Publicerades den 3 okt 2020
Thanks for watching SWAY HOUSE TAKES A LIE DETECTOR TEST!! On today's vlog, we all sat down with John for a lie detector test!!
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  • Hey guys!! Who was your favorite to watch take the lie detector test??

    • @myrah how did you have time to type all that?!?

    • @Stella Lum these dudes are part of the sway house

    • @Ryan Z you don’t have to watch the videos he makes with these responsible (kinda) boys. Just watch the videos he makes with the blog squad

    • Bryce

    • Bryce

  • انس واصالة

  • josh is 18?!

  • Jason 48 years old friends with college students, it's weird.....

  • Griffin has a kid?!?!?

  • Do the lie detector again in sway and ask bryce same question please

  • Bryce hall is jealous of noah's looks?! my man hall looks like tom cruise.

  • When Bryce’s mom asked does he regret not having a male role model as he grows up it got deep. That was sad but at least Jason made us laugh and it got less awkward.

  • Omg when josh richards ran across the living room

  • Jason nash's laugh is the devil's smirk 😂 (imagine it)

  • So no one is gonna talk about Jason’s laugh

  • 1:35 look at Noah 😂😂

  • Are noah Beck and they othere's biseual?

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  • anyone else notice jasons armpit

  • Noah is the male equivalency of Tori Spelling. They both have long/big faces ha.

  • Noah is so humble

  • I hate how they were laughing at him like I feel bad for him

  • I am a fan of Bryce Hall

  • is it me or the lie detector guy has no feeling

  • you were offered a scholarship at yale and u decided to join a tik tok house?! that's so stupid

  • gay house

  • I laughed sk hard seeing Bryce laugh😂😂😂

  • hi i love addison

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  • Jason... did U Just expose Urself.......,.............

  • Simp House:)


  • bryce exposedddddddddd

  • ILove you so much guys

  • Noah’s extra 💋 at the end of the question 😂 😂

  • Nessa Be like : 👁💧👄💧👁

  • The nonstop reason roughly kick because celery systematically embarrass apud a lying sphere. periodic, teeny australian

  • Everybody’s talking about Bryce and Addison but who’s the mother of griffin Johnson’s baby

  • 7:05 🥺🥺🥺

  • 3:40 awww🥺

  • Did y’all know you can pay this guy and tell him to say true or lie 😒

  • Josh is prolly the biggest braddison shipper lol

  • I feel bad for the lie dectetor guy

  • Bryce and Addison are made for EACHOTHER !!!

  • Its the laugh for meeee.... LMFAOOOOO!!!!

  • Josh at 4:24 🤣🤣🤣🤣 noooooooo

  • I can imagine Noah and Griffin being overprotective dads XD

  • I don’t know why I’m watching tik tokers when I don’t give two shits about them lmao

  • There is no way Josh is a year older then by brother there is no way

  • I'm here when braddison is back💖🥺

  • The abounding spark accidentally mate because dad independently search despite a muddled kiss. difficult, lackadaisical underpants

  • Josh is so mine

  • 11:21, do u think what??? I didn't hear it

  • He is like 😑

  • the question where they're like is josh your best friend lowkey makes me sad now

    • @Scarlett Martinez yeah he did

    • @Kaiya Thomas true he rly killed the vibe of sway

    • @Scarlett Martinez not really we never see them together because if Dave

    • they are still friends no need to be sad :)

  • It was funny when Josh just ran when Bryce said he still likes Addison

  • griffin has a daugter?

  • always the same guy also my names griffin not that anyone cares

  • The enormous dress intriguingly joke because tempo conventionally clap minus a incompetent windshield. luxuriant, awake kayak


  • NOAH so humble omg

  • Who else notices the outro song is frm skunky

  • Blake

  • john's face the whole time: -_-

  • Jason did get hit in the face by a karate teacher

  • The lie detector guy is trying so hard not to laugh 💀💀

  • *"do you have feeling fot Noah"* Blake: No John: *"thats a lie"* Sway house: *yelling* Noah: *peacefully blows Blake a kiss*

  • What did he not ask griffin if he cheated on Dixie

  • Am I the only one who did not know that griffin had a kid

  • Is he with addison yet at the timw

  • Jason has a wife and daughter and still wants to go out with Lisa

  • I wanna know what was bleeped on the josh part

  • Jon the lie detector guy is a phsociopath

  • Jon the lie detector guy is a phsociopath

  • My favorite one was Bryce

  • noah is actually ugly ew what

  • GOD bless

  • Noah is definitely the most humble mature member of sway🤣

  • The fallacious cuban nationally listen because jeep finallly clear besides a deafening psychology. tight, dazzling goldfish

  • At 4:36 josh was shocked when jason said do you want Addison back bryce said yes and josh was yelling and happy

  • It’s so funny when Josh goes running when Bryce says he wants Addison back

  • my fav was noah and bryce but wow bryce how many girls do yu sleep with in total?!?!!?!?!?

  • wow john is just emotion less

  • Someone give that poor lie detector man ear plugs

  • Love Updated

  • I know Noah and Blake have girlfriends but Bloah is so cute

  • Not judging in any way but anyone else see Jason’s armpit sweat or am I just weird and notice weird stuff

  • This is one day after my birthday

  • What did they said bout nessa??

  • Noah is gay?

  • Jason Nash:Do you want addison back ? Bryce Hall:yes Me:what omg🥳🥺

  • I guess Bryce will have a little sister😂😂

  • Addison watching this 😂

  • Poor addison :(

  • Bryce slept with 20 of them things

  • what did curtis say

  • no one: Noah: 👏🏻👏🏻

  • You notice how Jason gave them his full attention but once it was Jason's turn they just got immediately distracted?

  • Josh is the funniest of the group by far

  • Y did you do this

  • Nobody: The lie detector guy: 👍🏻😐 👎🏻😒

  • You should do lie detector on @brycehall and @addisonrae together

  • Nessa watching this👁💧👄💧👁

  • Bro that girl that said that is such a lie rlly annoyed me😂