Chris Kläfford - Tennessee Whiskey, Kitchen Session [S02-E01]

Publicerades den 7 jan 2021
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Mixed by Erik Birkelöf


  • Last year was a total rollercoaster! I am so happy I’ve got this platform where I can communicate with you guys. I’ve been doing Kitchen Sessions for a while now, and in a way I’m thankful I’ve had the time to do more of them In 2020. I’ve been focusing a lot on writing new music for an upcoming album this past year, and I´ll keep focusing on writing. Sometimes it´s just nice, taking a break, doing a cover song in my kitchen. 😄 I loved doing Kitchen Session season one for you all, and I hope you’ll join me for season two! ❤️

    • and we are happy that you are kind enough to communicate with us. don't lose this platform or you would make many of us sad. tks for being who you are Chris. love and respect that marvelous talent of yours... Suz

    • I a pink floyd song..your voice and emotion could pull it off!!

    • with you buddy lovely to see you again thanks x

    • JUST GO OUT AND SMASH IT CHRIS you are no doubt a wicked singer . be good if you can do burden or guilting light by Foy vance another wicked singer with a powerful voice like yourself. all the best 👊🏻👊🏻

    • Du är helt fantastisk! Hoppas vi träffas på IKEA's kundtjänst fler gånger :-)

  • Love this song...well done brother 👌👌 (AUSTRALIA)

  • Very nice Bro!

  • I hope you will record this, it is one of the best covers i have heard of this song.

  • Holy SHIT ..jaevla bra !

  • @4:33: Buoy you better SANG!!!! Woooh, child!!!

  • You're a gift for the world!

  • I hate to say this, but, this is every bit as good as Stapleton's, if not better. Superb vocals- stunningly good. And as for the Skynryd wish I agree - "Simple man" would be awesome, Maybe some Bob Seager too.

  • *immediately searches spotify for someone who I can't even pronounce*

  • Fantastisk stemme! Vet du hvilken sang du sikkert hadde sunget dritbra? "Man of constant sorrow". Det tror jeg hadde blitt rått :)

  • Omg Chris you are amazing, I could listen to you all day. Keep doing what you do so beautifully. Hi from New Zealand.

  • Boom 10/10

  • Booooaaahh, so *Great* My Favorit ever 🤗🎤🎼Greetings from Hamburg (🇩🇪)

  • Wowww

  • I could listen to you sing all day. You have a beautiful voice

  • damn F**king magical voice

  • I don't know what to say but to say WOW!!!!!

  • Agree! Please do a cover of Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • ☮️👌💪👍🎸

  • Min favorit låt kombinerad med min favorit artist

  • Chris, excellent choice of songs. I am an old man, old enough to be your dad and have followed you since your audition. Listening to your version of this song has brought tears to me. keep it up kid :) Your welcome in my house any time for a kitchen party ! Just bring your All the very best in your career, from a fan in the East Cast of Canada.

  • You are amazing dude. I SO hope you make it big soon! You really deserve it. I would love to see you live in the years to come. Much love from your neighbour Norway!

  • Amazing!!!! Love this song anyway, but this guy, this guy just stunned me. Amazing talent!!

  • Awesome!

  • love this song man! so many different covers and man they all Smash it . keep it up and bring out more And all the up and coming MAKE IT HAPPEN 👊🏻👊🏻

  • I've been absolutely in love with his voice since the very first time I heard it. Absolutely incredible 🙌

  • Please do a giutar tutorial pleaes

  • Your guitar playing is unbelievably amazing and matches your unbelievably amazing voice in here! It's just stunning and pure heaven to my ears Chris!!!

  • When your voice is so perfect that subtitle thought it was a music.

  • How does this man not have 1mil + subscribers yet??? Dont' worry it's coming!

