Publicerades den 4 jan 2021
Films Included :
00:00 Nobody
02:53 Coming 2 America
04:36 Loki
07:21 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
09:15 The Jack In The Box 2
10:14 The Little Things
12:38 The Mauritanian
15:44 Monsters Of Man
17:50 What If
19:49 Wrong Turn
22:07 Fear of Rain
23:06 Ms Marvel
24:26 Outside the Wire
25:37 CosmoBall
27:35 Skyfire
29:08 Space Jam 2 A New Legacy
30:03 The Marksman
32:30 American Skin
34:42 Blithe Spirit


  • 00:00 Nobody 02:53 Coming 2 America 04:36 Loki 07:21 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 09:15 The Jack In The Box 2 10:14 The Little Things 12:38 The Mauritanian 15:44 Monsters Of Man 17:50 What If 19:49 Wrong Turn 22:07 Fear of Rain 23:06 Ms Marvel 24:26 Outside the Wire 25:37 CosmoBall 27:35 Skyfire 29:08 Space Jam 2 A New Legacy 30:03 The Marksman 32:30 American Skin 34:42 Blithe Spirit

    • easier to risk ur life when ur supported by millions even if they don’t know the truth

    • @Ghost they just need to finish the story lines they started

    • It's gonna be a good year in lockdown with movies 👍

    • The Falcon and The Winter Soldier iits not a movie

    • @gary scott good movie

  • Fist is like iron fist

  • The head recruiter for 9/11 was the CIA

  • Black don’t crack.

  • Movies and music just keep getting worse and worse. Thank God for drugs.

  • Im not sure If even half of these qualify as "Best" pretty much all these movies look terrible except for the marvel stuff and they arent even movies, they are TV shows.

  • Ummmm Loki isnt a movie.... Its a TV series....Same with Falcon and winter soldier...

  • Disney had the best ones by far, I look forward to not seeing any of them.

  • My friend uploaded this video on his facebook trialer group site...over 16 million it!

  • why did they rename blitzball? trying to dodge a copyright or something?

  • WTF is disney doing with marvel!

  • As an Iraq Veteran we need to be careful of what we create ...... It could come back to kill us.

  • Man, it's always annoying when suspense movies go with a background of a child singing. It's effing 2021......that's effing ancient as the 80's.

  • 13:25 why he sounds like dom from the fast and furiuse

  • So SALS a killer now?

  • Cosmoball movie ia shit

  • Cosmoball look like a ripoff of Galactic Football with bad storyline.

  • 2021 don't look like a very good year for movies if this is the best they have.

  • How bout demon slayer: mugen train

  • So loki is db Cooper

  • Cosmoball is just galactic football with extra steps. Except galactic football was actually good

  • Ms marvel seriously. Look at all the soy sjw purple pink blue hair hormone blocker smooth brained idiots that created it not ms. Marvel. Lol thanks for the laugh.

  • American Skin looks like crap too

  • Ms marvel. Looks like dogshit. Change my mind.

  • AWESOME! Saul whoops ass!

  • Don't fuck with other people's properties is one thing I saw.

  • Slippin jimmy as a super assassin?? Hahahahaha now that is funny.

  • so superhero movies, war / military propaganda, or shitty horror scare films for the 30 years i guess nice1

  • Wtf happened to bugs bunny’s voice it’s terrible


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  • What a HUGE waste of money, they're basically all shit. How could you even be proud of garbage like that.

  • damn marvel movies pathetic OMG. Disclaimer needed,no audience after 12 years old

  • 16:18 select your class: the reaper.

  • Oh way to go SPIKE. your movie really disgusting.

  • Really change everything we know to nothing.

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  • Times are definitely coming where it comes down to Machine vs. Man.

  • Why do they keep trying to make The Falcon happen? That is a face made for radio.

  • nobody looks good to me

  • Space Jam? That's not a preview, it's a contest. LeBron doesn't know what he's doing

  • Does anyone else see a problem with the Disney monopoly 🤔

  • So jack in the box, is just clown the remake

  • Bruh I am hyped for nobody🥳

  • When did Jodie Foster start looking like Betty White?

