Huge Mistake with Perks in Warzone | Stop Using Perks that Don't Actually Help

Publicerades den 3 maj 2021
Explain how the perks work and the common mistakes when creating your loadout in Warzone.
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0:00 Intro
0:33 Perk 1
2:56 Perk 2
6:54 Perk 3
9:05 WZRANKED Perk by KDs
14:18 Outro
Huge Mistake with Perks in Warzone | Stop Using Perks that Don't Actually Help
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  • 0:00 Intro 0:33 Perk 1 2:56 Perk 2 6:54 Perk 3 9:05 WZRANKED Perk by KDs 14:18 Outro

    • You forgot that amped also uses equipment faster as well as faster weapon swap another reason it's top perk

    • pro tip : you can watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies recently.

    • Congratulations for the 1M sub 👍💐🎊🎉🎉🎉🎊💐🎓

    • pointman perk is good for battle royal . this perk not only give you more money also make contract +1 upgrade . you just need to get it one in the match next loadout if you change your loadout and perks the effect still be on you

    • @Brayden O’Connor doesnt work in wz

  • make me...

  • Pc hacker,aim assist controller , aim bot pc lag hacks invincible hacks flying hacks load out hacks invisible hacks stim hacks truck hacks wall hacks crate hacks you pc hackers have all the perks.

  • I really wish the devs would take a hard look at perks and rework them.

  • 3 UAV is a advanced UAV what u on bout 😂

    • @JGOD I remember but I’m on bout now, so u saying if I get ghost there’s no way to detect me ?

    • @Ali Hashemi You know they had an actual advanced UAV all the way up until the start of season 3

    • @JGOD so there is no such ting as advanced UAV in Warzone then

    • imagine actually believing that hahahaha

  • one of my friends thought perks were attached to the guns, like you pick up your kilo and get those perks from your kilo class haha

  • Oooo that was so helpful! 🔥🥳

  • Double Time is a must for me, i like to have a speedy-ish play style. High Alert I'm not really used to and it actually screws up my line of sight because the orange is that appears on the screen bothers my eyes and everytime i use High Alert, it gets me killed. Ghost i prefer just to stay off the radar and anyone's Heartbeat.

  • Pointman is great in plunder if you have a full squad going for money and contracts. Great for getting attachments for now weapons .. supply runs and recons.

  • Spotter has never worked for me.

  • 4k for the million lets gooo❤❤

  • man my life's been a lie. Swapping shrapnel now.

  • When’s the best time to rock EOD?

    • How should I play if I run EOD.

  • Everytime Jgod tells me to like the video I like the video lol I think I would forget to if he didn't. Every time I'm thinking, oh ya! Lol love the videos. You're the man!

  • High alert is used by streamers who get stream sniped on the regular. I'd say they have high K/D despite having high alert, not because of it.

  • probably should honestly make cold blooded counter heart beat sensors it would change up the potential perks you would pick. might be nice to see some changes in perk meta. Also right now most of the time if your not running ghost on your second loadout your just doing it wrong. Unless your team is ready to commit to at least you not running ghost.

  • Maybe PhD doesn't exists for games. But they should invent one and give it to you, because level of your knowledge is on Prof. level!!!! I love everything you post.

  • Can we get this guy to 1million subs before the end of May. Most deserved on the tube in my eyes. My warzone gameplay would still be doo doo if it wasn't for my man JGOD. Keep up the great work and content J. 💯💯💯💯💯❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👊👊👊🤛🤛🤛

  • So I learned yet one more thing that I'm below average at..... 0.79 k/d squad

  • I have only two words for that restock perk: Stun grenade. End of discussion. _Comment sponsored by Roze_

  • I have a friend who always talks about using cold blooded to stay off beat and im like bro... READ

  • If more people are gonna be using high alert then im def sticking to my cold blooded lol

  • Only reason why I use Cold Blooded is ‘cause I’m a Plunder player and I don’t wanna get attacked by attack choppers. Plus, if I have a bounty on me I’d just head to an area with an attack chopper and see them burn.

  • You don't need ghost or a silencer either for the competitive meta.

