Why I'm Against Anti-Doping Part 1

Publicerades den 2 apr 2021
Link to Part 2: senewss.info/slow/gNupr9yiecjNm7o/video
This is an educational video which does not glorify or advocate drug use.
This is just a criticism of anti-doping.
East German Doping Document:
Passing T/E ratio test with testosterone enanthate:
Differences in testosterone secretion:
Designer steroids:
German doping documentary:
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  • I'm pro doping let these glory junkies juice there brains out it would make it more entertaining if how good your ped coach was also a major factor in winning gold

  • Play chess

  • So is this past the reason that you don’t compete? I think you hinted at it in an interview once?

  • Thanks for ruuining my dreams!

  • WADA could just employ me and take me look at their delts lol. So revealing.

  • This is comparable to using cheats in a video game. You should be charged & jailed the same way as money laundering for using drugs to gain an advantage.

  • Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs. Again. Solid points and well researched. Hot take and probably will get down voted to hell, but if trans athletes can perform in their selected gender, doping regulations should be abandoned.

  • I mean look at bodybuilding and power lifting in them sports they don't test ppl at all. For mr olympia they don't test them and you don't see any of the problems like what's going on the olympics or another sport out there.

  • utterly based

  • I agree but the fact that at a certain level it seems like it's just about peds vs peds is disappointing.

  • im also agains't anti doping cause it seems fun to see what the people who are enhanced are able to do

  • Are you and league of lifting related

  • In a perfect world no one would cheat in drug tested leagues and it would be fair. In reality, someone will always find a way to use drugs in drug-tested sports.

  • Yep, but USA is not clean.

  • Nailed it

  • banish death... instill life...

  • One of the best videos I've seen in a long time. Truly brilliant. You should do a feature length documentary on this subject, joining these videos into it.

  • People who don't know much about professional athletics live with the naïve ideal that in a perfect world, drugs are cheating and of course you can't cheat to win as a professional athlete because that just isn't allowed. Whether you agree that it should be allowed or not doesn't really matter, because it simply is and that isn't going to change anytime soon, no matter what laws or regulations are put in place. Better to simply draw attention to the reality of it so people can educate themselves on what it really is and what it means for pro athletes and maybe also how it can be done more safely. No amount of regulation or precautions have managed to stop it yet and doubtful any ever will because the reality is that most organizers and sponsors secretly don't want it stopped because athletes that can perform beyond natural ability draw more money and attention to the sport and the athletes themselves have to continue to push to keep up with that demand. Excellent work Clarence.

  • watching this made me not want to work out lol

  • Cycling has had drugs for 40+ years... Dog and horse racing even longer... and body building has much to be blamed for introducing many drugs to other sports... Corrupt, immoral countries, who only esteem athletes who win gold, cheat for prestige...I know of many clean athletes who never succeeded in their chosen sports because the playing field wasn't level. Unfortunately, there will always be cheats

  • Did you imply that Usian Bolt was also on enhanced? Or that he was sick of competing against drug users?

  • Clarence, please do some cardio and ease down on dbol. You seem out of breath just talking.

  • Do a video on why you became vegan.

  • I disagree. Look at the UFC. The USADA is cleaning up the sport pretty good.

    • @benadryl cabbagepatch well you can have your opinion but if you read USADA protocol, even if you have access to short metabolite PED, its difficult to hide it. plus, IV is considered PED now that its banned and steroid is just one example of PED. USADA cathces all kinds of PEDS, not just steroids. your blatant statement of 'everyone is on steroid' show that you take a simplistic approach and over generalize. we know ani-doping isn't 100% but you cannot deny getting randomly tested 20 times a year vs no anti-doping the consequences are obvious. also everything you say is just word of mouth there is no evidence to support of it. its the same criticism i give to clarence.

    • @WB L costa got busted for using IV, not for steroids and rodolfo never got busted. Also passing drug tests does not mean a fighter is clean. Ngannou is not a bodybuilder, he's an MMA fighter that engages in cardio-intensive energy-consuming training on a regular basis AND is able to not only build but maintain his level of musculature on top of said training. Everybody's on steroids

    • @benadryl cabbagepatch they all god busted. including costa. in no way nganu juicing when he gets tested 18 times a year. i rest my case.

    • No it isn't. Fighters are still juicing. All the Brazilians are on steroids, look at paulo costa and rodolfo viera, and all the female Brazilian fighters sound like dudes. USADA is a joke.

  • Welkome to the world my friend! This happens in every institution on earth...