  • Chris i love this soulful version. it is so much more meaningful, Bob better hang onto you or the ladies of the world would all try to nab you 😃!! you have done a smashing job to this song...BRAVO 👏👏👏 Suz

  • Love it!! Prefer your version to Chris Stapleton. Listening to this makes me wanna empty a bottle of JD while listening to this on repeat at full bore 👌👌

  • Wow your voice is phenomenal you touch my soul bud dang!!!

  • I'm a fan now ...... Great cover ...... 👍

  • Amazing voice Chris 🤩 from italy

  • You've have to release an unplugged album!! Stat!!! With this version of Tennessee Whisky... I'm stoned as well...on your voice, seriously☺♥☺

  • The tonality, quality, timbre of your voice goes right to my soul...beautiful.

  • Been waiting along time now🤤 Much love from Sweden♥️ You should try Just the two of us By Bill Withers🤤

  • Wow Chris just wow pfff chills all over spots I don't even know I had them

  • find me a man with Chris's vocal extension ... I have goosebumps

  • This dudes journey to be where he is at now is super inspiring! Just goes to show you that true dedication to your passion really develops into something special. Great cover:)

  • You have an awesome voice

  • Your voice is smoother than Tennessee whiskey

  • Det här kan nog vara bland det bästa jag hört! Tack Chris!

  • Amazing cover of one of my all time favourite songs

  • du är kung fortsätt med det du gör

  • Love love love love love!!!!

  • Love your kitchen sessions!

  • HOLY FUCK!!! You're amazing!!!!

  • Damn! You sound just like him!!!!

  • Must have been 68 people accidentally hit dislike when rushing to hit the like button. Only explanation.

  • AMAZING!!💃❤💃❤💃

  • I keep looking forward to a time where Chris Stapleton and Chris Kläfford get together for a song. Both have a very similar look and voice. I think that'd be really cool. Also I'd like to see more songs that Kläfford sings that are Stapleton's songs.

    • Well Tennessee whiskey is not a Chris Stapleton song. It's a cover of an old David Alan Coe song written by Dean Dillon and Lynda Hargrove then covered by George Jones later covered by Chris Stapleton !

    • Such an awesome video!

  • He has one of those voices that makes you want to listen. His renditions are better than the original artist.

    • Sometimes it´s just nice, taking a break, doing a cover song in my kitchen. 😄 I loved doing Kitchen Session season one for you all, and I hope you’ll join me for season two!

  • I believe Chris Stapleton would tip his hat to this version. Well done 👏

  • There are 68 people who have bad taste...

  • You are amazing. I could listen to your music all day. Great job.

  • 😁 Excellent

  • My only complaint is that I can only thumbs up this song one time. Holy hell that was good.

  • Magnificent version as always!!!

  • Holy shit.

  • Have to Second, a Cover of Simple Man by you....Might be Mind Blowing!! Keep Spreading the Love of Music!! You Are A Gift To this World!!

  • I'd also love to see these on Spotify. Listen to you on my daily commute and this would be great to add to the playlist.

  • Hi Chris, from a fellow Swede. Is there any chance you would make a cover of Alien by Atlanta Rythm Section (I feel this would be great but Iäm not a musician so I could be talking out of my ass :-) )

  • You have such a great talent!!! Music is my passion, and, you sir have a SPECIAL talent in any song you sing!!!

  • För jävla bra

  • he looks like Teddy

  • Perfect 👌🏻

  • かっこいい!

  • 🔥

  • Shit Hot Bro Australia cheers 🍺🍺

  • Chris your voice is like looking at a painting that is almost impossible too pull away from ( the painting in my mind is of no important)... it could be anyone’s favorite painting that moves them... I’m stuck in a hotel ( during this devastating plague) and can’t sleep. Listening too your voice has given me the serenity that I need too get through this evening and back too my place in Houston Texas. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. Stay safe & continue your writing. Namaste 🙏

  • The curious moat synthetically shave because enemy bailly peel upon a boiling coast. obnoxious, lying eye

  • I am soooooo looking forward to listening much more from this immensely talented gentleman. It's not very often I hear someone sing me to goosebumps and had me searching for more videos after just accidently coming across this video. Love light and peace to you always, thank you for sharing your beautiful talent

  • Your voice is the honey to my whiskey... love this rendition!! Keep it up, my friend!

