Orange Bowl Highlights: Texas A&M vs. North Carolina | College Football on ESPN

Publicerades den 2 jan 2021
Watch highlights of the Capital One Orange Bowl with Kellen Mond, Isaiah Spiller and the No. 5 Texas A&M Aggies against Sam Howell and the No. 13 North Carolina Tar Heels.
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  • After going up 27-20 the UNC wide receiver did a thumbs down to taunt the aggies, after that they didn’t score a single point

  • vChris Harrison

  • As a bama fan texas am was the best one loss team in football. Bama would've beaten em again but it would've been closer

  • You have no shot against Alabama.

  • A&M treated this like the Super Bowl mean while big timers for NC sat this game out to get ready for the draft. Had they played NC bags this game🤙

    • If A&M had all their players back from injury, NC would have lost by 60.👍

  • Every single NY6 game was better than the playoff games lol

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  • Texas a&m is such a weird fascist dude school.

    • @Rockfanist so you don't deny it?

    • You are a moron!

  • 28 must be related to CJ SPILLER

  • hey

  • I know we ended up giving up 41 points, but what a game from our defense for the first 55 minutes of this game. We are now getting all 11 starters back from this game, plus bringing in some stud recruits from the 2021 class. Very bright future in Chapel Hill.

  • Is that dude related to Wonder Mond who played at Nebraska in the 70's?

    • I don't think so. Monds dad is a veteran. could be possible though I guess

  • That Tyree Johnson sack looked a lot like Myles Garrett bending the edge.

  • 8:15 Gig’em!!!!!!!! The epic moment

  • i love it when jimbo fisher rushes three defenders. it's tight. Gig 'Em.

  • If dyami brown and Michael carter played, really if they even had half their starters they would’ve hung 50 on a&m

    • and if a&m had half the people they lost before the season even started we would've hung 60 on UNC. its not our fault your coach can't motivate his team to play.

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  • I know one thing that freshman devon achane is something really to watch him up close at fortbend marshall...took that team to state 2yrs in a row...aggie need to put him on kickoff and put return to...watched him run lots of them back....gigm aggies👍

  • 4:42 “executed the play that’s called ... for the goal of that play.” Solid announcing.

  • Terrible editing of this game. No explanation clips between changes of possession multiple times, especially the last two scores.

  • Aggies! Good game UNC!

  • So, in 2020 we’ve learned even the worse SEC teams are better than the best teams in other conferences

  • You should be consistent with your videos and not just show random replays just to get your videos to 10 minutes.

  • I don't know why Jimbo didnt use Achane in the season more, I watched him play in hs and in the Auburn game, he was great in both

  • Jayden Peevy is coming back next year for A&M, he is using the rule to allow him to come back as a senior

  • San Howell heisman next season no question

  • Being an FSU fan it sucks seeing Jimbo make a different team be as good as FSU once was when Jimbo was here.

  • Hoping to see UNC and A@M in the playoffs next year

  • Texas A&M should've been in over Notre Dame..........Next year it will be 2 SEC teams again! Bama will bring it home this year RTR

  • Best sports announcers I have ever experienced on an Aggie game. I would love to see them on every Aggie game. I enjoyed their detailed knowledge of each player on both sides of the ball. Normally, you hear a high level of negativity for one of the 2 teams. They acknowledged the strong points for each team with no mention of weakness. It was an extremely enjoyable game for me. These guys know football. Thank you!

    • I personally loved the announcer from the South Carolina game. never knew what he was gonna say. like when Mond ran for like a 10 yard TD and the announcer said "oh he hit em with the okie doke sauce"... it was stupid but it had me laughing

    • Right? They were impartial and had good knowledge of both teams. Play-by-play announcers, if they are this good, make watching the game much more fun

  • UNC was missing 1. Leading tackler 2. Leading receiver 3. (2) 1k yard rushers All chose the NFL career over their brothers. Disgusting what college sports is becoming.

    • a&m lost 6 starters before the season even started.

  • I still think Texas A&M should of been in the playoffs over ND. Just my opinion! The only loss was Bama.

  • Nobody messes with A & M!

  • And four NC players were so selfish.

