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In London, the UberEats platform boasts that it is running 24/7 so I decided to embark on a mission to stay online for a continuous full 24 hours and see where I end up, how many deliveries I do, how far I ride and how much money I make.
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Stuff I used in the video*:
GoPro Hero 5: amzn.to/2DkbfNZ
▶ Exposure Race front bike light: amzn.to/37LpFEE
▶ Knog Four Eyes rear bike light: amzn.to/2Dll664
▶ Kryptonite lock: amzn.to/37rt8aH
▶ Ravpower battery bank: amzn.to/2DmokWO
▶ Mechanix gloves: amzn.to/35Fu8ae
▶ Reflective safety tape: amzn.to/2q1B2Ye
▶ Halo Aerotrack wheels: amzn.to/2DkbuIT
▶ Restrap lock holster: amzn.to/34Jerhi
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  • £1,000 in a WEEK challenge doing deliveries with UBER and STUART!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!! ▶ ▶ ▶ senewss.info/slow/dtqqpsqRfcTQmsg/video

  • I've just done a 13.5 hour shift that included 2 x 2hr breaks and made £170. That's why i'm watching this video. OP seems to have a lot more stamina than I do so i'd suggest cherry picking your orders and moving to right locations and you could be making a lot more. Nevertheless the concept was good for the video. Thumbs up

    • @Joseph Kendrick I'll make sure to check it out. Thanks!

    • Very nice stuff man! Today was a great day due to Eid. I definitely could have made more on this challenge but part of it was just accepting everything that came in to see where I’d end up, not necessarily doing things to maximise earnings. Obviously having more than one platform to get deliveries from helps lots too. If you haven’t seen, you should check out my £1,000 week challenge where I am more tactical. Ride safe, brother!

  • Buddy, I don't understand you well, I want to work in the UK as a courier, I have work experience, tell me how I can get a job, am I from Ukraine?

  • 🦊

  • Where u buy ur backpack

  • Uber only works 7am-4am in my city

  • Making more money from this youtube video.

  • Sickness! ✊

  • Jesus it's thanks to cyclist driving recklessly like you that 6 died in a week in central London and now we have all these mini Hollands everywhere -_-

  • Hmmmmm Rachel. Hubba Hubba

  • Have they ever introduced a maximum time on trip for bike delivery in UK?

  • How can you handle riding a bike in that freezing weather!!!!

  • ‘I don’t trust anyone not even myself ‘ Hahaha you made me laugh after that comment 👍🏻👍🏻 stay safe

    • @Joseph Kendrick Thank you brother 🙏🏻

    • I'm glad you enjoyed that moment. Keep on truckin' 🤞

  • Personally I ride around NYC doing this. I can make 70$ USD for a 2 hour shift. So doing an 8 hour shift I can rake in about $600

  • Mate I'm in awe!!! Well done.

  • i made 166$ Cad in 6 hours and 38 mins , here in Toronto, but the tips where coming in nice.

  • Hey man what bag do you use? I also do uber bike in nz

  • There was , if I remember correctly, a sequence where you talked about your bag compared to regular food delivery bagsamirite? Would you tell an ambitious courier what kind of bag you are using? And what kind of backlight if your at it? I furiously hate drinks aswell. Cheers from Germany

    • C’mon Joseph! I’m spilling drinks for days now

  • Did you unseal the pack with the drink?what?

  • 9:20 When your helium dealer gives you mediocre helium

  • Please make more of these, or I'll be forced to do the challenge myself ahaha

  • What is the app to track where you go?

  • Man I wish where I lived was this flat

  • @pewdiepie Is That You ?

  • What bag do u use

  • Great video.You have "some" endurance. God bless

  • I need to know what bag you use, looks so good!

  • Ok so I also tried delivering for 24h nonstop and it was a big fail 😂 I uploaded it to my channel so you can check it out if you want to.

  • I make 220 in 6 hours

  • Can somebody tell me what the zigzag lines are in the street we don't have them in America

    • I believe it means no overtaking due to poor visibility / upcoming obstacle, such as a pedestrian crossing

  • Get 10 pounds off at uber eats when checking out with the promocode "eats-kenh8i" (15 pounds min spend) thank me later

  • Hey what bag you use mate?

  • I can understand cancelling soup and large drinks orders due to potential spills but I don’t understand for the life why you don’t accept pizza ????

  • Well done mate!

  • Uber Eats Giveaway! redeemcodegenerator.com/uber-eats/

  • what’s the bag u got?

  • Wow, nice! Here in Brazil is shit.

  • london is a complete fucking shithile

  • Hi can we request for video ? Wanted to find out what your bike set up is for delivery thanks

  • You guys don't get it, it's not the Uber eats that gonna make him the big bucks, it's you watching his videos I can only do few hours on the bike and think this is crazy, my legs are busting open. And I just made around 4 pounds for 2.1 miles took around 40ish minutes. Not saying it's not possible, just hard work. I get real hungry biking all day. Make sure you eat ! Otherwise your gonna lose alot of weight!.

  • He could off started a new account

  • Wholesome content

  • You mad lad all for the starva gains

  • Why no pizzas? I quite like delivering a pizza so long as it isn't massive

  • Oh my god!!!! This looks so perilous and for such little reward

  • How does it work? When someone places an order, lets say for Mcdonalds, so Mcdonald will get a notification too and they will start preparing? The driver just has to go and pick it up?