  • Dear Chris, God has blessed you, therefore, through you, he has blessed us. May you forever stay in God's favor. I thank you for your vocal magic.

  • Crazy, this guy is awesome.....

  • It just doesn't get any better than this. Period.

  • Beautiful

  • Wow!!! Amazing voice!! Thank you!!

  • boom !!! amazing version

    • Write something soulful from your heart and sing it you are legendary

  • WoW! Just great - you´re getting even better. All the best from Germany, man!

  • Don’t know if this is raw but he got that resonance which says he is super healthy. Tell us your diet and care routine please... you can listen to my songs and you will understand what I mean

  • I would love to hear you do a song with Lucy Spraggan! Your voices would be amazing together. I don't know if you're taking requests, but that's mine.

  • EPIC Cover brother!!! And this isn't an easy song to remake, not well at least. You nailed it!!!

  • Underbart Chris. Suveränt som alltid. Ett stort hjärta från Göteborg ❤

  • Very soothing!

  • I would pay top dollar to listen you perform the phone book yellow pages. Hands. Down.

  • Chris you're amazing. Much love from the islands

  • Love to hear more from you ! Excellent session All the best for you , greetings from Austria

  • Love you chris! Cheers from Israel! You're a huge singer!

  • Wow😍👌

  • Pure natural! Love you!

  • Reposting my comment from an earlier video a year ago as it applies here and proves exactly what I advised previously as almost all your covers are of Chris Stapleton. "Just stumbled on this now after listening to a ton of Stapleton. I did see you on AGT awhile back but after watching this I have constructive criticism. You have real talent and a great voice. But you literally look like a mini me of Chris. The beard. The hair. The mannerisms. The raspy voice. And you even have the same name (Chris). My 2 cents. You will be destined to go nowhere until you create your own identity. Image. It's almost embarrassing to watch this video. It's like watching a tribute band of the Rolling Stones or the Beatles who never became the musicians they wanted to be because they tried so hard to emulate their idols including wearing the same hairstyles and clothing that you might think the tribute band member was Paul McCartney as you passed him in the street. You have incredible talent but because you are trying so HARD to be Chris Stapleton, you will never be Chris Klafford. Wishing you the best of luck and future success:)" NEW ADDITION TO THIS COMMENT from PREVIOUS ONE: Stop doing cover after cover of Chris Stapleton. Start writing and performing ORIGINAL songs from Chris Klafford. Billy Joel started writing and performing at 16. Yes, even his earliest music showed promise but was not up to his standards. He moved from NY to LA at 21 and spent a year in a smoky lounge playing piano bar for tips just to hone his craft and perform live. But guess what? He got one of the greatest pieces of music ever written out of it. It was called "Piano Man". You may have heard of it. Then he went on to write 12 albums and over 100 songs that were hits and ANY ARTIST would die to have just one of song like that. STOP TRYING TO BE CHRIS STAPLETON. STOP SINGING HIS MUSIC. I'M sure even Chris is a little cringed if he watched this video. No one wants someone acting like a stalker. Be Chris Klafford. Write your own music and put it out here on SEnewss and Spotify. You are in your 30's right? No time to waste. You have incredible talent. Be who you are. The star you can be. P.S. Billy Joel tried to commit suicide at 20 by drinking bleach. Fortunately it didn't work and he was just in hospital for a short stint. Think of all the great music the world would have missed out on. Think how he would have never known what an incredible talent and superstar he was destined to be. You need to struggle as an artist to become great. That's what I believe. Stop being a parody of someone else. There are no shortcuts. Write your own music and perform. ASAP. BE THE STAR YOU WERE BORN TO BE. Have I said enough? Yes. Good luck:)