  • Aggies vs Refs smh

  • Friendly reminder that after #11 Downs does the thumbs down after he scores (6:35), the Aggies score 21 unanswered points to win the game

  • Final score doesn’t show how close this game was.

  • Mond got that stiff neck

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  • Jimbo sprinting away from the Gatorade after the game really ought to be in this montage, too.

    • Yeah. It's symbolic of him skipping town right when the Gators started to become elite again.

  • SEC is in the house - Big win for A&M - {ROLL🏆TIDE}

    • @Christopher Brock thank u

    • @Terry Wiliams u to 👍

    • @Christopher Brock yes sir like wise I love the sec an u pull for u guys as well when where not beating each other up in conference play but I wish u guys luck go win the natty for the S.E.C. I will be pulling for u guys mr. Brock may u an your family have a great year 💚

    • @Terry Wiliams I been pulling for A&M all year - other than when we played against y'all. I felt that A&M was a better than they played in 2019. Because I knew the talent was there. Definitely going to be a problem for the SEC West Division over the next few years. I did not want Bama to play against A&M again this year - even tho y'all deserved to be in that #4 spot in the playoffs (SEC hatters are something serious) ROLL TIDE

    • Yes S.E.C. WE HERE I will be pulling for u guys to win the natty from a Aggie fan good luck bama handle bissenis


  • Next year all A&M all year

  • Whoop!

  • WHOOP! Gig 'em Aggies!

  • I really dig the tar heels baby blue uniforms. They are so intimidating.

  • Horns better figure out what they are going to do at HC because the Aggies are running the State of Texas all alone at the top!

  • OMG 😳 as a Bama fan but Texas a&m should have been in the playoffs 💁🏽‍♂️☑️💯💣💥🤷🏽‍♂️

  • A&M is back, but I think if the selection committee had to do it over again, it would have been OSU and A&M and Clemson would have been sent packing.

  • Good game A&M. I'm excited about my Tar Heels though. There were times when we had all true freshmen in the front 4 of the defense and a HS senior (Grimes) as one of the starting CB's and Conley, another true freshman at nickel.. The future is bright for this UNC defense. The incoming recruits are probably even better than these freshmen.

    • true. they have popped right into the picture. they will surely be in the preseaon ranking and it looks like the coach and team are good fits with each other. yes they will be great.

  • A&M proved they should've been in the CFP

    • They almost lost to Vandy who didnt win a single game. They lost to Bama way worse than ND did and ND crushed NC way worse than A&M did. You sound dumb.

  • Anyone has suggestions on preventing players from opting out?

    • They get scholarships to play football but doesn't play all of them. They should be required to play all if getting an education for free. They bailed out on their teams and not right.

  • Both teams are going to be scary next year

  • I’m an actor

  • As a neutral fan this was a fantastic game. To top it off it was the coffin nail for the big ACC bowl 0-6 record 🤣

  • So your telling me that Clemson didn’t belong in the playoff because they literally play skid marks for teams imagine my shock

  • Can’t wait for Mond to leave...

  • Guys i am playing dr parking 4 everyone who needs to enjoy with me can subscribe the channel

  • 3rd and 14 and he gets free... yet chooses to not throw the ball away and takes a sack. so silly!

  • Carolina would have won the game if all the best players didn’t opt out

    • How you know for sure unless they was in there? Georgia had a lot of players out and still beat Cincinnati. Carolina is a good team.

  • I wish I saw this A&M play when I was a student but it's good to see that they're the second-best team in the SEC and number 5 in the whole country. Kudos to UNC for putting up a fight

  • Imagine this game if UNC had all their players

    • imagine this entire season if a&m had all their players.

    • Still would’ve lost

  • As a UNC I’m so proud of how far this team came if we would have had our running backs and chazz we would have killed them we coming next year

  • The refs were on nc’s side I went to the game yesterday

  • What happened to the “SEC SEC SEC” or “Sec sucks” comments from the auburn video

  • 9:09 you’re welcome

  • Howell is a great quarterback. He should be playing on Sundays someday.

  • Unc would have won this game if they had their best players.

  • Acc lost every bowl game lmfao

    • Big 12-2 Undefeated

  • Thank you Texas A&M for covering that inflated -9.5 line!

