Deep Cleaning the MOLDIEST BIOHAZARD CAR EVER! | Satisfying DISASTER Car Detailing Transformation

Publicerades den 19 mar 2021
Deep Cleaning the MOLDIEST BIOHAZARD CAR EVER! | Satisfying DISASTER Car Detailing Transformation. Today, we tackle the interior of the moldiest car EVER. This car's sunroof leaked for 5 months and let tons of mold grow! If you find our videos satisfying or motivating make sure you hit subscribe!
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  • What are you guys going to do first when the pandemic ends?! Leave your comment below & dont forget to like the video and subscribe if you enjoy it!

    • You guys are a blessing going above and beyond to make people happy. Her reaction was so nice

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  • You guys did a extraordinarily great job removing all the mold, but if I was to do something about the seats, I would have removed the seat covers and replaced the sponge so that I can make sure there ain't no possible way the mold is coming back.

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  • For the carpets and stuff when you’re vacuuming out the water/ soap and it’s still brown, do y’all go for another shampooing? It seems like you just did a once over on everything and then rinsed it really good but didn’t go back and apply more soap when there was a visible amount of dirt still coming up. I’m not trying to be a Karen just genuinely curious, personally would have told this lady to find someone else 😂 the car shouldn’t have even been allowed to get that bad, y’all did a wonderful job considering it’s condition

  • A civilization of mold lost never to be seen again.. i bet the cost is worth every penny.

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  • Asmongold car

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  • Is it just me, or am I the only one whose mind is blown that someone’s car can get into this state in the first place? Mould doesn’t grow overnight... even in damp etc... 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • I literally just want to see my friends again since i haven't seen most of them for about a year now

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  • Cleaning mold from a car. 5.1M people : YES!!

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  • i wonder how long the owner did not use the car to get that moldy

  • Why are using water vapour for cleaning

  • i literally used to have to do that to my sandwich everyday

  • Give her pennies back bruv ive counted it's 0.23 cent good job but not excellent cuz her pennies were not returned

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  • Whenever I think my car is dirty, I’ll come find this channel and remind myself that it’s not as bad

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  • 技術と知識凄いし尊敬するけど、座席に生えたカビって、何もしない状態で掃除機かけてもあんなキレイにとれなくね?

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  • The dog taking a shit in the back😭😂

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  • I’m the dog taking a dump in the background

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  • I have the same vehicle, would love to get it this clean.

  • You guys did a marvelous job, and with the mold condition how did you guys handle the electronics to keep the heater and air condition from circulating mold back into the car.

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  • hi, i don't use my car that much so mostly its parked hence get dirty just in 2 3 days, how do i dry dust instead of washing every 3 days without scratching it ?

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  • I used to own a 2002 subaru wrx and the trunk of those generations were known to always have rust spots underneath no matter what. During the first shut down, I had my car reversed up my driveway and it actually stormed frequently. One day, I looked inside and it was pretty moldy (not this bad^ but there were some spots). The water got in from rust in my trunk, and gravity pulled the water to the front my car🥲 My dad had to help me gut the car, hose down, and vacuum the seats

  • my question is always, just, how?