Steve Sarkisian on joining the Texas Longhorns and learning from Nick Saban | SC with SVP

Publicerades den 13 jan 2021
New Texas Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian joins Scott Van Pelt to reflect on winning the national championship with the Alabama Crimson Tide, learning from Nick Saban and being introduced as the Longhorns new coach.
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  • The Longhorn network turned the comments off since they have to show his black girlfriend! Reality check is they don't mind athletes who date white girls but its a different story when they see leaders who have black wives!

  • Hopefully the NFL doesn’t steal Lincoln Riley from OU. I can already see Texas and Oklahoma in high scoring shootouts fighting for a playoff spot. Not a fan of either team but that’s just great for the sport as a whole.

  • Sark will fail at Texas because of UT. They can start looking for a replacement now. Lol.

  • No one does less with more than Texas.

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  • Those were some solid interview questions 👌 He sounds like he’s gonna make Texas better

  • Welcome to Texas🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Oklahoma will drive him back into the bottle

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  • boring

  • Top 4 1bama. 2oklahoma. 3clemson. 4georgia Texas NC Osu all contenders

  • All I gotta say is Texas is actually back now

  • Hope he does well.

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  • Why Texas scared to schedule Texas AM every year???

  • i give him 5 years max

  • Wish him well but HC is vastly different than OC

  • This will be the best hire for Texas. I’m glad Sark got his live back together hated seeing him leave USC

  • 7 win sark.. Cutty sark

  • Booger eater...

  • Hey Steve sarkisian welcome to the University of Texas Hook em horns good luck next season I'm proud to see you be apart of the University of Texas I'm big texas longhorn fan Steve sarkisian I'm from piedmont Alabama hook em

  • I really appreciated what Sark accomplished at UA, and he should be really grateful that Coack Saban took him under his wing and resurrecting him career. Now I know that I will probably get blown up here for criticizing Sark here. But, I think that it pretty sorry that he's taking 3 of Alabama's best on the field coaches and recruiters with him.

  • as a arkansas fan this is a good hire for texas, sarkisian has a great offensive mind ,and a good play caller,home run hire for texas

  • He won’t last Texas culture is toxic

  • Right now every other team in the big 12 is trying to figure out a way to offer this guy a drink.

  • Lol Washington never happened I guess.

  • I have never understood Texas since that quarterback from Oklahoma, I think his name was Darrell Royal, left them. Texas has the biggest budget in FBS and yet they’re not a full blown dynasty and should be another Alabama. Look at the players that Oklahoma gets from Texas? Do y’all think it might be because they were the last all white team to win the title? No because Bama didn’t have blacks until later too. What is it Texas the eyes of the country is upon you. I’m an Oklahoma fan and I’m going to make a prediction right now. I think this man turns Texas into a power house and shocks the world and takes them to dynasty levels.

  • Best he was thinking man “Do I have to wear this hideous color everyday “

    • @Chris Funk if your color blind maybe ain’t so bad.

    • Burnt orange ain’t bad but I guess color is subjective anyway so

  • He's gone out and hired a great staff (and not his buddies) which is already a huge one-up on Herman and Strong. The best coaches are great when they surround themselves with the best assistants and don't pretend like they know everything *cough* Herman.

    • The only thing that saved Herman was Ellingher and Ingram, he did good Cotton Bowls but wasnt too regular with BIG 12 teams.

  • Hey Texas.....hide the booze...just sayin...

  • Love you, Coach Sark. Very proud of how far you've come in the last few years. No matter what happens in Austin, I'm still proud of you and how hard you worked to get there, as well as what you've accomplished at Bama. From Sark fan in Fargo ND! Go get em. Hook em!

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  • Yeah he did a great job for Bama and hope he does well. Texas sucking isn’t good for college football.

  • Had lunch with Vince Young. I love that guy!!

    • Vince is one dumb man.

  • Don't let those BIG XII trophies fool you as three of them only come from football.

    • well the 4 crystal ones to left of Sark's head are football national championships (1963, 1969, 1970, 2005)

  • I’m confused...why is there 4 BCS crystal footballs in the background??? Only one I know of is the 2005 ship win over USC.