    • Beta Beta Call I hope you do check out his own stuff, his other covers etc. I can see how someone who mainly heard him sing Stapleton would think he’s a ripoff trying to gain overnight fame, but this man has been grinding in the music industry. And if you listen to his own music you’d realize he’s not even trying to be in the same lane as Stapleton. Hell, he even seemed pretty reluctant to covering this song but people have been BOMBING him with requests to play it because they think he’d do it justice. Which I think he did, but I get why he didn’t want to at first since it makes comparisons like yours kinda inevitable. And like I said, I get that if you don’t actually look into his music and career, you’d think that was the case. But to me he IS doing just what you want him to, which is being himself 100%.

    • @Jimmy Olsson will check them out. I do worry he is losing opportunity trying too hard to emulate. He has been on several talent shows including the voice and agt. People today want overnight fame. But it’s a recipe for disaster. Out of the tens of thousands of people on theses shows probably only one hand can count any who went on to real commercial success. Neither Simon or 3 judges can make u a star. Cuz after weeks of singing other established artists songs who did it the hard way, the emperor has no clothes. Without writing original music, practicing long hours in a garage like so many bands did back in the day and going on the road and performing every night to small dive venues you won’t hone your craft and organically become what you can be. I can guarantee you every Rock n roll band who ever “made it” whatever that means, will tell you that most of their best songs came from that experience. And I’m not just talking about drugs, sex and rock n roll and probably what they would say were the best years of their lives struggling at dump motels and playing live every night to different crowds. The selfie generation today wants everyone to look at me instantly make me famous but the cold hard truth is after the high of the talent show is over no panel of judges will give you a career like Jeff Lynne. That will only come from millions of fans who can’t live without buying and listening to your music and going to your concerts. The fact that Klafford has already gone on several talent shows and changed his clean cut look to be a replica of Stapleton and covers so much of his music is holding him back. That is my point, good on him if he already has a slew of songs. Whether they will rise to commercial success is another matter. My driving point is, cut the talent show crap, cut the emulating of your idols and just go on the road start writing and performing. Or as a famous sneaker company once said. Just Do It.

    • @Beta Call Just for your information, Chris Kläfford grew a beard before he became a Stapleton fan. And almost noone sees the problem because even if he likes Chris Stapleton he has made multiple covers of other artists, like Amos Lee and he's already released more than a few original songs here like Cold at the Altar, If Not With You Then For You, The Seventh Trumpet, I'm Not Ready, Lost Someone and some raw live performances of original songs. Check them out!

    • @Jimmy Olsson well hope he actually does release an original album. But still, staying on the topic of country music, he should take a page from Luke Combs and start testing his original music here. During the pandemic Luke penned a brilliant song called “Six Feet Apart” and put it on social media to get fan reaction. Chris needs to lose the Stapleton obsession, cut the hair and beard or at least change it up. As I said, he’s making a mockery of himself looking like his twin and performing his art. He needs to do his own thing was my point. Otherwise he’s using someone else’s persona that will hold him back and being the original true artist he can be:)

    • Chris has several originals on this channel, he's currently working hard on a new album bound to be released later this year. The Kitchen Sessions are mainly for covers but also for acoustic versions of his original songs. Read Chris's nailed comment above for more info. I've watched Chris Kläfford twice on stage and he really has his own style. He's by no means a Chris Stapleton copy. Check out the live raw performances Chris has posted on this channel.

  • Write something soulful from your heart and sing it you are legendary

    • Chris is currently working hard with a new album. :)

  • Outstanding performance

  • Like to activate.

  • i hope you sing streets of philadelphia from bruce springsteen at least one time. your voice and this song must be heaven.

    • parabens sou teu fa que voz e essa

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Love ur voice!!! Please do a cover of When I'm Down by Chris Cornell; i think it would be amazing with your voice.