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Gun Meme Review is back! And now I think we’re back on track to deliver our normal 2 videos per week!

About Me
My name is Brandon Herrera. I'm the owner and operator of The AK Guy Inc, a 07 Firearm Manufacturer based out of Fayetteville, NC. I also co-own Stark Media Group, and designed the rifle known as the AK-50.
I've started to dedicate this SEnewss channel above all to have fun, but also as a way to document my entrepreneurial journey for the next few years as I try to grow my companies. Hopefully, people can learn from my example, successes, and failures.
Either way, I'm having a lot of fun with it so far, and I hope it's just as fun to follow along!
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Instagram: @RealBrandonHerrera.


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    • So only fans for gun jesus? I mean ltt did it..

    • @Jmane17 Romano the bugie bois

    • @marshal fenn uh i would not be saying your that age unless you want to atf to come get you

    • Do you not have a gun shop anymore?

    • Welcome to San Antonio, hope you like it here

  • Shouldn't of killed all those people and kids even if they were armed to the teeth. That's was just a unjustified gunfight/seizure because a 100 people had some "stronger than normal" weaponry. I mean they made a sacrifice but it was all in vain. Fuck the ATF and there smeared history.

  • AK47 is short for some Russian words that start with A and K 1947. So an AK 50 would have to have been made in 1950

  • 1:00 anyone else see that Harambe face on the right chest of the ATF agent? On the 1st square

  • (Robber breaks in to my house only to see me butt ass naked cleaning my .308 and NVG’s) REEEHEHEHEHEHEE! RUH ROH RAGGY! TRAGET PRACTICE ALERT! OH IVE BEEN WAITIN FOR THIS!!!

  • SEnewss doesn't unsubscribe shit.

  • Born and raised in Texas... glad to have you here...

  • You know exactly why they gave you a strike for that video.

  • Hey Austin has enough crackheads. We could use an alcoholic

  • Hopefully he's still here i will find think and give him ammo

  • 4:39 I know your pain man, me and my wife were originally scheduled to move the day that storm hit as well, I wound up on a first name basis of the dispatcher for the moving company that I hired to move my furniture with how often we were rescheduling the move. I was finally able to move 3 weeks later, and on the morning of the move about 45 min. before the movers were supposed to get there me and my wife discovered that some asshole had stolen the brake lights off of my F150 Raptor the night before. They say 'when it rains it pours', but sometimes its more like a goddamn flood!!

  • hawhaw! this can’t be a sting!😂

  • Texas greets new citizens with thundernados flining razor sharp hail at the speed of sound. Feel lucky it way just snow.

  • Can we get you on WPSN? Please. If SEnewss takes you down, look to go on their network man.

  • At 5:50 for the video, that's called child support, everything's good until 9 months later and you get a call

  • Mod the squire

  • "There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men." -Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers

  • I live in San Antonio also, are you planning on opening a storefront soon

  • The snowpacolypse was fun the first day because I got to play in some snow for once, then after the power went out it morphed into reading books by candle light and freezing.

  • Man.. haven't watched this channel in awhile. I came back and brandon looks like a puffy drunk and he's trying to shave my balls. Look at yourself in the mirror dude. You gotta make some changes dude.

  • Welcome to Texas, Brandon.

  • @brandon Herrera I feel ya brandon on the H&K, I want a real g36 or a g36c not that crap SL-8 that only takes a single stack 10rnd mag

  • Odysee my man

  • "SEnewss unsubscribes people from us all the time" *checks* OK, WTF SEnewss!? *Resubs*

  • It’s been two weeks, but WELCOME TO SAN ANTONIO, DUDE!!!

  • Bruh you and Jschlatt arrived in Texas the same day as the storm coincidence I think not!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Welcome to San Antonio! If you ever wanna shoot AKs theres tons of awesome outdoor ranges here for your shooting pleasure

  • So What it is Going on Matt (AKA Demo Ranch) And Nick Irving (AKA The Reaper ) both live in Tx .Cody (AKA Donut Operator) Moved to Tx. Now Brandon we already have the Ordinance lab based in Houston Tx.I know im slightly Behind on this but i Feel like the Firearms channels are getting ready for News they know about like are we Getting a Zombie apocalypse or something and what next Hickok 45 An Kentucky ballistics?? Yall Have me Worried Lmao like i need to move Back to Tx because that is where all the badasses are with the Armory to boot.*Edit* Thinking about it this kinda Reminds me of The A team or the Expendables maybe they should get together and make a Movie out side of Hollywood. We all know how Hollywood cant come up with anything New or Good or New and Good.

  • My little brother had testicular cancer at age 18.. Thank God he was able to get it removed.

  • I dont see any horns on this man

  • Wait. What's up with that telecaster back there Brandon, you play?

  • I miss 2020

  • Glad you mentioned the subscribe thing, they got meh.

