The LEAKED Updates Coming to Fortnite Season 6...

Publicerades den 11 apr 2021
Today I talk about some VERY interesting leaks about Fortnite Season 6!
Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything Epic didn't tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Today I go over all the new updates that are going to be coming in Fortnite Season 6! These have been leaked in the game files.. Hope you enjoy!
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  • 6:59 Baited

  • i am hungry

  • the thumbnail clickbait i crazy

  • We need OG fortnite again how it use to be! Epic if your reading this please bring it back

  • They should bring fortnite how it was in 2018 again😭🥺

  • The Mythic recycler is in the game spire assassin holds it I'm disappointed

  • has epic said anything about when primal weapons will be added to creative? would like more time to mess around with them to see how OP the shotguns truly are.

  • Hey, how come only your videos auto set to lowest quality? I thought it was a settings issue, however it only happens on your videos.

  • Did you know "raz" means secret in hindi??

  • 2:02 Damn a quad dink


  • I'm sorry but I deleted fortnite until they make pumps more common and bring tacs shotgun and remove all makeshift and primal guns. I want the old guns like assault rifles pumps tacticals

  • 0:56, Was there someone there, or did Sypher try to shoot his own teammate 🤣

  • Everyone loves Kevin. They need to bring him back.

  • Sypher you need to get epic to put performance mode on console

  • 23 million new players a year ago 😂


  • I don’t plasont will go keven

  • We need performance mode on console

  • I would cry if kevin came back

  • 56 seconds in sypher shot his teammate

  • Love that korn shirt😈

  • Yah I only started playing fortnite when the freeze was almost over because I was just getting bored so I’ve only been playing about 3 months

  • Cap

  • Big Mac ohh yes

  • Did we forget about the Batman comics in the game


  • Clickbait

  • True about pleasant park so trust sphyer.

  • Day 10 of trying to get syphers attention

  • Isn’t a grappling bow leaked?

  • If you are gliding on top pleasant park you will see the orange things

  • Raz does not look like you

  • in reboot a friend program how long should the other not play

  • Is it just me or did sypher lose a lot of weight like it u agree

  • Oh hey it’s the cap king 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • I love Kevin's park

  • Yeah I noticed how Pleasant turning orange around it and then going away!

  • Omg his thumbnails are so bad

  • If epic don’t give this man his skin already

  • me: i see lazar wow so sypher loves lazar

  • Kudos that you bring up the downside of being a console player (lack of performance mode) ... normal console players seam to be some sort of AI player for most of the skilled pc players and for me as a console player I often feel that way to because aiming with the stick requires not just practice, it requires a good sense of thumb movement that I wasn’t able to achieve within the last 11 years as a console player. I hope they include a crossplay option to deactivate cross platform based rounds

  • Ok they testing season 8? What da duck ok is no problem to test season 7 but season 8 is to much

    • It will be very weird to test season 9😵😵😵

  • Idk the kevin cube i kinda know that is copied from a cartoon

    • The dark energon

    • Who watch transformers know

  • You can actually get shockwave bows and grenade bows from the rare chests, and one NPC in the game currently.

  • Day 7 of asking for the battle pass my epic is Trashmaam

  • 32 million new smurf accounts lol.

  • I mean, the Zero Point brought back Kevin once, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for it to bring him back again

  • Love how epic destroyed aim assist for console players and added numerous advantages for pc. Shits pay to win now

  • Lazarbeam appears when he says Kevin

  • Yay it’s coming tommorow

  • 🔥🔥

  • 3:46

  • All I want is to be able to stoke a fireplace with gasoline

  • Hope you're doing well and life is going smooth man, good vibes here

  • It might because there testing primal stuff in those season

  • Imagine this primal park, primal rows, primal lake, primal woods, primal swamp, primal hedges, primal stacks, primal stronghold, primal castle, primal meadows.

  • The storm is getting thiccer me 🙁

  • Who else thinks they should bring back chug splashes to make the chug splash bow. You can craft this with 3 chug splashed, and a primal bow. The chug splash bow, heals teammates, all you have to do is aim and fire at them or near them, this heals for 20, not able to do damage to players, only heal teammates

  • I think the new mythic weapon the arrow will have this ability like the grappler because in the season trailer their was like something like that and know one noticed Sypher PK hope you see this

  • Has any else noticed that the towers have Kevin markings on the to by the jump pad and there in the same places as the Kevin spots in season 6 .

  • There vaulting hop floppers from Arena

  • X2Twins love shockwave bow. Though they likely don't align with rest of pro community with their fortnite opinions.

  • As of right now, the storm is a lot easier to see through than at the beginning of the season on console.

  • RazPK

  • OK theory,We didn’t see a realistic Fortnite we saw the whole entire map consumed by the orange primal area. Or the primal area might be bringing realistic features to Fortnite.

  • Can we just take time to appreciate syphers level

  • I die too much bc the guns suck ik how to use them but no I don't really like this season. But i'm not quiting itno

  • Maybe the spire guardians are bad and the towns are fortified because they don’t want them to invade because all the barricaded places are by a spire tower

  • What if, Fortnite adds performance mode to ps4 console players where we can also keep our frame rate what its supposed to be.

  • Lmao sypher saying the ripped raz skin looks like him 😂

  • Waa

  • We dont care just remove sbmm

  • Sypher do you know when fortnite mobile will come back???

  • I want Grey, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold back...screw the epic, mythic , super mythic blah blah blah nonsense...and scrap crafting while their at it.... it's a freakin BR for godsakes not Minecraft!

  • Doing fortnite ni music montages

  • Sypher I was a big fan but when you asked to remove snipers I stopped watching your videos. Sorry man I don’t watch you anymore. :(

  • I wish they would fix the broken challenges

  • *season 6 comes out* Streamers: whats for season 7

  • Did you know you have an autistic viewer

  • Yea The So called Kevins Parks in the intro

  • Most of the “new players” are people making smurf accounts lol

  • Raz means secrect in urdu and hindi

  • This is my theory. When Chapter 2 ends, Fortnite will be gone forever because I think when The Black Hole appeared That was The actual End Of Fortnite. I think this because it all makes sense. Because I think we went back in time after the black hole ended. If you compare IRL to Fortnite, The Primal version of IRL was like almost 1,000 Years Ago and The Origin Story Of Agent Jones being stuck in the loop was in The Zero Crisis. So please like if you like this theory.

  • Hopefully African servers arrive or maybe I'll quit the game

  • Raz? Is there a tik tok of a joke bout this that’s funny

  • ur edits are so cracked

  • o9h wait nvm we have more

  • join cheesey peen clan we have 5 dollars earned on valorant

  • sypher how are you justy so cheesey it makes me so bothered

  • what did trickshoters ever do to you

  • The only thing I want is for epic to fix their servers I cant play the game without having 300ping

  • Ah yes, because we dont have enough annoying weapons that would make players wanna leave

  • Not our fateful pp

  • Hey you faker I’m Sypher PK

  • Fortnite is not dying it's just crappy for the moment.

  • fortnite is dead

  • It could be like season 3

  • 32 million new players and epic still does not care about African players to provide as with servers. We have the player count for servers but stilllllllll no servers. We have been pleading for servers for three years with no response While call of duty for the past few years always provide as with servers, its soooooo fuckiiiiiingggggg frustrating.

  • AI's and Bots aren't meant for Fortnite! And the mythics are getting worse every season Chapter 2 Season 2 & 3 We're awesome 👍🏿 and maybe 4 that's all