  • Everyone: older Eddie murphy: younger Thanos: impossible

  • Absolutely ruined avengers with that piece of shit cartoon

  • Is he John Wicks dad who has second famelly? :D

  • SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} ...oooo YES..great times...oooweee..!!

  • Thanks for the compilation. Now we know all the movies we need to avoid.

  • Good movies coming up 💯👌🏽

  • The first one should be called better call Saul

  • 32:31 when you have to film you own police footage because that never happened in real life lmao, sure this will end racism and the best part of all is that is not even insiting more violence.

  • American skin ...really??? Who’s director al sharpton?? Politics....bring back menace to society

  • What the Bugs Bunny bootleg?

  • Ms marvel? 😂 how about captain marvel.? Come on MARVEL STUDIO what happen

  • Ha that American skin one absolutely hilarious keep feeding that delusional narrative

  • The guy at 28:26 eating it on the skidoo 😂😂😂😂

  • At 7:01, so your telling me that Loki is suppose to have been D.B. Cooper? The thief that hijacked a Boeing 727 back in 1971, extorted $200,000 in ransom and then jumped out of the plane with a load of money somewhere between Portland and Seattle, never to have been seen or heard from ever again and who to this very day, no one knows who he was. Its the most infamous case of Air piracy, mainly because it still remains as the ONLY UNSOLVED case in aviation history.

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  • Zack snyder justice league should be included in this video dear admin plz put it thank you

  • Give me the god damn kitty cat bracelet... Legendary line

  • Its so sad to watch disney turn the Marvel Universe into their typical style fairytale characters.

  • Loki jumping out of plane is reference to Dan cooper?

  • Everything sucks.

  • Nobody is coming out on my birthday!!!!!

  • Marvel has made like close 30 movie damn brah

  • Jesus Christ! All these movies look fucking terrible!!! What happened to good and original writing?

  • I could see myself inside captain marvel...

  • What does the robot say when he is asked what he wants?? I couldn't pick it out


  • Spike Lee making a Murder All Cops Film ,sweet !! Let the bringing together of Americans begin !!!

  • All fucking garbage. Thanks woke culture.

  • When is the next Alita coming out!!!!

  • I also can't find "Fear of Rain"

  • Disney seems to have it all! I may have to go back to that subscription. Please keep us updated on when the digital release of The Mauritanian comes happens.

    • they are like taco bell in demolition man

  • Daddy Wick


  • loki looks so shit

  • That new Space Jam movie is going to tank so bad.

  • None of these will mean anything as long as commies continue peddling the corona hoax.

  • Nobody is a john wick knockoff.

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  • Nobody - Equalizer

  • Better not call Saul

  • Not watching again,but wasn't that agent Romanov in the new marvel (Lokie) film?

  • Omg loki!!!

  • Spike Lee movie is just a racially charged flick to rile up the troops and further divide our country. What does one expect from a hateful washed up old producer who can only identify by skin color. Pathetic.

  • Ahh so Saul settled down and had a family after breaking bad ehh

  • Skyfire is a piece of sh!t. Hollywood is pandering to the Chinese again. I hate this sh!t.

  • Jack in the Box? REALLY??

  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙✨👁️👂

  • Most of these film look so garbage,the only good shit is from master Denzel. The What If? is cringe trash from a failed SJW comic,and yet Disney wonders why they are HEMORRHAGING money. Liam Neeson's film is pro alien propaganda,and Spike Lee's one is pro BLM propaganda as well.

  • I thought the left was against violence, sure is alotta it in these trailers one and i mean NO one, wants Ms Marvel.

    • At least we can enjoy our violence while having peace :D

    • We All(the Human Race) LOVE violence ,but why not control it ?? It's better this way


  • Better call sss... John wick!

  • and no Dragon Ball Z or Saint Seya !? damn it....

  • Somebody called Saul!!!

  • 18:31 LOL!!!!! Absolutely NO. Hilarious. The emasculation continues.

    • reveal after the credits: she had man parts all the time.