  • So does this mean Russian mma fighters are using drugs that are undetectable to the UFC and that’s why they are dominating? Because although they seem healthy, they are always getting sick! Unlock fighters from every other country.

  • I fully agree that most of if not all top level athletes are on drugs. But can someone help me understand why most aren’t caught? I know there’s ways to cheat and I also know that the best of the best (Ronaldo, bolt, Lebron) are given special treatment because of who they are and the money they bring in. But what I don’t understand is people like Aphiwe Dyantyi, he is a professional rugby player that played internationally for South Africa. He was one of if not the best winger at the time when he got caught for doping and was given a 4 year suspension. Why? Why do only some top athletes get caught instead of being allowed to get away with it? Is it just to make it look like they’re testing properly or is it just some other sort of corruption?

  • I lost it at 9:36 😭☠

  • 20:45 looks like the girl turns into a man hahahaha??

  • Brilliantly done.

  • It's the same in online gaming, none of the kids seem aware of the cheating.

  • Number 🌳 He finished 💩 place

  • Great video. Really informed me. Respect the honesty.

  • 18:05 ah so that is why Joe Rogan keeps telling people to take DMT.

  • That study about microdosing testosterone has a very low N. Only 9 subjects? I'm not disputing the results, but to get a solid statistically valid prediction you would want to bump that N to north of 1000.

  • “The duchess “ seems like some shitty meme of r/nattyorjuice. Just incredible man...

  • Lmao the video of the Irish Shepard when talking about Ireland hahah

  • Bill Burr: This fucking guy gets it

  • imagine the government spending billions on researching safer steroids where we would be right now.

  • My Uncle competed in the Olympics in the 90’s and he confirms that even him was using drugs to compete and passing all the drug tests. He always laugh when someone talks about being Natural!

  • You're absolutely right. But I think the main problem now is that sports are not about competition anymore. There is so much money and economic interests revolving around it, that its not about winning, losing or just fairly competing. Its mostly about preserving (possibly increasing) the value of the brand (a club or a single athlete), the visibility. In order to do this, u need to be in the elite, even if u dont win titles.

  • 👍 ( Denmark )

  • I am not sure I can or can not agree either way. I am an advocate for its your body as long as you are not harming another do as you will. I am also a proponent for just because someone else does something wrong doesn't mean you should.... their lack of integrity does not affect your integrity ! Watched this for my son!

  • its because most people are dumb and know things only when they're being told plainly

  • 110% agree

  • You just could snitch on someone in Belgium in a gym and they would get tested here... Crazy

  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • very persuasive

  • It's all well and good in lifting weights, running and throwing things. You have no idea the damage this would cause in boxing or MMA. This is a life changing sport, some level of protection is better than none.

  • are you and saab too much of bitches to have a real conversation or not come on lets get to the bottom of this guys yall both intelligent we gotta get somewhere with this

  • Bro this legit blew my mind a real eye opener I honestly believed all olympic athletes were natural

  • capitalism lowkey at it again

  • Plus, some people that have been sick can produce more a or less testosterone too, like a guy with one in the ballsack after a cancer... That's why those test are biased from the beginning

  • It sounds good in theory, but in practice a level playing field is unachivable, countries with more resources always have the advantage no matter what. Also, if dopping was legal, athletes would try to gain an advantage by taking higher and higher doses, and they would be risking their health anyways.

  • Hey guys, I made a follow-up video because it was definitely needed. You can really talk about this for hours. If you have any doubts about my arguments in this video then I highly recommend checking out part 2 Link to Part 2: senewss.info/slow/gNupr9yiecjNm7o/video

    • Do a video on why you became vegan.

    • simple reality -- as long as winning is better than losing people will find ways to improve their odds

    • heres a possibility -- just require a responsible party like a doctor or nation-state certify the athlete isnt getting into a dangerous state of overuse and be responsible for their life-long care if his/her liver suddenly fails

    • Suspicious.

  • Agree

  • God, this is so good. My thoughts exactly, and it's great to hear this from an actually experienced athlete. So tired of hypocrisy. And I'm a fan of all the "dirty" lifters regardless - it just saddens me that they can't just say "yeah, I take drugs; except all my main opponents do too, so I'm still the best in the world" (Ilya, for instance). Lasha, Ilya and other greats would win on ANY playing field, PED-enhanced or perfectly clean.

  • Small balls no medals

  • Sports at the highest level are about pushing the limits of what's POSSIBLE for human beings to accomplish, not what is clean. I don't think that takes away from how impressive the achievements of Olympic athletes are.