  • Texas messed up. This guy has been a headcoach twice and doesn't even have a ten win season

  • So is Texas back?

  • And - as a way to thank Saban and the state of Alabama for all that they have done for this guy to give him a second chance, resurrect his career, and teach him how to be a successful person and coach - he shamelessly bribes and poaches as much talent as he can from the program on his way out the door. Why not find and hire your own staff and create your own program instead of stealing from the organization that was a friend to you when you had none. Yes - he earned his pay and did a great job - but the knife in the back won't be forgotten and should tell everyone a bit about this guy's character - or shall I say lack thereof. And don't bother with the "it's just business - and - everybody does it." It's common decency that you take the head coaching job and hire staff from everywhere except one college - the one you used to get the position you now have.

  • See how he deals with the karmic curse of LHN

  • Glad he hasnt downplayed what he is getting, the most talent-laden team since Mack Brown.

  • Coach Sark, loved your time as a BYU QB. Good luck with the Longhorns!

  • Many many Thanks to Coach Sark! You did GREAT with Alabama. I especially thank you for staying to the very end. What a class act! What a man of respect and honor. You avoided doing the evil Lane Kiffin treachery thing. For this all Crimson Tide fans Bless you. BEST possible wishes for you and your new team at Texas!!! :-)

  • 7 win SArk Strikes Again. This guy is an awful coach.... Longhorns just keep making the same mistake over and over again. Laughable

  • He's got the plays but he is not going to get the players

  • UT...this story feels like I've seen it before...

  • he should have stayed and waited to see if he could get the bama job when Saban retires

  • congrats Sark

  • Isnt this guy a drunk?

  • A couple of short years ago this same hype was for Herman. Just saying ...

    • True. The expectations are high at Texas. Tom Herman had 4 years and made to the conference championship game once - and lost. I will say, Texas is better today because of what Coach Herman did over the last 4 years. Way better than when Charlie Strong left. Coach Sarkisian has to be aware of the expectations going in: build toward consistent winning, compete and win conference championships, get back to the national stage. That's a high bar.

  • Was he drunk and get hit in the face with a shovel?

  • Hook Em Horns!!!! Let's get a Championship baby!!

    • Lmao. You just try not to lose 4 games every season. That would be a huge upgrade for your dumpster fire school and for Sark too. Sark has never lost less than 4 games in a season.

  • Good luck sark! Thank you for what you did for us and helping us win! Roll Tide!

  • 13 months ago sark got FIRED from the Atlanta falcons as OC lol.

    • After 2 of the falcons best offensive seasons ever. So there's that

  • I wish the best for Sarkisian as he joins the University of Texas to coach our Football team. I hope the regents and boosters let him do his job and remain loyal to him as he builds the program up.

  • Stress from those boosters gonna make that beer can look real juicy.

  • Good luck coach Roll tide

  • He better get charge of that locker room first

  • Urban declined to become the Texas head coach but he is going to be the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach. I wonder why the Jags and not Texas.

  • I hope he learned how to recruit!!!!

  • Roll Sark Roll!! Go practice The Process at Texas and when The Greatest decides to retire, come on back to The Crimson Tide.

  • Best job in America is head coach of Texas? Oh poor Sark, he's already fallen back to drinking 😢

    • @richstex Also, its not serious. You know I didn't really mean he was drinking right? Lol

    • @richstex True, lying is important I guess. Good point.

    • Nah, he's just being true to his new school.

  • "You don't say no to @TexasFootball" Herd w/Colin Cowherd Herd w/Colin Cowherd @TheHerd·You don't say no to @TexasFootball . @CoachSark explains: "Our job is to win championships... I don't necessarily feel the pressure because I recognize what the job is."

  • Congratulations. Stay sober!

  • We’ll see! Hook em Horns

  • And he knows drinking!

  • top 1 in recruiting to top 15

  • I think in a couple years they have a chance Kirby did it

    • Georgia has been a success for a long time and recruiting reflected that. Texas is a complete dumpster fire school.

    • Lmao. Wut?

