Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Review: 751bhp electric family estate takes on a rally stage | Top Gear

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
The Porsche Taycan EV has ripped up the rule book on road, now it wants to dominate everything else as well...
This is the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the most complete fast estate available today. And perhaps the best electric car, too. To celebrate Porsche slapping a big boot, some body cladding, and a "Gravel" mode on the Taycan, we took it rallying. As you do…
You can read all about it in the latest issue of Top Gear Magazine, on sale now. But if you want the full, in-depth review of the second step in Porsche’s electric strategy, let Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage be your guide…
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  • The arc of the curvenant

  • All my saving going here for a down-payment....I'm ready, what an stunning beautiful piece of work..

  • You talk about some interior stitching, but what about the alignment at 8:38. Almost looks like you didn't close the boot all the way.

  • Dear Top gear As you know viewership is get lower when you fired Clarcson We have propozyciot for you. We want Clarcson Hammond And May but Pady Chris and Flintoff can stay in show. Peaople will be more happier when old crew will be back. We love current crew but this is not thesame that befour. Top gear was THE GRAITEST TV SHOW/THE GREITEST PROGRAM?THE GRAITEST THING IN TV. But now that is not thesame. PLS Give them back. It can be benefical for you and for us. Signatures down below

  • i want to play

  • Comes with an optional "mud in a can" to show everyone how "adventures" you are that your "living your best life" 🙄

  • No one is going to drive this overly expensive car on gravel. This is an electric car that you put your snow box on the roof racks to show their neighbours they have a better car than theirs. Just like all of their range. My family is better than yours.

    • are you broke or just jealousy...can't quite tell from your responses.

  • Waiting for Drag Race 🏁

  • 가제트 성우 해외버전 같아ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  • It is a C.U.V

  • The only thing I don't like about Porsches is their prices 💰

  • 🤣🤣

  • It's bizarre how far we have come as humans to make something this phenomenal!

  • Magnificent Car

  • it drives me nuts that you have issue with the stitching but the fact that no one that buys this car will ever use it for what its meant for doesnt bother you at all.

  • As a family man, 751bhp is crucial in order to overtake other family car on school roads or to maintain 80kph in normal road.

  • This car no one can afford, it’s too expensive to own, electric should not mean going broke, I don’t know why everyone’s forcing people to buy electric cars why they can’t even buy the cheap gas car without taking out a big ass loan like who the heck can afford that, not even a regular person making $90,000 a year can’t afford it

    • pricing is the same as any other Porsche...niche brand not for the poor.

    • It's a Porsche, they were never the "poor man" car to begin with. This is a luxury item.

  • Very expensive

  • U could put headphones on with a vroom vroom noise if you really want the noise?

  • The gigantic fender liners are horrendous. Look like they belong on a Jeep 4x4

  • Brilliant car

  • Come on! Nobody is ever going to thrash this on a muddy lane. You might as well have chosen a GT3 for this video for all the purpose it serves.

  • Why to put the name ,,turbo" on an electric car? Whyyyy!!!🤦‍♂️

  • Top Gear cast: Matt, Jonhy, Chris

  • Your are getting instant damage / flats on your low profile tires or rims. These are tarmac only and it doesn’t work at all even on gravel where you can’t avoid to hit some rocks. I tried it out for you in earlier days and paid the lesson learned.

  • I love how dirty he got the car. Shows it can hold up :)

  • Just imagine running out of juice in the middle of nowhere - how could anyone help you ?

  • Why waste this car on this guy when you have Harris.

  • Is this video sponsored?

  • wonderful review...pure joy in an EV! "get the Porsche out the damn garage..."

  • off Road & that musiC ╮(^▽^)╭

  • As good as it is, not being able to fill it up in 5 min is a problem.

  • To slow :(

  • Top gear sucks without Jeremy, Hammond and may.

  • Top Gear blows without the original crew

  • imagine Jeremy Clarkson doing this review

  • I feel bad for the show and the direction it took

  • For the future driving enthusiast, Porsche is saving the day

  • I d rather ride on my vacuum cleaner than throwing that much on a hybrid of hybrids which is not great at anything really.

  • 🤣 and how many owners will have the guts to pull this off in it?

  • 200 miles of range is fine in a family car. Being honest, when was the last time you got to do over three hours of highway driving in a single pull with small kids? 20 minutes is scarcely longer than a pee break for a family of 4.

  • I don't really care for these new top gear's I find myself rewatching old episodes Of the 3 originals Jeremy Clarkston

  • Still disturbed with the fingerprint on the gravel button.

  • 7:50 im I the only one who got mad as i heard a little left foot brake?

  • Not going to lie, this if the first electric car I've ever wanted, and I REALLY REALLY want it

  • Must have.

  • And... the electric clitoris charging port entry still stimulates and turns on when it’s caked with mud! Passionate Porsche attention to detail and functionality at its finest.

  • A little more lift, longer travel suspension, and beefier off-road tires, and this car is a rally monster. Shame ‘bout that leather interior though. Lol.

  • For this price...🤔 a Land Rover Defender + Abarth 124 Spider + a nice mobile home + a nice motorcycle + gas for the next years and a cup of tee😉 That's, what i as a german, say a obout it🤷‍♂️ Enjoy your live and don't waste your time on a charging station ..if you find one😉

  • Ok this is my favourite car so far Sorry RS6

  • Its "PORSCHE" not PORSCH....dont cut out the E. When do people learn 😊

  • Always sad when its not a Chris Harris review

  • EV RALLY. Such funny.

  • What?! Not Chris Harris behind the wheel of this Porsche? No thanks.