  • they should add a ranked mode to warzone sort of like in apex

  • They’re under the... you know.. they’re old school.. I started laughing.. 6:13 they don’t know how to read or some.. I don’t know .. you know .. + Little smile face .... I laughed so hard 😂😂

  • Point man is 100% useful in under only. The extra cash stacks especially when you have a full team running it. Fast way to reach a mil easy

  • I don't dare to challenge Jgod, but there is one very important piece of information missing in this video! Amped doesn't only speed up weapon switch, it also speeds up equipment use. different numbers depending on the equipment but I think semtex dispatch is like 30% faster with amped. ( source: recalling from a TKO video )

    • True.

  • I run with TRACKER, so I can see where tf that guy went. Works perfekt for me when I play Rebirth.

  • Fellas, if I have a gas mask, and someone throws a gas grenade at me, will that trigger the gas mask animation?

  • High alert has saved me so many times

  • I mostly do solos and run EOD, Ghost, Amped. It's a pretty good counter to some fool sitting in an attic holding their Ipad out with a Mack 10 and surrounded by Claymores

  • What is the website link for the guns thing???

  • Aint play COD since BO1 I jus assumed the perks wit the same name worked the same 🤦‍♂️

  • You DO need Amped when using the Snakeshot 357 with akimbo. With akimbo, the 357 slows down on the draw and only Amped removes that speed draw penalty. This is in spite of what the perk description says.

  • High Alert has saved me a few times.. only if I was already by cover. Helps if someone is camping and if you can turn on someone quick.

  • JGOD, can you pelase explain what is Switch Weapon Minimum Delay? I know it sounds dumb what I'm asking but does it make any difference inside Warzone? I have it on 0 :)) I literally don't feel and see any difference between settings...for example I change my weapons, in Warzone, using only one key, and that's Q. I press Q I have my primary, I press Q again I have my secondary. I don't use the scroll well for that.

  • Does shrapnel work on gun with explosive round, dragon breath and other lethal?

  • Scavenger should make the enemy drop a munitions box to make it liable

  • He realy does pull up stats of everything

  • Even though it doesnt say it quick fix instantly regens your health just by downing someone you dont have to thirst to get the regen

  • Is it possible to have multiple perks without finding that specialist badge that contains all of them

  • this helps me a lot with my 2nd br solo win...hehehe

  • Dumb question but would Battle Hardened help with circle gas? It just says gas effect but gas Granada and circle gas is the same effect. Just wondering lol

  • EOD, restock, battle hardened is my go to

  • Lmao “what are you gonna do just shoot off random clusters?” 😂

  • Extremely Helpful as always! Unfortunately I was one of the Noobs that was getting “Dumpstered” and one that “They have NO Clue” (cold blooded). Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Quick fix is good if u are ranking up guns playing Kingslayer. Helps out with the one plate situation.

  • Amped also increases you tactical and lethal throwing speed

  • I run scavenger in my solo loadout because I’m using an ar and lmg

  • Great video as always

  • I play ps4 with controller and I find that the aim assist for console is like trying to touch two negative ends of a battery together. The AA doesn't EVER snap on to anyone. Period. The only positive for it is tracking a skydiver. I think aim assist on console works best if a player has their horizontal and vertical sensitivity on 18 so the cross hairs slow down right before touching the enemy.

  • 10:35 what is the median KD tho, any info?

  • He thinks he knows everything

  • Most of his videos r lies

  • Thanks Jgod. I was still using shrapnel because I thought if you did not use shrapnel you could only carry one lethal explosive.

  • Double ghost amped neva change

  • Aim bot is the best perk in the game!!

  • This man really hates cold blooded lmaooo

  • Jurassic perk?

  • Should have split your analysis between Plunder and BR. Skews the results heavily. For example Cold Blooded is great in Plunder but not NB in BR

    • Stats are only BR though

  • I don't run high alert because of two things: So many people run cold-blooded anyway, and it takes up the most valuable perk slot in the game.