  • Better win now..better win the big and small games. excuses

  • Congratulations Sark! I'll be pulling for you except if you face the Tide

  • See what happens when he doesn’t have all the best players all the time

    • I’d love to see Texas back in the mix. Bamas offense won the awards for best QB RB WR OL. Voted best overall oline. Would have been an epic disaster if they didn’t win the title. Easy to win. See how it goes when things get tough

    • We don't have the number of playmakers Alabama has. Nobody does. However, we do have some studs; & in the right culture they could do quite well for themselves & to team success. If nitpicking, you could say Texas was only three plays from a conference championship.

  • Sark vs Riley sounds awesome looking forward to it.

  • Thanks for the great few seasons calling plays for the tide. We never doubted you once!

  • I said it when I saw Alabama play A&M ,we need to go after Sarkisian. College football will be better with Texas competing for a Natty.HOOKEM

    • @ScootMagoot46 why are you replying to every single comment telling them about his career record? Someone has a weird vendetta. Go do something useful

    • There was literally nothing but 4.3 40 WRs catching go-routes in that game.

    • Texas should just pray that Sark doesn’t lose more than 4 games every year, which he never lost less than. Lol

    • @Thomas Rohlack Saban was very complimentary of Sark. My feeling is he sees Sark as a peer. That would be a high compliment. Despite how we may feel, the recruits will eventually tell the story.

    • Yes. It was his play calling!

  • I don't think I could coach a team where the players flat-out say "if the school doesn't do exactly as I command, I'll quit....."

  • Seems like every time you turn around Sark or Kiffin are getting either fired or hired. Just hope Sark doesn't fall off the wagon again. What he did at USC was disgraceful.

    • @richstex That's good to hear.

    • @M. Wayne Since Sark was hired I have been researching his background. My feeling is that those who have been around him say he's a straight-up guy. That he has embraced his weakness rather than hide from it should speak volumes to everyone re: his character. Regardless of what his coaching legacy will be, Texas hired a good man.

    • @Danny DNA When you're a Head Coach, especially at a major power like USC, you can't be behaving like he did, period. I'm really surprised UT is giving him a shot, I hope for the best for both parties.

    • I mean they do call it a disease for a reason.

  • Sark like Kiffin like a number of Bamas OCs was a product of Sabans system. There is a reason Sarks Nickname is "Seven Win Steve" If he couldn't win at USC then that is a major red flag. Lol.....

    • @ScootMagoot46 Naw .. You're the clown .. Magoo46!

    • Career .540 coach. Sark is a clown.

    • @Danny DNA Funny guy!

    • Maybe, but he has been through Nick Saban school for boys and girls who screw up coaching, rehabilitation clinic. So we will see.

  • He'll be gone in 4 years or less

  • As a bama fan who has studied many coaches, I have so much respect for Steve Sarkisian. He’s overcome a lot of personal adversity in the past with his alcoholism, but his character and ability to fight on is unmatched. Grateful for him 🙏🏼

    • Now that he’s not a drunk, let’s see if he can lose less than 4 games a year. Never has lost less than that in his life with his career .540 record.

  • It is unfortunate that he had to leave Bama but I wish him the best of luck.

  • It's sukcs how Armenian last names are pronounced in english stop please lol

  • The Armenian legend Armenian till I die

  • I actually think this is a great hire. He has always been a talented coach.

    • LMAO. Ya, as the career .540 record proves. He’s soft af and his players at Texas are entitled brats.

  • 🤮

  • Sark has to shut the boosters up like Nick saban did at Alabama. The longhorns are run like the cowboys with everybody in the hc’s ear.

    • I've been watching as many interviews as possible. He was asked about this very subject. He replied that he was well aware of that component of the job & he was prepared to embrace it. My takeaway is that he will emulate some of what made Mack so successful here. He's already attended a Texas H.S. coaches' clinic & said the Longhorn doors were open & he wanted you to feel at home. That is exactly what Mack did & it worked for him for so long. Mack has a Ph.D. in Public Relations, LOL. You are correct Re: the culture here; but the more I learn about him, the more confident I become in his hire.

