How to Beat the NAZI ZOMBIES in "DEAD SNOW" (2009)

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
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If you vacationed in a snowy mountain cabin and Nazi Zombies tried to kill you, what would you do?
In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the Norwegian Students, see if we can make better decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the Nazi Zombies in, Dead Snow.
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    • Another soul dronwed in money for advertising this shit

    • just a quick question are you guys ralated to cinema summary cause ive noticed a lot of simmilarities

    • There is dead snow 2 with the ending

    • raid is disgusting

    • could you make a clan?

  • can u make how to beat (THE CABIN IN THE WOODS)

  • First five minutes: The blond girl who ran back inside instead of looking for the wierd man is so far my favorite. 10 minutes in: the old dude with a brightly lit tent is dumb. I had faith, but I do no longer. Also stop looking for your girlfriend other dude!!! Your dumb!!!! 13 minutes in: serious Chris? Seriously??? 14 minutes in: the girl who cut the other girls hair out of instinct, thank goodness. 17 minutes in: I've given up on judging the students. I hope the zombies win.

  • Super video! I applauded for 3 USD 👏👏

  • When the one guy used the hammer and sickle to make the Soviet symbol and the Nazi yelled at him, I almost died laughing.

  • I can do better. Just stay home.

  • You have to do the Dead snow 2

  • Yah I'm trained so I'm fine and I watch the walking dead

  • If you never heard of a Nazi vampire then that’s what the movie blood vessel is for

  • just imagine the nazi zombies seeing the norweigan military roll up in tanks and hummers with each carrying a firearm with the comander saying oh fuck before they are all mowed down

  • At 1:58

  • How have you not made “how to beat the void”. The Void was awesome. Maybe you’ve checked it out already and not thought so?

  • Who wants to play some cod zombies

  • Those boys pop up out of nowhere and I'm immediately turning full Nazi to throw them off, after Nazi boys have let their guard down I find big gun and scream "HAVE FUN WITH YOUR TINY MOUSTACHED LEADER IN HELL" and just BRAP BRAP BRAP them all when their backs are turned. EASY

  • This is easy, have blonde hair, blue eyes and be white. Easy dub.

  • Ill just whip and nae nae out of it

  • Did he saw cabin in the wood like that on purpose

  • im geting cod vibs

  • Pffffft... you idiots should’ve just said NUKE IT and both the US AND Russia would gladly help save the world

  • Hi

  • Dude in the end the man just went to the dUde ur friends is ded cause of zombies. If i was the him tho i want to alteast kill the leader to avenge my friends an dif ONE of them is my bff.. Imma fight until death imma make sure to kill of them. And im also comming with my bff. Buh bye world(○゚ε゚○)

  • Its easy just ger a raygun then you're good

  • Damn just exfil

  • I rather listen to nerd explains

  • Easy question just do a nazi salute, they’ll think your a Nazi aswell and will let you go

  • Everyone's talking bout CoD But as a PVZ fan

  • As a german hearing you spelling "Einsatzkommandos" is what I love about your videos 😁

  • 15:40-15:47 HOL UP

  • Part 2

  • It’s pretty easy to beat this, just be a introvert

  • Call of duty zombies players: *Now this looks like a time for me*

  • 2:00 Is when the Sponser for RAID ends.

  • i have a suggestion. you should do how to beat 13 ghosts! kinda wanna see how you would beat all of em!

  • Just speak German and say "We are Nazis too you see, we shall defeat the allies together"

  • I’d just pack-a-punch my StG44.

  • 15:40 wait what

  • You should do a video on Dead Rising Watchtower to see what they could have done better

  • tbh this movie feels like a comedy for some reason

  • 21:14 yo its my man demolition ranch

  • “For some reason he thinks this is a movie” lol

  • Bruh imagine not getting perks and having wonder weapons

  • “For some reason he thinks this is a movie” *HMMMMMMM*

  • Boku wa doctor tony tony chopper

  • Can you do a how do beat video on Ready or not?

  • Do a vid on scooby doo live action and Scooby doo monsters unleashed

  • run home or dont go

  • run

  • I'd just join them innit

  • The nazis die from the guns and knifes

  • Just full blast Soviet anthem em. They'll get traumatized and kill themselves.

  • They should put this nazi zombie kills in call of duty

  • first LOVE your voice and your comedy Second lmfaooo BAZI ZOMBIES WTH

  • Nerd Explains has become so sassy lately I love it

  • I can do better than you . Pretend to be a nazi

  • Nerd Explains sucks i would get drunk and die.

  • '' Luckly i brought my grandpa's Nazi Uniform, now i can join them.''

  • Ok, so the man in the tent. First off why would he leave the cabin, and you say that he has a bad weapon, well thats the best gun you can have as a civilian in Norway.

  • When you watched this movie when you was 9, you are norwegian and you hope when they say Øxfjord they are saying Oxford

  • Do you know this works or you could just pull out a Ray gun


  • Listen all u need to survive is to make this a pay to win mobile game

  • This movie was my childhood, to be a kid again 🙏🏻

  • One answer kill them all and scout out for weapons and food. But mostly kill em all

  • 1 knock zombie down 2 squish it's head

  • easy i'd show them my ohma's number id they get it and i could leave easy

  • nerd explains is stupid. just go to space. problem solved.

    • How to Beat the LACK OF OXYGEN in "Space" (9999)

  • People who’ve played cod >:)

  • Lol im Norwegian

  • If you were being hunted by nazi zombies?Me:probably get eaten.

  • there's a second part to this film btw, dead snow 2

  • tell me this, WHY is it that every time that a youtuber has a sponser it's all way's RAID SHADOW LEGEMDS! I just hate that every time I click on a youtube video they say "before we start, I would like to thank our sponser RAID SHADOW LEGEMDS" It just get's annoying you know

  • I am surprised that this video is still up.

  • just like the simalations

  • i saw this movie on youtube and i was trying to remember the name of this movie for months... thank you

  • Me who played zombies half of my life: aight first we gotta get the ray gun then find that pac a punch then find the music Easter egg

  • Not gamers when zombies they panic but gamers grab their mini guns and snipers rifle and a assault rifle and juggernaut armor and rpg and gernade launcher

  • The thumbnail literally looked like T. E. D. D from CoD lol

  • I think I need help... I keep on smiling when the people die... Um yeah I need to go to therapy.

  • me that sucks at cod: (chuckles) im in danger

  • *Vanguar was a legendary legend*

  • How to beat us please please

  • norge norge norway

  • 1-get russia soilders

  • 25:53

  • Don't talk bad about bolt action rifle oh je died never mind talk as much as you want

  • 11:45 this is why toilet stalls shouldn't have such large gaps

  • The zombies just wanted their stuff back and kind of wholesome because they were just misunderstood

    • Would have been really a cool and amazing if he could have traded all of their stuff for some of the helmets and military items

  • This could be entirely stupid but if took of a layer of his coat could it slow down his heart rate so he wouldn't lose as much blood

  • Cash

  • Why didn't they go to Sweden because the nazi's never fought in Sweden

  • Think you can do better than me please comment how: Me: just don’t go to some random ass area

  • You shoud do beating Kalvin in life(on Netflix)


  • 23:53 the hammer and sickle scene had me weak 🤣🤣

  • Actually we can tell how many zombies are there because literally the rank colonel could give us a rough estimate of 2-5k of zombies even though it doesn't help at least u know how much zombie u r gonna get fuck by

  • My time has come

  • How to beat DEAD SNOW Me:bring rifles shotguns bazooka flamethrower artilleries tracking device Bring the entire soldiers

  • Where the mystery box, pack a punch and perks.....get my jug and speed cola and ray gun we set

  • okay but did he say "laboratory" and not "lavatory" xD

  • Cinema summary wannabe