The Black Church That Could Bankrupt the Proud Boys | The Couch Report

Publicerades den 3 maj 2021
Greg Walters explains how a 149-year-old Black church could bankrupt the Proud Boys.

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  • Why don't they go after blm? They have been burning down cities across the country.

  • Since they are neither gay nor boys the folks at VICE are truly disappointed.

  • Vice, leftist joke

  • Trump let these jerks come out of the closet... the GQP is trying to make it if that get a religious title they'll be able to do whatever they want with out fear of prosecution. Any one calls them self Christian serves these jerk and trump do not no what Christianity actually is. It's more parroting of the republicans and the GQP.

  • Oh.....BTW, put 'em all on 'No Fly List"

  • Suggest we GO RICO, get everything in disclosure, frozen assets, civil forfeiture and triple damages.

  • "And I'm still not proud of my boy!" -Chris Weidmans dad

  • Is this not just giving those afflicted by the BLM riots a way to sue them too?

  • Imagine thinking the Proud Boys are some big scary boogey man lololol.

  • There’s no way this is all stemming from burning a plastic banner correct? BLM burned more than one church in Kenosha, one being a BLACK church.

  • Such un biased news from vice

  • Good show, Bob. First time listener.

  • Yeah, the Proud Boys will convert to an adjective instead of a proper noun. Yes your honor, I am a boy, and I am proud, so yes I am a proud boy. Idiots.

  • BLM and Antifa are the groups terrorizing the country

  • Tarrio still lives at his mom's.Seriously

  • So is being pro-western and pro-Christian being a far-right? Am confused

  • Biden sucks

  • There are 2236 angry proud boys in the chat. Luckily, they are vastly outnumbered by decent people.

  • I'm sorry... I may not completely understand this - but why in the hell could a church sue? That just doesn't sound right. * please note I'm not affiliated with any group, religion or political party. I'm just a confused viewer who doesn't get why a church can sue. :-/

  • I hear all you need to distract these “boys” are some Twinkies and Mountain Dew🤣

  • Proyd Boys is now considered a terrorist organization in Canada

  • whole time I thought proud boys was a group of gay republican men had no idea they are not all gay lmfaooo

  • Is anyone tired of this kind of crap yet? Seriously grow up, do something to help this country and the people in it.

  • Their is no "Proud Boys" as an organization, its friends coming together to fight for what they believe in.

  • Both sides dumb asf

  • Pansy Boys

  • They should also be sued for all the damage and terror behavior they did in downtown Seattle and Portland as well.

    • You are wrong. BLM and antifa did all that

  • If you want to bankrupt a hateful organization stop teaching people to hate in the first place. Seems pretty simple don't it. All these "groups" out there so ready to hate and fight for what they think is the right kind of violence and hate. Just don't hate. It doesn't have to be anymore complicated than that.

  • The beginning felt like I was watching the intro of Small Wonder😁

  • Take everything from those racist.

  • can you talk about the asians and asian americans that are supporting and donating to the proud boys?

  • What I find odd is how some women become part of this group. Especially when it says Proud BOYS. But hey, if you’re a woman and want to be part of that I guess you can 🤷‍♂️

  • honesty like blm lol extreme are resemble at the end

  • @Whoop!

  • Asian Americans are strong supporters of the Proud Boys.

  • Vice is a joke.

  • 🤔nothing about Antifaschist Aktion or Black Lives Matter only to mah pocketbook, Communist Patrisse Cullors. Not a peep on the Summer of Love burning down private businesses and government buildings🤦, but yeah Proud Boys🤷🤣. Sheeple baaaa 🐑

  • Um didnt the Vice co founder start the proud boys? maybe you should ask him

  • I don't understand how a proud boy isn't white lol I'm curious about that lol

  • It’s actually just a group of people who love their country unlike the stupid libtards who hate America but if they hate it so much why don’t they just leave

