Publicerades den 26 mar 2021
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  • I can’t imagine jake having kids

  • 99% of all comments here aged like bad milk😂

  • 1:43 "Cause he wou'dnt say yes dum dum"... that had me rolling man

  • Imagine fighting two youtubers and a basket ball player and then calling yourself a professional boxer

  • Who else came here after askren got his as beat

  • 8:55 I wanna blow my brains out 😬😬

  • 💀wtf is this shit

  • here after the fight when bens out in the first round

  • Jake wanna be Connor McGregor so bad 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ben looked so betrayed when his dad called and cheered on jake paul

  • Jake tryna pull Conor on himself

  • We all taught Jakes gonna lose Guess not

  • I think jake paid Ben to take a dive 😭😭

  • When he said “you will embarrass the sport of mma” I felt that

  • Looking at the press conference after the fight you can just tell Ben Askren didn’t give a shit and didn’t train

  • Jake paul is the biggest man-child that I’ve ever seen or known to fight in the slightest profession.

  • That’s why people don’t like askren he talks trash and can’t back it up

  • This guy thinks hes McGregor.

  • Jake talking bout a wannabe fighter but Jake is the definition of a wannabe fighter

  • 😂😂😂

  • this is so much funnier knowing know that askren got laid out

  • Who the fuck are those guys? :D

  • Couldn’t finish this vid this is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Like, they were feeding offa each others cringiness.

  • I realllly wished askren woulda won. Jake paul is so cringe in these moments. Stupidddd...and inappropriate? Making references to giving over the pants handy j's among others things doesn't seem rite. Jake paul needs to get knocked out, sheesh!

  • bro the referee didnt even let ben finish...but tbh ben destroyed jake her lmao

  • Bro jakes trash talk is laughable

  • Whae he sayed 2:00 i really felt that

  • I love Jake😂 he fucking bullied the shit out of Ben first fucking minute💀

  • the random stuttering clips are funny asf

  • “I’d do a homicide on you” lmaooo wtf 😂

  • Okay but he has a right to talk the shit that he did he knocked him tf out😭

  • Ben walked away with ONE MILLION. He is the real winner here.

  • Now I'm here after the fight.. and disappointed.

  • Jake Paul is kinda fascinating in a Patrick Bateman way

  • Congrats to Jake for challenging former NBA players and retired MMA guys with multiple Surgeries. 👏

  • After the fight 💪 when I flashback again to this video I feel like Ben was a trsh moreover Jake seems annoying but he prove it lol 😂

  • Honestly, I am not a Jake Paul fan, but he is hilarious in this. Amazing mic skills. Wouldn't mind him coming to WWE for a match or 2.


  • I love how Jake Paul is just making weird noises and making fun of Ben talking normally when he stutters more.

  • Didn't ben say at the interview after that it wasn't fun and here he said he's gonna have fun with this. 💀

  • Everyone sleeping on jake looks mad dumb rn every Ben fan looks stupid rn all I got to say is 1st round TKO I’m under two mins Jakes a beast and y’all look fucking stupid

  • Jake is so childish

  • This was the worst "boxing event" ever

  • Who’s here after the fight

  • Jake Paul. What a douche bag

  • this was mad awkward

  • who’s here after the fight

  • jake paul is such a pretentious douche bag. but hey, Mike tyson started out that way and he turned out to be pretty wise. so i guess well see

  • Jake Paul is such a psycho.

  • Lmao 🤣 u know what makes this really funny! Watch this after the fight!!!!!!

  • Jake's the perfect example of money can't buy happiness. He's dead inside and no matter what he does, he'll always hate himself.

    • Seems like you’re projecting your own issues tbh

  • "I'm a celebrity and a Youtuer" Its the delusion for me

  • His bro ain’t even better boxer than him

  • Ben Definitely won the press conferences

  • Wow jake😐😐😐 u got the hole squad laughing

    • Go back to tiktok with your corny ass jokes

  • I love how jake can talk so much crap but he can actually fight that’s the difference between jake and and other fighters

    • nope other pro boxers fight each other jakes fights wrestlers and basketball players thats the difference put him in a ring with a pro boxer and he will get folded in half

  • Jake knocked his ass out 🤣

  • I'm starting a GoFundMe to give Jake Paul CTE.

  • Wait did Jake Paul like offer people like 20 million dollars do you think Jake Paul on the MMA fighter have a deal

  • I wanna see jake fight in the octagon

  • Now that the fight has actually happened I am laughing my ass off

  • Got three laughs that was funny as hell

  • This reminds me of trump and Biden

  • Not a jake pail fan but come on i knew jake was gonna win 😂

  • When Ben literally lost in the first 2 minutes

  • Why does Jake Paul suck so much

  • Jake paul still acts like a child smh

  • Jake said just like I'm representing the youtube community 😂. Nobody wants you. We hate you. Your not representing us

  • I’m from the future jake wins the fight

  • He found out real fast 💨 👊🏻😂

  • Who’s here after jake knock him out in the first round

  • Jake won y’all lmao

  • He’s not a boxer

  • lmao what

  • Jake Paul is a Major Duesch

  • One is a delusional fuck and the other is mature

  • Someone beat tf outta jake pls

  • I’ve just realised that Jake and Logan are two different people

  • This is just embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Damn it, Jake Paul was right: he’s gonna choke in boxing

  • Jake is just embarrassing

    • He did but his opponent was retired and had just had surgery so is it really a win to fairly compare him to real fighters? I just don’t like the arrogance, immature reply’s etc it’s just childish

    • But he still won

  • This boy's got a heck of ass kicking coming.

  • I’m genuinely surprised how he got KO SO easily. Ben askren can get decked 50 times in UFC and still stand up

  • Being here after the fight is even _more hilarious_ due to the fact that Jake Paul is literally calling it exactly as it went in the ring. Lol! Go ahead, Jake. Do your thing, bro. Handled that shit pretty well, ngl.

  • The more trash Askren talks the more he will keep losing lol he will be on the prelims soon

  • Did this video seriously highlight all the boring parts of the fight and not the actual fucking knockdown? 😒

  • jake paul is the most annoying, dumb, immature, childish, cringe person ive ever seen why the bruh does he still have anyone giving him attention and a platform.

  • Wtf boxing vs mma .. U ain't a boxer

  • such an asshole Jake !!!!

  • Immaturity x GOD = a cringy douche

  • No surprise that Jake was the better shit talker. He grew up in the age of MW2 lobbies

  • This kid is trying too hard

  • It’s funny because jake literally chose a old fighter to fight

  • Ben got his ass handed to him in less than a minute after talking ALLLLL that shit 😆😆😆

  • Who’s here after Ben got knocked out lol

  • When Ben said dumb dumb 😹😹😹

  • I thought jake was going to drop his paints when he was putting the mic down to fight him , 😹😹😹