I Sold Minecraft's BEST Mystery Boxes | E25

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
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  • THIS WAS THE MOST INSANE EPISODE YET! Thank you for watching and don't forget to lick like ty ty

  • Hey how do i join ur server

  • places dispensers unevenly me raging.

  • Long pig Quan luen

  • What game mode is he playing

  • what is the cord

  • "i'm just gonna buy a stack of 64 emeralds here" -loverfella 2021

  • Whate is the servers realm?


  • I can't afford Minecraft, but I still enjoy watching your videos. Thanks, Zack!

  • should have built it out of diamonds lol

  • Imagine needing food and not having life force 3 pssshhhh I haven’t had food in forever

  • Men the timelaps when loverfella place block so satisfying like soooooooo satisfying sound

  • You gotta write no refunds

  • Barriers?

  • Diamonds are forever

  • Spruce is my favorite kind of wood in Minecraft I wish I can be the only one

  • Feel like a royalty spend like a royalty (Prince philip dies)........ No I’m serious

  • I’m the richest person and I love how he says my amount every time a new video comes out

  • Zach the former engineer “one spruce log is 50 so a whole tree “ shows like 300 foot tree” will be like 500 bucks” that means that tree has 10 logs 🤣

  • hmmm ngl horrible mystery boxes...

  • Mr Beast makes a Mystery Box video Zach: I like it

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • 10:52 he goes from 1.252 Million to 250k....

  • Anyone notices how hes like "IM GOING TO MAKE DOUBLE WHAT I JUST SPENT" and he makes like half???

  • instead of a mall

  • maybe you should make a theme park busniess?

  • watch grian tutorials cuz you can put wool blocks under signs instead of not using a carpet at all

  • At 5:07 it looks like hes flying but hes on the back wall

  • He might not be the richest but def most established

  • When he can go on his main account and give money to his alt

  • Nice vid . Does anyone know if this server is compatible on Tlauncher?


  • Stealing videos from MrBeast is dumb

  • Bro the 1000000 is unfair nobody would spend 1000000 for a few daily stuff

  • Nobody: LoverFella: “Glass roof is classy.”

  • Clickbate

  • can i join your server if im on minecraft pe?

  • plz open your server to players playing in craked minecraft like tlancher

  • Put logs instead of planks behind the chests

  • Lover fella more like mrfella

  • 5 daily items is NOT WORTH 1 Million

  • Damit, Too bad he didn’t go back to square one on money

  • lover fella are u sick?

  • 12:57

  • Why is the axe named Zaddy???!!!

  • 7:47 why is your axe named that?

  • Yo just buy crate keys to get more money and price more

  • I wish I could play on the server but I don't have a Minecraft account it would be amazing if I could play I am only able to play Minecraft on ps3 so I've never had the money modz

  • Zach called mutton waggu BEEF🤣🤣🤣

  • sadly, i dont play anymore cuz i keep getting scammed, lots of times

  • No not the art of zen the art of zach

  • I wanna play on your server but no java account 😢

  • thumbnail was copied from mrbeast 500k mystery box vid

  • Its ep 25

  • Keep up the great content!! You always make me laugh Loverfella!

  • I do not think its fair cuz the armor is used and its expencife

  • I played on your server but it deleted my chunks and I no longer claim a base

    • I no longer can claim a base cus I'm out of chunks and can't afford to buy new ones

  • Loverfella : we cant let them see whats out side Also Loverfella : *creates skyline*

  • S1.99

  • 22.99

  • Mr beast video

  • hey can u change the redstone into ancient debris but if that will need lot of money then u can keep the redstone block and that the last ore than diamond

  • Some Mr beast stuff going on here 🤣

  • 1:27 the outside dosent matter lol


  • Easy Way to get money is get EXP 10000 and do / warp runes and buy lucky gem and sell for 40k-50k

  • The foamy geography spectacularly reduce because recorder conceptually shelter absent a obedient expansion. lovely, steep philippines

  • Mrbeast copyier

  • 4:21 if you feel like a royalty you will spend like a royalty

  • Wua happened to ur mall

  • The thing is all of the shops he makes are never seen again and never becomes an "instant money making machine"

  • Nice

  • 12:15

  • I am hereeretetetetetee

  • Bro it’s even got like the same thumbnail ad MrBeast

  • If you make an underwater shop or something like it use Sea pickles.

  • Glow stone is not ugly

  • did loverfella fly 5:09

  • How to be a billionare ? First you need to save a lots of money you will eat cheep helty food, and live in a small house only buy nesesary things ( sorry for bad english, iam from Serbia )

  • Im pretty sure be got this video idea from mrbeast Just look in his channel

  • Mr.beast buys mystery boxes. Why doesn’t it surprise me he uploads this lol

  • Its like mrbeast mystery box

  • As a rich person on the server, I don’t care about the small details Zach worries about, as long as the roof isn’t two blocks high and the whole building isn’t tiny it looks fine to me Idk I might be a bad judge but yea

  • Did you copy MR BEAST?

  • Best minecraft builder in 2021. 1. lover fella 2. Nobody

  • Lover fella I love your videos but it’s grogu!!!!

  • Hmmmmmmmm did you take that idea off me?

  • Built penthouses and rent it

  • Is that real money?

  • you did mrbeast idea

  • I got an idea for a minecraft casino if you wanna know message frits2008

  • thumbnails looks like mrbeast mystery box video

  • You are BIG SEnewssR

  • Glowstone isn't ugly! OVERALL

  • You are in trending number 3 XD

  • Fumber nifteen... kurger bing loot fettuce

  • Even hv 1k ep still the best content

  • Mr.beast of minecraft

  • love your videos but this video is inspired by MrBeast's new video