  • It is the definition of a cult of personality. This cult of personality is sustained by a vast, disaggregated and pernicious propaganda network that includes misinformation incepted and distributed by Russian Intelligence Services and other state actors, Fox News, OAN, 4/ Breitbart, a rancid collection of pundits and talk radio hosts , Internet trolls, Q Anon, and a thousand Facebook sites that teem and boil with conspiracy theories, extremism, menace, racism, antisemitism and misogyny. All of it together represents a grave danger to our 5/national unity and democracy. There is a war being waged on truth and it turns out truth like the concepts of duty and patriotism was surrounded by many faithless friends. The complicity through both deed and silence of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and 6/ so many more in service to the maliced alternate reality of Trumpism seen this week isn’t just disgraceful, it’s tragic and deadly. The RNC began with the appearance of the contemptible McCloskeys. Their awfulness was experienced by the children of the Synagogue who have 7/ the misfortune of worshipping God next door to the McCloskeys. The children established bee hives to curate honey for the Jewish holidays. The hives were accidentally placed inches over the property line. McCloskey took an axe to them. The only reason they were on television 8/ this week was for pointing weapons at Black people who were peacefully marching for justice and equality on their street. Their message speaks for itself. Their words had meaning. Matt Gaetz words had meaning. Kimberly Guilfoyles messianic blatherings of devotion had meaning.9/ A 17 year old heard the message. He lived in Indiana. He sat in the front row of a Trump rally. He heard it all. He took it all in. He was poisoned by it. He was converted by it. He was radicalized by Trumpism the same way young men in the Middle East are radicalized by extremism .He drove to Wisconsin with his AR-15 to join the fight. He became a killer there. We ignore this radicalization at our great peril. There is indisputable cause and effect. We do not have the luxury to pretend there is not.

  • MAGA = Moscow Agent Governing America

  • He likes peanut butter? 🤔

  • 😂😂😂

  • Shouldn’t we bankrupt BLM since you know none of the money being donating is actually going to everything but BLM 😂👏💀 BLM played themselve

  • Imagine loving peanut butter that much...

  • Dont see blm having snitching and snitches lol

  • Like how those united Klan alliance got bankrupt... Hahaha. They're fkef

  • Id guess people realize being in a lil gay club is.... Pretty gay lol stop wasting ur money funding a silly little group of unemployed social Rejects who took playing video games a little too far go back to your couches and play Call of Duty I let the real man in this world take the lead. Lol seriously how how pathetic it must be to be married to one of those guys

  • And yet the agenda of BLM goes unchecked. Be consistent or be part of the problem

  • "Black church" ? What's that? Can there be "white churches"? ...... oops. That would be "racist"

    • do you live under a rock?

  • I think that Tarrio guy is color blind.

  • Love couch report very informative stuff per usual vice

  • The Proud Boys could easily liquidate preemptively. If it were to get to the Supreme Court, better have it packed first. It is a frivolous lawsuit. A banner? Wouldn't that be small claims? I'm so sick of hearing about civil rights. Whose kids were going nuts with AKs when the 1994 crime bill was written? Ending crime was populism in black communities. Old black people were frightened to death, and voted for it. Why did the rest of us have to put up with it. It should have been ammended to include white privilege. Search out Clintons argue with BLM. While couch guy concerns himself with the Capitol and his finacial comfort zone on the couch, my thoughts turn to my old neighborhood being razed by BLM. And why are they not a terrorist group? Because of the clever, _ironic_ name? I could certainly provide witnesses that cowered or left town because of... TERROR! I guess couch guy has the key to Nancy Pelosi's heart now. Aw. How cute. Silly fk.

  • the only problem is the proud boys live and breathe bankruptcy

  • Proud Boys never barricaded police in police stations and started dumpster fires

  • I hope that church bankrupt them completely...

  • Couldn’t all this be said about BLM too? Am I wrong? They should just file a lawsuit against BLM, what about all the domestic terrorism they have been committing for over a year, under the guise of equality? Fair is Fair! U really want equality, it’s equality in all aspects. Not just cheery picked aspects that benefit them.

