2021 BMW M3 Competition review. Is this actually the new M5?

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
The 2021 G80 M3 Competition boasts 510bhp and 650Nm, giving it serious performance but is it now more of an M5 replacement than a true M3 of old? Find out here..
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  • A 'thumbs up' for you Harry but definitely not for the car. I just don't get the appeal with all new BMW's, they look so ugly!

  • Seats are beautiful Hate hate the color combination

  • Thanks for pointing out that ugly are where the rear door meet the fender rear fender..its more of an issue to me than the grill

  • Great review as always Harry. I don't mind the look of the M3/4 front. Though I have to say the art work on the shed wall had my interest a little more ;)

  • The 'tone' matters. The CSL had a sound that's far more exciting than this. It's like they forgot the tone is more important than milliseconds. It is.

  • I'm super excited for the Touring version!

  • that's what shmee just bought.

  • Its ugly!

  • Nobody: BMW: Don't give Harry the fat wheel!

  • £86k for an M3? Wow!

  • The pig nosed grill is hideous. I don't want to be a contrarian that hates everything new but this forces my hand.

  • The grill is nearing Alfa Romeo.

  • What an ugly motor car.

  • The gentleman of the road. Love the videos Harry.

  • When I saw it at the dealer I couldn’t get over the front and it wasn’t just the grill it was how busy the whole bumper looked. Audi RS5 seems to be a better option for me at this point. 🤔🤔

  • How old is Harry?

  • I'll never get over the front end. With the license plate on it just looks horrible. I actually kinda like the weird green color!

  • Absolutely hideous

  • Price uplift is mainly due to devaluation of the £

  • Still can’t get over that horrendous grille!

  • That green paintwork looks stunning!

  • This just reminds me of a thought I have ever now and then. Why is their no Jaguar XE R? They have obviously can do it, they’re putting a v8 in the defender. I don’t get it.

  • What an awkward looking thing. Its not even ugly its just completely disjointed. The M4 is alot more cohesive imo

  • It's not quite really an M car anymore is it? E30 M3 fully modified is the way to judge any other. I imagine it will sell well to the masses but it is far too fat. Compared to a 2200lb E30 it's just a different car all together. Sure it sticks to the road and really moves out. It's never going to dance through chicanes, you will definitely feel it there. Accelerating out of corners vs a 350hp car at just over half the weight will outrun it.

  • not worth my time explaining how BMW, especially with their M cars, has long since lost the plot

  • The E46 CSL design shows how bad the G80 actually is.

  • An X drive touring would be an absolute giant killer.........as long as your licence lasts !!!

  • 🙈🤢🤮

  • Too big, too bulgy, too expensive

  • The new M3 makes me feel more disconnected from modern cars than ever before. Almost 100k just seems like bonkers money. The E46 M3 with inflation would of cost 61,000.

  • The Germans have now forgotten Bauhaus

  • 0:01 I was expecting for the car to pull off to the left. It started going straight and I thought it was going off the road

  • Needs a Alfa 156 number plate to the side. Would help it with its bugs bunny type mouth

  • we must go back

  • this car is just too much of everything to fit the m3 legacy

  • So funny putting all this carbon on modern cars and gaining 150kg. Carbon used to be desirable because it signified the car had been lightened and was going to drive probably better and/or faster. Now everything is covered in carbon but we gain a medium sized sumo wrestler in weight. Ok

  • Why wear both digital and analog watches?

  • I love the look. It looks mean.

  • I think the whole car looks as if it's insecure, a bit like a beefcake bodybuilder who is so desperate to look masculine that he no longer does. I bet it's a scream to drive but it's got about as much class and grace as Max Clifford.

  • That design will age fast and badly

  • Oh dear.... that front !!

  • The grills have really reached ridiculous proportions on the current BMWs. Check out the new 7 series if this one's not daft enough looking for you :-D

  • BMW board meeting : "We have to design a new M3, any suggestions?" "Make it hideous" "Heavier and a size larger" "Torque Converter" "It's our performance car, but it needs powered tailgates" "Price it at 100k" "Very productive session guys, our stupid customer base will buy it anyway"

  • this car is hideous, i will always feel this way about this car..

  • Don’t think it’s for old farts 😝😝

  • Prefer your sons Alfa in the back😉

  • lost interest when the cost of it was broken down, nearly 100K!! won't be looking at one of these, not when my wife as just got an M135i for 29.5 K which in the real world is not a great deal slower A to B especially on damp roads, and putting the seats and carbon to one side the interior is more or less identical.

  • there’s something so wrong about the side profile and i can’t quite put my finger on it. front is obviously a monstrosity but why does the side profile look so boring compared with the f80

  • It's too bad the side and rear are really nice looking and very BMW. It's like seeing a naturally beautiful celebrity butcher their face with horrific plastic surgery. I'd have the project 8 all day long.

  • Ohhh dear is that colour an actual BMW option

  • 150kg is like strapping a motorcycle to the car. Mad heavy and expensive

  • admittedly I did get quite used to the grille too, but the old M3 still looks better whenever i look at them side by side and i don't find that it looks oldschool. It's still very attractive, sporty, serious, defined looking. The Grille isn't the only problem with the new car, there are many more design flaws in my opinion. The new M mirrors look like complete dogshit, what happened? The old mirrors where perfect. The rear bumper looks like it's wearing a diaper, it's prolapsed and the diffuser is pretty ugly and boxy too if you ask me. You can definitely design a diffusor more beautifully. The integration of the rear door and the arch is basically non-existent, it's the worst corner of the car. When you look at the old M3 from the side the headlights look really sharp and beautiful. The new headlights look like a mole rat from the side. I think that the best analogy i can come up with. The Hofmeisterkink is gone, the new design doesn't follow with the line of the door at all. Why is the indentation for the doorhandles so big and round? Looks like they stole that doorhandle design from a cheap economy car. The fake black vent on the front fender just looks out of place, it doesn't flow with anything in my opnion, the line that comes from the bottom doesn't really help. The big bulges on the hood that go into the grille make the car look like a donkey with really really big nostrils, it's not very pleasing to look at. I wish the integration of the grille would have been flatter for a loss of better words. Maybe give the hood some nice strong lines or a bulge over the engine like the old M3 that suggest "i have a big engine, i'm powerful" but not bulges that look like it has an allergic reaction. I don't really know what these nose bulges suggest? "i have a big nose, i can breath a lot" or maybe "i can't breath, i have an allergic reaction"


  • This car is boarder line hideous! Remove the BMW badges and I wouldn't even know this is a BMW. I don't care how good it might be on a track, I'd look elsewhere.

  • Damn that nose is hideous, what on earth pills the designers are eating? If i see that on the road someday, i need pills also, even more than normally! Makes me feel sick when seeing something like that. And i just saw somewhere a pic about Hyundai Sonata 2022 i think. Jesus criest, go and see it.. Seriously, i think its even worse nose than this thing. Those who buys these still is a.. umm... i dont know how to say it, but you know, even if its hideous like hell you still buy it because its a Bimmer. But it just makes you look like an idiot. Where is all the sleek designin disappearing, and every car looks like its going to bite yoyr head of because how the headlights are designed, even on small hatches.. Just about 90% of the cars what you see now looks like GGGGRRRRAAAAWWWW IM GONNA KILL YOU!!! Then its a 1.0l 3cyl diesel with 75hp. 0-100 half a day, top speed never been able to measure, no where isnt so long straights to do that. But over 100km/h!.. But with one shopping bag in the trunk, just about 90km/h.

  • This car makes no sense. 3900 lbs, torque converter auto and electric trunk lid, sounds like a Buick. Then they give you a carbon fiber roof to save 20 lbs, and offer uncomfortable carbon seats in a feeble attempt to save a a few more pounds, and let you pretend you’re a cool track guy. It’s fast as hell and obviously very capable but not an M3 in the traditional sense. Ugly AF and sounds like crap too. E92 was the last real M3.

  • I think the grill looks good on the m3 and m4 but on the 4 series and i4 it looks ugly. On the m3m4 it looks aggressive.

  • BMW list prices are a bit like DFS though. You tend to get a good discount and it makes you feel like you are getting a good deal. I doubt anyone pays list price at BMW dealers in the UK!

  • Exhaust just doesn’t sound good. Everything else is great. I would get the awd variant.

  • First thing watching, great review!!!

  • The word you’re searching for is ugly! Thanks for the video.

  • I can handle the bangle butt but faces are what most people see first,and even Mum would not love this face. Great stuff Harry.

  • It looks like Toyota Corolla or Camry... the rear.


  • M2 is the new M3. M3 is the M5. So M5 is an M7 now? M4 is the 2 door M3 which is now an M5 but the 2 door M5 is an M6?! This is all getting rather confusing.

  • Well, it's hard to dislike the straight 6 and I kind of like the color but thats it for me

  • fleet average consuption logic: "it's all right, we stack so many bodies in the first row, so nobody can see that there's plenty more behind it

  • I've loved Beemers always! But this is my departing of BMW! My God, that thing is fucking ugly!!!! Sorry BMW I'm gone....

  • Does this comment section have all the people who hate the new G80 in one place?

  • This thing makes me love the E46 M3 even more!

  • Christ the new BMW radiator grille designs look awful. So ugly. Like a pair of oversized nostrils. :( the previous generations look way nicer.

  • That M2 looks like Chris Harris' one.

  • No way this car has just 510 bhp, this is at least 550!

  • Honestly, the last gen seems like a better car in every aspect: Price, styling, performance still more than you need and the media/interior system isn't dated.

  • Hideous thing. Not even worth of a review. It has been clearly made to pander to the chinese market.

  • The new 2021 M4. Is actually larger than the last generation BMW M6. It is bonkers

  • Sitting behind those carbon bucket seats must feel weird. Like sitting in the back of a DTM Touring Car or something. Just needs a roll cage and a fire extinguisher to complete the look.

  • A bit more technology than my 1975 Ford Escort 1100 auto

  • Exhaust note is “meh”

  • If BMW is charging by the ugliness, 86k sounds about right.

  • So I already considered this a piece of sh1t compared to the previous one, but now I've learned that you pay £30,000 MORE FOR THE PRVILEDGE I am disgusted. There are so many things wrong with this car! The gearbox, the interior being a copy and paste, the grille, the fake vents, the fake bonnet scoops, the hideous bonnet bulges from the grille, the electric boot, the price, the fake noises. Thank god for the M2...

  • It is simply hideous.

  • It 's just 50 kg less than the M5 Competition...loool

  • 1725kg????? WTF are they playing at?

  • I don't think your lady friend would be too happy with those seats when she's wearing a pencil skirt!

  • The annoying fart sound every time you change gear under load is a blight on the modern performance automotive industry, that and the fact it is overstyled and contrived in concept means it gets a big fat Simon Cowell style no from me. The colour is the best thing about the car and would look great on something well styled.

  • Could you imagine how good this would be if it didn’t look like the Gruffalo?

  • I used to think my E90 M3 weighted a lot. Now not so much. These cars just seem to be getting bigger and heavier.

  • I was impressed when you closed the door with the door camera on and how little vibration there was.

  • Backed is ridiculous

  • Ignoring the looks, this seems to be a car for two types of people: 1. People who drive down busy shopping streets in first gear; 2. People who routinely buy and show off new cars.

  • Fantastic car, but too much tech, too much money and too heavy - I'd rather have a more stripped down cheaper car, more like M3s of old.

  • Brake option for softer brakes might suit someones wife, mother,grandmother,etc

  • Daily Driver :)

  • The car is a tech demo. A proof of concept.

  • ...When the light option is worth more than your car.

  • It looks like an absolute ....

  • BMW have totally lost the plot. 150kg heavier, £30k pricier, fugly front end and the reliability of a Yugo. Great as 3yr lease, but who in their right mind would want it after that?

  • Proper Ball Catchers those seats... :p

  • I don't care how fast it is. Look at it, it's UGLY as most German cars are = YUK +++ Keep It :o\