  • Portop mor

  • Sorry not sorry but this Electirc religious like worship will be hard to swallow years from now. When the realization comes that this holistic push didn’t lower carbon emissions all that much. Especially when the environmental impacts are too immense to ignore. The obsession is somewhat admirable but not economically or environmentally conscious in the longterm. A gradual change in energy sector is reasonable for average people but not for the zealots who are cult like minded when deciding what’s best for the whole. Take Germany for example…In the pursuit of “carbon neutral” they’ve all but made zero progress accept shift where energy comes from and only major change is increase economical cost for everyone involved most importantly the average person. The Western world elites and ruling class aren’t operating for the wholes benefit and are consumed by the virtuous signaling that these electric fixations have towards climate change. The West can travel this path but unless the developing countries become environmentally conscious it’ll all be a crippling economic and environmental disaster.

  • Could you imagine the bill when a little stone gets caught between the carbon ceramic disc and pads.

  • this is money well payed in advertisement

  • You talk way too much Clarkson would have been burning rubber by now.

  • It's shameful to hear an automotive journalist ( in Top Gear yet) , who hasn't learned how to pronounce PORSCHE properly! How is it?............Pretty please with sugar on top, get some speech pathologist to help you with that. This is pathetic. :(

  • Video enterance "how can damage your car paint" :) I prefer Panamera 4S E-hybrid Sport Turismo for this.

  • So far porsche is the only company to build an all electric car that I absolutely love

  • Give us chris harris pls

  • He mentions that porsche have softened the wheel mounts does he mean the wheel hub because i think he has no idea what hes talking about and just reading a script

  • I wish i was a millionaire

  • Quite frankly it would be helpful if they gave it a sensible mode that then stretched the range to 400/450 miles, who cares if it would cut to sprint to 60 to 7 seconds or lock the top speed to 90mph, in real world everyday use I’d save the speed dashes to when I don’t care about the range but for the weekly commute then I’d rather the convenience of once a week charging

  • Is the road one direction lane?

  • Art

  • Only 200 mile range? That’s shit

  • So it’s an Audi...

  • The countryside will be littered with powerless Taycans and families looking for mobile reception.

  • with the PCCB's, if you get one tiny stone chip they are throw-aways.. which is about $6k/rotor. that and the absurd range issues make this great for videos, but not for any semblance of real life.

  • carwow videos are like hundred times better than this, just saying.. :D

  • on my list to buy ! i love it !

  • This is when it gets airborne :) senewss.info/slow/ecuxb9mRnbDJntA/video

  • Wow! Top Gear is so shit now. Who is this robotic moron? About as much character as someone reading the news. Smh

  • Bullshit lazy journalism. No one is going drive it like a rally stage special. So why? Just because it can isn’t an acceptable answer. Abusing press cars - is that not 1990s behaviour?

  • Is that top gear? Who is he? Where are the jokes? Seams to be a normal auto show😴

  • Every time I see a Taycan I just imagine how amazing that would have been with a naturally aspirated engine along with what for me is among one of the best-looking car designs of this decennium.

  • After how Porsche of North America ( Atlanta ) treated me and the PORCHE OF OCALA,,,,,,,,I will never by another one. They lied to me and didn't stand behind their warranty. Never Again.....

  • Think of it as Porsches Audi A6 Allroad...at 3 times the price and much, much less practicality. Kerching!

  • I'm sold

  • 751 horses and Greta can’t say sh@t!

  • Disturbed nothing? What charged the car?

  • 8:28 you can see the rear steering, it´s amazing.

  • So, either buy a normal porsche sport turismo hybrid and save 10s of 1000s of pounds. Or buy a subaru outback onyx edition and buy yourself a 911 for the same dosh. This is a great car though, but not worth it.

  • maybe... slamming speaker in it can help. :))

  • I disturbed precisely nothing... apart from the factories that make the cars, the holes in the ground from mining the lithium and cobalt, and cheap labour. I love cars, and love driving, but don't be fooled by the whole "green" image that's being portrayed.

  • A full detail wash would be satisfying 😌

  • My ebike can do that too

  • They copied the blue colour of the new Subaru Outback Wilderness.. But, no problem, the Outback is totally over this poor Taycan... Good try Porsche. 😅

  • At start it sounded like go pico go pico

  • The MOST pointless Porsche EVER. Far too expensive and electric; what a mess!!

  • My heart hurts while watching the gravel bounce around

  • Doesn't disturb the pristine ecosystem there, but go to China here they dig those precious battery metals and its a diferent story altogether. Electric cars are dirty.

  • Is it really that easy to drive?

  • Bat Tree

  • Why would you named “Turbo” an EV car, in my opinion that’s just plain stupid

  • Journalists aren't exaggerating when they sing the praises of the Porsche Taycan. It really is that good, and new, in all the best ways a new thing can be. You can't possibly know until you've driven one. Trust me. And yes, I am an owner! :)

  • Overall I love the styling of this car, but the one thing I hate when it comes to Porsche's design team is that they don't mirror their directional wheels. On the port side the skeletonised portion of the spoke is on the leading edge. On the starboard side it's on the trailing edge. I wish Porsche would manufacture them so both sides had the skeletonised portion on the trailing edge (which I think looks better). They did the same thing with the Twist wheels on the old 911 Turbos. Wheel rotation isn't a thing on a car this expensive. If people who can afford one of these choose to rotate tyres, they can afford to have the tyres stripped and refitted as a part of the job (and they'd pay a premium for aesthetics over easy serviceability). If this car has directional tyres then a strip/refit isn't even an option for doing a tyre rotation.