Catalan Opening 13 Danish Gambit 14 Duras Gambit 15 Dutch Defence 16 Elephant Gambit 17 English Opening 18 Englund Gambit 19 Evans Gambit 20 Four Knights Game 21 French Defence 22 Giuoco Piano 23 Grünfeld Defence 24 Italian Game 25 King's Gambit 25.1 King's Gambit Accepted 25.2 King's Gambit Declined 26 King's Indian Defence 27 King's Pawn Opening 28 Latvian Gambit 29 Nimzowitsch Defence 30 Petrov's Defence 31 Philidor Defence 32 Ponziani Opening 33 Queen's Gambit 34 Queen's Gambit Accepted 35 Queen's Pawn Opening 36 Reti Opening 37 Ruy Lopez 38 Scandinavian Defense 39 Scotch Game 40 Semi-Slav Defense 41 Sicilian Defence 42 Slav Defense 43 Sokolsky Opening 44 Tarrasch Defense 45 Torre Attack 46 Two Knights Defence 47 Vienna Game 48 Ware Opening 49 References 50 External links

  • are the arrows he uses a diff software or is it on we chess? great analysis markers while playing

  • I’m wondering why bishop d5 line up with the queen wasn’t mentioned.


  • learned some shit w this video, thanks man

  • Wow You hit over million views

  • What does IM means?

  • Don’t get hyped when u crush me.. I’m 10 lmao

  • 01:46 - GG

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  • Title: punishing beginner mistakes SEnewss ads: * i kNoW yOu aRE lOokIng fOrWArd aT bEinG bEtTer aT cHeSs”

  • What is the Jawa's favorite chess opening? Lucchini

  • Omg.

  • Opponent was just so unskilled

  • Hey Eric, just started playing again the last 2 months and would love to play you and learn from you!

  • 7:18 I wanted to go g4 and if they took then fork the rook. Probably a mistake but still a cool move I think

  • Wasn't 10 Qf3 a better alternative?

  • Blacks bishop could have moved I front of its queen giving the knight a 4th defender and also attacking white’s queen. Now white can choose to stand its ground and make a counter move or attack and have blacks queen attack white queen.

  • The world is better if you punish masters instead.

  • 3:10 why not capture the knight on c6, black plays bishop d7 and white captures the pawn on e4 leading with another check

  • *black moves pawn to a6* me: good move eric: ok this is the first big blunder

  • at 12:14 why didnt you just take his bishop for free, instead of worrying about how hes gonna put you in check. The worst he can do is move to take pawn B2 right?

  • 05:07 Black to move, would loved to see Queen to E5 three-way fork. If White trade, bishop re-take and pressure Rook on H1.

  • 12:15 why not take Bishop on e7 with queen?

  • you need to get your loud swallowing under control.

  • Can someone explain why he didn’t play knight e7 at 7:35? I’m not that good it just seems like a good move

    • blacks bishop would take and it wouldn’t be advantageous to trade the knight for the bishop in his board set up. I’m new to the game but I think that’s why

  • Turn 9: Why not play Nxf7 am I not seeing something here?

  • Leeeeeeeeeeeee chess

  • It's Libre (Lee bra) not (Lee bray)

  • game name

  • Just out of curiosity, what would have been your response to 7... Qd5?

  • Horrible game by Eric, there were so many Better combos

  • I feel like this game would be way better back before the internet because every person would be playing their own style but most the people now just play using other peoples strategies and it looks boring

    • Then leave

  • I dont bite that he was playing for 3x months...either way nice game...gl next

  • Triple fork :( minute 8:56 , if you move your knight to f7 , take the queen with bishop , and take one of the rooks with your knight :(

  • Hi Deric. Great game.

  • Hi. Mom. I. Look. You.

  • really love this kind of video, would appreciate more beginner mistakes videos in the future

  • !

  • I don't agree with his game at all he made many mistakes. is he really good? If so he is going way too easy

  • This is dumb play someone your queen heavy brought her out to early show me a game you can play you new chess players want to play her way to early you really nor does he know why he is opening this way lol your a joke

  • Awesome video! Thank you

  • I'm a beginner.. at 5:42 why didn't the Queen go to D5? Pressure the opponent's queen, knight & bish? Just trying to understand as best as i can

  • 5:10 black bishop d5.....terrible move or a good one?