    • @benadryl cabbagepatch yes that's why I think Clarence is right.

    • It's definitely impressive but we can't have people believing that those athletes are natural

  • 4th time watching this video. Great video Clarence.

  • Also China runs all these international agencies and they will want to keep the boot on everyone else’s neck while they develop their next generation of Frankenstein’s monsters. Hopefully we will have a full squad of dudes in wigs able to compete in the “women’s” bracket at least.

  • +Greg doucette brought me here

  • true.

  • Oral Trenbolone? F*ck!

  • American athletes are "cleaner" in a same way committing war crimes is "spreading democracy".

  • Micro-dosing? Jon Jones picogram?

  • People who have been in the lifting game long enough trying their level best to improve themselves naturally, resisting the urge to take something, only to reach barely decent numbers have all known the fact that top-level athletes are all on gear. At some point, you just give up trying to educate the gullible. Just focus on yourself and have a clear conscience. That's all that matters.

  • We all know you use drugs, and tbh it sucks.

  • Doping and drugs in professional and international competition was the hidden arms race of the cold war that hasn't ramped down and, arguably, ramped up.

  • What a boss you are.

  • You should turn your research skills to examining the brainwashed assumptions you have regarding your vegan diet. It takes a holocaust of animals for vegan meals. Cruelty free is a fallacy. Seriously man. False reality in nutrition world too. Good video mate.

    • @J M I dont deadlift much and dont care. I have researched it a lot and have become better but I'm no pete rubish.

    • My guy I think you need some research into how to deadlift properly. You round your back a LOT.

  • Really good video. As good as this video is, it's just too hard to fight the narrative of 'competition in sports being fair' that has been fed continuously to the public mind such that without seeing firsthand the rampant use of PEDs inside the sports, the layperson would just not be able to come to terms with the reality of (anti-)doping..

  • Great video. Well done. I learned something new and have a more informed opinion.

  • +Clarence0 Hey Man on your old Q&A Vid the part 2 one, you mentioned you do rear delt flys as your accessory. how many reps do you do on em and do you do them with dumbbells bent over sitting or standing?

  • no matter what, athlete's and lifters will find way to dope. it's just wether they are taking safe PEDs or dangerous risky PEDs, personally I'd never take PEDs but I just lift for fun. not olympic level

  • I agree with alot of what's said, I'm fine with people using peds and think only the most dangerous drugs should be banned. The logic overall is a little screwy though. This is like saying more laws facilitate crime, which they do in some cases looking back at the 1920's with American prohibition, but I'm not sure doing the opposite is so useful. What do we do, have no laws and say the lack of power base from the monopolizers will sort itself out? Don't think the experiment's been done.

    • Prohibition does not work because humans are going to use the substances they want to use. Some countries have realized this and decriminalized most drugs, and instead of threatening you with jail time they offer rehabilitation resources to those who want them.

  • This is one of the many reasons I’ve subscribed to this guy for years, between his research, opinions, and lifting he’s amazing

  • BONE CHILLING SENTENCES : "I cringe when people ask why I dont compete" *next stop* _PHILSBUDMUN_

  • Now you got men taking testosterone blockers so they can compete against women as trans "women" brother!

  • “Because sports is like war telling people to stop using drugs is like going into a war zone and telling both sides they can’t use guns” holy shit Clarence is some kind of Irish vegan weightlifting natty philosopher

    • His comparison is shit. Comparing this to video games is much better. Since both are sports, esports still somehow is more mature than actual sports even though its younger. fucking pathetic

    • @Sean Bailey no he literally admitted that he's not natural

    • @Full Send It's a joke to keep people guessing, he can't come out and say he's on the gear as he'd miss sponser opportunities, but he also doesn't want to lie. Read between the lines..he was a pro athlete and he says all pros were on gear....

    • @Sean Bailey it’s a joke. If you look at his last video he says “I’m not natty” as most people already knew. Despite that the average person could take drugs for years and train for years and wouldn’t even come CLOSE to Clarence’s numbers. He’s a different breed of strength and knowledge

    • I don't think Clarence has ever said he's natty.

  • Amazing video

  • We know you're on juice, dude. It's about as obvious as it gets. No need for videos like this.

    • What does that have to do with this? Did you even watch the video or just type out a comment that made you look dumb on purpose?

  • True, its unfair to have testing when it's not 100% foolproof. But why do you take PED when you are not even competing?

