Tim Cook explains decision to remove Parler from app store

Publicerades den 17 jan 2021
Apple launched a $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative. Apple CEO Tim Cook says he hopes the initiative will ‘make a big difference’ in people’s lives. He also defends Apple’s suspension of Parler from its app store, saying the app could be reinstated ‘if they get their moderation together.’
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  • please do the right thing, Tim. if you really think the right thing, please remain the freedom of speech and don't censor in the name of political correctness.

  • Who remembers using doves to communicate???

  • Historically the only people who censor others are dictators, despots & evil men. TWITTER is full of hate & violence & no one has taken their app down. Video Games are full of violence , where is the outrage?

  • I thought rules and regulations were on the government...

  • 1:20 "For us, we're always trying to do the right thing" How about right to repair? Fair wages for your sweatshop workers? Not charging extra money for essential features? Nah, didn't think so.

  • The man who uses actual slave labor to build his products wants to impress with his virtue-signaling

  • Never forget America how fox threw President Trump under the bus while cavuto and wallace were serving biden's lustful needs.

  • Fascist.

  • Disgusting PRC tactics

  • Chris Wallace is part of violence itself by dividing left and right....

  • Chris wallace is a scuzball

  • I was wondering why so many dislikes until I saw the name Chris Wallace. Lmao

  • Chris Wallace has the most annoying voice. Not sure how he has a career in broadcast journalism.

  • Does anyone really care what this "man" has to say? Slightly over rated everything. I guess that is APple.

    • Overrated and overpriced Chinese crap.

  • You loss a customer with This BS. I think you are discriminating against whites. BLM been burning count-houses police stations for months and they are still there

  • Lies and general douchbagery

  • What is’Twitter’ in Britain we call this a ‘idiot’ , wait , you say it is an app , never heard of it , never needed it . Yay Alternative Tech and softwares ! 🧐🇬🇧🤔🤓

  • The irony never ends. People on here are kicking against Tim Cook's perfectly reasonable and understandable views because they don't like it. OPPRESSORS.

  • This filmed interaction is way beneath the standards of journalistic integrity I had come expect from Fox News. I think Mr. Wallace should consider a re-interview with questions about freedom of speech and hypocrisy of the enforcement of terms of service at Apple, and I think this would be much more to the point.

    • Journalistic standards and integrity. Are you talking about some other station because you sure don't get it here on FauxNews.

  • Your a communist. Fine but leave our country.

  • Just wait until Big Money stops paying the radical leftists. Their paid provocateurs are REALLY going to be angry then! And guess what, they won’t be rioting at my house.

  • All that blabbering just to say censorship?

  • What a lying moron.. George Floyd wasn't murdered... He overdosed on fentanyl, check the report from the medical examiner.

  • I'm so happy I don't buy Apple products

  • Apple is a scam. This is why I support developers such as Epic Games or Spotify in their fight against a monopolistic powerhouse.

  • Only let democrats have rioters and violence. Your a rich idiot no more then that.

  • Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs Apple haa seriously declined under his management.

  • U r bias on trump supporters Why did n't u ban antifa and blm

  • Chris Wallace is a fricking joke. Put him on CNN where he belongs. I hope Tim Cook gets rolled by BLM thugs.

  • A moral traitor.

  • Look at this white mans virtue signaling despicable

  • I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit watching wallace make love with cook.

  • Notice the amount of dislikes. We do not think this was a good or correct decision.

  • No need for him to explain we know why he's a socialist!

  • Wallace has joined the ranks of the elitists, dismissing the views of those he considers below him. The questions posed to Cook seemed designed to make him look good. What about asking how Parlers content was worse than twitters, or any other social media platform? 75 million of us voted for Trump, Chris, and you, Sir, aren't any better than any of us despite your high profile job, big salary, or fancy suits. Our conversations over the backyard BBQ are just as enlightening as yours, and we don't snub our noses at the people serving the food. Maybe it's time you followed shat snob Sheppard Smith to whatever snooty cocktail party he ended up at.

  • Thanx for covering this stupid stuff in a really cool way. The Democraps are the BORG and they are Lizards.

  • Steve Jobs would be ashamed.. and is. You can’t control the awakening it’s already too late. Your only making people more mad.. and if you really want to avoid violence.. don’t take away peoples rights as a start.

  • Tim Cook has no business taking control of a company that is a competitor of his. Just like Chris Wallace has no business continuing to be on FOX News.

  • while you're at it can you ban rap music and promiscuous underaged girls??, thanks

  • Republicans: *support rights of private businesses* Trumpers: "Noooooo, only when we like it" And that's just one of probably over a hundred differences between actual Republicans and Trump supporters. We need a better education system in this country, holy crap

  • Apple company sucks

  • Why is this idiot still on fox news?

  • Why is this white man still leading Apple instead of stepping down for some 'minority'

  • Thanks a lot to Tim Cook for defending America from russian propagamda channels. While parler users are mostly idiots, even I wpuldn't wish those idiots to have their personal data siphoned by russian owned cloud companies. I'm buying AAPL.

  • Tim cook, you are dead so wrong.