  • The crew I play with think Ghost works in Warzone. Smh

  • I think spotter is the best yellow perk cuz I can stop stupid campers with their mines

  • Perks desperately need a re-work. There's almost zero benefit to half of the perks available and it would mix up the game nicely if they were to give some actually good benefits to some of the other perks.

  • He’s sleeping on battle harden ,against a stun it’s last for 2.4 seconds and without its 6 seconds . I think y’all should run battle harden for all the nerds that run flashes or stuns

  • cold blooded kd 0.79 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2:25 me still using cold blooded because i am lazy but sit on a 1.55 kda :D

  • Tracker is very useful

  • Man jgod is to dang good

  • They don't know how to read 😂😂😂 facts

  • The dislikes are from the people that use spotter

  • High alert in the last circle has been almost like an UAV to me

  • Played Plunder got Ghost in my perks and this one player could still see me in his heart beat sensor when the highlight replayed. Is it a bug ..anyone got the same problem?

  • JGOD underestimating that quick fix 😌 It’s gonna be the new meta perk soon everyone is gonna be rocking it

  • Quick fix is so underrated I'm surprised you didn't go in depth about it

  • i was going to gave you a like a sub but you are playing on GAYstation

    • you are an idiot, you can literally see that its PC hahahahaha

  • question: if I have an RPG equipped with a scavenger, would I find launcher rounds on dead bodies??

  • We need a perk TLC where they either remove pointless perks like scavenger. Or fix perks up so it's more of a meta mix up. Like the hacker perk can be incredibly useful but overall not very good.

  • Glad you covered this. Honestly for me perk 1 is eod or maybe double time nothing else. Perk 2 overkill or ghost unless I got a shield then restock. Perk 3 amped no doubt in my mind that's a given.

  • Slide cancel just needs to be removed. Its absolutely clown status

  • Hi dude Great video I’m new ish to the cod game and I’d like to know a few things When I watch people videos like yours etc and you get loadout and I can see loads of options for tidy weapons Yet mine is basic weapons I got told to buy a battle pass What is this? Does it give me access to majority of guns? Do I need to download each weapon or will it all be there in my weapons load out Cheers dude

  • I been running cold blooded because i thought you showed up on radar when you shot your gun even if you had ghost..

  • Long lost daddy

  • 962,000 That was fast bro. Insane.

  • I find overkill useless unless maybe plunder or if you have no good guns once you got your loadout

  • I used cold blooded for the longest, he called me bad 🥲, im not tho, I use quick fix now

  • Double time because those handful of games I've died from gas first ring because fighting for 5 minutes with teams, not focused on gas and running for 648 meters, got ptsd so I won't land outside 100meters from gas

  • hope they remove ghost. is just unfair , and boring to play with that perk. after 2 mins ppl alredy with ghost. is the ultimate perk for campers. really boring.

  • I prefer quick fix for perk 1 because I mainly play rebirth and my trio/quad tends to separate often

  • they need to take ghost out

  • I still got the thermal hdr blues from way back when thermals were broken and widely used

  • High alert all the time because I'm paranoid 😁 it saves my life a lot

  • Yes, tell the people to drop cold blooded. My FAL with Thermal Hybrid loves this :)

  • Does Cold Blooded counter Tracker tho? Nobody seems to be able to tell me. That MIGHT make it worth.

  • I was the God using shrapnel and cold blooded until last week lmfao

  • i use tracker is that good?

  • Love JGod but I think he's wrong about EOD being the only Perk 1 that helps you. You will cover a lot more ground with double time because you are not spending as much time slide canceling. Yes you don't need it to have unlimited tac sprint via slide cancel, but you won't be slide canceling as much. And quick fix has saved my life multiple times when someone thinks I'm "one shot" and my health has regenerated for their teammate just trying to finish me off.

  • One of the things everyone neglects to mention regarding Double Time is the increased movement speed while crouching - it's a huge deal in Solos (and to a lesser extent Duos)

  • I run high alert and when you get so used to looking at the highlight or taking cover from the highlight direction, you are like a lost sheep to a cold blooded player if they catch you right, definetly a curse and a blessing. Cold blooded is a must for plunder or at least at overtime switch if you respawn, the attack helicopters show no mercy!