  • Texas is now my second favorite team. 1. RTR!! and 2. Hook'em Horns!! Good luck Sark and Thanks for all you did for us at Bama.

  • Wish you would of stayed with bama

  • Hats off to Sarkisian for not leaving Bama before the NC was finished. I will never forgive or forget these egomaniacs that leave their teams high and dry to go to their new job before the biggest bowl game of their lives. Brian Kelly, you will always be a POS in my mind and the minds of all Cincinnatti Bearcats.

    • Exactly, I don't understand why some coaches do that, you would think they would wanna try winning the game first, and after that, move on. Plus, if you leave before the big game is even played, wouldn't that be kinda dumb? because if the team wins, you won't get any credit for it lol. I know if I were a great coach that put in all that work to help get my team to a big championship game, I wouldn't leave with just 1 game left, I would do it after the big game. Classy move by Sark, I wish him well in Texas, he deserves this second chance.

  • Good luck, Sark. You will need it with those boosters and politicians who all think they are football coaches. Remember when Tom Herman was the flavor of the month? I do.

  • Hook’em Horns !!!

  • I wish you the best of luck Coach Sark!Please beat OU.I don’t care if you lose the rest of the games.please Please PLEASE beat OU.OU fans are stuck up.They think Alabama is “overrated”.If we are “overrated” then why did we SLAM Ohio State...yeah (btw I live in Oklahoma so I’m not just saying this I’ve experienced this first hand) ROLL TIDE 🐘🏈🔥

    • @Pastor Jones Yet Lincoln Riley did exactly that; & he had no head coaching record. I'm not predicting how Sark will do. I merely state that he has had head coaching experience at major universities & he could be another successful graduate of Saban University. Read the Alabama sites. In general, they seem to have high regard for Sark.

    • Every college football season there is a love fest with the OC of the national championship team. Sark is overated. The move from OC to head coach is a BIG step being responsible for a lot more. And BTW. BOOMER SOONER!!!!

  • If he was a black head coach the first question would’ve been, how have you recovered from being FIRED from USC for showing up to work blasted. How have you changed, what did you learn etc? When I was let go, call it how it is. You got fired, terminated.

    • @richstex I'm not even a Longhorns fan, I'm a Miami Hurricanes fan, but I hope Sark shuts people up and does great at Texas. The man was clearly at a low point in life back in 2015, that was also around the time when his wife divorced him, I'm not saying that makes it right to be drunk on the job, but I'm just pointing out the low point he had reached.

    • It wasn't the first question that was asked, but it was asked; & Sark took it straight on. He's on record about that time & does not shy from it. Yes, whatever terminology is used, he lost his job. Guess what? It happens every year, sometimes even before the season is over. Next question: How is the offense going to look?

    • What tf are you trying to say.

  • Thanks for your help Sark. Congrats on your promotion. (now quit poaching our staff.) RTR!

    • He only got the staff Saban didn’t want anymore. Saban offered them nothing.

    • Sorry, it's the tight ends coach.

    • He did it again today. I believe it was another defensive assistant.

  • Thank you for what you did at Bama. We wish you well on your journey. Roll Tide

  • Why can’t you find your own staff? Geesh poacher

    • @Tominator02 Only time will tell Herman got shafted for winning Bowl games.

    • @Tominator02 I've followed Texas football for 60 years & it still amazes me how much bts moolah is at Texas. I think there's a best-seller or a movie screenplay in there.

    • It’s apart of the business lol. He’s literally hiring people he wants and Texas pays more simple as that.

  • Normally I'd say that we have truly become soft when folks are complaining about The Eyes of Texas school song, but then I realized we have been soft for years now.

    • At least Sark will be proud to sing it 🤘🏻

    • Whole school and football program is a dumpster fire.

    • I wrote a letter to the Alumni Magazine w/my interpretation of our school song. They didn't publish it. Maybe they've been soft for years now.

  • He will do well in Texas though

  • Should be USC coach

  • Bama vs Texas for the Natty ... I can see it already. Crush that Feeble Oklahoma program for me !

    • Regular season.

    • Bama vs. UT in 2022 & 2023.