TOYO TIRES | Ken Block’s Climbkhana: Pikes Peak Featuring the Hoonicorn V2

Publicerades den 25 sep 2017
Toyo Tires presents Ken Block’s Climbkhana: Pikes Peak, the next evolution of Block’s award-winning Gymkhana series. Witness man versus mountain, 14,000ft vs Block's 1,400-horsepower twin-turbo methanol fueled 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2, equipped with Toyo®Proxes® R888R™ tires. In classic Block-fashion, his all-wheel-drive Mustang hangs along the razor edge of the legendary Pikes Peak hill climb.
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TOYO TIRES |Ken Block’s Climbkhana: Pikes Peak
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  • Nice of the cop to check his tires for corona

  • Weak, he had drive assist on

  • anyone here in 2021?

  • The tame outrigger synchronously satisfy because spring jointly tie including a terrific tanker. assorted, unwieldy forehead

  • this is beast😂😂😂😂

  • Over the past 5 years I've been trying to figure out who could possibly drive better then this dude and the answer that i keep coming up with is NOBODY🤷🏽‍♂️🥂

  • It's crazy👍

  • *Yes officer, it's stock*

  • My fav car🤚🏻

  • Like to see him make a legitimate shot at a record run on pikes peak.. In that car.

  • What makes this guy NOT the best driver in the world? I mean, if he wanted to race Formula 1, why would he not be great at it? Or Indy? Or drag racing? Or sprint cars? How many of those guys can do anything close to THIS?

  • Kilosu fazla rüzgar ile mücadele çok az arka ve ön lastik arası hafif pozitiften negatife doğru olabilir ağırlık lastiklere gelebilir mi lastik çok yanmaya ve yumuşak olması kötü

  • wow

  • Le petit clin d'œil à Ari quand il lève le bras ;)

  • камри 3 .5


  • Jesus Christ.

  • Please leasent ICON- UNDER MY GUN so waching this máster of the road 😎✌️

  • Me in forza be like

  • J’adore l’hommage à Ari Vatanen

  • it cool knowing the hoonicorn drifted a mountain i was once on

  • The frightened frightening full fumbling functional consonant reassuringly camp because tornado dfly sneeze among a massive damage. defiant, abiding british

  • The driver is my new role model .Id pay top dollar to drive with him

  • This video is art

  • That’s a brutal car ,I’d love to own one 🔥

  • The true heroes of this world ❤️🔥

  • Mom: I’m about to go hiking with myself *my mom*

  • Psychology session was free and only 9 minutes and 19 seconds longs.

  • Me dad said some guy drifted up the top of some mountain and I believe this is it

  • Really nice run, DAMN, i love this car, such a masterpiece !

  • 5:15 😍

  • รปภBoSyMEsssSssเร็วแรงD1เฟี้ยวจริงการันตีครัฟ

  • Rename the corner from Evo corner to Hoonicorner

  • mmmm the twin turbos

  • For me, it´s all about the look and the performance of that car. F&ck Ferraris and Lambos, this is what I want!


  • Thats cool and ail but I bet a trueno could take it on the downhill

  • I’m disappointed in myself for not having seen kens content before.

  • Cool

  • I want that

  • Also only 4 wheel drive spins like that.... Rear view will just do donuts

  • I drove to the top in October 2020.. Insane!! just in a car!!

  • Yee yee brother 🤘🤘🤘

  • 6:57 Helicopeter spotted

  • 7:33 takumi moment

  • What crap. Complete with checkered flags, because after a million takes they needed a way to finish the joke. Why bother with a start line for that matter!? 1 take, the real deal - see 'Climb Dance' of which this has drawn inspiration...

  • I have only one question. How much did it cost in tires 😂😂😂

  • here again!

  • I wonder if they actually tell the truth to the people who run these locations. “We’re just going to do a leisurely drive up to the peak. Maybe some circles in the parking lot, some views with the helicopter and the car. We’ll even add some working snow machines in to show how hard the locals work! It’ll be great!”

  • All wheel drive mayhem!

  • helall !!!

  • He has no concern for his own safety he's a madman

  • I hoped to see a speed record on pikes peak... But just an other clown event🙄 gymkhana is cool, but c'mon!!! It's Pikes Peak!!!

  • A goddam madman around that turn boi-o

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  • You know what DK stands for?

  • lets just admire the fact that its a stock angle

  • To many takes just by liking at drift marks.

  • fast and furious 7 hit them where they least expect it

  • Ken: blocks the sun and view of the road because it’s too bright The cliff on his left: Am I a joke to you?

    • Unreal like it was nothing

  • Nice tribute to the legend Ari Vatanen @ 4:00

  • What a gorgeous machine.


  • @LOUD

  • I'd ditch the remoulds, traction seems a bit sketchy!!!!!!!

  • King of the mountain .

  • He's a terrible driver, not once did he stay in his own lane

  • That e brake tho

  • "THE CAR" (Devil on wheels)

  • Cranky Brock Camaro sasquatch hunter

  • The car is mine

  • His life is basically, playing a racing game in Hardcore mode, if you crash once your savegame is deleted. For 30 years straight, still on the same savegame. How.

  • Wonder how much he wastes on tires

  • 3:59 reference to Ari Vatanen in a 405 T16 on a slipery dirt road who use like a boss his hands to block the sun.

  • This guy is nuts and got balls of steel, plus it’s done with a FORD , want to see s Chevy do this .

  • Did anyone make a quality map for road in this video for sim games? (Assetto Corsa etc.)

  • Mantap...🖒

  • Some how I've left my wife after watching this 😑

  • I play forza horizon 4 all I do is drift with this car

  • It looks sick

  • I love this car

  • WTF!!!!???? 5:20

  • You couldn't fit anything in or out of my ass while watching this video

  • Omfg took forever

  • Don't go down in gear up it and spin

  • Don't go down in gear up it and spin

  • Flatten it

  • Floor the fuka get there today

  • At 4:00 when the sun hit his eyes and he tried to (ken) block it out with his hand, that shit gave me anxiety haha

  • That manifold temperature was impressive

  • This mustang will be the only drift mustang

  • When I saw the security guy taking the temperature I went to see if this was done in 2020...

  • que guay

  • This guy plays NFS in real life.....

  • Ken Block personaly responsible for better plant growth

  • Walter Röhrl was the greatest ever on pikes peak! he is the holy legend!

  • Nice Tony Hawk's American Wasteland vibes with Rise Above from Black Flag !

  • mint ken

  • thats so cool unbelievable fascinating incredible

  • i am pretty sure he broke the 25 mph speed limit