  • Would Vice do the same with BLM AMD their founders mansions as well as the financing of the "BLM movement" ?

  • lolol woke libtards.

  • It would be funny to find out a Republican surrogate or party behind their funding. WHY am I NOT surprised want to be Bond villain Roger Stone is linked with this group?

  • Good idea. Sue BLM for damage done to cities. People killed, cops killed. Talk about a gang. Speaking of gang activity, how many Black on black killings are there? CNN wants you to worry about a group that is inclusive.

  • PB on throat.... no regerts. Load that shoulda been swallowed.

  • 🤣🤣🤣...PRODUCT PLACEMENT...🤣🤣🤣

  • I don't see left wing talk about white churches. Are white people not allowed in black churches?

  • Dead head losers. So sad.

  • i cant even describe how bad this video is

  • Does this mean businesses can sue Antifa leadership for their terrorism?

  • you have very little knowledge on the proud boys and decided to make a video full of ifs and maybes this isn't the vice i appreciate.

  • A church supporting a Marxist outfit like BLM is an oxymoron. The Marxist goal is to destroy the church. Feuds between controlled opposition here .

  • As usual, doing their best to vilify Samaritans..As these people usually defends SOVEREIGNTY. It's why ANTIFA was recruited in 1938. Even back then. They masqueraded as fascist. Beating Heathens, Samaritans , Teachers & vandalized Free Mason Sanctuaries. Driving most into the arms of the NAZI. WELL DOCUMENTED....

    • That is simply ridiculous. What dark corner of the web did you pull that one from?

  • Wait. I'm looking at the PB's leader soin color and 🤔 he's not white! So what is he PB's about? 😳

  • They attacked a church. Says a lot about them.

  • The proud boys leader is a minority?

  • How many people have the PB killed? Are they the ones that caused $2 billion in property damage and looting? Antifa are Marxist terrorist and BLM does not care about black people. There is more than enough empirical evidence to back up what I just said.

  • Why is it always Florida

  • BLM should also be sued, for “inciting violence” in the United States against ‘white people’ (Who aren’t racist)...!!!

  • Maybe the Black church should go after BLM and AntiFa. They seem to do the MOST harm and damage.

  • Grown men calling themselves boy's! They act like little boys! But proud they are not they are grown old men acting like a bunch of high schoolers.

  • But Enrique Tarrio is not white himself, did I miss something? Really wtf is wrong with America?

  • Vice so stupid or blind or intentionally biased. Proud boys = far right street brawlers Antifa/BLM = peaceful protestors (were not stupid we know they're rioters and looters)

  • That's right! Racist only understand when you hit their pockets

  • I smell BLM Antifa lawsuits in the future.

  • Now that they are focusing on the proud boys ,how about trying to go after the real terrorists, Antifa and BLM.

  • It's all about making money off the uneducated.

  • Does the church need donations for their lawsuits?

  • Rather have proud boys than BLM

  • Vice with their “hate straight whitey”. You guys are really extreme with your straight hate

  • Well then all the people burning US flags need to be sued also. Bottom line.

  • They got the name right, at least. They sure as hell are not MEN!

  • People who don't follow politics: Wow. Anyways...

  • Sounds like Tess is from Bristol UK big ups from the 117

  • Does anyone know what Bankruptcy is? Ha yeah go ahead try to collect. Awwww.

  • BLM is the problem with america rite now prove me wrong

  • the irony of vice dissing the proud boys. so ashamed of your roots.

  • Being that 2 of the founders and a lot of members is black how can it be racist ??? Just asking also does that mean businesses could sue the blm for being destroyed by their rioters???? Just asking

  • Man there is stabbings arrests and carnage in Portland every night. Let's do a video on that!

  • The length of intro tho

  • What about BLM looters ? And antics when are they gonna do a video like this one

  • If a white church was trying to bankrupt ANTIFA or BLM y'all would be losing your damn minds. So get off your high horse.