Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In

Publicerades den 18 mar 2021
Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In
In Bulgaria a lot of people abandon puppies and kittens on the streets. And all those animals need help. This isn't the first abandoned puppy we meet and sadly it won't be the last. We will help him find adopters and loving home.

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Name: Desislava Gospodinova
IBAN: BG47UNCR70001523226502
We are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria. We are not organization, neither a shelter, we are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything we provide for the stray cats is coming from our own pockets or with the help of donations from our subscribers. We have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets - Sopolcho & Bagheera live with us while Alexa & Rijo live with Dessy's mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Our dream is to build a shelter where we could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy's mom. If you would like to support us, please subscribe to our channel and share our videos with your friends and family. It would mean a lot to us ❤️
- Dessy & Stoyan
Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In
Abandoned Puppy
Puppy Followed Me Home
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  • In our country, Bulgaria, there are more than 100000 stray animals and government doesn't take care for them. We already save a lot of animals(mostly cats) and you can see that in our other videos. But we are just two people and sometimes we are overwhelmed. We meet many stray dogs and cats every single day and I REALLY wish to help them all...

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    • WTF is wrong with your country? If you can't even look after your animals what can you do?

    • ❤️❤️❤️

    • God will surely bless u both a lot🙏🙏🙏

    • If you can find travel to USA. We have rescues that will take em.

  • the girl looks like nina dobrev! cool vid!

  • Would love to see how she's doing

  • Never buy a pet sooooo many need homes

  • Thank You for giving the sweet little angel a place to call home...

  • I wonder where the pup is now

  • You need to deworm the dog his tummy is so big

  • It's terrible that people of a darker com.plex.ion only want to be cruel to animals. I say this as an animal rescuer since 1970.

  • Me and my family once had a stray cat at our door and he was dirt, full of fleeks (i don't know if i say it right/ the english term) and we fed him and gave him water and srayed with us. We all shared live and he did back. After a year we heard from the animal ambulance he got ran over. Till this day it hurts me how many cats of me have ran over and i live in a very small village. People are so cruel to just drive ahead. I hope my story inspires others like this video

  • So cute

  • That's an Angel buddy, there's no way a random puppy goes straight to you without knowing how he would treat you, the puppy somewhat knows your identity, that puppy is sus.

  • 0:23 I’m dying cuz of the cuteness

  • Stupid feelings... I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING!

  • Driven to tears, thank you!

  • Keep up the good work, you're doing something very valuable. Greetings from Turkey.

  • Precious Baby💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

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  • As a grown man I couldn't of turned him away. That face 🥺

  • I have love dogs ever since i was a little boy and be honest i guess still trying get over the death of my blue nose pitbull that i lost last yr to a cobra that a man had for a pet that gotta out and end up in my back yard which he lost his life to save mys so with that been said my boy killer r.i.p and i will always love and thank you for attacking anybody or anything till i give him the word stand down

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  • His eyes :( sadness omg I’m so happy you took him home with you 🥺💗

  • Yal did a good thing for him cause now he has a fanily

  • Beautiful thank you

  • Little munchkin.. ..I'm so happy he met you xx ❤

  • We don't deserve dog.. Amazing creature.

  • I guess Brazil is not different from Bulgaria when we talk about abandoned animals

  • The doggo looks kind of like my dog! Brown fur, black snout, white socks on all four paws, and the tail is black at the end. The abandoned dog is SO adorable!! 🤗

  • Could cry now

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  • I love this channel😊 it makes me want to find a pet and help it if it’s hurt or lost or abandoned

  • Cute cute cute

  • I wish my dog was with me today you did the right thing for this creature

  • That pee Nd booboo the only negative unless they took him out

  • Limpinho, barriga cheia e no quentinho... lógico que o sono vem. NÃO COMPRE, ADOTE UM ANIMAL! 🐕 🐈

  • You gave him the foods. I would've followed too.

  • Ma non è prevista la multa per il cagnolino che và in giro senza mascherina ? Siamo arrivati al punto che un cane è più libero di noi , l'avreste creduto ?

  • Poor dog

  • Diesen Scheissköter hätte man besser auf der Stelle gekillt.

