Dan Bongino opens up about Parler's ongoing issues involving Big Tech

Publicerades den 15 jan 2021
Fox News Contributor and Parler investor discusses Big Tech's effort to wipe the site off the internet for good on 'Hannity'. #FoxNews #Hannity
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  • Godbless u dan , my mom and I just ur the best in tv Thnkx for ur secret service ur welcome!

  • Treasonist racist bastards

  • I look forward to trolling and triggering conservatives on Parler. Again my Biden mug will be overflowing with the tears of Trumpkins

  • All this complaining is pathetic

  • A phone to sign up with? Lol. And so many rules for speech. Maybe fear?

  • It's the armies job to protect all under the constitution

  • Communiums

  • All this because of BLM riots, House Democrats, a prejudicial media, and a rigged election........take those out of the equation and you have peace today....imagine that.

  • If Big Tech plans to pursue censorship then it shouldn't be public at all....once it leaves the bldg., it's public....that's the law, First Amendment.

  • Hanny boy, yes shut us down, social media has corrupted the world...go back to 1983

  • Now that Fox News has officially Declared War on Congress...The Safety of US Lawmakers will trump any right, Fox News believes it has. Congress is going to protect itself from you. In the process we (citizens) will also be protected. Then you can cry victim till the cows come home. When prison guards are changing his diapers, you all will have a decision to make. In the History books Fox News will be remembered for radicalizing American Citizens against their government. Labeled a domestic Terror organization Forever. Congratulations.

  • Did anyone think. That President Trump needed to handle foreign affairs. By what the media did to Trump. He could not safeguard our country like it needed to be

  • The Authoritarian Communists!

  • The Democrat Party is The Communist Confederate Party.

  • The Bigoted Left!

  • Treacherous, Wicked Democrats!

  • The Media Cult!

  • Will the white nationalist channel recognize Martin Luther King day? No more dead horse narratives.

  • The”White supreamist - in Chief” only has couple more days

  • The right needs to be silenced...promoting untrue hoaxes

  • Look at Matt...a detriment to human sociity

  • Dan and Hannity are worried more about their pocketbooks...than the world well beinfg

  • I would like to thank Trump. With the help of Trump he has helped us expose the racist and hateful politicians, fox news reporters, and individuals in public. You guys were hiding before now everyone knows.

  • These is not because of us president Trump it’s insulting for all the president. Is it they are more powerful then us president 🤔 ? Then what about other country

  • Liberals don't like free speech because they don't like the truth


  • Thank goodness for twitter

  • Dan stoping out “ the American Expierment” .Dan and Hannity..a detriment to humanity

  • Everyday these evil platforms Twitter, Google , Facebook post and allow hate and violence inducing posts against conservatives. Government won’t act fast enough or at all . . .the American people have to fight back by any means they can!

  • The left is horrible . . . truly evil. Americans will have to take care of this without relying on government.

  • Google and Twitter are right. You should be shut down (zero tolerance) if you encourage people to storm and ransack the Capitol - and if you peddle racism and hate. Fox should do the same. Trump & MAGA is no free speech - it is racism and hate in politics at a national level - not good for America & the world..

  • I think it’s the deaths of police

  • How can you get justice in court when the judges are with the Demo's? Tumps legals could not get a result judges just disregarded any evidence submissions they just made black white no accountability sorry to say but there is only 1 way to get a result, use your imagination and your 2nd ammendment.supporting the natural rights of self-defense and resistance to oppression,

  • Good guys play by the rules. That’s why bad guys win.

  • So, call customer service at Amazon and when someone answers let them hear a few words from John Maze (see his interview with Mark Levin on Rumble). Do it a few times a day. I's called non violent protest. It ties up their phone lines and it makes the point that we won't be silenced.


  • LOL. These bags of meat are scared. I love it. Such snowflakes

  • Shut them down in a court of LAW. Fox: Simply say: THEY BROKE THE LAW!!! THEY'RE CRIMINALS!!! SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

  • Sure. We don't agree with them they don't want us in their world.

  • Remember Trump said NO violence. Stay home please Do not go to any capitals between January 15th thru January 25th

  • Gaetz has such a weird shaped head.

