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Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to Instagram vs reality! Photoshop fails, people caught using photoshop, some more fake people found on instagram and social media. These people are so bad at photoshop, their photo editing fails are funny. Do you think these people are using photoshop or facetune? Everything I state in this video is my opinion, but as an experienced photographer with 10 years of work under my belt, I do not share my opinions without having the knowledge to back it up.This is your daily reminder that social media is fake. Enjoy :)
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Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Edited by Timothy Dunsmore
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    • Drunken Charlotte is super fun much love and appreciation hun

    • @Ms Rodrigues holy crap, too funny!!! I ALWAYS say the same thing to myself. Hahaha I'm so happy it's not just me who thinks her eyebrows look weird.

    • Why are you doing your eyebrows like that? It's weird

    • Better. Love your videos when not being overly fake and not fake laughing

    • Kim Kardashian has four kids, but *only* gave birth to the first. The last three were carried by a surrogate.

  • I love the battle scare body model. It has an intriguing story to tell.

  • 6:40, no bellybutton..

  • Sorry but 7:42 it’s a real hips, her name is " eudoxia Yao " and she is an ivory cost beautiful black woman she’s a star in our country and you can check her name and before/after photo on google , a lot of African woman got that hips, my mum also so Don’t disrespect our genetic like that 😂

  • Although they are incredibly wealthy, i do feel bad for the Kardashians. They are always under the spotlight and are constantly being judged for everything they do. Yes they are nasty and disrespectful, but yk. It's jus sad...

  • Yah know I once worked with a lady who had huge hips and she was actually skinny but her hips were huge but she worked um

  • Before you start throwing those stones at other people you need to take a big hard look at yourself in the mirror.

  • You must need attention really really really bad.

  • Better watch out nowadays. I fight with my fists but some people take it to an extreme. I wouldn't want to be you making fun of these people on here.

  • I'm a country girl and if you would have tried to make fun of me and the way I talk I would have busted you right in your face.

  • Doesn't make you feel better about yourself to put other people down?????¿¿¿!!!???

  • Girlllll i just found ur channel.....all fake instagrams put aside , i gotta tell ya...UR EYEBROWS ARE ON FLEEK!!!!!!

  • Khloe's or any of the Kardashians did not set any standard for me ....

  • 4:06 Dude looks like judge Doom from "Who framed Roger Rabbit" on his reveal scene 😭🤣

  • We change our voices and who are we "liking" and "following"? Robots and APPS!!!

  • i just like this video after i heard hey everybody,, i already like the vibe here lol

  • “This is your daily reminder that you are beautiful just the way your are.” Aw thx Charlotte💚

  • I'm dying for how grandpa looks I spat out my coffee

  • This is hilarious

  • The content and your humor had me rolling with laughter😂😂😂

  • Khloe is now just a complete joke!!! Everything she’s getting is her own doing!!

  • 30 seconds in and I subscribed. Love your personality

  • I hope young people see this. Social media can make young people think they have to live up to something unobtainable.

  • It dosent matter what youtube show Charlottes on. Ill watch anything with you in it Charlotte. Your a breath of freah air. You will always be my potatoe Queen💯 🥔🥔🥔👑👑👑👸

  • In khloes defense that was Khloes hair.

  • kims butt/body ratio is so odd.

  • OMG i love you! 🤩

  • 7:39 is a girl from my country Eudoxie Yao and her hips are really like that in real life. Shit scary to be honest

  • The photo with the dog , the girl in it is Rafa Kalimann and she is a Brazilian influencer. Just a fact 😂👌🏻

  • 6:45 the glitch is on the right, not the left where there is hair.

  • I'm sad for grandpa 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I'm so confused... So does she have an accent or not?

  • Your just too adorable 😍

  • You kept calling Kourtney Khloe lol

  • @7:32 Bet she uses a lot of tp

  • Never been more pleased with a random SEnewss suggested video lol loved this!!! And seriously just love your voice, gonna go check out the rest of your channel now!

  • All this woman i feel sorry for their kids

  • 8:39 the filtered one looks fake with the pointy chin, the other one looks like female Meatloaf

  • She has no belly button though in that “glitchy” one..

  • I don’t understand why people want to look fake. You can tell it is not your real face or body.

  • I love burgers 🍔 lol

  • I dont want her to punch me LMAO

  • The CEO from Tinder looks like Rumpelstilzchen 😂

  • 4:10 the guy looks like the bad guy from who framed Roger rabbit lmao!!!!

  • So beetle juice is a fuckin ‘look’ now ... yikes

  • you're so funny, not the CEO lol i'm weak

  • that guy *was* a CEO --- see, Eeeeeee, Ohh!!!

  • Thank you Charlotte!! 🤘🏼 If WE stop supporting brands/ppl that promote such a toxic body image, brands WILL listen & react!! 🖤🙏🏼

  • You look like mylifeaseva

  • Hahahahahahaha! So funny and true!

  • I like your content but I hate the fake Grinch accent you phase in and out of. I’m SURE that’s not your natural accent. I usually have to mute your videos and just read the captions because it’s too “quirky girl”

  • i appreciate companies that do not filter or shop models in their clothes.

  • I guess if anything a lot of the filters make me feel a bit better about having a naturally pronounced chin, since most seem to make chins more noticeable. Makes me look like an alien when I try to use them though... 👽

  • This actually popular in Asia. Women buy anime eye contact lenses and they do make eyes bigger!

  • My dermatologist and I were talking about how the current trend is now looking like a cartoon.

  • Dude...ya Loren was FACE TUNING BAD for a while..her nose was Soo small in every pic..