  • Parlor was gone before I realized it existed. Twitter is the worst...one cannot have any meaningful statement in 3 lines of text. How that company is worth so much money, I will never understand.

  • That's how it starts you idiot but I'll pray for you anyhow cuz that's what we're supposed to do forgive the simple minded and pray for them that they'll be saved in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Twitter Facebook💩💩💩💩💩👎👎🤮

  • Here at Apple We Promote Left Wing Communist Violence,Also we virtue signal and Pretend to care for minorities.

  • Tim Cook is quite a hypocrite. He doesn't give a rat's behind as to what his Company is doing in China. I hate these guys when they get on this high horse and pass moral judgement while a turning a blind eye to the humanitarian crises precipitated by the CCP!

  • I really don't care why, Tim....free speech is not your decision.

  • Tim Cook, you are a serious disappointment to every professional engineer. Steve Jobs would be disgusted with what you are doing with his legacy. You use all the BS socialist terms. How did they get to you? You can't really believe in all the BS you are spilling?!

  • Tim Crook did what he did because in his twisted demented mind free speech is dangerous to the left. They don't want debate, they demand subservience. Big tech, useless media, academia, entertainment and the dems want absolute power and control. War is approaching.

  • Tim Cook’s double standard. I am deleting Fox until they fire Chris Wallace.

  • #1 reason why I won't buy apple products

  • Why is Chris Wallace still on tv after he proved to be a biased, communist, sympathizer?

  • he's the rainbow coalition money that everybody is talking about... 🌈 sexuality is his god... that's what it's about for him... not acceptance of that lifestyle, but worship. they want it worshiped

  • lmao 😂 they didn't ban a freeking thing during the BLM riots...

  • God Chris Wallace makes me sick to my stomach, the only Fox News anchors worth a $@-$ is on from 8-11, Monday-Friday, the rest of fox are all leftists part of the brain washing campaign harris’ administration is working on

  • Speaking like Nazi’s I see. We’ve only suspended them they say....

  • I decided to quit Apple products😎😎😎

  • Disgusting act.

  • Why is Twitter still on App store

  • Since when did phone companies become political

  • Its time to say bye bye to IProducts... From now and on, I will never buy anything from IScammers. I cancelled my Twitter account and soon i will cancel my Facebook account because my blood is boiling when i am using their products and i am not from USA, i can only imagine how Americans feel.

  • Tim crook and China literally work hand in hand using slave camps to produce apple products

  • Crook! Stealing votes from the poor eh David? Especially from the simple minded. People who didn't know you you were rolling them. Who didn't have the intelligence to know the platform they trusted was roofing them information they needed to sustain the life blood of the nation. How do you live with yourself? Well now you can pat yourself on the back for every tragic disastrous policy for the next 4 years knowing it was you who is responsible. Your drones may be oblivious. But you will know.

  • Lots of reps all of a sudden are commies now lmao

  • You tech cowards take everything down because it doesn’t fit your communist narrative. I don’t consider any of you as relevant. You are bought and paid for by communist China.

  • Total cookie cutter communist action

  • Chris Wallace will end Fox News

  • I don’t think Steve Jobs would have done this nonsense!

  • Need to remove Chris Wallace from my screen....

  • 🖕

  • Apple cooked Parler.

  • Never forget - Apple did NOT remove Twitter or Facebook when those apps were used as the primary communication channel for ISIS. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Just don't buy any Apple product ever again and the problem will solve itself !

  • there all braking the law there comitting an oligopoly where a few firms control the industry wow Wallace is really IGNORANT

  • FOX is doomed! No one wants their communist/democRAT propaganda. Boycott all ads you see in FOX.

  • Apple, you will pay dearly.

  • Why are "White" People not allowed to live or congregate among themselves in America? That seems like Authoritarian Racism of the highest degree.

  • Tool

  • I'll never waste money on this crap. Rotten Apple.

  • I was watching LIVE antifa riots all Summer!

  • Focud on one race 🤔 hmmm ... but still in yet no freedom in speech 😕

  • Thanks, CHUCK !!!

  • If FOX is wondering why their ratings are tanking...Chris Wallace is one of the top reasons. Followed closely by Juan Williams and Donna Brasile. All three are massive Democrat apologists and constantly lie on air.

  • I hate apple. Hope apple go bankrupt

  • This isn’t even a real interview.... TOTALLY edited..... George Orwell is laughing in his grave right now

  • Waaaa.. Waaaaa.. I'm not watching Fox anymore! -Said most of the people watching this video lol

  • No more Apple computers for me. I'm ditching my iPhone too.

  • Chris wallace is a leftist opinion piece, he is no reporter. He lose those credits long ago.

  • I don't see them suspending Twitter..after Dems repeatedly threatened violence and encouraged it. He talks about coding. But doesn't talk about how coding is mostly subbed to outside the country. Another clown.

  • Is he freaking serious.. he has hate speech all over this site.

  • This is an advertisement.

  • Thank you! Tim

  • See the broken-minded minions now and scrape before the elite. Useful idiots all.

  • Been using apple phones for 15 years. Next one will be android

  • You can see cook is being racist he's giving people things based on skin color

  • FAKE??