  • Actually private businesses can absolutely kick off users, customers and employees' speech they don't like. Don't like it? Shop somewhere else, it's called the free market. You don't have freedom of speech within somebody else's business.

  • You do not get banned that simply. Haven’t you seen what happened at the Capitol AND what has been discussed on Parlor - simply not compliant with big techs rules. You can’t accept the set of rules? Then set up your own tech. Simple.

  • It sounds like what you really want is a soap box paid for with someone else's time and money. What happened to the invisible hand of the free market? What happened to big brother and socialism being a bad thing?

  • Propaganda! They are brainwashing you right now. Be careful and do your own independent research please. These guys want you to be sheep don't let them

  • I hate it when Hannity & Laura interupt and ask Rhetorical questions.. LET YOUR GUESTS SPEAK!!!

  • Womp womp

  • You tube is 100% feeding into the chaos untill otherwise told to change the algorithms.

  • What are we paying SCOTUS for? Just to sit there, get paid and not exercise fair justice? Silence on their part, is as bad as injustice.

  • DanO is the man. F the haters of Big Dan.



  • If Republicans want an internet platform for their lies, unfounded rumors and conspiracies they should build their own platform - “The All Thing Looney“platform.

  • Tsk Tsk Dan. Poor snowflake.

  • "..I own a portion of the company..." Now I get all the upsetting.

    • Hahaha right! These righties all say that Left is corrupt and only about the money? Right is the party of self greed.

  • There is no turning back now. We all know what needs to be done. Question is how much do we still have to take before a leader rises up and leads us all to unite and save the country?

  • lmao

  • If conservatives would stop saying hateful, incendiary sh!t and stop lying about the election they might not be censored. Just a thought.

  • Any Tech Tyrants, Net Nazis, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others, black listing Parler are in violation of the U.S. Constitution, highest law of the land, Bill-of-Rights amendment 1, freedom of speech, and they should be charged in violation of it and 230 protections removed, and fined, and leftists CEO's removed from their positions.

  • "Big Tech" is starting to behave like the HAL 9000 computer: "I'm sorry Mr. President, I can't allow you to do that?"

  • How biden will fall? In the video, it started with one small block or domino falling. Just a simple act of one patriot can start the dominoes falling down. By God's grace and mercy. @

  • Idiots

  • Free speech os a MUST as long as you could be true..... all 3 of you guys are LIARS spreading false narrative overtly and covertly....I Believe the father of all RUBBISH is Hannity!!! :)

  • Free speech os a MUST as long as you could be true..... all 3 of you guys are LIARS spreading false narrative overtly and covertly....I Believe the father of all RUBBISH is Hannity!!! :)

  • This guy is amazing.

  • Comment section is off on certain videos again...Fox suck.

  • The liberals are smart and right aren't smart. The right are always dependent on the creativity of the left. Stupid idiots

  • The whole of Parler just got downloaded-hacked--all video from the seditionists Capitol Hill assault..fascists.. 1.3 million peoples IDs..URL links...it was the laziest designed platform with no security..the right wing are so severely busted....your gone..its Internet Archived and now all linked to the FBI

  • Free Market. Twitter is a product and isn't subject to the First Amendment because it isn't run by the government. They have terms and conditions on Parler too. That means if you break the rules they can kick you off.

  • Why people still have Twitter?! It’s so outdated, no young people use it

  • then stop parroting conspiracy theories ffs. you are wrong in your assessments. you are radicalizing citizens with paranoia fear and lies ffs.

  • big tech thought it was funny that trump was compared to a manatee and they loved having those jokes and pictures on their sites. where were they protecting us with their censorship? nowhere because they sanctioned it. which means they are responsible for the actions of whomever carved the name and made a joke out of a real living creature. It's time big tech was taken from their owners, dissolved and redistributed among the masses..... let see how they enjoy it.

  • Parler needs to sue the big tech responsible for at a trillion dollars in damages. That should about bankrupt the twitter and facebook owners and put a good dent in google and apple.

  • This companies should be working in China, Venezuela, and all communist countries and make their fortunes right there, suppressing freedom of speech.