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  • This made my day, God bless you for your kindness. ❤️🌹🙏🏼

  • God bless you!!

  • Dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet..... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • God bless you...

  • Thanks a lot this made me cry lol poor little puppy I'm glad he's being taken care of ❤️

  • Please give him worm tablets. A big belly like that is a sure sign. Thx

  • The soul is the right word we are all part of the universal big consciousness ❤️❤️

  • Did you keep him?

    • If you did what did you name him


  • 😭 This is sad, how could people do this. It made me cry. He was shy first but then he started to get really nice

  • *hope in humanity increases by 80%*

  • @t​ @t​ @t​ @t​ @t

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  • Masha Allāh 🥰

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  • a very poetic narrative

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  • This is so sad that im criing because This is so sad.😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😲🥀⚘🌷👉👈🐕🐾🐕🐾😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭💋❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛💜💜💜💞💞💞💞💞💟💟💟💟💎💎💎💎😭😭😭😭😭

  • i will never buy a dog...ever. I will adopt.

  • So adorable 🥺♥️

  • Awwwwww just so adorable!! He reminds me of my adopted dog whom we named kuki (it was She). And she was exactly the same breed as this one. Oh i miss her so much now! May be her soul is in this one! Love!

  • Aww

  • Lovely soul you are. I am writing with wet eyes. My parents abondended me. I am elder son & they used me till their other three sons became educated & rich. To take responsibility of family I lived 500 km far from family in metro city to work from the age of 13. I worked & learned in evening school, college. Every soul needs love, acceptance, support but some are unfortunate. I found parents in God. I am from India.

  • Kk

  • God bless you and family.

  • Девушка чудо в перьях, на штанах Бемби, шапка какая-то детская в виде зайца, но вроде мило Самое главное такое доброе дело сделала, умничка

  • Such a beautiful ending! He could end up in a puppy mill! Or on a dinner plate?

  • He will be a good - good puppy ! ;D

  • Esta cansado de tanto caminar por las calles pobre como llore en este video amo a perritos

  • Very beautiful video! We should have death penalty for people abandoning their animals. I think it’s tantamount to abandoning one’s own baby child.

    • Just to be clear, I meant abondoning in terms of not providing the animal with a new home or animal shelter.

  • ohhh maannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn is he cuuuuuute

  • Well done for saving the poor puppy There are many humans too abandoned out there without any home, even dirty water or left over food they don't get from their fellow humans, due to one 'excuse' or another. How appreciative such people would be if they find half of this help the puppy received.

  • he is one of the most beatifull puppies that i eveer saw.. god damn russians ar lucky sometimes xp

  • Should i adopt a kitten and a puppy i want them to be friends but i'm not sure should i ? Like if yes.

  • Beautiful BEAUTIFUL baby

  • They "tried to send him away"??? He is a puppy who has been abandoned!!! They may have done the right thing later, but that initial reaction was sickening. Send him away where? Back to the dangerous streets?

    • To be clear, Im thankful they helped him, but how could that be their first reaction?


  • i rescued an abandoned cat... he was my best friend for 12 years he died of a tumor cancer in his ear but i still miss him

  • 0:27 awwww🥰🥰🥰

  • Animals feel pain more the humans do the dog wants to be loved when someone showed him love he loved them back adopted a dog if you can they deserve it

  • Oh you are an angel 😭😭😭 thank you, thank you for hice him love

  • I cried a Lot. 😭😔 Mixed emotions. GODBLESS you ♥️

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  • From France: THANK YOU... he was so tired, so tired... Lise

  • It is very gratifying to know that you have opened a space in your home for this puppy. Congratulations and the best for the dog♡

  • Thank you for giving this nice little boy a lovely home 🙏🙏🙏 he will love you for the rest of his life. I’m sure. I had tears in my eyes 🥲♥️🙏

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  • Maybe he is missing and the owner is finding it

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  • Dogs dont have souls.

  • He choose you ! ,It’s aGod’s gift...U R blessed

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  • Anybody here who want a pet. But his/her parents not allowed.☹😢 Me. :(

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