  • Tainted win for A&M ..Unc scored 27 against the best def in the sec ..they didnt have their 2000yd rbs nor their 1000yd rec and their best def player opted out too...we would have scored way more points for sure.

  • Gig Em!!!!!!!!

  • Great game. I'm guessing the dislikes are from NC fans.

    • Little 10 former Conference foes, exes that are butthurt over the SEC move. That's mainly where it comes from.

  • A&M didn’t belong within a mile of the playoffs. I’m glad the committee didn’t let them in

  • Acc champ blown out Acc runner up blown out Acc third best lost decisively

    • Big 12-2 Undefeated

    • The ACC has won 3 of the last 7 national titles in football 3 of the last 5 national titles in basketball overall things are going well in the ACC however, it was a terrible bowl season

  • Top 5 team Next year for A&M.... good job Jimbo

  • Great game both teams rock!

  • I'm a diehard Tarheel and I'm pleased with the performance even though we loss. Never like losing but with the fire power we were missing we put up one helluva fight...Sam Howell for president

  • Spiller is a beast

  • A&M v Notre Dame would have been a fun game to watch. Expand the playoff? And yes, said by every team left knocking on the door

  • ND loses by 24 to Clemson in a conference championship game. A & M gets absolutely embarrassed by Bama losing by 28 giving up 50 plus points. Yet they think they deserve the 4th spot along with winning 8 games.

    • Nah, just think you need a girlfriend and you might get over A&M leaving your Little 10 Conference butthurt someday. lol...

  • NCU qb Sam Howell is tough qb play style football similar to Baker Mayfield

  • That 2:51 was no touchdown, who's paying the ref's here ?

    • @Ron Voorhees you can clearly see the ball bounce on the ground and back up into his arms. it just wasn't indisputable evidence to overturn the call

    • No, it was a touchdown. Replay 3:19 confirmed it. It is a touchdown in College and would be a TD in the NFL.

  • Who is the annoying commentator?

  • Thanks a&m for covering the 9.

  • UNC played tough the entire game with a team that should have been in the Final 4. Watch out for both teams next year.

  • This was the game I was waiting for.

  • UNC lost to Florida state and Virginia. They aren’t good.

  • Every since the CFP was installed every other bowl game doesn’t matter. In the BCS era winning the Orange bowl was a big deal. Now it is just a runner up trophy.

  • The SEC really dominated this bowl season

    • @Big Clout Bankroll I’m sorry you talking about the same same big 12 who got owned by the sun belt in the regular season? Or the same Big 12 who didn’t have a representative for the CFP this year. Or the same Big 12 whose only team that is relevant is chokelahoma who chokes in the CFP every other year. Please 🤫 🤐

    • You call barely winning dominance? Big 12 went 5-0 in now games, auburn and Florida both lost and Texas A&M, ole miss, Georgia and Mississippi state barely won their games.

  • The committee got it wrong


  • But I thought Texas was back?

  • Underwhelming until the end

  • A&M dominated in the 4th when it mattered.

    • @Gus Barraza lol bud they outscored UNC 24-7 in the 4th and 21 unanswered. They absolutely dominated the 4th. UNC ran out of gas after A&M wore them down all game and had no answer for a fresh Achane after colliding with Spiller all night.

    • @Gus Barraza 24 point 4th quarter is TOTAL domination. You're an idiot.

    • They took the lead with like 3 minutes left to go, they didn't dominate much

  • Bowl tie ins are so dumb. It should’ve been ou a&m(two motivated teams) and Florida unc(the opt out/no defense bowl)

  • Am I the only one who thinks mond is garb.

  • War eagle 🦅

  • One of the best bowl game to watch this year.

  • Certainly was not a domineering win. I know both teams had some opt outs, but NC St had some of the best RBs in the nation out. Apart from Alabama, SEC has had a mediocre bowl season, with some pretty lack luster performances and wins. OU embarrassed Florida, who TAMU calls a signature win. TAMU and the SEC over rated as usual. OU should have replaced ND in the final four. TAMU about the same as Iowa State in the Big 12. What I noticed most this year is the SEC defenses are not as good as they used to be.