  • How can a company like Twitter talk about morality when they allow pornography on such a public forum?

  • Bongino $$ investment in Parler is gone We don' t know how much he lost, but judging from his face, that's a substantial amount of money.

  • Let's hear it now from all you magas. Raise your hand and say after me. "I pledge allegiance. to our new leader Joseph R Biden. Now take a deep breath and relax. There are refreshments in the kitchen

  • What a cry baby! The only thing they can do is try this in the court of public opinion because they know they'll lose in a court. Anti-Regulation by the republican party has bit them in the butt. lol

  • Freedom fought for is easily lost by elected officials. To get them back history has shown it take physical strife and hardship.

  • Cancel culture my arss, It is the wu mao. The 50cant army. There is millions of them. Google Facebook and Twitters free friends from you know whose country.

  • The dark web is waiting for Parler and rest of the goons lol 😆

  • *Joe Baidu-en has been 'installed' as Supreme Leader of the People's Republic of America, by the Democratic National Communist Committee. Australian-style 'gun confiscation' shall now commence. Any 'patriotic resistance' will be dealt with decisively and swiftly, as the Democratic Administration did with the Japanese-Americans and German-Americans, during World War 2. "Republican Patriots" shall be contained. Welcome to the New World Disorder.

  • *The most crippling present-Danger to our representative Republic, is an entrenched and intransigent Standing Bureaucracy, led by a corrupt and non-representative legislative Idiotocracy, both enabling an everlasting Cleptocracy. The American Judiciary is Blind, Deaf, and Mute, rubberstamping any and all Legislative and Bureaucratic laws, rules and regulations. All that is left, is for the Standing Army (National Guard included) to round up the "Patriots" for deprogramming (or worse) at various Gulags, perhaps located in the "Flyover Hinterlands" or the Amerikan Siberia (Alaska). With apologies to the Founding Fathers (sorry, Dr. Ben Franklin), the Republic is lost; we could not "keep it". Good Luck to all Patriots; we've been marked for "containment".

  • Dan Bongino is complete and utter garbage who will lie about anything to make a buck. It's a public service eliminating any outlet which helps him spread his lies and misinformation. The guy is evil, just look at him.

  • Trump supporters are made out of racist people. White supremacist, QA non followers these people never voted before till trump came up and encourage them to vote for first time , hence he got 80 mil votes. Republicans I ask you . Do you want these voters on your side???

  • Could be wrong but I understand EPIK might be willing to Host Parler

  • guys it is saad really sad i mean it i am conservative i could not express myself freely i auto censor myself . i

  • People with money like Hannity and Lou Dobbs and Trump and others need to pool together and build a new system from the ground up. I can't believe Bongino was hosting with Amazon. That's insane. I'm hearing has been mopping up all the network traffic all over the place. Even govt hosts with them. We have no chance with that strategy.

  • Dan don’t forget you are a Black Man and I know you hate yourself! Why are you white people so angry when this country has gave you everything???

  • I'm still drinking Dan tears.....it's gone down in value since he flooded the market


  • im really glad parler is gone

  • Traitor

  • You all must be BANNED!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Once Trump goes to jail things will settle down.

  • Let's ban fox. Traitors just traitorring.

  • Isn't this sort of like ethnic cleansing? And we all complain but we need to unify. The whole mask hoax the shutting us in, now this mass censorship, not to mention the creep Bill Gates owning the most farm land , so besides pushing vaccines up our asses he can promote GMO. The horror of this current condition is the darkest nightmare I could ever imagine.

  • We need to get fox news off air too. Then go full liberal. The entire country.

    • @Jason both have evil people. Look up Joe Bidens history and the worst presidents we have from both parties.

    • @Nathan Long No use of two parties if one is blatantly evil.

    • Wow how insane. That's exactly like how the one party system starts. It happened in China and it happened in Singapore and it's slowly happening in the west. Don't repeat history.

  • Where has suppression of free speech worked--- China, Russia, Iran...


  • Parler is dangerous. A social media without rules = horror. Only bad people want this kind of websites and call it 'free speech'

  • Boycott Facebook and Twitter account, for good! Stop the attack on freedom of speech! Join the Boycott!