    • @J M it's the mentality. Competing or not, there are too many people like clarence who feel that they are less of an athlete without PED. People like him is also part of the problem, not just that we dont have 100% foolproof doping test. Test is the lesser evil, because without it, we are still going to have unfair competition due to some countries having access to more advanced PED than others.

    • @Gila Bola So the answer to the problem is do the bare minimum of testing and eventually you'll catch them all years later? 99.9% of pro athletes at the olympics are on some form of PED. How does someone doing them for their own personal reasons affect the olympics? That makes no sense. The PED stuff is being done on a state level, just look at what happened in Sochi.

    • @J M well if people who doesnt even compete like clarence is using PED, of course PED arent going anywhere soon. It will still be unfair even without test, because some countries have superior PED than others. Keeping the test is the lesser evil, because no matter how advance PED are, sooner or later, they will get caught, even if it happens years later.

    • @Gila Bola PEDs arent going anywhere though. They're here to stay and you just have to find a way to deal with it fairly instead of acting like they dont exist.

    • @J M yes i know, even if theres no doping test, it will still be unfair, because countries with the best PED will still have unfair advantage. PED destroys fair competition with or without doping test and people with similar PED mentality like him is part of the problem for sure.

  • Cheers man, great video!

  • I'm just thinking what are the odds that khabib is on peds he was competing on a very high level with a zero lose record that everyone wanted to beat him for it, he must felt immense amount of pressure to not lose meanwhile living in Dagestan with very high connections and corruption he could easily be on peds if he wanted and non could do shit about it... Money talks

  • @ADAMS lul tard

  • I understand your opinion now, and I completely agree with it

  • Anyone else think russel orhi is actually a lifetime natural?

    • Russel is about as natty as Mike O'Hearn

  • Professional sports are unhealthy even without the drugs. Constantly pushing your body to the absolute limit is not helathy.

  • I endorse PRIDE JAPAN style contracts....no PED testing at all!!

  • its not only ped use that makes it much Harder for athletes from many western countries. in many eastern countries or China for example an atlethe is nothing else beside that. a Russian weightlifter doesn't work a normal job for a living. the government pays him everything, the only thing he does is train and compete. to be an athlete is a honorable thing there. in Europe only high level football players are treated like that because the clubs pay so much. and look where the best players come from/ for which clubs they work.

  • Here before the FBI barges in.

  • PEDs are bullshit

  • When it comes on the thing you said about sports being like war. I think for example weightlifting suits are the guns, since they are allowed. Drugs in another hand are like chemical weapons. Really effective but not allowed.

  • It may be true but, people who don't wish to put stuff in their body, should have a platform to Compete professionally. The main point to professional sports is to see what a natural humanbeing can achieve. If You use bionic arms, that's not normal. Just because some people learn how to drape skin over it or, someone allows certain people To get away with it still doesn't make it right. It's the same thing it's not natural. it's not normal. Other than that, I really like the video Everything he says about the way the system works, is probably true. I just don't agree with giving the whole system over to it, Just because the system is corrupted Nor do I agree with , though I do believe they over demonise it, It being wrong because they say it is wrong. If in the next 100 years everybody thought Hitler was right, (which political is happening with the left, who would condemn him in word but, implement his propaganda policies and Fascist thought control policies,) Hitler would still be wrong. A great percentage of well known scientists believe some odd billion years ago, nothing exploded in created all this complexity, They know that it scientifically impossible, they know that it's very much more likely that there is a creator Yet, it's become very popular to believe that there is no God. its basically the essence of why there is right and wrong. without God there is no right and wrong, this is just another example of how worldviews become popular or unpopular when all the brilliant minds everyone has built their work on formerly were theist because it was the more intellectual conclusion. Anyways, Yes it is against the purpose of the sport because, it's not just about winning, or else we would let dogs compete against humans. Maybe teach a bear how to weightlift We can a win the whole deal. It's not a natural human being competing It's more like having to compete with an engineered mechanism or something that's no longer the way it was created. So yes it is wrong. I'm not sure if there is a fix but, Either way is wrongA corrupted prevention system or boxing out all natural athletes would both be wrong

  • I had no idea that even athletes competing in non-strength sports are doping. What sort of stuff would sprinters be taking, steroids?

  • Awesome video.

  • Do soccer players(”footballers”) dope or not, I heard it is very strict and the punishment is big.

  • At the bare minimum, this gives me something to think about.

  • purely gold, this video, a logical explanation and expose