  • I didnt know hes been posting, havent gotten any of his vids in my feed

  • *looks at tele in background* Squier or Fender?

  • “the most tone deaf post from the ATF I’ve seen so far” ATF a week later: “happy national puppy day!”

  • *moves to my city* *city freezes* “Papa Kalash has arrived”

  • Everyone is moving to Texas lol.

  • Welcome home. Texas is glad to have you sir.

  • Shop name in SA? I’m in need of an AK daddy rifle

  • Welcome to Texas!


  • Texas W/L pretty good but when you lost to snow. Uh oh.

  • Brandon over here here thinking we’re all not dead serious about wanting the AK 50...

  • Brandon is whipped by policies lol

  • they just un subbed me a little while ago

  • SEnewss did unsubscribe me. That's so shitty. I can't believe they would force their point of view on me.

  • I had to subscribe again

  • Welcome to Texas

  • First they wanna ban guns and now car mods so

  • Nice

  • Welcome to Texas bud

  • At least your not another Californian interloper

  • I am sorry but Texans have to many germans we can not take Russians.

  • Oh you moved to south tx(hell) when it froze over?

  • Wait, he’s now within ear(gun) shot of demo? OMG the gun tube is gonna explode

  • The mute spring pertinently remember because hose nomenclaturally remember up a beneficial nickel. plastic, little clef


  • I’m still waiting for someone to send a picture on one of Antonio Riello’s ladies weapons (one is named Alexandra and is an cyan/pink AK47 with fake fur)

  • I like how most of the Marty robins songs still the same title

  • Real texan... yet lives in the big nasty... Come a little more north east

  • Wow ATF. WOW.

  • Make drip ak

    • I will be waiting to get banned from the comments

  • Jshlatt moved out there the same day. You guys should shoot some shit

  • tbh it was probably the grun ist unsere fallschirm remix in that video

  • Those shirts are like capris for your arms. Welcome back from frozen SEnewss hell.

  • Do you play guitar or what? *personality incoming

  • Someone cultured in Trailer Park Boys?

  • Welcome to San Antonio Brandon

  • Hit up the SwRI ballistics range in SA if you want some help with that AK-50 designs. Lol

  • You think the snow was bad wait till it's 110° with 100% humidity for weeks and your sweat 😓 doesn't evaporate.

  • Yeah. You are technically a Texan who just so happens to love 💕 russian weaponry.

  • Man did anyone else who doesn’t have a social media account think that Brandon was just being a lazy Bitch instead of having a strike

  • This Texan wants to go back to Texas but not back to Abilene it’s a shithole

  • Sponsored by pube shaver and nut stank deodorant. Fine, you know your audience. Rub it in why don't you.

  • so the only texas hold outs are mrgunsngear and mac

  • He hit 1 milllll

  • Wtf ak guy plays guitar? And he's a telecaster guy? Wtf man

  • Timestamp 9:20 ... thats a spicy one there bruh

  • Lol. I think SEnewss is drunk. I just got this video in my push notifications today. 6 days later.

  • Hey bud... let's uh... let's talk about those cheeks... the beer is catching up.

  • if you ever go out to the range or do a get together im down homie

  • That stupid red and black gamer chair waving around behind your head is ridiculously annoying. Just get a freakin normal chair. I want to give you a strike for that chair. Welcome back. :)

  • Ayyyy hopefully this means more demo ranch collabs🙌🏻

  • Texas is happy to have you

  • Looks like you gotta roast the ATF again after they made a post about National Puppy Day 3 days after the Waco post. Pretty sure they're just trolling now. ATF is like, "76 innocents burned alive. LMAO 🤣"

  • I unsubbed when things got spicy a couple months ago but a I think a I’ll be subbing again

  • I just got a notification for this 11 minutes ago

  • Moving to Texas dose not make you a true texan, but have an unnecessarily large arsenal of firearms dose. Welcome my fellow texan ; ).

  • "Im happy to comply with your rules but i would just like to know what the fuck they are" lord is that the describing phrase.

  • Look at this alcoholic. Sitting on the ass at home, laughs at gun memes, playing games, drinks vodka with cola, promise that he will make great gun in the world... I love him.

  • Where's the Glock revolver !

  • Moves to Texas. Snowpocylpse happens. Refuses to see it as an Omen. Two strikes later still doesn't see the harbinger. I'm going to need some popcorn and a betting pool for what hits him next.

  • We remember the fallen knights who made the ultimate sacrifice while on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

  • A new suggestion, damn the ak-50 make a sks in .338 lapua. I kid , I kid. Keep up the good work glad you're back.

  • The ATF posts the Waco thing every year. Pretty sure they just do it to keep their registry of pro gun individuals up to date.

  • Welcome to San antonio man.

  • Brandon might wanna see this interesting MP5.

  • Welcome to TX amigo. Glad to have you here.

  • What's the drink of choice for this one???