  • Ohhhhh, queen! 😅 you found Ozana Barabancea 😅 she is a mirage for us in Romania as well 😅 (the first woman in the pics)

  • :))) why, like why? :)))

  • Jesus Christ loves you

  • Charlotte, I absolutely love your videos/content/personality etc. And I realize this is unsolicited advice (or whatever you want to call it?) and you do YOU no matter what people say or think.... but I had to leave this video early because the “baby” voice is too much for me. When you’re speaking in your normal voice, I can watch you all day! However, I just can’t when the “baby” voice is over done. It sounds forced. Please don’t take offense, just wanted to point that out to you because I may not be the only one who thinks this, and I want as many people as possible to enjoy your content! Anyway, love you girl!! XOXO

  • The thing that bothers me is khloe is really pretty, and there’s nothing wrong with her figure. Ever since she got on the regimen that she’s on now (since initially getting a lower fat percentage, working out all the time, and likely on a very strict diet), she has been facetuning and photoshopping in an attempt to get rid of anything she doesn’t like. She even shopped out her beauty Mark, and if that doesn’t scream insecurity I don’t know what else will. My thing is, she’s setting a terrible example for her daughter, with regards to loving yourself and being proud of what you look like. There are people developing eating disorders while they’re still in the single digit age group, based off of what they see on tv. Add in a few years and access to social media and internet, and it’s a recipe for disaster!

  • Who needs facial features!?lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • At 4:48 you start talking in a normal tone with a normal voice. So much talk about face tuning and filters but I want answers as to why all youtubers use the same way of talking, it drives me insane hahaha your normal voice is so much more pleasing FYI

  • The big hand hiccup made me think of the ludacris music video and I am cackling

  • 3:34, did she gave her friend a bigger rounder boob? And this is what she gets in return 😂 Do we have to embody willendorf venus now???

  • Your facial expressions remind me of That's so Raven lol

  • 💚🦋

  • The glitch was no belly buttons

  • There's a reason why Kim's legs are always covered up in every situation where she's going to be seen by a live audience.

  • 6:45 where's her belly button?

  • Hearing you say that about the Kardashians reminded me of this, diarrhoea runs in the family 😂

  • Well I’m glad tiny heads are the next trend cause my older sister always said I had a pea head lol

  • Here's your answer that I found on google: Babyface. Having a youthful-looking - a babyface, as it were - is desirable. One study found that men rated baby-like features including "large eyes, nose, and chin" as .Apr 24, 2019

  • 6:47 is it me or the woman in the video doesn't have a belly button??

  • I met a girl online and we started dating and she came to Stay With Me for a while and when I picked her up from the airport I drove past her twice because I didn't even recognize her..... my only regret is going back the third time and actually picking her ugly ass up.... worst 2 weeks of my life having that catfish in my house. Then she started telling everyone I used her because I stopped talking to her after she left..... ladies show people what you really look like because if you're not honest about what you look like then they owe you nothing because you are a catfish.... and partly I do blame myself because even when we video called she would have filters on or really low lighting but I felt weird demanding her to go outside in the sunlight and let me see her I guess I was an idiot for thinking she wouldn't be a catfish not to mention she was about 40 pounds heavier than she looked in her pictures..... I honestly wish I could report this as some type of assault because that's how I felt.

  • I can’t figure out this girl’s accent. Is it on purpose? Or is it how she really talks? It’s like a mix of southern, British, and latin from the dramatic way she pronounces the “L” in each word. I’m confused.

  • I enjoy how genuine you are ❤️

  • I’d say if you were to actually see a kartrashian naked you would vomit

  • H&M starts using different kind of models. There was this one model with curves and her arms were NOT shaved. Since then I'm more confident about my arm hair. It shows me that even if I thought social media doesn't influence me, it still does. I felt uncomfortable with my hairy arms because you barely see anyone showing them openly.

  • Your funny girl!!

  • WTF is this tiny head business?!?

  • In that video at 6:26 ... she doesn’t have a belly button.

  • Your eyebrows reminds me of a Dromedary

  • The guy with short blonde hair and big eyes reminds of cChritopher Loyd's character in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit after it was revealed he was a toon.

  • I like how Charlotte assumes the persona of an old woman who has a southern American accent but with an old English twang 😂😂😂

  • These social media influencers noses keep getting smaller and smaller and thinner and thinner almost to a point of non existence

  • IVE ALWAYS THOUGHT SHE HAD A TINY HEAD 🤣🤣🤣 finally someone else Also extremely extremely long neck I don’t think that was edited

  • Kim’s body looks good in pics but in videos or real person looks so weird

  • Lol, the brunette with bob haircut was my classmate in College. She is a socialite/ opera singer/ music teacher :))))

  • Khloe has no belly button.

  • Moral here : We're all unique & beautiful. Yes I get that our devices these days are getting HD but it's OKAY to have your pores/lines/zits showing, coz we're human not aliens!

  • Too much drama from video host

  • Serious your channel would be so much better if you did less talking and more showing, you seem to natter on and on when it's not necessary. I say let's watch more clips which we could if you stopped talking all the time, that way the they can load more clips. We know you want to be heard and you want us to laugh at your little jibes but enough already.

  • I wish she would post the brand's name.... 8:45

    • I’m not sure about that exact picture or brand but I’m pretty sure the model has a blog about life after an ileostomy reversal on pelican healthcare.

  • 3:25 that titty edit is sennding me

  • Your to cute and funny

  • The picture at the 6:45 mark, she has no bellybutton.

  • Charlotte: men don't wear that much makeup Kpop idols: hold my beer

  • That tinder ceo looks like the bad guy from Roger Rabbit

  • Lmao this was too good!