  • I do 3 hours on my bike/walking and I’m beat.. 24 hours?!??

  • Wait u said 135km deep.. damn

  • can you show the interactions with your drop off with customer please Joseph when handing the order over. btw love the vids, keep it going :)

  • In several of your videos you say you don't like carrying pizzas. Always wondered why? I'd much rather pizzas than McDonald's. Epic content my dude

    • Just annoying to keep flat. McDonald's sucks because of the drinks too though. Both suck.

  • What is your bike

  • He dont need to uber eats anymore He already made 1000£ above from this video😅👍

  • Macdonald’s coffee ☕️ With two espresso’s is life I Made sure I had one the other day I did a 24 hour challenges from Chicago I couldn’t get out of bed the next day My goal was to make $100 a day and I guess $95 is good enough On DoorDash 👌👍✌️💯

  • Great video! I appreciate you guys & girls thank you.

  • I’ve made £1000 in 10mins in forex trading.

    • @COSTCOFUEL all gamblers tell themselves the same thing.

    • snarkyboojum lol not really made much more

    • And then lost it later

  • When rent is due and you're short of 200 quid.

  • What’s the light?

    • @Jono Cary The light is pretty pricey but have now been using it for over two years and would never go back to a blinker. Enough battery to last up to 36 hours on low mode (constant) and can make it brighter for darker, technical forest riding. I think I have an Amazon affiliate link in the video description hehe

    • Oh god, so expensive. Worth it?

    • Joseph Kendrick amazing! Cheers. Need to up my lights game.

    • Exposure Race mk12

  • Dude I me and my dad make 260 bucks in 6h on uber eats

  • I’m watching this video in lockdown to see what interacting with humans was like

  • Hi, you made my husband's salary in a day. That's awesome. (Ironically) I'm Brazilian. It sucks very hard.

  • Where you're from y'all drive on the left side of the road!? That must be weird for those who notmally drive on the right side of the road then have to change to the left side lol

  • If I did that in my town nobody would get any of their orders LOL

  • what Bag do you use for the food trips its my time on the road tonight any tips im on a bicycle and got the uber eats backpack

  • Weird question what’s the bar width

  • Hey man, what type of bike is it?

  • Holy crap London looking like Detroit. No offense lol

  • next time ubercociane

  • 4 hours is enough for me at the 4 hour mark I start to lose concentration and I get fatigued, but 24 hours I cannot get my head around it... well done 👍

  • Why are you not willing to deliver pizza's, im just curious :)

  • Its shiy

  • Can i get help for anyone who had experience with uber eats i know... I upload my document but i dont know if i need insurance for bicycle delivery and do i need criminal record check?

  • Brother from one Uber eat driver to another. One of the best options for when the customer calls or messages you and says new address. Make sure with them(UberEats) that it's in radius of the delivery. An then see if there is any difference in fare fee. I have done this before and can make and extra 5 dollars for it.

  • Please don’t do this again, riding in London is super dangerous anyway, but doing it for 24 hours is just reckless. The money isn’t worth risking your life!

  • Hi dude, what's your bike setup? Frame, forks, rims etc

  • when ur mom says one more video

  • Dude, if doordash is available over there, do try that! In my opinion it’s way better than Ubereats because not only does it tell you how much you’ll earn, it’ll say exactly how many miles/km you’d drive. If the pay isn’t worth it to you, you could just wait for the next delivery. Super awesome e app

  • Download UberEats and get £15 off your first order using this code!: eats-epmlk3 t.co/10yBBeQWYr Enjoy💞

  • Nice video #ITechsavvy#cheapandbeststudiolightsetup

  • #slavery

  • What happened to the £1000 challenge?

  • uber gives your 200 pounds and youtube gives you 5,000 pounds for the views hahaa

  • dont your hands are getting cold mann ? even mines are got cold instead of yours xaxaxax

  • what dose the 78.71 mean on the phone

  • God bless you man good job. Uber eats better to pay him $10k. Keep going man✌️

  • AWSOME video

  • USEN MIS CÓDIGOS Y LES HARÁN DESCUENTO!🖤💵🤗🍔🍟🍕🌮🍏 PARA UBER EATS!! eats-pzzn6xkbue PARA RAPPI!! ioj28188060

  • I did this in Chicago last summer & made about $240

  • Why dont you want deliver pizza's haha

  • you looks like pewdiepie

  • London streets are mental

  • That’s not 24h it’s 2 days don’t lie

  • RIP uber eats in India

  • Whew keep up the great work, amazing. Me, I'm more of a guy who'd do spreadsheets or programming for 24 hours, I can't imagine actually driving and making deliveries for 24 hours. Amazing!

  • The fear in that guys eyes, he’s obviously seen how “Uber eats” cyclists mow people down

  • I'm going to do a 24 hour in Toronto,Canada. let you know the results. 550.00 $CDN is my guess..estimating from previous 6 to 8 hour shifts.

  • what bike is used in this video?

  • They only allow you to do 12 hour shifts maximum you scam

  • WHY is there so many sirens in London... lol

  • What’s the reason for no pizzas?

  • Want free UberEats? Use my modified/hacked code £50 credit Enjoy (: