Leading an army to VICTORY with SwaggerSouls

Publicerades den 2 maj 2021
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  • Play Enlisted for FREE on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS®5: enlisted.link/smii7yplaysenlisted Follow the link to download the game and get your exclusive bonus now. See you in battle!

    • @mpk 666 ah, perhaps i wont download it then, thanks for the warning

    • @Twan Chee The grind is horrid and pay to progress

    • more please

    • Hey love the reference to Jojo rabbit

    • Call of duty world at war vibes

  • There is something in that thumbnail Something I guarantee some artist will pick up on I, however, am not an artist. I'm a pedantic idiot on the internet

  • smii7ys mating call is a car horn XD

  • Definitely play it again that shit was hilarious

  • even the ad before was enlisted

  • who else wants more enlisted gameplay

  • Smitty. Swagger. A deadly funny combo. Please do more videos together.

  • I like your strongpoint🤫

  • I recognized the thumbnail from Jojo Rabbit

  • Was that thumbnail a Jojo reference?

  • Did anyone notice the Jojo rabbit thumbnial....... Btw you should watch the film its regály good


  • This game is so fun! Been playing it for a while, and it's one of my favorite fps games

  • Sponsored and with ads💀

  • I like the Jojo Rabbit thumbnail reference.

  • I love this game need friends to play with

  • You have to love that jojo rabbit thumbnail

  • I need smitty to come back to battlefield once 6 comes out

  • The goddamn it at 2:28

  • the thumbnail is a refrence from jojo rabit, +rep

  • I got an air force ad during this video

  • 12:55 SMII7Y Got em Auto Aim function

  • How'd you get Alan Alda to game with you?

  • i got an ad for enlisted during this video

  • Is...is this made by Gaijin? The ones who made War Thunder? Why does everything look like War Thunder's interface?

  • 10:56 Actually, the people I think Smii7Y and Swagger were playing as the Americans and this game is based on WW1. Initially, at the start of the war, mostly all the American soldiers believed that going to war was a great thing, being rewarded with fame and fortune, and given medals, but they faced the harsh reality through trench warfare, gas, etc. So I think the soldiers yelling were either excited to pop off in the war, or doing their war face. Maybe I'm reading to far into this.

  • Yo I love the jojo rabbit reference

  • I like the Joe Joe rabbit reference as your thumbnail

  • That intro was great :D

  • 5:26 melts teenagers in a car....6 seconds later after killing their friends......"Wanna take their car?" spectacular!!!

  • This feels like battle field1 with titan fall bots

  • 11:00 London streets

  • I love the Jojo rabbit reference in the thumbnail

  • 10:36 I knew Canadians were sus...

  • Man i just hope the potato i have for a computer can run this game

  • Thanks to you, now I'm addicted to this game

  • i have a grenade launcher *holding PIAT* yes... grenade launcher

  • Did anyone else notice that the thumbnail is a reference to Jojo Rabbit. I only just noticed that now because I’m watching the movie for a school assignment.

  • It’s games like this that make me wonder how anyone actually survived ww2

  • Damn. I get the next Gen consoles are out, that's great. But, why didn't they make this for the last Gen, considering the fact that it's virtually impossible to get one.

  • I love swagger i have an granade launcher well im a bit nerdy but that is an PIAT

  • i got two enlisted ads in this video lol

  • Love the Jojo rabbit thumbnail lmao

  • 2:15 ayo🤨

  • When Swagger throws the game for content: Haters: 13:12

  • Is it just me or does this game look exactly like cuisine royale

  • shponchoret fideo, veri nais smitters


  • I play enlisted and every time I’m attacking on D-day I just leave because I hate the MG42

  • Honestly I would imagine the clips to be on smii7y divide

  • me sending bright eyed young men to their deaths so I can laugh at funny physics engine

  • is it free on ps4 ?

  • Swagger sounds like alan alder

  • Swagger: I'm provididng..... SEnewss popup add: Bitcoin invest, sell, and trade today!

  • bruh i got an enlisted ad on this video

  • 13:27 Yeah?

  • Enlisted is genuinely the only game I play that has been sponsoring people left and right.

  • they need to do a lite version for low processor pc's

  • hey smii7y there was teardown update

  • Is that thumbnail a Jojo rabbit reference

  • Damn, the new Warzone update looks awesome.

  • I love the dynamic of swags and smitty

  • Thumbnail: smii7y being heroic while swagger is just playing inspirational music

  • Swager sounds like juggler when he laughs

  • why does yogurt night have to be so dificult

  • This looks like such a good game, but I don't have the new consoles. I have the original Xbox One.

  • Wait is this b the same people as Cursed/Gourmet Royale or whatever it was?

  • 8:46 Mickey noise?

  • Is that a JoJo Rabbit reference in the thumbnail?

  • This is G O L D E N C O N T E N T!!!

  • But does it have building physics? Where if exploded it gets destroyed?

  • Man that is fantastic I knew this would be a ad, Swagger wouldn’t play a game like this

  • Does US Army OR nation army react Enlisted gameplay? Because i do not know more about them.

  • I knew this game looked somewhat familiar, it's by the same devs who made Cuisine Royale.

  • Smii7y playing with SwaggerSouls? Truly, a combination of the ages!

  • I love the JoJo Rabbit reference for the thumbnail

  • Nice.

  • Like how he’s a German with a BAR

  • This SEEMED like a neat game until I saw how it's "Massive Multiplayer" It's just a 12v12 CoD game with 3 retarded bots per player added in. So a bloated skill-less grindy FPS that only exists to suck microtransactions out of idiots who don't know better games. Play Insurgency: Sandstorm or Squad for fuck sake. This game is just mowing down NPCs and pretending you are good at shooters.

  • Was this made by the people who made cuisine royale?

  • imagine smii7y and matt playing this

  • Does anyone else see the crusader helmet in anything and instantly think : swagger souls or just me

  • I’m pretty sure this is a reeskin of battle feild

  • SMii7Y i love your jojo rabbit reference it a gold scene

  • The Ai: 🧍🏼imma dip

  • Did you say free to play no I don’t think so no lemme check steam.. the fuck why is a game this good free

  • “109... your a great nazi” - Swaggersouls

  • Smii7y always has the best thumbnail references

  • Came for the jojo rabbit

  • Good thumbnail, I can appreciate that kind of Jojo reference

  • wtf happened to swagger's voice? did he have a fuckin stroke recently? o.O

  • This game is awesome 😍

  • Jojo rabbit was a good movie :)

  • Is this made by the same people that made Cuisine Royale?

  • Bruh we need more of this like my comment or comment the same thing as me

  • Enlisted has false gun physics when you fire a gun a casing comes out and when your out of bullets the slide locks back as if it were mid shot and if you still have adleast 1 bullet in the gun its the round in the chamber and you dont have to cock the slide back standart M1911 magazine has 8 bullets if you spend 7 and reload you would have 9 cause when you take out the mag the bullet in the chamber (in the slide) stays new mag with 8 bullets goes in but uf you cock the slide back that bullet comes out loads a new one in and you waste that bullet now you only have 7+1

  • I have an Xbox one S but it still says I can't play it

  • 4:20 it also seems the text that was meant to read ‘off’ was also caught off guard by SMii7Y’s tactics

  • Oh the dark jokes if fitz was also there

  • Am I The Only One Who Realized The Thumbnail Is From Jojo Rabbit ?