  • At 13:23 you should have moved your pawn to g3 to capture their queen

  • At 11:10, would Pawn takes Bishop (A6->B5) be a good move? New player here, about a week in and halfway through Bobby Fischer’s book.

  • @, in move 7, when queen takes pawn E4, what if black plays bishop D5; threatening the queen and the pawn on G2 (and protecting the knight at C6), would that destroy your momentum?

  • I dont give 2 shits about the game. LETS FOCUS ON HOW HE TYPED SPEED OF LIGHT WITH ONE HAND 6:50

  • 4 conmercials in a 22 min vid. Gz you are a greedy asshole.

  • 10:26 That's how I plan my future 😂

  • At 7:20 why didn’t he play Nxf7 to triple fork the queen and rooks?

  • this should be considered child abuse. lmaoo

  • Pov: you've never felt the touch of a woman

  • what type of title is that-

  • 7:28 maybe knight should have gone to f7? What do u guys think?

    • bishop just takes, there is no danger for black

  • I’m a beginner and looking to develop. I like your video. What online program are you playing? There are too many apps but I don’t know where the best place to play online is

  • 7:26 is knight f7 fork a bad move? If so why?

  • Wouldn't Queen E3 be better than Queen E2 at 9:00? You would be covering his possible E7-D5 knight attack on your F4 bishop and would also keep his C6 knight from breaking the pawn formation by killing D4 pawn

  • Why didn't he move his knight at E5 to F7? He could have taken the rook at H8. And moved on from there.

  • Leeches dot org, got it. I don't know what a she-lich has to do with anything honestly.

  • Hi my name is Irvin I just started playing chess i was wondering what is the app 😅 u playing chess in

  • Wouldn't a6 be a good counter in the first game? Put pressure on the bishop and opens more counters to the queen on a4?

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  • FFS. I just can’t get into this as there are simply too many adverts interrupting it.

  • Erik: Mentions sleep as one of the best aids to concentration and focus. Me watching this at 1 A.M: Yes, Exactly!

  • It says on the Lichess website that it's pronounced 'Lee chess'. I seem to remember it had a dedicated page.

  • I am watching at 8:37 but bro are you kicking his ass?

  • Punishing? Maybe spend less time talking about yourself

  • *I had this position with a guy in a tournament, he beat me in 20 moves, me, what did I walk into the kitchen for?..

  • Your opponent didn't listen to Mr Shaibel: You resign.

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  • how you do those arrows?

  • 7:36 missed the triple fork

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  • He could have finished the game in 11:24 if only he started with knight to A7

  • if you press 4 eric blinks

  • Why not take Knight C6 when you had 3 attackers and he only had 2 defendants ? I get it you want to control the centre, so you chose to take the pawn, but that was a good opportunity to destroy the Queen side, then take the pawn in the centre later as it was pretty isolated.

  • he cringes me the fuck out

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  • what is the name of this chess-playing website?

  • I would have loved if he talked about the actual game going on more

  • at 8:50 : wouldn't Knight g8 be a good move? forking both rooks; offering a queentrade?

    • @Hyakkimaru typed wrong.. knight f7. white bishop attacking queen back and knight forking rooks.

    • I can’t see the trade

  • At 10:15 you should have gone knight f7

  • For all those interested check out the series Queens Gambit on netflix, I have 26 minutes left as I'm studying the Sicilian defense anticipating the rest of the series it is definitely a two thumbs up movie and if you are a chess aficionado I definitely recommend watching this series

  • What app is this

  • You should be moving pieces you touch, no? Good form.

  • I literally searched up how to pronounce lichess today and heard the same video!

  • 04:20 what would you say about queen to d5 for black ( as mentinoned earlier but before white queen to e4) I would expect a queen trade, but if black was me thats a good thing for the probably much worse and defending player, no? and if he wouldnt trade its fine too? obviously I only thought like 2 moves in advance so god knows what im missing ^^

  • Why did you not take the bishop at 12:18? Beginner here

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  • I'm a LITTLE mad black didnt move pa7 to attack the bishop early on. The bishop is REALLY compromising their setup as the knight is basically useless